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  1. Thrustmaster Wheel & Shifter
  2. Multiplayer Private Lobby in League Race Impossible to Run
  3. Start before green
  4. Steering ratio will not apply
  5. Pit crew putting the wrong tires on ?
  6. Xbox One Version
  7. Will this help with my frame rate issues?
  8. Possible fix for Xbox One
  9. Only 18.1 GB?
  10. Is this game going to break my £425 day one xbox?
  11. Can't load?
  12. Crash to dashboard when loading Monaco setup
  13. Multiplayer lag
  14. losing save game data
  15. Multiplayer Joining Session Bug...
  16. Is my game updated automatically?! no update message..
  17. Out of Fuel Bug
  18. LMP1 engine issues
  19. Problems at Monza
  20. TX Heavy Steering after new patch
  21. Photo Mode
  22. Setup edit just scrolls????
  23. Patch 1.4 notes
  24. 458 spider wheel question
  25. White tires on track causes invalid laptime
  26. Patch 1.3 xbox one help!!!!!!!!!
  27. Hangs at start after Xbox shutdown
  28. Unable to play while logged in
  29. Some tuning and controller tips & short review
  30. Odd behavior on startup
  31. How to adjust angle of rotation on Thrustmaster Tx
  32. Patch is Glitching Out
  33. Formula c pulling to left(default setup problem)
  34. Locked career mode?
  35. Tyre marks apear to float
  36. Disks brakes always overheating!
  37. Azure Circuit/Ginetta GT3 Issue
  38. Gear ratio is changing between qualif and race
  39. Failed saved data
  40. Game freeze than Xbox reboot
  41. Patch 1.3
  42. Pit stop bug Nordschleife
  43. Driver network profile bug ?
  44. steering wheel very heavy issues during online race
  45. Tire Temperatur Bug - Telemtry
  46. Losing A Wheel, Don't Come Back On
  48. Impossible to modify car setup
  49. Mclaren P1 stranges things
  50. Picture saving from game to my phone
  51. Cars bunching at turn 11 Sonoma
  52. Driver Assists
  53. Imola & Spa
  54. option session menus are locked on kart track ?
  55. Fanatec XOne Hub limitations
  56. Braking.
  57. [ANSWERED] Car setup, tuning? How? Where?
  58. Sound Judders in Xbox one.
  59. xbox one failed to load saved data
  60. Failed to load saved data
  61. Xbox total failure
  62. Calibration of T3PA PRO pedals with brake mod!
  63. trouble on California hwy!
  64. New glitches since since last post. To be resolved?
  65. Smooth Running
  66. Thrustmaster TX "shaking" when driving straight
  67. Kart career glitch? Need help?
  68. FX and FPS
  69. Car setups/tuning.
  70. Rule logics
  71. Wheel users game settings.
  72. Braking points.
  73. getting tired of entering forest feedback settings every time!
  74. leaderboard time's dissapearing ????
  75. Game is stuck in loading screen.
  76. Replay is Worthless, Please Help!
  77. [KIND OF] Buttkicker Gamer and XBox one? Will it work?
  78. Multiplayer instability
  79. Car setups not saving in Career
  80. Pit strategy tire pressure.
  81. Video replay abnormality
  82. Savings gone, everything is reseted, option to bring it back?
  83. Can't connect mad catz to pc.
  84. No engine, tire, fx sound in career mode
  85. Custom race time progression
  86. false jump start on line.
  87. Missing Modified Car Pack DLC code with Preorder
  88. Thrust master TX Headset Compatibility?
  89. OSD Settings - Customising the display permanently
  90. Just started yesterday career won't save or load
  91. Unable to get past start screen
  92. No start
  93. banishement Pcars server
  94. Online connectivity issues
  95. Crash to Dash
  96. Help,madcatz wheel needs updating,
  97. will 1.4 fix the sound issues.
  98. Auto engine start
  99. Profile stats gone crazy wrong!
  100. Steering Ratio bug
  101. Impossible practice session time.
  102. Opponents hot laps don't work?
  103. Vignette & high speed shake cam
  104. Is anyone else having/had this problem??
  105. Frustrations and Complaints with the game in general
  106. Stuck at start screen?? Do this and play again!!
  107. The CAB for UK constomers
  108. [SEE POST 48] Multiplayer still broken
  109. No free practice for Glencairn
  110. Mercedes glitch at Zolder
  111. Replays and profiles
  112. Limited number of Drivers when llaying muliplayer
  113. Even with all the negativity, wanted to post this....
  114. very disappointed
  115. Xbox One: Troubleshooting & Support
  116. Motec in chase cam view.
  117. MP race hangs on loading screen
  118. Crashes related to controller?
  119. Thrustmaster TX. brake pedal dead spot.
  120. Populating multiplayer with AI
  121. Major delay in menus and in game
  122. XBOX switch issue
  123. Blown engine bug
  124. help with saving settings
  125. All progress gone. Everything reset. Ms support sent me here.
  126. Online Lobby chat Issue
  127. Controller setting
  128. 1.4 Warp Speed!
  129. Wheel locked below 10MPH.
  130. A few bugs I still have. Engine sound glitch, No sound race engineer, setting save.
  131. General car setups?
  132. [Known Issue] ERROR! Failed to load data. do you want to retry the load?
