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  1. Smartglass dash display
  2. Help please
  3. Extremely please thanks devs
  4. What are "coming soon" into the career?
  5. Track Nordschleife + GP
  6. Issues with Project CARS
  7. magnetic cars when you touch
  8. Differential does not work! (specific issue on Nordschleife)
  9. DirectX 12
  10. Community event problem
  11. Tx wheel settings help
  12. Questions about pictures & videos
  13. A few ideas for the next update
  14. corner cutting, solutions
  15. 1 month and still no dedicated servers ?
  16. Tough steering...
  17. Still unable to set a TT
  18. Tuning set-ups - which one am I using??
  19. It's good. Very good.
  20. Is there a "free camera" in PCars? (For Replays)
  21. Is there no way to skip an event?
  22. [Bug Report] Time Prog. Slider
  23. Why won't pCARS start when offline?
  24. Damage Inquiry Car v Car
  25. Helmet cam settings and experiences
  26. SDL SoniK. Genius or the ranch hand from hades
  27. profile settings
  28. deicated servers
  29. Thrusmaster TX, anywhere in stock...?
  30. So....Did everyone get an update from MS this morning?
  31. U.S. Clubsport Trophy - Road America AI car
  32. Career saving problem
  33. Dear Dev Team...
  34. [Bug - Fix on Patch 1.4] Brake light brackets?
  35. Some cars never reach topspeed
  36. big thx for made the le dlc available
  37. Braking Question
  38. Why Project Cars isn't a Racing game for Racers
  39. Affinity Issue
  41. Tyre pressure when pitting
  42. Frame Rate issues XB1
  43. Second Screen apps / SmartGlass app
  44. Ai with dlc cars and lmp1 and gt together in custom race
  45. Replay system
  46. Screen froze while the game went on. Online, btw.
  47. I have a few questions.
  48. Can not not refuel - is it me, or the game?
  49. Weird FFB after pit stop (TX Wheel)
  50. Telemetry
  51. Broken bumper animation
  53. Are there any intentions to bring the triple ghosts to Xbox?
  54. Formula A 2ng gear
  56. Road cars degree of rotation tx wheel
  57. Glowing lights on Le Mans cars
  58. Calling out the wreckers...?
  59. Question for Ian Bell
  60. seat height
  61. fast clean lobbies
  62. Helmet Cam Question
  63. Didn't expect that !
  64. Let's talk about the "Audi Ruapuna park expansion Pack"
  65. AI and guiding line question
  66. Logitech G920 wheel for Xbox One and PC
  67. Time accel question.
  68. LMP1 season 100% race length only 15 to 20 minutes!?
  69. Just amazing....
  70. Thrustmaster TX vs Logitech G920?
  71. Tips for newbie, help, controller to wheel, road to GT4
  72. Oculus Rift will have the ability to "stream Xbox One games" in "virtual cinema"
  73. FAO SMS
  74. Re post daring to question!
  75. rando gear ratio changes renders cars undriveable
  76. when?
  77. Thrustmaster TX loss FFB
  78. Finally Raced Online - can only find a game on random lobby
  79. Crazy scenes at LeMans.
  80. Pcars crashing while trying to record replays.
  81. AI opponents warping
  82. [Available now] where is the xbox one 1.4 ?
  83. Flashing Lights for lapped cars?!?
  84. Where did my spotter go?
  85. Fix the race engineer!
  87. How to find out what patch version is installed?
  88. 1080p possible?
  89. New cars/ tracks ?
  90. Thanks for making such a beautiful game.
  91. Races not loading - stuck on loading screen
  92. I salute you SMS, well done
  93. suggestion on controller adjustment
  94. Changing difficulty in single digits
  95. No sound
  96. DLC car test/review at Dubai!
  97. [Timed Races] Le Mans
  98. Weather conditions in time trial
  99. Thrustmaster GTE Wheel Button mapping advice.
  100. TH8A shifter
  101. Opponent Volume - Can I adjust?
  104. 1.4
  105. Oil temp and water temps
  106. Problem with assigning button configuration
  107. Screenshot Glitch
  108. [KNOWN] Crashing back to dashboard
  109. Changing HUD locations
  110. How Is this for good timing?
  111. Big big issue (game stuttering, possibly related to Internet connection)
  112. Xbox Servers are down!
  113. Solo Race
  114. Cobra TransAm Bug on Sonoma GP
  115. I am lost
  116. Wheel lock problem.
  117. Microsoft eilite controller gear shifts
  118. Catalunya qualifiying
  119. last race for now
  120. Was there some change to the lmp2 cars?
  121. Dirty Drivers
  122. Driver profile not fully loaded on resume after downtime
  123. bloody AI wont get out of my way
  124. Come on, XBox1... Connections booting lobbies it's all toilet!!
  126. It was really kind of beautiful...
  127. PROJECT CARS IS DOWN! ! ! !
  128. Think I may have found a new bug....
  129. 1.4 ffb
  130. XBox1 Update
  131. Streaming PCARS to PC
  132. Post Patch 1.4 issues
  133. Mad Catz Wheel Issue Since 1.4 Update
  134. SMS please help me to not buy fm6
  135. Unable to set up lobbies
  136. Tuning setup
  137. [Solved] Patch 1.4 update stuck at 99%
  138. 1.4 ffb issues
  139. Controller settings help
  140. McLaren F1 since 1.4
  141. New liveries after 1.4
  142. future touring car DLC IDEA.
