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  1. Update problem
  2. Why am I being asked to update all of my DLC?
  3. Is this the last controller update?
  4. east bound and down achievement problem
  5. Tx wheel jumping to full ffb in multiplayer
  6. multiplayer - "no permission"
  7. Start up
  8. career isnt unlocked
  9. BAC Mono AI too slow (3 seconds a lap)
  10. Keyboard mapping
  11. Best times no longer shown?
  12. Oh go on then, I'll start it. 5.0?
  13. Tunes & all Other Progress Deleted
  14. Xbox 1 Reboot and lost progress
  15. Steelseries H Wireless and Logitech G920 Voicechat
  16. When will we get 60fps?
  17. [ANSWERED] Brake Lights
  18. Can't access prject cars store through Xbox live?
  19. Graphical bug Francorchamps
  20. Project cars crash
  21. Bug on start/finish straight Monza
  22. Stuttering
  23. LMP2 Bug at ZIC
  24. Weird Car Set-up Glitch
  25. In car cockpit/helmet view bug?
  26. Problems with limited edition car pack
  27. [Bug] Pitting without being worked on
  28. Headlights in the mirrors
  29. After 5.0, game does not boot!
  30. AI Mechanical Failure Rate
  31. disappearing wing mirror
  32. cant chouse custom liveries anymore ?
  33. Can't start the game
  34. Has anyone found they need to erase all saved date after each patch?
  35. GT3 tyre temperature and wear since 3.0
  36. Bug Report - Invitations Not Working
  37. Game keeps crashing
  38. Oulton Park brick wall!
  39. Slow steering
  40. BUG - Lobby Host Retirement
  41. FFB Problem Following Pit Stop
  42. race rig question
  43. pit issues with fixed default setup
  44. saved crash
  45. Driving wheel required
  46. Nurburgring GP/LMP1 P30 Grid problem
  47. [RESOLVED] Vehicle brake/drift bug?
  48. AI, pit rules, and pit behavior.
  49. Le Mans Qualifying issue/Glitch
  50. Tire marks
  51. sound cuts in and out
  52. HELP ME PLEASE!! Unable to load game data User...
  53. Time Trial timing counter not working properly and suggestions for timing screen
  54. Random weather slot always clear post 5.0
  55. career save broken
  56. DLCs not installing after latest update
  57. Erratic FFB On TX wheel Please read
  58. no session in live since the last update
  59. use steering wheel and map buttons to controller?
  60. Joining on Profiles
  61. Sign In on Boot Up
  62. G920 wheel RSB and LSB buttons aren't working
  63. no contract in my box
  64. Set Ups
  65. having problems
  66. Lights.
  67. More issues?
  68. FOV Settings
  69. Worn Tires - Wheel Motion
  70. Career profile keeps deleting
  71. [BUG] Career Mode Race Position and number of racers is incorrect
  72. Problems to play in Online Mode
  73. Online Lobby Synchronisation wrong
  74. I've noticed several flaws
  75. Issue since last update
  76. XB1 wheel problem
  77. Dubai Club track length not correct
  78. Rouen/Classic Lotus Expansion Issue
  79. Game crash after player quits from Pirvate race
  80. PC Not Starting Up
  81. Lotus Expansion Pack Issue
  82. Sound is completely broke
  83. xbox one keyboard
  84. Cannot save setup of Ginetta Junior
  85. will this work
  86. Post patch 6.0 Video freeze/stuttering
  87. Can't boot Project Cars anymore
  88. Lost helmet in helmet cam mode
  90. Xbox one Mad Catz pro racing force feedback wheel - HELP
  91. "Unnecessary FFB Overcomplication"
  92. Fanatec csw v2 & csl wheel problems
  93. No force feedback HUD telemetry on xb one ?
  94. CSW v2 Calibration
  95. Screen of Death
  96. Xbox one: can't get past "press a to start" screen
  97. Thrustmaster Spider wheel calibration/centering
  98. Exiting menus
  99. Thrustmaster 458 Spider Wheel Power On
  100. app pcars
  101. Problem its pas and tx wheel
  102. Missing DLC
  103. Steering limit difference between controller and wheel
  104. Bug - Saving Tuning Set-ups for the Lotus Pack Classic Circuits
  105. FFB issue between sessions
  106. Logitech G920 on Xbox One
  107. game crashing on xbox one
  108. Using Xbox-1 and Entering Password
  109. Problems with update...
  110. Slow Motion
  111. bug with tyres in the rain on multiplayer.
  112. Tuning sections not active
  113. couple of questions
  114. Liveries update stopped
  115. [Solved] CANNOT play this game? Not happy
  116. Time lags and freezes bug
  117. Did the engine sounds change or is it my ears?
  118. Thrustmaster 458 spider freaking out
  119. Questions for developer /.suggestions
  120. Graphic stutter just started today every 5 seconds
  121. Thrustmaster TX firmware update v50 causing Pcars to crash
  123. Project CARS sound (XB1 stuttering issue)
  124. Damage Issue
  125. Problems with saving tunes
  126. Lotus DLC - Poor AI Performance
  127. Still no fix for framrate
  128. loose FFB
  129. Please Delete
  130. Failed to load data...
  131. pits laguna seca problem
  132. Loss of feedback
  133. Game no longer starts
  134. Sector Deltas are incorrect
  135. Screen freezes for 2 sec every round -> result full car crash -> so its unplayable
  136. Problem update
  137. You have been disconnected blah blah blah
  138. Sign-in change = Invisible Car Damage?
  139. Tyres over heating within half a lap of pitting for fuel
  140. [RESOLVED] Game won't save data.
