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  1. I just want to say..
  2. wheel problems after patch 1.3
  3. Question about carreer
  4. BYE!
  5. Game freezing while exiting time trial mode
  6. Controller settings after patch Easy set and play. Please read.
  7. Community events not working?
  8. Tell Microsoft to allow more mappable buttons on racing wheels Link to Voting Page
  9. Impulse Triggers STILL not working correctly
  10. Sound problem while using a headset
  11. Stick keeps pulling to the left after patch 1.3.
  13. Patch 1 available of how many? how long until this game is what i paid for?
  14. why was this deleted within half an hour? WHEN WILL THIS BE WORTH THE MONEY I PAID!!!
  15. Steering help
  16. Adjusting AI
  17. Like a new game!
  18. Newest Xbox One patch killed my Madcatz FFB Wheel Settings
  19. [RESOLVED] Update question
  20. Online multiplayer weather since patch
  21. Does heel and toe and left foot braking work in this game?
  22. clutch drop upon gaining control from AI, and AI and mandatory pits
  23. Online MP Broken ?
  24. Question to devs:.......
  25. 18.1Gb.....
  26. Controller Setup Help?
  27. Multiplayer Issues
  28. No pad rumble still after 1.3 patch.
  29. Handbrake
  30. A world of difference
  31. Driving non karts on kart tracks
  32. Post patch game freeze?
  33. My online experience.
  34. Please add more North American tracks.
  35. [It didn't] Patch ruined the game!
  36. lost all data..
  37. patch
  38. In-game steering wheel rotation
  39. Car shadows at night are BLACK SQUARES-
  40. 18.1GB
  41. North American Users - Get the patch yet?
  42. Lotus 78 + Imola = OMG
  43. Game working great after patch, but experienced an issue or two
  44. Lap time issue?
  45. Controller Input Modes - Pls explain
  46. Car type missing since patch....
  47. Setup not saving- At All
  48. Thrustmaster TX wheel rotation
  49. Problems Since Patch
  50. HUD placement won't save.
  51. Help From People Using 458 Spider Wheel!
  52. Knockhill
  53. Wheel recommendation for Xbox One?
  54. [It hasn't] Detail has been turned down in new patch
  55. [ANSWERED] XB1 MP Questions (Ian get in here you gorgeous hunk)
  56. Career Mode - Duplicate Name Issue
  57. It's FRIDAY
  58. [YES] has the framerate improved after new patch?
  59. Having Problems with Project Cars? This MAY help!
  60. Multiplayer and Assists - DEVS HELP!
  61. Some questions re XB1 multiplayer
  62. Mustang Boss GT4
  63. Drifting?!
  64. Mine works fine
  65. Some vehicles still have sensitive steering post patch 1.3
  66. New issue, Cannot stand this much longer, game now seems even worse!
  67. Wishlist for Pcars.
  68. Is there a way to get a refund
  69. Are the Cars Slower?
  70. [MORE LATER] Pit stops.....is that it?
  71. Does this game model brake fade?
  72. Does a game have anything to do with how often your controller disconnects?
  73. Plain and simple, it's not plain and simple.
  74. Feature sugestion - add vibration to wheel spin and lock ups (using TX)
  75. Well, I never thought I'd find a game such as this on console
  76. This game KILLS controller batteries!!!
  77. Thanks!
  78. Community Races all locked?
  79. Full steering animation with gamepad?
  80. does any one play mutiplayer
  81. Third party apps and Xbox one.
  82. Does anybody else remember when Ridge Racer was king of the consoles?
  83. GT3 Euro Championship - why not a win?
  84. Thanks for a great Game Ian and Team.
  85. Glitch when racing AI cars
  86. I know wrong Forum but....
  87. Trigger Feedback
  88. 1.3 patch in game and active but total game data reset to 18.1gb?
  89. A more detailed online race search please.
  90. Post your favourite force feedback settings for the TX
  91. Who's idea was it to release a broken game? I feel we are owed more than a patch...
  92. Swapping between Wheel & Controller
  93. AI drivers on cold tyres
  94. Get control back from AI driver
  95. Stop comparing p,cars to forza
  96. tyre/fuel management
  97. Sad To Say Im Gone - Refunded
  98. Finally got controller tuned. Glad I kept this game.
  99. Le Mans 24 hours standing start?
  100. Post-patch 1.3 controller pad settings
  101. not getting fuel in pitstop(found reason i think)
  102. Great Game, Great Forum
  103. [ANSWERED] Replay Exporting???