  143. Full throtlle steering - TX wheel 1.4 patch
  144. [Answered] How to tell if you have patch 1.4
  145. Is it raining?
  146. Shadows causing FPS drop
  147. How do I find the % settings for AI Difficulty and other things?
  148. Couldn't wait any longer!
  149. Full Course Cautions?
  150. im not moaning but wtf happend
  151. I drove the GT3 Continental Bentley... Although I didn't pay for it!
  152. Patch 1.4 Bricked my TX Wheel
  153. plzzzzzzzzz can i just play this game.
  154. Flying laps count!
  155. Brands Hatch Flat Tyres
  156. Formula Rookie Season, all of a sudden seems to be a karting Season :(
  157. Will this game ever work??
  158. Mad Cats Pro Wheel patch 1.4 issue work around
  159. USB 3.0 extension cable
  160. cant get on track online, quickgame
  161. Dev's, found a problem lol
  162. Car won't start
  163. TX wheel too much play and weak force around center
  164. Settings to improve performance.....
  165. A little start glitch !! 😆
  166. Xbox One Mods Support?
  167. F1 cars on Monaco
  168. Some things that could be better...
  169. Tracks really shiny?
  170. Rear wheels of Clio locking after pitting.
  171. Mr Bell,....Is there plans for a manual?
  172. Can't change car view since 1.4
  173. Discuss -Why so much x box variance
  174. Locked community event already has times. Mono cali
  175. Revert to 1.3?
  176. GT3 US Trophy Bug
  177. SO disappointed!!
  178. What is DRS, KRS ?
  179. After Patch 1.4 - FFB 100% in menu !
  180. Lotus Vintage F1
  181. Missing very important track, car and weather information before and during race
  182. Formula b championship problem
  183. Do they actually play test the patches
  184. formula gulf dubai autodrome hazy graphic glitch, and slipstreaming
  185. v.1.4 Timing issue [qualifying 1st, starting race last)
  186. T3pa pedal set
  187. Tuning Guides
  188. Starting tyres
  189. Mad cats pro racing wheel issue
  190. Thrustamster TX wheel FIRMWARE UPDATE V49 Available
  191. F1 Monaco
  192. oculus with project cars
  193. [INVESTIGATING] Road America community event freezing and the Bentleys turned red
  194. Bugs and working progress
  195. T3PA pro pedals in stock
  196. Need aloe, cause I just got burned.
  197. Merc 190...
  198. Blank screen...
  199. [Known Issue] Career In-Session Tunes not saving
  200. How to get damage fixed on pit stop
  201. Refunded for PCars by MS - sorry it didnt work out
  202. Sudden Problem with My TX Wheel
  203. Frame rate after latest patch
  204. FFB Perfect! Small question about the strenght setup.
  205. TX Wheel Vibrating in Corners?
  206. Question to Mr.Bell Online game browser
  207. Ability to take screenshots during replay?
  208. Car names gone after patch 1.4
  209. Online view stuck in bumper cam!
  210. FFB Wheel with Analog paddles.
  211. Some friendly advice please.
  212. A bug at Silverstone inter for the BMW Z4
  213. Madcatz pro wheel issue
  214. Xbox One Patch 1.04 vs 1.01 Frame-Rate Test (Digital Foundry)
  215. Name and shame aggressive ramming drivers
  216. FORD MK IV Tuning help
  218. Spectating online
  219. Help with Telemetry
  220. Game Chat
  221. Do I stick with XBOX or make the PS4 transition
  222. [ANSWERED] Tyre smoke on rear mirror
  223. LMP1 SPA (No Headlights)
  224. What am I supposed to do?
  225. Good job SMS, love the new FFB
  226. post patch wheel issues
  227. Ian Bell- will Xbox One be getting shadow improvements?
  228. Steering Wheels?
  230. Free DLC?
  231. Monitor from Pits: Lap Time bug (visual)
  232. Numbers on car
  233. Project Cars on the brink of greatness or the Pre Owned Section?
  234. Let's get some online lobbies going.
  235. Am I the only one hyped for Project Cars 2 ??!?
  236. @SMS Sketchy person on lb, not sure hes running his own times...
  237. Patrience Grasshopper, Patience.....
  239. Overall State of Project Cars
  240. Confirmation Needed
  241. TH8A Shifter Not Recognised
  242. TX Wheel Wiper and Washer Configuration
  243. Per Wheel Movement and Squared
  244. Ian Bell. Overall Project Cars Issues
  245. Formula "A" lost gears bug
  246. Donington GP TT leaderboard's
  247. AI tuning and pit options
  248. Game stopped working?
  249. Sticky Full Lock
  250. When will online be sorted out?!?