  141. Setting HUD display
  142. Tx wheel & multiplayer
  143. Thrustmaster tx wheel problem "Solved"
  144. Thrustmaster 458 button mapping issue
  145. "This game or app needs an update"
  146. Thrustmaster tx wheel
  147. lap times not saved/listed on Time Trial ranking
  148. Bentley Continental GT3 Livery Bug
  149. Xbox one wheel button mapping
  150. McLaren F1 Shifting Issue - Fanatec Clubsport Shifter v1.5
  151. Bug Reports - Detailed on how to replicate included
  152. Thrustmaster to Fanatec
  153. [NO CHAT] XB1 online (MP, TT) disconnects, please report here
  154. Weird Multiplayer lap times bug
  155. Project cars will not load on Xbox one.
  156. Low grip after mandatory stop in GT3 career
  157. Xbox live down again!
  158. Fanatec Pedals Activating Menus
  159. Throttle potentiometer problem?
  160. Tuning in TT
  161. Fanatec CSW v2 and CSL P1 Xbox wheel ..please help!
  162. Replay from xbox to PC?
  163. Career Mode, 1 season passed, no emails
  164. Im having the most ridiculous bug issue right now.....
  165. TX won't turn on
  166. Xbox One Quit to dashboard after latest update with wheel connected
  167. Chesterfield - No access to tuning setup
  168. Mad cats wheel not powering up
  169. 2 Glitches, 1st to last, barely on lead lap.
  170. Logitech G920 question ?
  171. [Issue][XB1] Unable to enter first name
  172. SMS please fix replays before quitting support for this game
  173. Mandatory pit DQ
  174. Bugs to be fixed?
  175. Practice and Qualifying Issues
  176. searching for lobby (fix) post#53
  177. Race Statistic
  178. Please show me the wright Desighn
  179. Please update the race track information !
  180. Le Mans Practise vs. Offline Event - Different Times
  181. [Solved] failed to load save data
  182. TT Times do not match uploaded ghosts
  183. Will the Thrustmaster TMX FFB wheel be supported?
  184. Frequent disconnects to race central from created multiplayer lobbies
  185. Will I have to recalibrate my wheel for dirt rally,
  186. [Solved] Problem changing screens after update.
  187. Free Car #10 not showing up after download
  188. Need help,just small settings needed,
  189. HUD layout: Sector times position
  190. Save Data Sync Stuck
  191. Elite controller help
  192. Formula C resumes game in wrong series
  193. help for new Pcars SIM racers
  194. [RESOLVED] Noob help.
  195. Setting G920 on XB1
  196. Party Chat Issues in MP
  197. [Solved] the screen freezes several times per round and for several seconds.
  198. Thrustmaster TMX and XB1
  199. Using A Controller?? My New Setup Makes It Easy...
  200. [SOLVED]Thrustmaster TX XB1 problem, please help
  201. Cars missing!
  202. Resume game Instant on
  203. TX 599 EVO Shaking Issue
  204. Pc steering wheel on Xbox one.
  205. Online Race AI seem to stop on side of track query
  206. Autosave is lasting for ever
  207. Xbox new dashboard screen jitter
  208. Never find more than 2-3 online race
  210. Tunes Aren't Loading?
  211. where's SOP settings?
  212. why does this issue keep coming back for me?
  213. Where Do I find A Renault Alpine
  214. [XBOX1] Gamebreaking double shift bug help
  215. [resolved]Game won't load on xbox
  216. How do I add a flight stick to my set-up as a handbrake?
  217. Pit bug Ruapuna
  218. Community Event times not being saved
  219. Single lap challenge with leader board
  220. Throttle not registering after crash and braking
  221. Problem with gearbox, possibile bug
  222. Need some help!!!!
  223. Problem with my TMX and PCars
  224. Game is crashing a lot!
  225. Suddenly unresponsive when doing many setting changes offline
  226. Stats Issues when Viewing as Spectator (Map freezing + Tire Heat is 0)
  227. Cannot Scroll Lap Times Beyond 17 Cars
  228. Logitech G920 wheel adjustment
  229. Xbox One Lobby Browser is Broken. Will it ever get fixed?
  230. Whene wil the rev lights work on the fanatec csl whit the xbox one. ??
  231. Profile and data lost
  232. Force feedback problems on Spa Francorchamps
  233. Throttle issue or brake issue?
  234. problem when writting names whit an ' A ' in it
  235. Thrustmaster TMX for XBox One - Compatibility and Calibration
  236. Problem with Multiplayer
  237. Career Accolades Stuck on 29/119
  238. headsets
  239. Stuck loading summerton
  240. Can't turn off profanity filter
  241. (BUG) Disable / lower sensitivity of "profanity" filter
  242. steering wheel config problems
  243. No feedback from tires? G920
  244. Visual bugs and some noticeable issues
  245. Will I have to recalibrate my wheel for p cars 2
  246. Glitch in the Huayra BC's redline and audio?
  247. Game freezes in between races
  248. Failed to save
  249. G920 does not vibrate
  250. Does Xbox One Detect Fanatec CSL?