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  1. Best fov calculator
  2. What liveries do you want to see in-game?
  3. Exxagerated Speedometer Possible?
  4. Porsche 935/77 not available in career?
  5. Select my own ghost car in Time Trials.
  6. Formula Renault
  7. I need a lot of help - unplayable for me right now
  8. How do they do that ? ( GT3 cars at Red Bull Ring GP )
  9. Slow Marek RP339H LMP1 and RWD P30 LMP1
  10. Beginner guide to finding multiplayer leagues and championships?
  11. Custom Series Grids
  12. Timer countdown and not laps
  13. AI falling back on ovals, even at max AI setting
  14. How much do the licenses cost
  15. Physics of the Fun Pack DLC
  16. Physics of the Japanese Car Pack DLC
  17. Recommendation of number of opponents for custom AI races
  18. Porsche 911 GT3 R Engine Damage
  19. Having two bugs at the moment
  20. Multiplayer, multiclass bug?
  21. PC crashed and PCARS2 lost it's settings
  22. 1st Sector Oulton Park - still not fixed - AI far too quick
  23. Cool.. First time on leaderboard 13th place.
  24. Blurry TV Camera in VR
  25. How to crack / open all career classes
  26. Are flags coming?
  27. Force Feedback
  28. Lemans 24hr
  29. Additional Privileges on license
  30. Only 2 drifting cars?
  31. Drift training track
  32. Graphic Flaw?
  33. Road America
  34. Steering wheel position off in several (about 50%) of the cars (part 2)
  35. Possible We'll See Nvidia Ansel Support?
  36. New to the game (and sim-racing), just wanted to say hi
  37. Feel ,FOV and sense of speed in VR (Oculus)
  38. Anyone else having this issue with mute?
  39. Wide set of tires.... (glitch)
  40. How will pC2 run on the new Vive 2.0?
  41. [ANSWERED] Multiple drivers
  42. You've not lived until you've done Spa Classic in the snow in a Group B car
  43. Cockpit view - Any advantages?
  44. Sorry some newb questions
  45. Razor Controller Users?
  46. Career....lets talk about it. What difficulty do you use?
  47. Formation lap bugs
  48. This is the game I enjoyed most in a long time
  49. Did everyone just get booted from the server tonight? 1-9-2018
  50. Video comparing buttkicker on pcars 1 and 2
  51. Leaderboard Setups Before and After Patch 3.0
  52. Return to Pitbox question
  53. IndyCar Career Question
  54. Ben's encouraging words
  55. Got locked in a career
  56. Best way to learn drifting?
  57. Project Cars Teams & Paint Jobs to more cars please
  58. Why do I have to give the position back?
  59. Tyre Temps in the Rain
  60. Group C rain tires are better than slicks in the dry
  61. Kown Bug? Mirror in Cockpitview while spectating
  62. Does the Ginnetta GT4 have god like downforce @ Watkins Glen?
  63. Carreer locked
  64. Renault 3.5
  65. Balance between AI strength and assists
  66. Accelerated Tyre Wear in a Custom Offline Race?
  67. Weird car behaviour F488 GT3 - Tyre related (front hard, rear soft)
  68. Deflationary nature of the skill ranking?
  69. Game variables lottery spreadsheet, interesting?
  70. Car Management problem.
  71. Spotters voice has changed?
  72. ai not using kers?
  73. LMP1 Race Lap Times
  74. Goodbye from LFO Club
  75. Criteria to kick a driver?
  76. Do you realise what marvel we have here?
  77. Track print outs
  78. Joining friends
  79. Ford GT40 Mk.IV vs Ferrari 330 P4 - Whats your favorite?
  80. Good Stable Controller Settings
  81. [KNOWN ISSUE] Tyre Smoke
  82. Question about hosting and license
  83. Cpx basherboard
  84. AI rear wing issue.
  85. Who has different quali/race setups?
  86. Car shifts on it's own(manual transmission)
  87. Catalunya RX - false joker lap detections
  88. [RESOLVED] Ghosts
  89. Sometimes I hate myself being a perfectionist...
  90. list of improvements for the patches.
  91. Pit stop, Weather Forcecast - question
  92. Decreased grip on the curves?
  93. When to shift gear?
  94. Cheeky Request - VR Demo
  95. Almost only bad experiences on public servers these days
  96. Time for an upgrade to PC?........
  97. "Light" cars
  98. Fanatec clubsport v3 pedal
  99. Career mode championship position
  100. Slow Down in Posts - SMS has resolved issues or Game Fatigue
  101. New to sim racing advice needed
  102. Physics on planet Earth with current Planck and universal constants.
  103. HUD engine symbol?
  104. Mt. Panorama Ice Tune
  105. [ANSWERED] The Steering lock is reversed?
  106. Noob graduationg to Rookie - Setup advice appreciated
  107. Timed Races Issue
  108. Handbrake on snow
  109. Does all the saves issues will be fixed with patch 4?
  110. Newbie braking advice
  111. Formation Lap Help
  112. Why is my car the only car out of focus in replays? (trackside cam)
  113. Saved Races & Youtube
  114. How to import setups?
  115. Request FFB on shift change.
  116. Is a fog affecting grip?
  117. 1080ti FE's are in stock in the UK on nVidia website - 679
  118. Formula Renault - Career - Nurburgring - Unnecessary Pit Stops
  119. Career Question
  120. Problems with "triple crown" trophy
  121. Reached a milstone today
  122. Oversteering direct after breaking - GT3 no traction control
  123. Flickering shadows in car to be fixed?
  124. 0% A.I. = Unbeatable on snow
  125. top 5/10 tracks for FR training?
