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  1. [Bug Report] AI Drive off track and Stop when Host leaves Multiplayer
  2. LMP1 Engine Blows EVERY RACE
  3. [Possible solution in Post #15] Fail to save data, fail to load data - XBone
  4. Please patch in an option to lock at 30fps
  5. Gnetta G55 GT4 - Bug - Tire temp goes straight to cold after rolling over
  6. Impossible AI Qualifying Times
  7. game will not play with TX wheel
  8. BUG REPORT! Bathurst Pit.
  9. Maxrace v.4 adapter firmware update
  10. Possible TX calibration fix, but I have new, unrelated bugs!
  11. [USE TT MODE] Best lap time not recorded
  12. We couldn't get your latest saved data
  13. Syncing data not working
  14. Sound problem with the Xbox headphone
  15. wrong ffb
  16. Fuel?
  17. Brands Hatch
  18. Replay upload
  19. Framerate temporary fix
  20. end of race menu - defaults to restart
  21. Flickering Armco barrier
  22. Disabling Crepuscular rays has no effect on XBO
  23. Neutral is not recognised on XBO (when using CSS connect to CSWv2)
  24. Will next patch solve the freezing up in middle of race?
  25. Thrustmaster tx pedal issues. Please help!
  26. [Visual bug] Aspect ratio of Intro movie
  27. Braking is pointless
  28. Astro A40's with TX Thrustmaster issue
  29. Sometimes i cant press "Drive" when i join the session
  30. Graphics just got better!
  31. I've run out of buttons!
  32. Tuning options
  33. Car Settings + California Highway Issue with Thrustmaster TX
  34. AI breaking after about 6 laps
  35. No personal record saving
  36. Headset with Thrustmaster wheels
  37. no Lykan Hypersport
  38. Wheel Rotation Animation Using Controller
  39. reduced wait while saving
  40. Tune adjustments won't save in career practice and qualifying rounds
  41. How can i change my Profilname?
  42. Career mode - third race in series wouldn't let me practice or qualify
  43. The State of Online Lobbies
  44. car crashing pit Nürburgring Nordschleife
  45. Can't view saved replay
  46. Graphical issues during replay: lights / bonnet
  47. 5 points for fastest lap in 125cc shifter karts career not rewarded.
  48. Damage, Non existent
  49. 458 tx and f1 add on thrustmaster
  50. If i would reinstal my disc game do i lose my limited edition cars?
  51. no throttle in free race
  52. List of flaws and bugs. Big and small.
  53. Minor Annoyances
  54. Turning Vibration Off
  55. Project B.U.G.S.
  56. Honest question regarding DOR for the TX wheel
  57. HUD disappears. Suggestion to why it happens here
  58. Racing line upgrade
  59. [KNOWN] Driving view changes after pit stop
  60. wooden spoon award for finishing last
  61. XBone, Fail to save/load data
  62. Where's the sense of grip? What's going on here?.....
  64. Can't use cockpit view anymore in Formula B cars?!
  65. Improving framerate by disabling some of the graphics settings Xbone
  66. Assigning Controls... not the typical issue, I'm stumped.
  67. After reinstalling game + 1st patch only 18.1g showing
  68. Loading Screen
  69. Try this settings for Thrustmaster TX
  70. game issues XB1
  71. TX F1 Add-on Wheel not recognized
  73. Overlong penalty
  74. Feature Request : Leader board times for our friends list.
  75. Missing car audio
  76. Carrier mode / Zonda on Monza Full Track Game crashes
  77. [BUG] Laguna Seca - After Pit
  78. Loading Screen
  79. [BUG] Nordschliefe Pit Exit Problem
  80. Gears ratio messed up during career/ player car hitting wall exiting pit in Spa
  81. Locked out of Community Events
  82. pause menu
  83. Controller configuration
  84. Hori Wheel One? Will it work on project cars?
  85. Stuck in neutral in kart
  86. TX Wheel in Free Practice
  87. Kart night racing or general night racing shadows GLITCH!!
  88. Replay Crashes
  89. Completly lost FFB on TX wheel after proceed to next session
  90. HUD missing
  91. Great... TX wheel now screwed to play Forza as well!
  92. Career Mode name duplication
  93. (BUG REPORT) Glitch in the menu after setting car in garage
  95. engine noise but no fuel?
  96. game crashing and putting me on xbox dashboard screen
  97. Putting xboxone back to factory setting doesnt help
  98. Thrustmaster TX FFB problems
  99. Ferrari 458 spider any ideas for extra button map
  100. self changing gear ratios need to be fixed
  101. a different sound issue?
  102. Game size 18.5gb - Workaround makes it 18.4GB STill not 18.5gb
  103. Race starts with no sound.
  104. anyone else having mp problems more than normal
  105. Sound becomes static and pops
  106. Using headphones with Thurstmaster Wheel
  107. Road Cars Have no suspension settings !
  108. [WORK-AROUND] Game wont load past the title screen
  109. (Photo mode) Camera won't move if you're in cockpit view
  110. issues not addressed in the patch
  111. sceenshots/photography
  112. Leaderboard issue after completed race
  113. gearbox problems,x box one
  114. Am I missing something?
  115. Thrustmaster TX F1 wheel add on
  116. The issues I'm having
  117. No. of participants in multiplayer Vs. Connection speed
  118. logictech G27 compatibility Xbox one
  119. I give up the game after 3 corrupt save!! it is getting really annoying.
  120. Issues I've Noticed
  121. No sound when pressing the brake button on controler
  122. Rumble Triggers/Sound cut out - Will the patch resolve? Yes or No?
  123. SOLO mode acting weird
  124. Possible gamepad / wheel button config solution?
  125. lack of wheel support + where the xbox one stands In the sim racing world.
