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  1. Tire smoke
  2. Wheel User Profiles.
  3. Is the flag system fully working ?
  4. Potential time needs repair also suggestion
  5. In-Game mirror adjustments
  6. drag racing
  7. Two-race format
  8. Debris... Please Fix it!!
  9. Suggestions
  10. UI Scaling Feature
  11. Our wishes, for a real motor-sport-league-simulation-experience
  12. Time trial challanges
  13. Nordschleife Touristen fahrten
  14. Suggestion: Mid Race Save Feature
  15. Why can't we monitor in private online lobbies...
  16. Video On Start up - Streamline Game Start
  17. Set default camera view per car
  18. Change car during replay
  19. DLC traks and cars
  20. PC Steam Game Exit with Controller
  21. A voice chat option for the PC users
  22. Corvette-Style "Car Alert" Driving Aid
  23. Pit Stop Strategy
  24. What i would like to see!
  25. Enable/Disable cameras available in cycle camera
  26. Multiplayer Reputation, Contact Rules, Penalties
  27. PS4 Online Lobby Improvement
  28. Panoramic Interior mirror !! instead of radar rubbish :)
  29. DRS Detection system for Formula A
  30. People would love to create Custom paints on ps4 too
  31. Victory lap
  32. Turn off the start light sound effects
  33. Race Start Sound Signal
  34. Proper Spa Layouts / Pitboxes
  35. Spotter
  36. Dreaming of revamped Car-Setup - in the cloud?
  37. Names in multiplayer replays
  38. Multiplayer: Retire option
  39. Car tuning ????
  40. Make the mp lobby like Gran Turismo
  41. More Info on the Telemetry Page
  42. Export qual & race results
  43. Track and ambient temps
  44. More Manager talking
  45. Ovals / big/middle/small
  46. Event editor for single player
  47. Further improving sound
  48. The "shouldn't have to" thread for online racing.
  49. Motec analysis from garage (MUST HAVE)
  50. Additional wheel setting: "wheel resistance"
  51. Lobbies with hits and penalties counter!
  52. What I would like to see added to replay controls
  53. Dirt Track Racing
  54. after race full replay
  55. Gas usage.
  56. Add "Damage" as filter to multiplayer lobby search
  57. Multi Class events with Individual standings per class
  58. Reset Button in a Racing Sim?
  59. Steam and Pcars Crahes at online races
  60. Output Brake Temp Telemetry
  61. This game is missing lap time save options for practice sessions and races!!!
  62. Update ideas
  63. [Answered] left/right hand drive
  64. Automatic Debug Info Submission
  65. Exiting Pits-Any Cars on a Hot Lap?
  66. Custom Starting Time for each Session
  67. Track walk
  68. Something that got me thinking
  69. The Car Reset Button
  70. Option for more specific class races?
  71. DoF and cockpit blur also in cockpit view
  72. Please make longer replays in time trails.
  73. A real time weather suggestion
  74. WISH: Le Mans DLC Car Pack
  75. another cheeky request
  76. Option For default setups only in online lobby
  77. Additional Engine SFX
  78. My suggestions (Please consider these!)
  79. Option to completly kick and block players from online lobby
  80. Beggin for circuitpark Zandvoort
  81. Top speed Le Mans recommended set ups?
  82. nationalities
  83. Multiplayer Online Ranking system
  84. Multiple custom liveries (idea)
  85. 24 hour QRW feature request
  86. G29 On-Screen Adjustments
  87. Lausitzring Tri Oval
  88. 2 questions....
  89. Fuel Calculator
  90. Qualifying Time Limit
  91. Future update ideas?
  92. Indoor Karting
  93. Please, where is the No car Tune options (multiplayer)!
  94. Single Player AI Car Selection Changes
  95. Ability to take photos from replay please
  96. Minor issue... Suggestion with Career Dashboard
  97. Car Setup - FFB settings
  98. Tune adjustments without leaving track /AI driver for tuning
  99. Alphabetical car list
  100. Practice with other cars on track
  101. Test track
  102. Virtual RPM counter & tire temperature inside car
  103. Car Challenge Leaderboards
  104. British Weather (options)
  105. Mod F1
  106. Bugs / Suggestions
  107. FFB telemetry in HUD
  108. Auto-save last game (race) played
  109. Introduce player ratings based on race rule following and good race behaviour
  110. Warning about overheating from Pit Crew
  111. League Support In Pcars UI
  112. Add a selection of fixed cameras around circuits
  113. New rain effect on windshield? :)
  114. Career mode suggestion - more information about Contract Offers
  115. Head tracking camera
  116. Mini championships for online ?
  117. Car / Track selection suggestion
  118. Saving option in Quicktime Races
  119. We Need Shortcuts For Things Like "Sorry" or "Passing Right" For Online
  120. Swap Driver in Online mode, for Endurance races.
  121. Roadway and tire tracks
  122. Team Mode / Coop / Raceweekend successively
  123. Required buttons in configuration - 2 suggestions
  124. Tires on Ford escort
  125. Turn off/on guiding line during race.
  126. What I Would Like To See Added To The Game.
  127. Group A M3 and 190e - minor detail geek request :-)
  128. A few suggestions on car setup feature
  129. Suggestions about the rain
  130. Choose multiplayer nickname independent of Steam nickname
  131. DLC Idea
  132. Career mode suggestion
  133. Options Menu AFTER You Have Started A Race
  134. [ANSWERED] Console AI difficulty slider
  135. Xbox Leaderboard..... Find friends and use their ghosts.
  136. Suggesting Drag Strip...
  137. Request from her in doors
  138. AI Difficulty Slider for each session
  139. Racing Facts and Info´s during loading screen
  140. cars i would like to see added.
