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  1. unplayable through endless bugs ...help
  2. when entering the start finish straight the car jumps left and goes off track...
  3. Just downloaded from the PS site, nothing seems to work, wish I'd bought the disk.
  4. Received Game as Xmas Present but Everything Locked
  5. [RESOLVED] Quite a big problem. Help needed
  6. G-29
  7. beginner with G29 and Project cars
  8. Help needed with brand new g29
  9. Using G29 and controller alternately?
  10. Losing my mind as PS4 will not even recognise T500RS
  11. Logitech G25
  12. G29 + gear shifter problem
  14. Recommendation on monitor size and distance setup
  15. Settings G29
  16. Freeze when saving
  17. Project cars won't load on PS4
  18. Name not showing on Career mode
  19. Using a controller to play a PS4 game....unrealistic expectations?
  20. Mass disconnects ????
  21. Uninstalling game, then reinstalling (PS4) - what settings are saved?
  22. PS4 Bluetooth pairing
  23. Online Lobby Player list icons?
  24. [Resolved]Camera view not as default
  25. HUD ISSUES ! stuck on telemetry
  26. Cars on start fall from sky
  27. Crashing/freezing
  28. I can receive invites for a private race but cannot join
  29. Two Major Issues
  30. TH8A/T3PA Clutch- let's get real!
  31. assigning buttons !
  32. Thrustmaster T300rs brakepedal stops working
  33. PS4 controller stuck throttle
  34. Logitech G29 Shifter missing gears 1, 3, and 5 on Pcars PS4 PLEASE HELP!!!
  35. G29 lock issues
  36. Updated to Pro but where are my car setups?
  37. T150 Shaking
  38. [Resolved] Cannot connect online
  39. sudden loss of power for a couple of seconds
  40. Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3rs Wheel and Ps4
  41. 24 hrs race crashing ALL the time
  42. Career Mode Locked After 40hrs Gameplay
  43. PS4 Thrustmaster T300RS - no feeling / very light steering
  44. G29 Brake Range. Is it normal?
  45. Ps4 g29 constantly shaking in project cars monza track
  46. PCars doesn't go through the sessions in single race
  47. PS4 UDP and BLE. Anybody had any joy?
  48. Change the Japanese language to English or Portuguese
  49. Helmet cam going mad
  50. [RESOLVED] Wheel and brake problem solely in Project Cars PS4
  51. New Player Q: Pits to Car Radio
  52. 24HR Race - Frozen in Pits
  53. 24hr Race - Frozen in Pits
  54. They weren't joking about the glitches...
  55. PS4 PCars T300RS Disconnects.
  56. I Have Some Questions About Online Reputation
  57. Is it possible to copy a replay file from one PS4 to another?
  58. By sms approved ffb setting that won't break my g29
  59. Career Mode Locked
  60. New to the Forum need help!!
  61. G29 issue.
  62. T300RS GT setting ffb
  63. PS4 Bluetooth button box
  64. Delay in CrewChief and pCars Dash
  65. New to Racing Wheels - Need Advice
  66. t300rs spinning lock to lock on its own at slow speed
  67. T150 Not Working for PS4 (within PC2 only)
  68. Online Multiplayer connection problem on PS4
  69. Stuck in Pause Menu with Fanatec CSR Elite
  70. Thrustmaster 150 issues
  71. "Fully Loaded" Trophy not unlocking
  72. PS4 G29 not working
  73. Blue Screen with Lotus 72 at Nordschleife;wheather problems
  74. Post patch clutch
  75. Clear a button assignement
  76. T150 broken pedal solution
  77. Speedometer glitching
  78. Speedometer glitch
  79. Language
  80. Thrustmaster T300RS not working on PS4 pro pc1
  81. G29 PS4 problems
  82. ButtKicker Gamer 2…Connections help needed (PS4 console)
  83. PS4 error code and crash
  84. How to obtain NO FFB but auto-center spring?
  85. Fanatec CSL Elite F1 set
  86. Thrustmaster T150