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  2. free practice swap driver bug(video added)
  3. Possible SmartGlass applications?
  4. What part or parts of PCars do you enjoy the most?
  5. Abandon season
  6. Installing PCars CORRECTLY Questions
  7. Helmet Cam while Karting?
  8. BUG REPORT! Bathurst Pit.
  9. physics different in race than in.practice and qualifications?
  10. Gear change issue
  11. Career car skin (paint)? chose or change?
  12. pit crew
  13. A Silly Simple How To Question
  14. can finally play the game!
  15. Someone F****d Up!!
  16. Cheapest Wheel Available?
  17. [NO] Does changing the graphical options improve fps?
  18. Patch
  19. How Can I Get a Refund For This Game?
  20. Small Livery Errors
  21. Clio cup Controller settings
  22. Stupid Question: Why is the CAREER MODE LOCKED.
  23. Digital download...Why can't I tune my cars, sliders not appearing in menu
  24. No Neutral Gear using TH8A Shifter
  25. Dubai at night
  26. Community Event Prizes?
  27. [FRAME DROP SOLUTION INSIDE] Please lock the frame rate, this is not working.
  28. I know this may sound like blasphemy...
  29. time trial race times not saving or counting
  30. my thoughts on project cars Xbox one and some controller settings
  31. Lap count won't clock up on 2nd lap
  32. [On its way] Any sign of the patch yet?
  33. Help deciding Thrustmaster TX 458 or 458 spider
  34. I finished a lap - YES!!!!
  35. Renault Clio, nightmare
  36. Can somebody set up a forum league???
  37. Query Regarding Paint Shop
  38. Can Public Lobbies be clearer on their restrictions and rules?
  39. XBox One - Where do the photos I take in game end up?
  40. Any way to make replay longer than 2 minutes?
  41. Its Moments like this.....
  42. Turned a corner (pun partially intended!)
  43. Multiplayer issues
  44. Thrustmaster Ferrari spider reverse issue
  45. How do we use DRS in this game ?
  46. What's the deal with this game?
  47. Thrustmaster TX wheel cars setting
  48. Car teams
  49. Damage Indicator?
  50. Apps and comments
  51. sound issues with polk striker
  52. Possible DRS Problem
  53. Request: Ability to save pre-race tuning changes to all locations
  54. Weather duration
  55. Great day of driving :)
  56. Thrustmaster tx wheel
  57. can anybody explain what all the visual options are
  58. Cant use different car liverys......
  59. Thrustmaster TX - Left Paddle Issues
  60. So Happy
  61. Optima Performance - Twitch Stream
  62. Clutch settings
  63. Create Online Game. . . Help !
  64. Thrustmaster 458 wheel.
  65. Potential issue x 2 to be added to the 'known issue' list?
  66. Reservation car pack code not working
  67. Which external hard drive for Xbox One
  68. Vote to Have Driving Wheel Sub Forum
  69. Leaderboards Fix?
  70. [NO] Different Team Car Performance?
  71. Great feeling when you hook up that lap
  72. A plea to the developers
  73. qualify in singleplayer don't count
  74. Change Settings - in Car -
  75. Assisted steering
  76. Input-Lag Issue with the XBOX One Controller
  77. My Review and Things making me Angry
  78. Setup Questions
  79. Braking Glitch?
  80. Question about 24h and Selfie Achievment
  81. Switch Cars During Replay?
  82. Hello,and probably goodbye
  83. Telemetry
  84. Unable to load game save data
  85. AI cars
  86. Any update on timing of patch release?
  87. Limited edition upgrade.
  88. 18.1 GB???
  89. PCars arrived today in Brazil! Thanks for the Great Work!
  90. Question about loading car setups in career
  91. Qualifying Issue
  92. My ideas and views on making the best of the TX wheel and enjoy the game TODAY
  93. Wheel Nutz
  94. Gravel Traps
  95. Driver Network Issue
  96. Update !!
  97. XBO cant handle project cars
  98. clutch wierd? handling odd?
  99. Unable to Unlock New Driver
  100. Xbox One: Looking for hardcore racing players to play against!
  101. Patch is here.....
  102. Ford Mustang Boss 302R1 vs Audi R8 LMS Ultra exhaust volume differences
  103. What have you done!?
  104. Screen Adjustment?
  105. G27 with Xbox One
  106. Damn.. now I played the proper sim on a console...
  107. waste of money
  108. Keyboard to XBox One?
  109. Getting photos from Xbox to Internet?
  110. Driver Switching/Change Driver Option
  111. Lykan Hypersport don't have?
  112. Once and for all: Are your steering working or not?!
  113. No more twitchy control. Love this game.
  114. Online Multiplayer
  115. Leaderboard times not posting
  116. BMW M3 GT with proper controller settings is a beast!!!
  117. Future feature request
  118. laguna seca lets race
  119. Um, is this a HUGE bug or intended or my game just messed up?
  120. How do you move the game to an external drive?
  121. Career mode - going back to do low level championships to complete accolades
  122. Hats off to SMS
  123. Svenska ligor?
  124. Hall of Fame achievement not unlocking
  125. Car setup - engineer advice
  126. Game logs you out if you suspend your game and turn off your console
  127. Pitstopstrategie. where can i see the condition of my tires in race?
  128. Car Tuning/Setup
  129. Insane Fuel & Tyre Wear Online
  130. Thrustmaster or Mad catz ?
  131. Search a good Controller Setup for Formula A
  132. How to manage pit stops?
  133. Whats wrong with AI?
  134. Anyone loving the game?
  135. Tire Compounds.
  136. Some problems with the game..
  137. Limited Edition upgrade
  138. Tire squeal noise
  139. Quite simply unacceptable
  140. hello!!
