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  1. [Request] Hazard lights
  2. Lap Time - Session Leader
  3. Qualifying Options
  4. Time Trial Leaderboards
  5. Dirty glass
  6. Louder "Kers" on the R18 E-Tron
  7. Multiplayer Lobby Info Box - Open it for messages from host
  8. Option to disable Race Engineer subtitles
  9. Yes/No/Cancel on Setup Menu Exit
  10. Game Options Menu Available in Session
  11. More options for Flags & Penalties setting
  12. Filter for more realistic onboard sound?
  13. Race Length Adjuster
  14. Allow TH8A on PS4
  15. Comprehensive Player Statistics
  16. Nurburgring GP Chicane issue.
  17. Just a sprinkle
  18. Forced race line removal
  19. Brake lock squeal and the return of smoke in the mirrors
  20. Per car track time in time trial please, not just...........please read
  21. Audio sliders
  22. New features
  23. Ai Talent
  24. Car Customization option for consoles
  25. If cars get dirty rims should get, too.
  26. Carreer renewal offer
  27. Replay: Driver missing
  28. Can't add fuel?
  29. Race engineer could be more help
  30. We desperately need option to disable race lock-out.
  31. Different tracks in each season [Career]
  32. Please can we have multi class racing, single and multiplayer. Patch 3.0 related
  33. Driver names and position in replay
  34. Headlights on AI & Audio
  35. Ratings System
  36. Less restrictive Head Tracking Support Please :)
  37. Time not just laps
  38. Random Weather Could Be better
  39. Translation Without British Slang
  40. Please add increased fuel consumption
  41. maker for invitational events
  42. Official Wiki
  43. Track Editor : i want it !
  44. I want to go HUDless!
  45. Multiple car setup
  46. Mirrors should render correctly depending on head position
  47. ABS and TC display in cockpitview
  48. Low Downforce Setups for AI Cars
  49. Please allow custom FFB settings in Time Trial mode
  50. Implement positional sound on surround systems.
  51. Cockpit view speedo in metric only.
  52. Why isn't it possible to select car classes directly?
  53. Please, "Kick option" for host (Multiplayer)
  54. HUD Telemetry
  55. Ruf CTR "optical" improvements
  56. race using different filters
  57. Setting default Livery, and driver suit.
  58. Pit boards.
  59. SAVE the session? Please!!
  60. Different cars
  61. Dear "Rainmaker"
  62. Looking To Mirrors Should Be Instant!
  63. Caterham.. why pull handbrake animation is not present?
  64. Enhanced Camera Control Panel
  65. Invalid Lap Time.
  66. Wind tunnel
  67. livery picking lock until next user change
  68. Can we remove tyre wear from TT?
  69. Force qualification minimum time
  70. 999 laps in singleplayer
  71. Colour coded timing screens
  72. Thunder
  73. Website for Stats
  74. Auto add latest GHOST on TT
  75. Save your last selected car + livery as default selection in menu
  76. Modify next lap invalidated trigger please.
  77. select car by class
  78. Reset default
  79. Recalibrate settings in pause screen
  80. Ability to post short message in the lobby screen
  81. Begone, mouse
  82. Design of FFB window
  83. New assignments on console
  84. Indicators in cockpit view
  85. Seat adjustments
  86. Improved Replay audio
  87. Endurance races
  88. Environmental effects (haze/mist/smoke/dust etc)
  89. Flashing headlights make AI Lap cars give way.
  90. wings
  91. Reset Car
  92. Aussie V8's
  93. A MP/SP endurance team mode
  94. Something sizable for career mode:
  95. Excluding certain weather from "Random" [Namely: Heavy Fog]
  96. Keyboard shifting like GP2?
  97. Could we have a section of the forum for actual motorsports talk?
  98. Please add a Favorites list for multiplayer
  99. Water temperature and oil in telemetry
  100. [suggestion/request] save FoV/Camera angle and a " wet " track
  101. Braking issues using controller
  102. Strategic racing mandatory pit stops
  103. ps4 camera headtracking
  104. 3 Suggestions to improve the experience
  105. Full Sim Lobbies
  106. Change/apply GFX and Controller Settings during play
  107. A useful AID - DRS / KERS -assist
  108. [RESOLVED] why isn't the clutch and manual gearbox accurate please help
  109. Tracks Time of Day
  110. Leaving lobby
  111. DLC description suggestion
  112. Optimization for controllers' quick operarions in menus on PC
  113. Impovement suggestions for Mojave Test Track
  114. Sugestion
  115. Optimization for controllers' quick operarions in menus on PC
  116. Hand Gestures
  117. Brake Glow animation
  118. Lapped Cars on the Mini-Map
  119. Entire Mojave Test Track in multiplayer
  120. More lights.
  121. Exit Confirmation.
  122. Weather system.
  123. Enhance new replay system further
  124. 'Replay' view on 2nd monitor / TV
  125. auto-pause on minimize
  126. Custom Season and PB lap times
  127. Leaderboard Population
  128. Replace player race-overall with the black ai one.
  129. Automatic fuel setting