  126. damage not being fixed in pit stop?
  127. Thrustmaster TX Wheel duplicate button update
  128. We can see through trees!
  129. No online play?
  130. Different handling on xbox one
  131. Tire Sound Missing
  132. Game Statistic
  133. When's this patch coming?
  134. lost progress
  135. What about the patch after this one?
  136. Tried everything and cannot get past title screen. Help!
  137. game steering isse
  138. Career saved game glitch, season ended halfway with no contract offers?
  139. why does qualifying not let me finish
  140. Photo mode is needlessly complicated
  141. Can't get past (press start) at beginning of game. help!
  142. Objects coming through window
  143. Multiplayer race bug
  144. Why Xbox1 with all the problems?
  145. [VIDEO] Zolder Kerb Problem?
  146. ai Race starting issues
  147. Hall of fame and Fully Loaded Achievements have not unlocked
  148. Audi R18 TDI problem (SOLVED)
  149. th8a shifter doesn't work! help!
  150. [KNOWN] After crash, don't get repaired
  151. Thrustmaster TX ratio adjustments bug or operator error?
  152. Twitch streaming XB1
  153. [KNOWN ISSUE] Nissan Oreca, yellow square around the brake lights.
  154. seriously love the game but having doubts.
  155. invisible left front wheel mc 12 c gt3 free practice nürburgring short
  156. Thrustmaster tx resetting to 250 degrees even after i calibrate. PLEASE READ!
  157. Help to set up your new Thrustmaster TX (V50)
  158. Is this specific issue being fixed in the upcoming patch?
  159. Multiplayer Lobby & AI
  160. Load up stuck
  161. Fix bathurst downhill physics with m3 gt3 in rain, it's awful and unacceptable
  162. Start screen issues etc
  163. Full lock on the controller!
  164. Game Froze and restarted/reset Xbox by itself.
  165. Anyone in the Xbox Dashboard preview?!
  166. BUG REPORT: Crazy AI practice times at Road America
  167. Career progress lost?
  168. car in front or behind times way off...
  169. Mulitplayer keeps crashing
  170. How to get a refund?
  171. Replays Crashing to Dashboard
  172. Random crash physics bug?
  173. Tire selections during pit stops
  174. xbox one - car physics Ford Mustang Boss GT4
  175. Watkins Glen, Frame rate help
  176. Tire temperature drops to 23 C degree after crash
  178. Open wheel helmet cam problems.
  179. clutch difficulties
  180. Why is there no mention of multilplayer not working from SMS
  181. [SOLVED] Online Race Options Locked
  182. [Xbox One] Multiplayer Bug Reports (NO CHAT!)
  183. pit engineer silent
  184. Race Weekend Question
  185. Race Weekend Question
  186. Refund
  187. No pit engineer. Game is really annoying me now beyond a joke
  188. [Bug] Car number the same as teamate
  189. [ANSWERED] Tyre, Weather and asphalt Issues Maybe?
  190. self changing gear ratios bug
  191. no setup in free race available
  192. The game frrezes when starting a race Xbox doesn't crash
  193. Hand Break Think i have a problem.
  194. Career has vanished
  195. Problem with Le Mans
  196. Please help us Wheel users and future wheel users!
  197. Clutch gone, naughty.
  198. Next patch
  199. Menu Exit Times Worse?
  200. Reset Racng controls to default
  201. tires not warming up
  202. Game keeps freezing
  203. Trying to change up a gear and goes back to 1st
  204. New Controller settings after patch - should I reset my profile?
  205. worse steering . back to the shelf .
  206. Thrustmaster TX Xbox One
  207. Mo patches mo problems
  208. Quick question
  209. Feedback triggers
  210. [RESOLVED] After the patch game is 18.1g
  211. [READ PATCH NOTES FIRST] New patch hasn't changed anything.
  212. Free Practice Tuning Setup Applying Itself To Career Mode
  213. GT5 in the rain
  214. Online mode not working
  215. TX wheel unusable after 1.3 update
  216. Is it just me or all the sudden after this update TX wheel wont work
  217. Blue lights on Le Mans 24hr track even when in the lead
  218. Wheel Veers when stationary.
  219. [ANSWERED] Why won't my car pit ?
  220. Career Gone
  221. Steering wheel navigation ?
  222. FFB problems when hitting curbs!
  223. Very choppy frame rate
  224. Freezing on joining online / Boots back to dash
  225. [ADVISED] Thrustmaster tx rim now off centre... Advice please!
  226. [SOLVED] help required... for avoidance of doubt
  227. issue with trying to reassign buttons.
  228. Pit exit bug
  229. FF turns of completely
  230. Controller Advice
  231. Engine keeps blowing up in exact the same place (BUG?)
  232. stuck on log in start screen
  233. Small graphics glitch
  234. BUG REPORT! Laguna Seca lap time.
  235. Thrustmaster TX Xbox button
  236. Looking for multiplayer crashes to dashboard
  237. Missing cars on saved replays
  238. [RESOLVED] New Patch Unavailable? Help...
  239. 500 second penalty?
  240. photomode and TX
  241. Rumble Strips Cause Game to Slow
  242. Wet Tyre Change
  243. Pre Patch Controller settings
  244. little help plz
  245. Dashboarding - Online and Replays
  246. Latest patch - steering wheel affected
  247. [UI] Profile stopped updating
  248. ► Project Cars @ Online impossible ◄
  249. Brands Hatch Showdown - Car Tune edits do not get applied
  250. Game crashed Game save Lost