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  1. 2 months later and still not impressed.
  2. Monza ALL AI crash on last chicane BUG
  3. [BUG] Controller advanced setting reset
  4. Help with Madcatz FFB and settings
  5. [INVESTIGATING] Invisible car or barrier?
  6. Move to external storage
  7. What happened here? (Video)
  8. Telemetry HUD displaying incorrectly
  9. [HARDWARE ISSUE] Madcatz wheel not central
  11. Tx wheel notchy feeling only sometimes in online lobbies
  12. NEW GLITCH: When I turn on the XB1, it tells me that my cable is not connected.
  13. Well now the replay lag has gotta worst then before on the ps4
  14. [KNOWN ISSUE]Tire pressures entered in Pit Strategy not being applied for in-race pit
  15. driver stats
  16. Off look at apex after pit stop
  17. Qualifying LAG?
  18. A few problems post most recent patch
  19. [KNOWN ISSUE] TIRE FAILURE immediately after pit stop
  20. Can someone PLEASE help me? (Tyres)
  21. My game is not even playable
  22. Black Screen for maybe a second or two on x1
  23. game wont load with wheel plugged in.
  24. TX wheel ffb corruption
  25. Ultra wide support?
  26. A Bugs Life
  27. Thrustmaster TX - Weird Feedback Rumble Glitch?
  28. How to fix the steering for the controller in pcars - For programmers/developers
  29. Patch 2.0 issues
  30. Acquired Zero to Hero - but really didn't?
  31. HELP
  33. A.I behaviour at Sakitto International
  34. [POST 31] Are Pit Stops Ruining Your League Too?
  35. Lap time HUD (purple laps and sectors anyone?)
  36. TX Wheel gone insane
  37. Pit stop issues? Tune saving issues in career? Check here for tips.
  38. Cannot get my sop to save
  39. Clutch deadzone with TX ?
  40. game freezes upon loacding track
  41. M1 Pro car series in career, crashes at race completion - Mount Panorama
  42. Results of update 2.0
  43. Settings when crearing a public online race.
  44. AI don't uses there headlights
  45. Carrer Practise and qualifying counts as a full race under My Profile
  46. Preventing controller shutoff
  47. Is my TX dying?
  48. [KNOWN] Black Mirrors
  49. Tuesday Issues
  50. Multiple key inputs
  51. LMP1 and Azure is show stopper
  52. Framerate issue
  53. Severe Handling Glitch On Long Runs
  54. Little graphical bugs after 2.0
  55. Lost all save data & game won't work
  56. [Investigating] Problem with saving a set up after Patch 2.0 Xbox One
  57. MadCatz Problem
  58. MadCatz Problem
  59. New post 2.0 bug. Undeserved stop and go and at race start
  60. Bug? Mandatory Pit Stop not registering if you watch a replay of it.
  61. Madcatz clutch
  62. Bug Report: Car list blank followed by crash.
  63. Mirrors no reflection
  64. Keyboard
  65. Snetterton - Graphical Error/Flickering
  66. 4 Reboots today
  67. What's the quickest/easiest way to reset ALL car settings for ALL tracks to default?
  68. Patch 2.0 or Track Pack issue!
  69. Bug report sticky
  70. Unable to get your latest saved data!!
  71. Rolling Start Problem!!!
  72. Unable to Play Yesterday (Monday Issues)
  73. Problem with all tracks starting with letter "C"
  74. TX FFB not working
  75. Major Audio and Steering issues.
  76. Tracklimits Issues
  77. Force Feedback Issue
  78. Project cars, start screen stop
  79. Worse frame rate ever, post 2.0
  80. Driving Through Cars
  81. Tire temp issue
  82. Carrer Mode Locked
  83. Race didn't finish on correct lap!
  84. [Investigating] Community Ambassador achievement.
  85. [XBOX1] Fanatec support/discussion thread
  86. RPM does equal throttle pedal input
  87. Game is riddled with problems
  88. Xbox1 Physics / Griplevel (A question for dev team)
  89. Practice makes Perfect..Perfectly Mad!
  90. Can't rotate or zoom in picture mode...
  91. Last Place Can Become Second if Lapped
  92. 24h du Mans - Pitlane and other failures
  93. Session not saving!
  94. Tunes not saving for most tracks
  96. Hanging after time trial and Community events
  97. Problem with th-8 shifter (dropping neutral and back)
  98. FFB Settings not being Saved for Each Track
  99. seeing GT3 cars with sparks (again)
  100. Ford focus FFB issue
  101. Updated car set up
  102. TX Wheel left paddle.
  103. TX - FFB wheel shake on braking
  104. Game won't load anything other than free weekend race..Worst game issues ever
  105. Career mode is locked ?..
  106. backup problem Le Mans
  107. PLEASE HELP! (thrustmaster tx rw problem)
  108. [Solved] Thrustmaster TH8A shifter extension cable?