  126. Quick question: Yellow number online?
  127. Time Trials - Assists
  128. VR Hud Depth issue ?
  129. Qualifier Esports events?
  130. Penalised for speeding in pit lane
  131. Have I been driving Pcars 2 too much?
  132. Weather and its randomness!
  133. Track limits, maybe a bug or workaround a time penalty at Le Mans
  134. Wheel rotation
  135. Sim Racing Telemetry - closed beta
  136. Really enjoying the game!
  137. Invitational historic event with Ford Sierra Cosworth
  138. VR SLI?
  139. Race Director Messages in VR
  140. Time Trial issue
  141. "Best" Car
  142. Newby needs Wheel advice (PC + X Box ONE)
  143. Could someone help me wrap my head around fuel refill in TIMED races?
  144. I fell in love yesterday
  145. Favourite Tracks
  146. Penaties incorrectly applied / shown (multiplayer)
  147. BMW M1 - Helmet Cockpit View Issue
  148. I had a 'PC2 unplayable for me' experience
  149. Pit Crew out = Poor Performance
  150. Locked in Bumper View?
  151. 918 and NSX unable to drive on electric power alone Update that removed that feature?
  152. AI keeps crashing into me at start of race
  153. McLaren MP4/4 in Project Cars 2?
  154. Pit Strategy?
  155. Autodromo Nacional de Monza GP + Monza ?
  156. At what speeds does aerodynamic grip get important in PCars 2?
  157. Re-enter the track automaticlly after a crash
  158. BMW M3 GT4 Tyres Not quite right...
  159. Super spazzy FFB after contact with wall
  160. Pitcrew on track
  161. [ANSWERED] PC2 can not show grip level on HUD.
  162. Project Cars 2 dual display setup guide
  163. [ANSWERED] Motorsport Pack.
  164. Sooo R35 Nismo(road)... why the transmission whine?
  165. Can one person ruin SMS business? Yes he can just watch...
  166. Multiple DQs - Willow Springs - All AI cars
  167. Bug: HUD gone after watching replay during race.
  168. Blue flag?
  169. Controller Profiles Option
  170. How do you tackle Le Mans in Thunderstorm/ Storm/ Heavy rain?
  171. how do i keep my ratings if i'm on a new machine?
  172. Formation Lap - Jump start
  173. Pit Strategy?
  174. too much disconnection in MULTIPLAYER SINCE FRIDAY 26 JANUARY
  175. do counter-steering ever worked on you ??
  176. Why no front proximity sensor?
  177. GT AI incredibly fast at Silverstone (100%)
  178. Surprising brake test results
  179. G29 Peddle Mod - Any Recommendations?
  180. Back from Daytona with some thoughts
  181. Suggestion for improving controller settings in upcoming patches
  182. VIVE: Seating position not facing forward
  183. Time Trial Lobby Settings?
  184. Online Race results
  185. Project Cars 2 Time Trial Bug
  186. Why Is There No Anti-Stall Mechanism For Some Open Wheelers?
  187. The future of Project CARS
  188. Info on patch 4.0 .. help me search
  189. Project Cars 2 - where are setups AND settings stored (migrating PC)
  190. 24hr Le Mans Charity Challenge
  191. Opponents mirrors not working on replay
  192. Drag effect of walls and different objects
  193. Track Temperature to sustain snow
  194. Auto Start Engine
  195. Pit stops for everyone.
  196. Overtaking Rules
  197. Can you actually force the AI into a mistake?
  198. Bug Report - Swapping drivers randomly at Bathhurst
  199. Not getting any rear slip feel PC2
  200. FOV settings
  201. Time penalties
  202. Physics Mistake?
  203. Question about the licensing sytem
  204. Banked corners and VR
  205. need help. huge bug
  206. My Exhaust Flames... Have Dissapeared!
  207. Things I'd like to see changed in the next patch
  208. SO SICK OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  209. Lock and Slip indicators on Telemetry HUD
  210. Car won't stall immersion issue
  211. A question and a recommendation about center/passenger view.
  212. Has The Indy Car Issue Been Resolved in The Latest Patch?
  213. Patch 4.0 What a joy
  214. The perfect standing start
  215. Discovering New Cars
  216. Race observations, post patch 4.
  217. No Lights in the Monaco Tunnel.
  218. [KNOWN] AI Disqualifications When Entering Pits
  219. Is the Ferrari 488 GT3 Faster or slower since Patch 4.
  220. Impact warning received for this
  221. Real Time Weather = Snow no matter what season or date
  222. Unofficial issue list [Post Patch 4.0]
  223. Form a programming point of view ....
  224. Incorrect display of the delta time
  225. Replay and VR and DoF
  226. Patch 4
  227. 5 Second Penalty for someone driving into the back of you.
  228. The Nissan GTP turbo have been castrated.
  229. How to adjust AI difficulty to myself
  230. [RESOLVED] post patch 4.0 - tire tracks and dirt popping in and disappearing
  231. Noob help with wheel - Center Spring Effect?
  232. What do you use as a handbrake if you don't actually have one?
  233. [Patch 4.0] Issues in Replays saved pre-patch
  234. What is it with hard/soft tyres in GT3 after patch 4.0?
  235. How to get a good start with the BMW 320 TC?
  236. Is it possible to make replays in PC2 sound more like PC1?
  237. AI Level per track?
  238. AI car set up over 80%
  239. TS-PC Racer
  240. Rules (#!@#!!!)
  241. Track Guides/Corner Guidance
  242. Visual damage
  243. FFB questions
  244. Question regarding HUD 'visual split' setting
  245. Seems jimmy Broadbent is enjoying PC2 again?
  246. pCARS2 Modding Discord
  247. Weather and different groups available?
  248. [Problem] Controller handling | Steering
  249. Road America Winter Autocross
  250. Skip to next session vs. wait for next session