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  1. "Load Setup"-Button for all game modes possible?
  2. Mapping buttons to activate/deactivate race line and mirror while driving.
  3. Spectate Mode after Driver Swap on Offline Race
  4. Request for Adding a Country for Nationality pick ! ( Mexico )
  5. Suggestions... Umbrella in public when it rains? Mechanics working pit?...
  6. Custom liveries for consoles
  7. AFK'ers on grid / Race starts
  8. More nationalities please
  9. Reset button removal redux
  10. static free look cam
  11. add more depth to race car sounds
  12. Car Setups
  13. Keep the game running when input focus is lost
  14. MP Driver Name Widget & liveries
  15. Headlights in reareview mirror
  16. feet animation
  17. Boost/Power Maps
  18. race class results
  19. more data channels
  20. vehicle info UI change
  21. multiple car setups
  22. resume count in (1..2..GO!)
  23. Fastest lap time...end of race result
  24. [ANSWERED] Custom grid needs adding!
  25. DRS disabled for wet weather
  26. New member ... a few ideas/suggestions for pcars2
  27. Leaderboards - Really Need to Know Total Numer of Times Set
  28. Limited DRS use FR 3.5
  29. Career mode invitational ideas:
  30. Unfair driving "helps"
  31. Grid Lights
  32. Off Track Physics
  33. Idea for arcade Championship Mode
  34. Solo single race pit stops
  35. Tire Crossing
  36. Radio from pit engineer to inform of pit box occupied
  37. Comuinty Events
  38. A wish for career mode...
  39. New setting for transmission: "Real"
  40. [answered] Ovals
  41. Show leaderboad by "Vehicle Class"
  42. In car informations
  43. Rain improvement
  44. Race with lmp and gt3 cars in the same race
  45. Warm up laps
  46. Game editor
  47. Drivers death
  48. Default car setup Leaderboard
  49. Super Licence
  50. Parting gesture from SMS
  51. Community Driven FAQ like Stackexchange and other tools
  52. more particles/smoke
  53. Belgian Forest Old Spa
  54. Not sure if its ever been suggested, but limiting what things you can alter in set up
  55. Gen6 Fusion Windshield Wipers
  56. Real-life time of day for tracks
  57. Automatic difficulty option
  58. Idea for a game mode: Hillclimb
  59. Console first look and suggestions
  60. Settings Files
  61. Why cant we see our friends times in community events ???
  62. I'dd like to be able to toggle raceline ON/OFF in race with button.
  63. Custom Grid Tool
  64. Anything you could ever want...
  65. Head tracking and sound spatialisation
  66. Better spectator mode for esports / commenting
  67. Suggestion for showing ANY car class before joining Multiplayer game
  68. Sound Improvements!
  69. Easy suggestions
  70. Making setups more accessible
  71. Car chase view options
  72. Lemons Sears Point Variant
  73. More street courses for 3?
  74. IGA
  75. Feature request : talking to engineer during race
  76. I would love to be able to pop the bonnet in showroom.
  77. Pits, paces, and user control
  78. Include more wheels
  79. American Content DLC
  80. Crash damage
  81. Why is the Driver Licences system used in "World Time Events"?