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  1. Visual fx on Xbox one mean
  2. [SOLVED] Anyone having trouble getting the day one patch?
  3. 19/05/2015 15:00PM [UPDATE XB1 ONLY]
  4. Badass customization
  5. Issue with quick race weekends
  6. Disable Track Assist Line in online modes?
  7. Are time trials with fixed setups ?
  8. An open letter to Ian Bell
  9. Tapatalk
  10. A proper open letter to Ian Bell
  11. Silverstone Escort
  12. Tire Icon on HUD
  13. An open letter to Ian Bell
  14. ai in stock car bug
  15. [Question] Assign Buttons from XBX pad while using wheel?
  16. Things I love
  17. I wonder if the patch.....
  18. Career mode - Driver Number
  19. Anyone else not noticed one single problem with the game?
  20. Patch for Multi-class racing
  21. Game slows down (?) and then accelerates!
  22. Cannot get to online mode
  23. HUD help please
  24. Weird RPM bug when out of fuel!
  25. Photo Mode Settings
  26. A letter to SMS, from a long-time racer
  27. Post race telemetry analys/debrief request.
  28. Pit Crew Tire Change
  29. Possible minor bug
  30. can't race in wet, help!
  31. Game hangs when trying to leave settings menu's
  32. Who's locked in the boot/trunk on the Merc SLS GT3
  33. Infos after a race (fastest lap/highspeed/avg speed/dmg/etc.) for MP at least please
  34. New packs?
  35. HUD has disappeared.......any ideas?
  36. Tyre temperature
  37. Multi-class racing in single player
  38. Finding online races for Xbox one?
  39. Audi R8 GT3 Silverstone Sticking/freezing
  40. [CUT TRACK] Problem Zolder Circuit
  41. Little help using telemetry
  42. Rag doll physics.
  43. Magyar játékosok Xbox One-on/Hungarian Gamers- Xbox' Platform
  44. Any Update on the Controller Patch?
  46. Kart racing on Project Cars with TX wheel
  47. Xbox one controller update info
  48. Found a funny little spelling mistake :)
  49. Hello (buy or wait?)
  50. Pad vs wheel
  51. 458 spider wheel advice please
  52. DLC
  53. Camber does nothing?
  54. Game just ends (Dashboard) !!!
  55. real driver... nice article..
  56. New content question?
  57. Qualifying laps for Karts?
  58. Pit Engineer
  59. Racing Mania Trans Am League
  60. Installed game on external drive; instant improvement.
  61. Xbox 1 browser workaround
  62. Where is the truth?
  63. Possible to see damage and/or tire wear?
  64. Qualifying position not saved if you exit
  66. HUD settings don't save
  67. Planned pitstops - on a 3-lap race???
  68. manual clutch behaviour gamepad
  69. Found a small glitch!
  70. Trajectory is misleading
  71. session/race times wrong
  72. Community Events Locked?
  73. Hard, Medium, Soft Tyres
  74. [ANSWERED] AMG C-Coupe DTM green/ orange LEDs Cockpit
  75. Loss of telemetry in Race at Oschersleben using Merc 190 Evo DTM in historic race
  76. Career
  77. no patch ???
  78. Racing Wheel is worth it
  79. AI slow in Formula C.
  80. Cars Undriveable in Rain?
  81. [ANSWERED] tires not warming up?
  82. DRS auto-opening?
  83. Carreer,..How does it work?
  84. Old School Stock Car Question.
  85. looking for a lobby?
  86. no update because patch fail
  87. Major League Esports Karting & Trans-Am Divisions
  88. [FUTURE PATCH] pitcrew?
  89. Damage on Xbox One
  90. Quick PHOTOMODE Question...
  91. [NOT DELETED] deleting threads
  92. some hours in... some bugs i found (Xbox one)
  93. [Available NOW] Project CARS Xbox One - Upcoming Patch 1.3 - Release notes
  94. 2 questions
  95. Career mode body damage!
  96. Click here if you love Project Cars!
  97. Random menu pre-select
  98. If PCars were a car, what car would it be?
  99. this is getting rediculous
  100. Stuck in an endless loop
  101. What would be a good track to make a basetune.
  102. Wheels: Mad Catz vs Thrustmaster
  103. Race tip/tuning sub forum
  104. GT3 Cars to gentle?
  105. Gamesave won't load.
  106. Online Racing
  107. Lotus 98T Renault Turbo
  108. Xbox One Controller Setup for Manual Shifting
  109. Unique to this game Braking Assist problem *RESOLVED*
  110. Anyone have patience?
  111. heres one for you
  112. TX Wheel - Brake lock-up
  113. DON'T fix this bug!
  114. Optimum Wheel Settings? (Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider)
  115. Game Stuttering/Flickering PLZ HELP
  116. How do you tune the cars on the xbox?
  117. Invitations Glitched
  118. safety car...
  119. What to do next? Running out of options.
  120. help more bugs
  121. [POST #144] A question to the devs about the frame rate issue
  122. [IT IS, BUT ONCE IS ENOUGH] No criticism allowed!!
