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  1. GT5 Capri turning issues
  2. Career Bugs
  3. Bugs and all, it still is better then F6
  4. OK so just got a TX wheel.
  5. I'm running grids of less than 15 now.
  6. Awesome News
  7. RIP Project Cars - FM6 pWND U
  8. Can someone try something for me?
  9. Hori Wheel settings ..
  10. DTM Classics?
  11. Sept. XOne Update Addresses Sound Issues?
  12. XBox One DLC??
  13. Other cars coming together
  14. Hey! Let's get together, again! Patch 4! =]
  15. Lobby instabillity increase
  16. MAJOR Formula C wet weather bug
  17. How do car setups work ?
  18. DLC question
  19. steering wheel
  20. Is anyone else having this problem with the rankings?
  21. Xbox one controller settings help please
  22. Setting up Project Cars
  23. 4 patches in still no main bug fixes
  24. [rant] This game a simulation on xbox one?
  25. Please for the love of all things motorsport
  26. gear issue
  27. 4.0 is live
  28. FFB settings won't save to car or tracks?
  29. [SOLVED] From bad to worse.
  30. The new xbox one experience preview
  31. Pit lane issue
  32. Driver network and time trials still locked out.
  33. [ANSWERED] Where have all the lobby's gone???
  34. project cars - 10 in asda...
  35. SMS, give us time : )
  36. Lap Times single player Career mode
  37. fun evening had by me
  38. [NO] Patch 4.0 Rain Issue?
  39. Game Breaking bug patch 4.0
  40. kers bug?
  41. Was there a little update today?
  42. Configuration of Mad Catz
  43. something wierd.....
  44. Nurnberg GP
  45. Manual gearbox with the controller
  46. Lotus DLC content
  47. Project Cars Resources
  48. Thrustmaster firmware update 5.0 just released
  49. New Thrustmaster TX Firmware available
  50. Question for Xbox preview members.
  51. Project Cars Database V1.4.2 (Updated)
  52. New wheel user g920
  53. Default FFB settings
  54. Qualifying made more interesting with the glitches,
  55. Can my madcatz wheel work on gta 5,
  56. Preview member (NXOE) + Steering wheel??
  57. Slower with a wheel
  58. Sonoma Raceway AI stalling?
  59. Why isn't the new DLC track and Aston Martins not on XBOX ONE yet?
  60. UPDATE :( Think my tx has had it, (FIXED) :D
  61. Career mode not playable anymore since patch 4.0 cause of instability...
  62. Steering Wheel clipping.
  63. [DEV NOTIFIED] Aston Martin Track Expansion Bug Aston Martin DBR1-2 LMP1
  64. [SOLVED] Mojave... cars that have running engines would be handy...grrr!
  65. why does everything wwith this game have to be a 'work around'
  66. Aston Martin DB1/300 Handling issue!
  67. Modified Pack, Limited Edition & Livery #1 mandatory update
  68. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.4.4 (Updated)
  69. No Online race
  70. Returning to Proj Cars. first questions
  71. Where did the MERCEDES CLK DTM go?
  72. RTA no skills copying my account
  73. Career season bug?
  74. Xbox Live - Down?
  75. Xbox live down yet again !
  76. Has anyone had this
  77. What is the difference
  78. need help tx oscillation issues after patch 4.0 even more bugs
  79. Not enough buttons on Wheel - too few buttons - Thrustmaster
  80. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.5.0 now with gear overview
  81. repay for DLC?
  82. any news on fixing sound glitch,jumping stutter
  83. [ANSWERED] Leaderboard No details??
  84. Visual FX settings
  85. some good base settings for the logitech g920 (XB1)
  86. The GT3 obsession
  87. [Answered] Issue refueling?
  88. TW RW settings (help)
  89. TX wheel problems
  90. Multiplayer Default setups option post patch 4.0 not working
  91. Hotlapping friends request
  92. Problem with TX
  93. Next new add on for the TX wheel.
  94. [ANSWERED] Early Car Packs corrupted???
  95. New to Project CARS!
  96. HUD apps
  97. G920/G29 FFB deadzone and 8 bit pedals resolution
  98. [ANSWERED] tires always soft....
  99. Co-driver not pitting?
  100. No online players?!
  101. Tx wheel problem
  102. I totally forgot just how much I love this
  103. I strongly believe the sound glitch causes the crash back to race central
  104. Xbox One Controller Firmware 2.3.2381.0
  105. racing groups
  106. Pcars architecture v's Fm6
  107. Xbox 5.0 Patch notes
  108. Framerate/Slow-down when cornering
  109. Has it got THAT quiet online???
  110. Thrustmaster TX or Logitech G920 - which should I buy?
  111. [SOLVED] Solo race weekend
  112. A chance for a sale?
  113. Tyre Wear much higher on Pad?
  114. Newpatch?
  115. DLC's needing an update?!?
  116. Return to P Cars
  117. Pit Stop crew????
  118. speed sensitivity and controller filtering sensitivity? Please explain?