  109. Lost FF Fanatec CSW v2
  110. Multiplayer future?
  111. TX Wheel losing strength
  112. Unable to save tuning setup changes during event
  113. KERS remapping on classic input -- have to post it again to emphasize:(
  114. Attention if you play Project Cars after having played Codemasters F1 2015 with a TX
  115. Please help project cars disk can't be readed anymore
  116. [Bug] No Audio, Total silence
  117. Career is lagging but Free practice/online not.
  118. Force feedback issue/wheel issue
  119. Achievements not working properly
  120. Change cockpit camera position
  121. Free practice "lap records" data
  122. Problems with Project Cars Multiplayer
  123. Car Contact, Penalty, and Helmet Cam Issues
  124. Steering Ratio Issue
  125. Thrustmaster TX always forces center
  126. Black screen game play wjile starting a season race and assorted issues
  127. Speed Glitch Ruapuna Park
  128. Wheel problem-Thrustmaster TX
  129. Possible to disable Xbox power button?
  130. Has anyone used the fanatec csw v2 with the Xbox one hub yet ?
  131. TX458
  132. Qualifying field size incorrect???
  133. Unplayable to me!!!
  134. [Bug] Bathurst Pits Multiplayer
  135. Refund Request
  136. [Known Issue] Car settings reverting
  137. Little Help (Updating Madcatz Wheel)
  138. Leaving online multiplayer games
  139. Possible MP bug at SPA ?
  140. 100% fix for stuttering and sound glitch
  141. Impossible AI Times, Pit Tunes Lost, exactly how it happened.
  142. The wait is over...patch is online in germany
  143. New patch and Community Events.
  144. Downloading now, woooooo!
  145. [SOLVED] Patch 3.0 Thrustmaster TX problem
  146. [ANSWERED] Tyre wear on 3.0
  147. Using pad and wheel
  148. New FFB presets [MISSING]
  149. 3.0 still stuttering.
  150. Tx wheel mode won't switch to green
  151. TT & Driver Network Locked
  152. 3.0: Game still freeze after leaving Time Trial
  153. What is the fiel size of P CArs after installing patch 4
  154. Game shut down and goes to dashboard every single time I play
  155. [FIXED] TX wheel not recognised when driving after patch 3.0
  156. Inviseible wall or something like that. Never happened this befor 3.0 patch.
  157. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 Vibration
  158. Losing pedal calibration
  159. 3.0 Performance: Azure Circuit Framerate and Shadow Issues
  160. Loss of FFB - Patch 3.0
  161. Is this game ever gonna be fixed FML
  162. FFB going haywire when stopped.
  163. MP not reliable after patch 3,0
  164. Problem with achievement one more for the road
  165. Loss of Force Feedback - Thrustmaster TX 458
  166. I've had better days...
  167. [ANSWERED] Cancel AI driver?
  168. Stuck at the start again...for the 4th time...
  169. Issue with BMW 320 Turbo & Wheel (turning radius)
  170. Sonoma pit crash in free play
  171. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel and no auto adjust of steering ratio
  172. Is random weather working? Am I doing something wrong?
  173. Pit box exit problem.
  174. How do you configure the controller
  175. Sakitto invisible obstacle
  176. Community events
  177. Time Trial and Driver Network closed
  178. Two become one?
  179. Crashes and returns to Xbox menus
  180. Party chat
  181. BasherBoards's CPX Adapter & Firmware v49 TX Wheel
  182. Cannot change cockpitviews anymore, any suggestions?
  183. Time trial not saving ghost but showing time.
  184. Setup saves
  185. Lobbies Are Unjoinable, Settings Are Always Wrong
  186. blue flags
  187. Game Crashing Often
  188. Bug when exiting Time Trial
  189. game crashing @ snetterton
  190. A few issues since the 3.0 patch
  191. Cadwell GP Pit bug
  192. Kicked out of MP game when trying to spectate
  193. I believe I can explain all of the weird TX problems with PCars
  194. cannot select bently gt3
  195. Clio Cup
  196. Now Cant Let Go Of The Steering Wheel - starts to turn left and right rapidly
  197. [NO] Wheel and controller?
  198. Mailbox Full glitched
  199. Invisible Ramp, also referred to as Physics miscalculation by SMS
  200. [Solved] Unplayable frame rate issue - help needed please
  201. Empty Track/Car List.
  202. [Wheel]can't up shift on race start
  203. Xbox one digital refund taking forever
  204. [Answered] Help with refund
  205. Catalunya GP Cut Track Penalties
  206. Wheel problem
  207. Still with the ststststuttering! SMS answer please!
  208. Keep getting put back to last place
  209. Update stuck at 39%
  210. Trigger feedback
  211. [INVESTIGATING] Career Stats completely broken
  212. Bug Report - Fuel Load Estimation is just the lap number sometimes
  213. [Bug Report] Pitting at Cadwell GP
  214. Free practice - number of laps
  215. Massive Frame Rate Lag on Multiplayer AND Single-player!!
  216. [SOLVED]No online lobbies?
  217. [BUG] Force default setup doesn't work
  218. [ANSWERED] Wheel hard to turn........
  219. Issue after new patch 4.0
  220. Tune options
  221. AI Laptimes way too slow in a few car types
  222. BMW V12 LMR AI bug
  223. Xbox live down?
  224. liveries pack 1 and limited edition upgrade wont install
  225. [Bug Report] Superkart fastest lap points doesn't work for race 1.
  226. [Bug Report] Superkart AI at Oulton Park - Turn 1
  227. Problem with Donington leaderboard data.
  228. Community Event (DBS 1-2 @ LeMans) Time Not Saving
  229. Community Events and Timed Laps Menu Locked
  230. Fanatec Wheel LED Display
  231. Rain in the tunnel?
  232. Pre-order Pack, Season Pass, and Installation Stopping
  233. Unable to get game to recognize Logitech G920
  234. Unable to Play with Thrustmaster TX after game and wheel updates
  235. I cannot save any tunes for Mojave tracks
  236. TX making a weird "clicking noise"
  237. Expansion Packs - Now not working
  238. Xbox one button box
  239. Looking behind.
  240. Controller triggers.
  241. Cockpit View causes crashing
  242. Infinite loading in menu.
  243. [SOLVED] Screen brightness
  244. Anyone else experiencing qualifying problems
  245. can't serve drive throughs at mojave = dsq
  246. vote to skip doesn't work post 4.0 patch
  247. G40 Junior Championship Keeps Crashing
  248. TX New Firmware
  249. Mercedes AMG DTM
  250. Audi R8 V10 Plus - Lost wheel detection