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  1. Ps4 sound/ffb bug
  2. BUG: Messy starts
  3. Thrustmaster T300 triggers Share button randomly
  4. More stats
  5. Post 4.0 Caterham SP 300 R Rev indicator always shows green lights
  6. Driver hands glitching in Helmet cam view
  7. Can we get numpads to work properly on ps4?
  8. More landmine examples
  9. Patch 4.0 is broken!
  10. On track race line always there
  11. T300rs disconnecting
  12. anyone with a t300 had this problem since patch 4.0
  13. Car acting if just went over a ramp
  14. Cars crashed on starting grid
  15. Photo filters in Career Mode.
  16. Keyboard does'nt work anymore
  17. DIY PCB USB Button Box for PS4/PC for under $20 USD
  18. Brightness Calibration
  19. HELP ! : my Logitech G29 doesn't work on my PS4 anymore!
  20. Sector-Delta lap timer not working
  21. Logitech g29 turne OFF under driving.
  22. Playback 'Option' not working
  23. Audio problem!
  24. Still Experiencing Pit Stop Bugs
  25. BUG Physics Formula B (at least)
  26. Can't save replays
  27. TM 300 disconnects.....
  28. Graphic issues with with tar patches on Mojave test track (most layouts)
  29. Latest DLC (Mojave - Aston Pack)
  30. Auto braking on Mojave banking?
  31. Project Cars makes my fan run like crazy
  32. AI slow at Imola
  33. Crackling ,popping engines sound .... other audio (music etc...) is perfect....!!
  34. Driver in game only turns 90 degrees on ps4
  35. Incorrect download icons in PS4 'Download' list
  36. Car continues to lap under AI control after race ends - forever!
  37. Please Help
  38. [Bug] Minor bugs in free run
  39. Ps4 controller settings with Sixaxis
  40. Tracks not unlocking still...
  41. Replay problems (after patch 4.0)
  42. Can't see the Aston Martin pack on PSN HK
  43. Thrustmaster 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara Edition
  44. Slow Cars After Pitting
  45. Any solution to the horrible In-Game chat quality?
  46. ABS Rumble
  47. Ffb - Understeer feel
  48. Bug: from pole to last place
  49. Wheel swaying - centering spring?
  51. Reporting 5 bugs
  52. RemotePlay - Vita controls
  53. Cars won't leave the pit
  54. T300RS "clunk", help?
  55. lap counter sometimes fails to work
  56. Gear switching glitch
  57. G27 and T300 brake pedals randomly engaging, NEED HELP!!
  58. Audi dlc pack not working
  59. What's been fixed after this last update?
  60. t300rs reset button
  61. failed to save data, with formula golf, then game freezes, what can i do?
  62. t300rs car tunes after patch 5.0
  63. T300RS setting after new patches
  64. **Bug Report** Time Trial-California Highway Stage 2
  65. Have the ivitations been fixed post 5.0?
  66. Few questions regarding pitstops
  67. [Investigating] Invisible rain?