  130. Replace time progression setting with 'Estimated end time'
  131. Kick, Ban and block, people who deliberatly smash others to troll and reck races!!!!
  132. featured lobby
  133. Server browser search is case sensitive (!) and only finds exact matches
  134. Please, could you add FOV assignment on console for future patch
  135. Liverie editor on ps4
  136. Pop up menu while retaining driving control (multi use)
  137. Left front tire wear
  138. Career Mode - Contract Offer's
  139. Custom Car number
  140. Finish Lap when qualify end
  141. Let the players drive in and out of the pits
  142. Adjust Next Session Length
  144. Reduce Finish Line time
  145. Headlights in Mirrors
  146. Pit stop setup
  147. more realistc mirrors
  148. PS4 headset sound profile
  149. Multi Class Racing for Online and Offline
  150. Leaderboard position after TT session
  151. -nocrowds works well... How about -nofences to remove flicker/crawl and aliasing
  152. Separate Flag Rules and Penalties options
  153. App for Xbox / PS4
  154. Cougar Ridge
  155. Track map in track selection screen.
  156. Save user defined camera position to car's ini file
  157. Class selector instead of type / brand
  158. Extended statistics
  159. Race start Gear and pit lane lights
  160. More Shadow under cars please!
  161. Wet Track - race option
  162. replays
  163. virtual mirror on
  164. Accolade status in calendar
  165. Hide Controls in photo Mode
  166. 'scusy occupado (pit box is occupied)
  167. additional Lobby details / settings
  168. Mercedes AMG DTM Liveries
  169. Return to garage in TT mode
  170. Develop, please, more interesting replays
  171. Circuit de la Sarthe
  172. AI Tire Phyics
  173. [FIXED] Remove timeout for private races OR increase the value to 175%
  175. Option to load setups from other locations whilst in game
  176. Dirty Glass
  177. [GAMEPADS] Full Analog Diagonal Control of Shifter
  178. future updates lights and save the race?
  179. Ghosting lapped cars
  180. Career weekend, realistic Setup restrictions
  181. An idea to make the car setup easier to survey !!
  182. Pre-Race Pit Strategy
  183. Adjustable fuel rate
  184. Free Practise or time trial needs top 10 user times please SMS
  185. Time Trial Position indicator in HUD
  186. More tracks street
  187. Multi-Class Identification
  188. Free Practice: Make Pitting Useful
  189. Benchmark for PCars for consistency.
  190. Random weather improvement and real temperatures
  191. Strategy without adjustment
  192. Multiplayer Lobbies-Qualifying and Lagging solutions?
  193. Show Handbrake in HUD
  194. Allow Removal of Car Reset in Online Lobbies
  195. More destruction
  196. More Accurate and Better Feel Physics
  197. Trees Low/Med/High/Ultra option to help with consistent frame rate
  198. Mouse pointer should be hidden by default
  199. Assists used
  200. Pcars would be the best Sim if.....
  201. " wet " road/track but not acutually raining.
  202. Track limits
  203. Shift notification sound
  204. Setup share with Steam Workshop for pCars 1/2?
  205. FFB and setup sharing via Steam Workshop
  206. Time trial mode: Rain
  207. Locations selection improvements
  208. cars choice opponents single player
  209. Options Menu In Race + Audio Slider For Voice Chat
  210. Finer timed race length, time acceleration and race start time adjustments
  211. Suggestion: A Championship Browser
  212. A simple idea but maybe very useful
  213. Tire Brands
  214. HUD
  215. 110% Rule
  216. Pit lane exit suggestion/inquiry
  217. Custom Championships (homemade)
  218. Export Option for Car-setups
  219. Any plans to implement VR SLI ?
  220. Improved Session Results
  222. What Happens With Game after Hall Of Fame Win
  223. A function where you can assign starting places to people
  224. Country missing
  225. Audio Slider For Voice Chat
  226. Binaural Audio
  227. Ability to change time in smaller increments.
  228. Please consider a simple 'randomise grid' option for MP races.
  229. Better filtering and sorting of multiplayer servers please
  230. Please put info on driving assists each car has, in the garage info
  231. Some new ideas for this game
  232. Filtering option for custom races and creating custom championships
  233. Hand brake
  234. Varied Career Weather
  235. What about using km/h instead of kph in next patch ?
  237. Project Cars recommendations
  238. Forced off racing line
  239. For all those destruction derby lovers!
  240. Please add a powerband graph for each of the cars, in the garage screen.
  241. Formula A requests
  242. Vintage pit board
  243. Forced default Pit suggestion
  244. Different car performances :)
  245. Fan Bonus?
  246. PROJECT CARS 2. wants things id like to see
  247. Project Cars 1, things that still need to be fixed / added.
  248. Feature request: Race Director mode
  249. Replay Camera Angle (ESPECIALLY FOR VR)
  250. Automatic pitting