  133. Xbox One Fanatec hub issues
  134. Post 1.4 online issues
  135. Pitstops after 1.4
  136. Patch 1.4 has seriously broken game
  137. Force Feedback is FIXED !!!! What about lobby search and multiplayer ????
  138. XB1 - Game wont load with Steering Wheel
  139. wanted to report a small typo. (not sure if this is the right place for this)
  140. @Ian Bell Game save broken after patch 1.4!
  141. Sudden acceleration and slowdown of screen
  142. Please tell me how to fix the save load bug.
  143. Not enough buttons
  144. newest patch killed the game for me...
  145. Still with the stuttering!
  146. Problems with community races and online lobbies.
  147. Azure Circuit Pit
  148. Where is this mythical race engineer?!
  149. Bug on Silverstone after pitstop
  150. Game Crashes on Startup after 1.4 Patch
  151. Tx wheel slowly loses ffb after a few laps
  152. [XB1] Thrustmaster TX Discussion
  153. reset controller after patch 1.4
  155. new firmware Trustmaster V49 for TX avalable
  156. @Ian Bell Leaderboard times not right
  157. Crash report.
  158. I am waiting for F.6 patch
  159. Love the Weather in this game!
  160. *MULTIPLAYER ONLY* FFB Loss during Party Chat & Reset of Wheel Rotation between Races
  161. typo in credits - "Engeneer"
  162. Half Racer, Half Demon Achievement Won't Unlock
  164. Game keeps freezing sp during a race?
  165. Car tuning setup reset bug RETURNS
  166. Simple feature request
  167. Loosing a wheel in practice is....................
  168. LMP1 Road America - lots of problems
  169. Can a developer explain how tire wear works please.....
  170. Still unplayable.
  171. Xbox game won't play at all!!!
  172. "See through" tree-line at Le Mans (1.4)
  173. My game gets stuck at the loading screen.
  174. Premature awarding of Hall of Fame requirements?
  175. Missing Lap - Bug?
  176. Don't know what to call this
  177. Racing Sim Praise
  178. Kinect?
  179. Project Cars Just Got Buggy Menus Today Need Help
  180. [SOLVED] Game Freezes every 2 secs. for about 4 secs. long!
  181. Cant navigate menu or select anything with Xbox one controller in game.
  182. Limited car pack is gone
  183. Unable to use HEADPHONES. Serious audio problem after patch 1.4!
  185. DLC after reinstall?
  186. Mad Catz wheel.
  187. about the random wheather in a custom race
  188. Game continuously crashing after most recent patch
  189. Time trial (my time was deleted)
  190. Weather conditions x2 x10 x20 x30 please explain
  191. Opening Credits & Menu Response
  192. Seat Position doesn“t Save for all Cars
  193. Quick one re Thrustmaster TX
  194. Resets me to last place?
  195. Pit Stop Bug & Rolling Start Crashes
  196. Bug report - Startup video intro and menu stalling since recent update
  197. AI on Pole has unrealistic times & stuck simulating end of session
  198. Missing Tracks ?
  199. TX Racing Wheel Not Calibrating/Spazzing Out
  200. Game Crashing to Dashboard
  201. IAN/SMS - Viewing lap times at the end of a race ruining the TV view!!!!
  202. Game not loading, unplayable.
  203. Pitstops Tire Pressures
  204. Sound Stuttering
  205. Game hangs on load screen
  206. Hanging when simulating to end of qualify session
  207. LAG game solution
  208. Xbox live down again
  209. Leaderboards update?
  210. driver network profile messed up
  211. backup error
  212. Tires explode on pit exit
  213. Dubai cut track frustration (video evidence)
  214. [RESOLVED] not working
  215. slider settings bugs?
  216. Camera and FOV settings
  217. Glitches I've Found
  218. Siiiigh....another issue. Game hesitating every couple seconds
  219. Multiplayer DQ Question / Bug?
  220. Zolder crash to dashboard
  221. Kick to dashboard + Hangs up upon trying to exit TT at Le Mans 24hr + my best ghost
  222. No Pit Release after Multi-Player Engine blown
  223. MoTec display gone
  224. Windows 10 Xbox One & Project Cars
  226. Failed to Load Save Data
  227. Race recordings crashing game back to Xbox dashboard
  228. I can't find lobbies anymore
  229. Car and Location affinity issue
  230. Lapped AI drivers causes incorrect results in career
  231. FFB lost by lag
  232. Screen Boundaries on Xbox One
  233. game freeze at start up
  234. Pitting issue @Laguna Seca
  235. A.I. Cheating - driving right through me for the pass
  236. Skip to end of session bug
  237. project car bug
  238. Thrustmaster TX 458 FF and Formula A cars-Shaking wheel
  239. A day in the life achievement
  240. 1.5 release?
  241. Skip to end of session problem
  242. Bit of an odd question!
  243. TX Wheel, total loss of ability to calibrate
  244. XBOX ONE ISSUE - Help Please! Failed to save the data. Do you want to retry the save?
  245. Next fix on the list! FFB loss with un-snapping
  246. Crazy statistics and trophies not won
  247. Bug report- Front Left tire telemetry
  248. Historic Goals Unlocked, but i haven't completed them?
  249. Thrustmaster shutting off.
  250. Laggy experience while playing career