  141. Formula A
  142. Start Free Practice "warmed up" option?
  143. Disable Video in Menus When You're Idle
  144. Helicopter/Blimp Cam in Replays!
  145. Comprehensive Time-Trials Leaderboard System
  146. Probably a stupid idea but what about a track and car generator
  147. Pitstop overhaul for faster, and more efficient pitting
  148. More DQ/Auto kick in multiplayer
  149. Console Version Brightness/Gamma Slider
  150. Suggestion for car list scrolling
  151. App for mobile devices
  152. F1 steering wheel.
  153. Saving controller setups
  154. animation when activating or pressing DRS and KERS on the wheel ingame
  155. More/Longer FA practise sessions (career)
  156. Spotter in to the game
  157. [Suggestion] Change "Current and next" inavlid system
  158. Suggestion - Interior view, look behind.
  159. Online lobby search improvement suggestion.
  160. Mandatory pitstops
  161. Big Rigs crossover DLC
  162. Online Daily Tournament
  163. Some suggestions about realism (probably easy to implement)
  164. Launch control
  165. More tracks like Cadwell Park.
  166. New interface
  167. fuel consumption
  168. add visible damage to cars
  169. Idea for improving visual and corner situational awareness.
  170. History in career mode
  171. Career mode - gameplay setting
  172. Store car set ups where PC users can get at them
  173. More realistic start times?
  174. This need to be adressed ASAP (Multiplayer mode) !!
  175. Driver aids suggestions
  176. 3d mirrors in the oculus rift
  177. Option For Tire Warmers Always
  178. Feature request: Leap Motion support
  179. All Tracks Save, great to have ALL CARS as well.
  180. Simulate AI Driver Swap
  181. New Onboard Camera
  182. Pit cancel
  183. Tyre Usage: Race Weekends and testing
  184. Qualifying times for Career (Rookie and other race series)
  185. Notification when turning TC, ABS or other driving aids off/on
  186. 24/12/6 hours online race
  187. Hold to show HUD button mapping
  188. Key to toggle the racing line
  189. Ability to talk to pit crew (voice recognition)
  190. Sort out Le Mans 24H in Career mode
  191. Ability to select AI's Cars
  192. Detailed Manual or webpage
  193. Tuning suggestion
  194. save option in solo mode
  195. Race Engineer - Improving Contribution
  196. Un-pause countdown
  197. Online Leagues
  198. The first rule of racing... [Teammate suggestion/bug]
  199. Add post processing filter adjustment "in game" to consoles (not just photo mode)
  200. Manually adjust number of Humans/AI to fill grid in lobby without creating new lobby
  201. [ANSWERED] Manual pitting
  202. live clock
  203. ABS and TC adjustable on the Fly
  204. Target Lap and Sector Timer
  205. change car class after lobby has been created
  206. Blindspot indicator please :) thank you
  207. Some Le Mans ideas
  208. Car Colors
  209. Stopping the "Lobby Wreckers"
  210. Stuck in the gravel
  211. Something to add and fix for the next update
  212. Fixing the Start of races
  213. in game personal music files/playlists
  214. Can you add a PS Vita control option!
  215. Weather Forecast
  216. Darker burnouts..
  217. Diagrams in setup menu
  218. Timesheet in Pit Box
  219. AI Opponents on Tiers (Some Better, Some Worse)
  220. Tyre type indicator
  221. Remove seat position from configuration settings
  222. Ease Up on Time Invalidations
  223. Time Trial leaderboard
  224. Visor darkens view even with the hide helmet option
  225. Save Cockpit Cam Seat Positions
  226. Brightness in Helmet view
  227. Slow Down Lap is TOO FAST!!!
  228. Reduce framerate in menu
  229. Heavy Thick Fog weather condition + low beam headlights
  230. Projec cars 2
  231. Things I'd like to see improved aka.DEMANDS IN PROJECT CARS
  232. Setups
  233. I can't see the track (adjust the passenger's vision)
  234. Things i would like see to improve : Road in solo
  235. Your top 3 suggestions, rankings in OP.
  236. Multiplayer - Virtual Car Class
  237. Separate video configuration for rain possible?
  238. Changing graphic options: Popup for restarting the game
  239. Option menu accessible from on track pause menu
  240. Pack Audi Ruapuna Park
  241. Starter motor sound
  242. On-screen Notifications placement and size
  243. Brighter Headlights (Mirror)
  244. Season and Grand Prix
  245. Maps
  246. Car Adjustment During Race
  247. Idea for AI so you know how hard they are
  248. Option To Remove Sunstrip
  249. [Request] SMS please change the START UP button to A.
  250. Motec on external cams