  68. Graphics glitch after V5.0
  69. Logitech G29 paddle shifter.......
  70. G27 and T300 brake pedals randomly engaging, NEED HELP!!
  71. Problem with brakes on csr elite pedals
  72. Sony Gold Stereo Headset - problem
  73. [Network Issue] Only a few or no online multiplayer sessions after update
  74. Tyre bug after Patch 5.0
  75. two issues
  76. LMP3 US Rookie Cup - BUG
  77. New DLCs not added to PlayStation Store / ondemand since August
  78. Wheel behaviour after steering lock
  79. AI glitch. impossible lap time with that car on that track.
  80. Bug report. Driving with assists ON, when not allowed in multiplayer
  81. Ginetta GT4 Issues after Patch 5.0
  82. Different Controller Setups - Possible ?
  83. New pit stop bug
  84. DLC installed but not showing in game
  85. I have a problem with the le mans 24 hours race
  86. Historic Goal Has Disappeared!!
  87. G29 Manual Shift
  88. T500 FFB settings
  89. Thrustmaster control panel.
  90. AI is back to going AWOL when host leaves the lobby.
  91. Question abt G29 Manual shifting
  92. Weird G29 clunk last night
  93. Thrustmaster T80 not working on PS4 after update v5.0
  94. Game pack not working.. Somebody help..
  95. game crashes
  96. **URGENT** Time Trial Bug
  97. PS4 Playshare
  98. can't get entry in driver network event
  99. issues that I experience
  100. Thrustmaster T500 problems with steering ratio
  101. Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Setting Suggestions
  102. Pcars controls TX Wheel
  103. Need seriously best configuration for pad from sms
  104. Fanatec Clubsport Brake Pedal Issue - Post Patch 5.00
  105. Refueling Issue
  106. Dirt on screen
  107. [FIXED] Dlc cars not in my garage
  108. taking pics when using T100 wheel
  109. Second screeen PS4
  110. Save game corrupt after winning Kart One championship
  111. Graphics probem with trees
  112. Option - turn Vsync - ON
  113. Wheel Grinding/Vibration Bug (Video Incuded)
  114. Incorrect download icons in PS4 'Download' list
  115. No Raindrops on windscreen?
  116. No Scheduled Rain? Engineer Very Confused!
  117. [Solved] KERS NOT WORKING ON R18 OR TS040
  118. Physics glitch online
  119. Mohave track glitch?
  120. Steering assist haywire
  121. Thrustmaster wont replace broken wheel!
  122. Throttle using front Buttons IS BROKEN, You're not crazy.
  123. Dynamic brake line disappearing
  124. Project CARS + PS4 + Sony Gold Wireless Headset + Buttkicker?
  126. AI Opponent Issues
  127. Invisible Car Bug
  128. Problem with the Japanese cars DLC
  129. Stuck in Pits/very long stop at Monza + wrong tyres show when creating strategy
  130. GT3 US-Trophy R2 Fuel Bug
  131. Random buttons being pushed (just not by me) BUG
  132. cars and contact problems blind spots
  133. G29 won't work
  134. Pit stop issue - Formula B
  135. Fan noise too high
  136. Endless lap time after running out of fuel and AI have finished race.
  137. Project Cars T300 Frustrating Oddity
  138. Can I play my new Project Cars with two players at my home on my PS4?
  139. Easiest way to reset seat position etc
  140. G29 First install : Impossible to set it and use it, please help
  141. T300 high frequency buzz
  142. Formula C - tire behavior during storm
  143. Logitech G29 + TH8RS
  144. [Solved] No multi player lobies in browse, can join friends
  145. Aston Martin Vantage GTE at Zolder issue...
  146. G29 crash after patch 6.0
  147. cars with rain tires?
  148. Bugs no Box de Road América
  149. Default Setup tire issues
  150. G29 lack of FFB after 6.0
  151. Advanced Options now save after 6.O !!
  152. Manual shifting
  153. FFB sop Value configuration
  154. Thrustmaster T150 wheel set ups...
  155. Wheel wobble since patch 6.0
  156. How to reinstall the game and its already owned DLC´s?
  157. Defective memory date
  158. Frame rate issues and PS4 fan noise
  159. Azure Track
  160. landmine on sonoma short in free practice
  161. Removing cars from game
  162. Zuhai bug(frame rate)? I haven't tested other tracks as I just started playing again.
  163. Gears Won't Shift (Dualshock) - analog axis for shifting
  164. New DLC
  165. Match cars to track?
  166. Wheel stand pro deluxe V2
  167. NEW – option to set race length by time - not quite right
  168. Game crashes, and game save data corrupted, bug at Silverstone classic track 6.00
  169. Fanatec GT3 RS v2 wheel
  170. Broken clutch - Formula A
  171. PS4, PCars, Logitech G29 Compatability
  172. PS4 version can´t handle LMP1 cars
  173. [RESOLVED] No FFB on T150 since 6.00
  174. Help for a newbie
  175. How set Qualifying Fuel Load please?
  176. Logitech G29 Help
  178. [Fix] Overheating GT3 / LMP1
  179. Rubberbanding and server lag
  180. G29 and G27 Shifter issues on PS4
  181. Fanatec CSR (no Elite) with Clubsport V1, not run well the FFB. Clipping
  182. Fanatec CSR won't connect to PS4
  183. Sector Time in center of windshield
  184. Please Correct this Shifter Issue SMS.
  185. Problem with T150 on PS4
  186. Urgent FFB help needed please
  187. What about the wet weather frame rate?
  188. Language change?
  189. Lobby Chat Issues Major problem
  190. Pcars dash not working on moto G 3rd gen
  191. FFB settings with G29 on PS4
  192. How do you use your Engineer
  193. Updates Needed to Bug Reporting and Known Issues Threads
  194. KERB FPS bug in Dubai Kartdrome
  195. Any good companion app for ps4?
  196. split times not working after 7.0?
  197. Logitech G29 configuration
  198. Thrustmaster T150 goes dead after around 3 minutes
  199. TrackIR with PS4
  200. Vibration problem in the race with G29
  201. [RESOLVED] Time trial greyed out
  202. game crashes with error when playing saved replay post 7.0
  203. Replay Issues since 7.0
  204. [RESOLVED] rs01 road America weaving
  205. Some bugs
  206. DS4 pulling left like oh hey that wall looks pretty
  207. THRUSTMASTER T80 NOT RECOGNISED! Want to use quickly
  208. G29 Paddle Shifters not working after 7.0 patch update
  209. T500 RS Wheel Centering-Issue
  210. Small big in BMW M3 GT Setup...
  211. Hidden HUD items reappearing.
  212. Stupid Newbie question
  213. [SOLVED] How to stop the blur effect in helmet view?
  214. Chat Feature
  215. Post your fanatec gt3 global settings here please.
  216. Any known issues with Silverstone Classic track?
  217. Problem Left Button with T300rs - NEED HELP PLEASE !!!
  218. T300 Ferrari Alcantara Editon help!
  219. PS4 version not working properly - help
  220. Went from xbox to ps4
  221. T500RS wheel detection
  222. Logitech G29 cutout
  223. PS4 "Rest" and FFB settings - Menu Spring and Low Speed Spring [SOLVED]
  224. Please make reset car function optional
  225. - BUG - Grid Position - BUG -
  226. (UPDATED) Bug or hardware issue? RUF GT3 Pulls Violently To The Left (updated video)
  227. Thrustmaster T-150
  228. HELP game braking issues lately
  229. Loss of FFB while playing online
  230. Formula Renault 3.5 Engine damage
  231. Game Presses Buttons By Itself (Video Proof)
  232. Trustmaster T150 not working on PS4
  233. T 300 Rs ps4 NO brakes?
  234. Cars still flying
  235. Steering stopped matching.
  236. PCars not recognizing T500 clutch
  237. t500 stoped working after using seb load rally demo
  238. Winning a race but loose.
  239. Sticky for Thrustmaster
  240. online PC vs ps4 possible?
  241. (ps4) All Thrustmaster wheel help and settings
  242. 24hr Race in Career
  243. Main Menu completly locked on new PS4
  244. DLC cars not vissable
  246. Playing Offline
  247. Thrustmaster RS300 problems with Patch 8
  248. RUF CTR3 Colors
  249. Can't connect to project cars server
  250. 24 Hours of Le Mans issues, please address