  104. Formula Rookie Cockpit View Screen Is Black
  105. Online lobbies so we can create race groups
  106. [CAT5] After Frustration comes REAL ENJOYMENT
  107. Gear indicator sometimes in 5th when starting a race
  108. Improve Laguna Seca?
  109. Sound missing sometimes
  110. No headlights in Replay
  111. Driving Assists Allowed = REAL
  112. Wheel Lock When Stopped
  113. First wheel of my life: THANKS DEVS!
  114. Not convinced by pitstops...
  115. how do i stop the frame rate slowing
  116. Ffb drop off
  117. Need Help w/ Photo Mode
  118. Disqualified
  119. still no multiplayer
  120. make the audio in french plz
  121. it's bad
  122. New Xbox One Platform and Hub for Community
  123. A evening well spent!
  124. Please make leaderboards online by cars not class, this is ridiculous
  125. Some invitations are not working!
  126. Multiplayer issues, can someone help.
  127. Caterham 7 classic cold tires
  128. penalty raiting next to your name
  129. Leaderboards total number of players
  130. starting with a drive through penalty
  131. The rage is real
  132. Stock Cars and RAIN.
  134. Thrustmaster 458 Spider
  135. Madcatz wheel keeps having fits
  136. Control Pad Setting for 1.3 Patch
  137. TX wheel and settings help
  138. Le Mans
  139. Where is the lobby list in online search ? ? ? ?
  140. Just did 7m 48s around Nordschiefe, and it felt great.
  141. Clio cup
  142. External Hardrive
  143. Hey Xbox guys, turn OFF "Instant Mode" !!1one
  144. Controller Again!
  145. For future updates > a minor request
  146. Open wheel cars grip is underestimated?
  147. Details of patch 1.4
  148. Xbox one controller disconnecting
  149. No Turbo Noise Online? (RWD P30 LMP1)
  150. Affinity (races entered/wins)
  151. Italia 485 Wheel - Turning and Stuttering Issues
  152. Amateur HUD layout problem [PT-BR]
  153. Info at Project Cars community screen
  154. Downloadable content
  155. locked 30fps yes or no????
  156. Question about the buttons on the TX wheel
  157. 10 tips for Frame Rate Issues
  158. What is up with the lap times?
  159. Can a Dev Elaborate on these? from patch 1.4
  160. Shifter Kart Stalling
  161. I drove home from work in the rain tonight...
  162. Help Regarding TX Wheel Steering Input
  163. FFB Most realistic universal settings - Now you can drift like a pro and more
  164. Engine Blown / Shifting problems
  165. Rain race at Catalunya, transition to evening... WOW
  166. Invalid lap times.
  167. weird suspension and how it may affect gameplay.
  168. What's your favourite HUD configuration
  169. Corner Cutting (as it pertains to Leaderboards and Rules & Regulations)
  170. [Known Issue] Multiplayer: Why the ONE version has no lists?
  171. Tuning, saving, loading - for now
  172. NEW CAR
  173. Pit question
  174. Online racing etiquette
  175. Patch Update??
  176. 1st time wheel user
  177. Ford Capri Zakspeed
  178. Karts after the patch...
  179. Race Engineer
  180. Race Community
  181. I'm in the doghouse!
  182. Option to save between sessions in Quick Race?
  183. Defending Champ, Double Rainbow Achievement Questions
  184. Losing Force Feedback When Returning To Lobby
  185. Dashboard app for xbox???
  186. Clutch for sequential gearboxes
  187. No yellow flags and penalties
  188. Steering questions
  189. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel / Headset?
  190. Quick question (multiplayer)
  191. Bizarre Pit Stop bug
  192. [AI issues known and being worked on] AI is killing PCars!
  193. Did you know
  194. Which view is your favourite ?
  195. Project cars - driver survey (unofficial)
  196. Headsets on XBone
  197. Impossible QF Times
  198. "Failed to load saved data"
  199. One for the devs
  200. Steering dead zone / xbox one / Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel
  201. Using a Keyboard on the Xbox One ?
  202. Mailbox full achievement
  203. Controller Settings
  204. [NO] Ban bam?.
  205. Bug Report - Ghost not working properly on Brands Hatch Indy
  206. Anybody need a Modified Car Pack DLC code?
  207. Settings or Game???
  208. Lotus 98 hard to drive?
  209. Thrustmaster GTE Wheel Add On. Worth it?
  210. Project Cars Bugs - Communication is Key
  211. Gut-wrenching loss
  212. [KNOWN] Rain lights for AI
  213. Fastest Lap times: By car or track?
  214. Missing Motec LCD
  215. Laguna Seca Laptimes - All 69 Cars Tested
  216. AI car penalties and flags
  217. As of this morning digital version won't load?
  218. Using Wheel and Controller at the same time. Is this possible?
  219. Time Trials
  220. [YES] Dear Mr Bell can you Confirm?
  221. Clio Cup Donnington GP (Pro) Stream Highlights
  222. damage
  223. Default camera
  224. Racing against fast pad usrs with a wheel
  225. how to open nat settings
  226. I Absolutely LOVE this game!
  227. Taming the Sierra
  228. More road cars planned for DLC?
  229. I thought this had been fixed?
  230. Help please....
  231. Liveries Pack #1
  232. Can I reset the session to practice?
  233. We (BAM) are not cheaters.
  234. FFB turns off when i adjust or open another app (game DVR...)
  235. LMP2 aero adjustments during stops.
  236. Saturday afternoon UK league race
  238. My career mode was deleted
  239. Vote to kick online
  240. steering wheel during onboard online replays
  241. Awful
  242. Awful
  243. multi-class racing positions.
  244. update 1.4
  245. Looking for people to play online with?
  246. career contracts question
  247. At a loose end..
  248. Camera online
  249. Bummed out
  250. Multiplayer lobby - lap times??