  119. Career progression - basic question?
  120. some tracks have taken big FPS hits
  121. Tim Trial World chamionship and Dutch championship organizer.
  122. Edit Tuning Setup locked following Patch 5
  123. Xbox One Online
  124. BMW Z4 Weight Bias
  125. Re-assigning buttons?
  126. This is beyond a joke and needs fixing!!
  127. ABS Cars
  128. Force default setups. How does it work?
  129. Superkarts constantly hitting the sausage / going off-track
  130. shout outs
  131. DSQ for not pitting eventhough I did
  132. Time Trial - Time of day???
  133. [XBOX ONE] Joining Session in Progress
  134. Open wheel ai slipstream
  135. Japanese car pack and free car five out now!
  136. Save Time Trial Replay
  137. DX12 Progress
  138. TP3a Pedals Clutch pedal wont register now ... now sure what happened
  139. cockpit view (rear seat)
  140. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.7.0
  141. November: Adding to the Positivity!
  142. about bmw z4 after patch 5.0
  143. misleading/ wrong event name
  144. Questions on patch 5.0
  145. I love this game!!
  146. Lobby and Collision system needs fixed
  147. McLaren mp4/4?
  148. to wheel or not to wheel
  149. Bugs are alive in this game !!
  150. Crashes to Dashboard.
  151. Leaderboard for Xbox One
  152. Edit assignments resolved?
  153. finish line glitch
  154. G920 help?
  155. Thrustmaster TX hose brake mod
  156. Chase cam
  157. Career restart... corrupt save file
  158. USB Keyboard Support for XB1
  159. lap records for each car?
  160. Livery question
  161. Is this game worth a purchase on Xbox One?
  162. Chrashing to xbone dashboard when selecting a car
  163. Calibrating T3PA with conical mod & info about general FFB settings with TX
  164. Erratic FFB On TX wheel
  165. New Dashboard
  166. no patch 6.0 wait thread?
  167. Tx wheel accelerator sensitivity
  168. Credit where it's due
  169. Load tuning setup error
  170. New Fanatec Wheel Coming Next Week! for Xbox
  171. What's the most laps,longest race you have done,
  172. Even worse after the new dash
  173. Chief engineer "add-on" for consoles ?
  174. Opponent Skill is standard for all traks?
  175. G920
  176. 6.0 patch!!! Is it me or is the FPS better???
  177. Vehicle Tuning "steering question".
  178. pit stop strategies are gone after 6.0
  179. Sound stuttering issue even after NXOE and patch 6.0
  180. How to accelerate tyre wear in single player ?
  181. Anyone using the new Elite Controller?
  182. post 6.0 -Excessive tyre overheating has ruined the game
  183. Save delay after finishing career session
  184. Black Friday - Project Cars
  185. xbox dashboard update to fix gamesync/offline issues
  186. Help...no multiplayer servers found...
  187. Project Cars in 1080p
  188. No MP sessions to join!
  189. Savegames very slow after 6.0 update?
  190. More older tracks please
  191. Cannot save button configurations after Patch 6 / November DLC
  192. steering wheel
  193. Just when you think its getting there!!!!!
  194. Another crash fest weekend
  195. Crash to dashboard on last lap of multiplayer
  196. Searced the forum, but no results. Bmw m3 gt4, can't save setup
  197. Engine sounds. Offline vs Online
  198. been away need help
  199. OK I was wrong.....
  200. Silverstone classic bug!
  201. Question regarding force feedback
  202. To FFB or not to FFB, that is the question...
  203. Does XB1 still have a set up bug?
  204. No online games. Surely not
  205. Le Mans crash to dashboard
  206. Is anyone playing online?
  207. Issues after the first install of ProjectCars (sound and wheel)
  208. God this game is good
  209. No Touring Cars class on XBox TT
  210. Brief enquiry into the location of a track I'm uncertain if I'm pronouncing properly.
  211. MP still not working after all this time on XBOX? Really?
  212. A series of issues.
  213. I'm looking for a racing group who would accept someone.
  214. Why is the XBOX patch notes thread closed?
  215. Couple of questions re the new patch..idiots guide!
  216. AI post patch 7
  217. PCars Dash App
  218. Stop with bugs!
  219. Xbox live down!
  220. Lotus expansion pack issue ?
  221. Game Save Bug Conspiracy!!!
  222. UDP Data Rate?
  223. Driving on Ice????
  224. Warning about save data corrupt!!
  225. Force feedback after patch 7.0
  226. help!!! lost game save.
  227. Motion Control
  228. Bye Bye pc
  229. Why is my Project Cars game restarting on Xbox1?
  230. Manual W/Clutch
  231. Not getting any Invitational races
  232. Online down? XB1
  233. Tablet mount
  234. Tuning Setup Bug!
  235. can't join any lobbies tonight
  236. Who uses a simulation cockpit ?
  237. Xbox one version because of Elite controller
  238. Crashing to xbone dashboard when selecting a car a (added possible problem/solution )
  239. Capturing Video
  240. Logitech G290 force feedback settings.
  241. Why can't I play the latest Community Events?
  242. Audi R18 LMP1
  243. Should I Return for Refund Xbox one controller issues?
  244. small Monza issue
  245. Wheel jerks very violently when spinning out.
  246. Whos Bright Idea Was This?
  247. Best AI grid sizes
  248. Problem with Ferrari add for t300
  249. Despite Bugs- PCars is THE Best RACING Game on XB1
  250. wheel help please