  123. MOTEC display
  124. Community Challenge 3, Tune!
  125. Car setup for Formula A. Impossible to drive! HELP!
  126. [Resolved] Install only 18.4gb
  127. lets wait for the patch and then gudge
  128. Game needs big time updates
  129. Anyone know what is coming soon. it says it everywher
  130. I'm not trying to abuse the game but this hasn't lived up to the hype......:(
  131. No offense racing fans but this game on XB1 hasn't lived up to the hype.
  132. Anyone else getting Catalunya bug wher crossing line doesn't count lap?
  133. Coming Soon....
  134. Difficuilty problems.
  135. Loving the game big time, but
  136. Are the AI designed to knock you off course?
  137. Random! But is Sakitto Suzuka?
  138. Weird gear change glitch
  139. An Appeal to Delay Upcoming DLC.
  140. Game crashing to dashboard constantly during multiplayer
  141. Leaderboard controls (how to check how many players are behind you)
  142. Number glitch!
  143. Are new invitatioanls going to be added to Career Mode?
  144. Resume after pausing issues.
  145. Worth it!
  146. Annoying Crash Glitches!
  147. multi-class racing questuon...
  148. Racing in the rain
  149. replay problem
  150. Tuning Calculator
  151. Game won't load, please help
  152. Multiplayer Headset Audio Issues? Chat Cuts When Using Brakes?
  153. Just noticed this..
  154. [NOT HERE] Any chance of getting my money back?
  155. Question about thE physical copy of Project CARS
  156. [YES] XB1 patch out?
  157. Frame rate fix (hopefully)
  158. replay bug
  159. profiling application
  160. Create your own tournament feature plea!
  161. pit exit corner cut
  162. Will new tracks be added for free?
  163. few niggles has any else come across these
  164. DLC Tracks you would like to see in Pcars?
  165. New (To Me) Career Bugs
  166. Force Feedback. The unsung hero?
  167. TX458 Italia Out Of Stock At Amazon and Argos
  168. A question regarding tyre selection
  169. Are Caterhams REALLY this hard to drive?
  170. Every. Car. Is. Different.
  171. The devil is in the detail
  172. Why was my thread closed?
  173. Group 5 cars - gauges overview
  174. time trials
  175. setting up free play
  176. Superkarts?
  177. Hey Made A YouTube Video For Controller/ Game Pad Setup
  178. Issue with career
  179. How to tell if any Xbox One game or app has received an update!
  180. Pictures
  181. online multiplayer
  182. [KNOWN ISSUE, WORKAROUND INSIDE] Steering Is Broken On XB1
  183. Crashing without a reason at Dubai!?
  184. Game freezes after exiting community event
  185. Setup for Caper Stock Car
  186. LE MANS brake light squares?
  187. Elucidation Requested
  188. Possible Rolling Start Issue.
  189. steering wheel viability
  190. Drafting query
  191. an appeal for more tolerance and patience
  192. HUD display..
  193. Force feedback kicks the wheel back when going full lock.
  194. Xbox 1 gameplay options.
  195. Lap Time Invalidated Penalty when hitting rogue corner markers (tire bundles/bails)
  196. TX Wheel cogwheel like steering!?
  197. FFB Problem (TX Wheel)
  198. Saved setups question?
  199. Tune in carreer different than in garage
  200. [NO] Is Ian Bell and SMS contradicting themselves?
  201. Well Done SMS!! There is a car to suit everyone!
  202. No contract offers at end of season
  204. Pits bug
  205. Any further with the frame rate/stutter issues?
  206. Fine tuning AI (career)
  207. Lunatic Fringe needs to be the new title and menu song ......
  208. Chase Cam Look Left/Right Backwards
  209. [MP LAG] cars warping
  210. Post your favorite clips!
  211. Slow AI Qualifying Pace
  212. PCars is costing me a fortune..........
  213. Return to default settings?
  214. Steering wheels
  215. will microsoft put dedicated servers on
  216. Lights out at Le Mans 24h endurance
  217. Track Conditions - Impressed
  218. look to buy a wheel but need help
  219. Time Trials
  220. Rain tyres
  221. "Drive" locked when trying to race online
  222. Error Nordschleife
  223. XBL refunds
  224. One tire getting over heated no matter how high the tire pressure is.
  225. Ford Escort bug
  226. Future Development Request (Career Progression Liveries / Sponsorship)
  227. Replays..
  228. GT3 thunderstorm tire setup
  229. How good are those interiors?
  230. Save HUD-Layout Change - not working
  231. Sound issues in career mode last night
  232. I know this is a sim, but...
  233. Button Mapping
  234. Awesome fun
  235. Blummin' BT!
  236. Formula A ideas
  237. 3 Hour Twitch Stream - Le Mans Circuit (SmegLeeds)
  238. Track Wiki?
  239. I was able to drive my Lotus 49 out of pits at Watkins Glen last night . . .
  240. Any Details On Xbox One Patch?
  241. PSA: Thrustmaster TX in stock and cheap
  242. Any chance of 3d....
  243. If you haave a wheel or are considering one, please read this...
  244. how do you abandon season?
  245. does the game have blue flags in career mode
  246. AI qualifying bug
  247. Tyre Compounds
  248. Thank you Devs
  249. Patch Live, Multiplayer still broken.
  250. Default values for the 3 controller settings please?