  142. Kinect?
  143. Has anyone played on PC and xBox One using a FFB wheel?
  144. I have a dumb question concerning AI difficulty
  145. XBOX One Install 18.1 GB always..Even with patch
  146. I want to know your default FFB setting!
  147. Go Kart Bug!
  148. Average looking graphics
  149. Few more bugs for you
  150. Unfortunately I found another bug, game freezes after pitstop.
  151. Mandatory Pit Stops
  152. Anyone else have the save bug?
  153. Well I'm happy!
  154. Possible New Bug
  155. Problems / suggestions for Project Cars PLEASE READ
  156. Engine blown
  157. What use us this place
  158. Question regarding tuning files.
  159. ATTN: SMS Devs
  160. Getting AI to pit help
  161. Separate XB1 multiplayer area in forum?
  162. BAC Mono glitch?
  163. Will Project Cars be a Long living game?
  164. Pit Stops.....needlessly complicated
  165. Loving this game!
  166. Car setups won't save! (video)
  167. [NOT HERE] Refund.
  168. Any way to find friends playing?
  169. Gone back and forth but giving up, this is ridculous.
  170. Number of AI cars?
  171. Loving the Game..
  172. [Bug Report] weather conditions multiplayer bug
  173. My position randomly changes
  174. Weird Acceleration Bug?
  176. The people who dont like this game...........
  177. Struggling with blown engine - help or advice?
  178. how to get telemetry screen in game?
  179. Game freezing for half a second!
  180. Framerate issues
  181. xbox1 pad issues.
  182. Cannot get any feel out of FFB
  183. Ghost times
  184. No update for me thanks, I love it just the way it is.
  185. when doing qualifying or race with friends online, why...........
  186. Why is photo mode so bad?
  187. Hori Wheel One? Will it work with project cars?
  188. Another ridiculous bug? Anyone else experience this?
  189. Add me to play some online!
  190. how to get Lykan Motorsport??
  191. Digital vs Disc, Versions Differently Buggy?
  192. did I wear the tires out?
  193. cockpit view
  194. Patch today?
  195. New Livery pack available.
  197. Wheel stand Pro or playseat?
  198. Multiplayer matchmaking
  199. whats the plan for leaderboards?
  200. NEW GLITCH MAY 2015 (FAO Devs and DEDICATED fans)
  201. saving multple button mappings?
  202. The way I feel at the moment
  203. Would like to say thank you
  204. Random weather not so random?
  206. Disk Version Request
  207. Time Trial Ghosts
  208. [YES] Do the people of Slightlymad Studio actually read this forums
  209. digital edition on UK Xbox one store on two Xbox ones?
  210. So much to learn
  211. The game is pretty good and its just been released so give it a chance
  212. The more I play it,the more glitches I get,
  213. Tyre shredding standard set ups
  215. Pro 2 on its way
  216. cockpit View - Steering wheel readouts DEV suggestion.
  217. Finally, Project Cars has delivered a great driving experience.
  218. Cockpit views - Mirrors
  219. Comments from a Novice...
  220. Telemetry apps?
  221. Here is a some videos on my Youtube with Some good Racing and info
  222. Air karts
  223. (BUG) Impossible to make a time in qualifications!
  224. Qualifying bug?
  225. Open Letter To The Frustrated Ones
  226. it's very British
  227. FFB Question (TX Racing Wheel)
  228. Is there any news of a patch to address Data Loss?
  229. Sound louder than normal
  230. How to update Project Cars?
  231. Please, please fix the leaderboards!
  232. 250cc supercarts...INSANELY fun!
  233. [IMPROVING] Looked forward to the game....
  234. Looking for multiplayer sessions to join........
  235. Feel really bad for controller users
  236. Thanks for update, actually enjoying it now with controller!
  237. Petition for SMS to fix Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps!!!
  238. Fixing Damage During Pit Stop
  239. Possible color change for telemetry temps?
  240. refund
  241. Le Mans Bugatti is a corner cutters paradise.
  242. ok, so no patch yet.
  243. Worked for me.........
  244. Project Cars Xbox One.
  245. Lobby issue maybe?
  246. Group A DTM League starting soon Thursday Nights...
  247. When will the beta finish?
  248. Complaining about known issues
  249. Would Project Cars be a useful tool to help teach students?
  250. Update?