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  1. VR Dash Lights Brightness Level
  2. Penalty system post patch 1.4
  3. Dolby Atmos
  4. McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail has lost some power?
  5. Just want to drop in and say Thx
  6. Nissan GTR GT3 missing diffusor
  7. Few visual and replay bugs.
  8. New to project cars PC - two small gripes
  9. Car gets understeery after 5 laps
  10. Incomplete vehicle information?
  11. Daytona oval issues
  12. Ultra realistic GT4 racing at the Red Bull Ring
  13. My Two Replays Were Deleted. Game Says My Gallery is Full.
  14. Other than my own car is not lit on Replay.
  15. Today is a good day...
  16. Time Trial Can not add ghost on track
  17. What happened?
  18. On the topic of race ruining puddles ...
  19. Push to pass on indycar ovals
  20. AI setups and qualify-race differences
  21. Mansell on VR racing
  22. Leaderboard Classification
  23. How much has racing against AI on rain improved with Patch 4.0?
  24. Windscreen wipers are way off
  25. Suspension breaks after driver swap
  26. Worth rebuying for PC from xbox?
  27. Per car force feedback settings
  28. Porsche 918 Spyder Energy Recuperation - basically non existent
  29. AI co-driver needs more love in next patches
  30. Ginetta Juniors AI slow off the line make difficulty settings.. difficult
  31. Someone here uses a GTX 1060 to play in VR?
  32. KERS issue with LMP1-H at LeMans
  33. Tire pressure in the game only shown as integers??
  34. Director mode still broken (post patch 4.0)
  35. Formula Gulf Missing from my car list
  36. Times to shoot at
  37. Car not loud enough.
  38. Sense of speed.
  39. No Fuel During Pit Stop Bug
  40. Rolling starts are unfair to the poleman!
  41. Default FFB settings
  42. Telemetry
  43. Turn of mirror
  44. What contains the small patch of today?
  45. Wet surface at rainy weather inside the Dirtfish Mills
  46. Possible to Include Formation Lap in Saved Replays?
  47. Screenshots in triple-screen-mode?
  48. Proper POV Setup
  49. ABS set in options menu, overridden by car setup ABS setting?
  50. 24h Time settings - need help
  51. Pit speeding penalty message with penalties off
  52. Mclaren F1 GTR sound
  53. Circuit Issues
  54. Bathurst Seasons (Bug?)
  55. Tyre pressures increase for the races
  56. Help me figure out how to spend $2000+
  57. What wheel and ffb do you use?
  58. Time-Trial Authenticity settings?
  59. "Basic" a bad language?
  60. Track creation tutorial
  61. Unbalanced car
  62. [REPORTED] Fuel mapping useless for saving fuel
  63. PlayStation Store Sales Tax Collection notice
  64. New to this game
  65. Wets are too fast in the dry -GT3
  66. New Tracks
  67. How to heat tyres
  68. Restart option doesn’t clear previous penalties from leaderboard
  69. Opinions on 1994 Nissan 300ZX Turbo
  70. Qualifying Fuel Issue
  71. Tyre Wear - Post Patch
  72. Ford Falcon FG v8
  73. If you had designed the DLCs...
  74. Soft or hard?... that is the question
  75. How to: have Brake Temp, Car Damage and Car Temps on my HUD
  76. Can we fix the grass?
  77. Paid driving lessons
  78. Street cars RWD behave like FWD Cars.
  79. Street Cars behave like 1960 cadillac's
  80. Driver rating system
  81. Time Trial date/weather/time?
  82. Group C at Spa Historic, AI crashes all the time
  83. No dyno graph or any information on the car
  84. When a local race is reseted the car starts set on Reverse gear
  85. Re: Removal of Crashed Cars on Tracks???
  86. Update list
  87. KARTS: is it Me, or Have they Been Fixed?
  88. Tire wear on Ford Fusion Stockcar far too low?
  89. Shout out to PC2 forum member
  90. Massive bug in game!
  91. More Audi Quattro S1 in IA
  92. Bannochbrae is awesome !
  93. Time trial challenge on one PC
  94. It's early march, where that delicious DLC!
  95. Setup Save bug
  96. Players missing after crossing the finish line
  97. What am i doing wrong? Assists are completely random
  98. Leipzig DLC
  99. LMP2/3 Rotate too much mid / post corner most notably post patch 4
  100. I found a bug - switching tires on Brocky @ Nurburgring
  101. a little race strategy help please.
  102. OK, I have a question!
  103. Formula A - Quicker with Wet Tyres
  104. Porsche Cayman Question
  105. Renault 3.5 HUD Issue
  106. Random weather: Too much rain
  107. Ferrari F40 LM LOD glitch
  108. p2p disconnects - since last patch
  109. Wagen Fährt nicht weiter / Car does not drive on
  110. Self repairing cars in replays
  111. How do I change DOR in game?
  112. Tyres models and manufacturers
  113. Pit Crew Mistakes ( or just worthless pit crew? )
  114. Oulton Park Tips
  115. Engine damage
  116. Possible Bug (Need someone to test for me)
  117. VR and shifter placement.
  118. Where is the improved sound for the 2017 Porsche 911 RSR...
  119. DLC Porsche Legends
  120. The Lamborghini is now a beast
  121. Can We Have More Career Championships?
  122. New offical website is so Good
  123. [Workarounds in OP]New Porsche DLC is broken/bugged.
  124. New home page
  125. Classic person
  126. Sound issue
  127. Cold Temperatures and Wet Tyres model exploit
  128. Porsche Leipzig track
  129. Re: How to Earn & Win Trophies/ Awards????
  130. Porsche legends dlc movie
  131. Classes with Lights and No-lights
  132. Formula C - Help
  133. Inclusion of Vintage and/or Historic Tires
  134. I need a crash course in tire heat
  135. Can i make another user in game?
  136. How do you toggle driver assists in time trials?
  137. Career Mode - PS4/PC - GT5 - Mandatory Pit Stops
  138. Menu Class Icons
  139. Photomode bug?
  140. Photo mode
  141. Where is the improved handling and ffb for the 2017 Porsche 911 RSR...
  142. Please change class of the 908/3 to VPB
  143. Finally Took the Plunge with P CARS2
  144. Info for Select specific Cars or group of Cars on Public Lobby
  145. Online Assists Turning Off In Race
  146. How to drift the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (1973)
  147. Re: Can You Set Maximum Speed Starting a Race???
  148. Drafting
  149. Physics of the Porsche Legends DLC
  150. Starting grid displaced after poleman
  151. Game still has far too many bugs
  152. I have been locked out of Carrer
  153. Bug report
  154. Game is Excellent. Sound, weakest feature.
  155. Launch Project Cars 2 with another profile?
  156. Bug report
  157. [Answered] Porsche 959s
  158. Error on Datsun 280ZX when changing tyre pressure
  159. PC or PS4 Pro/ Xbox One S version and G920 wheel thoughts before purchasing PC2
  160. Wrong transmission for Diablo?
  161. Porsche 918 - no 4 wheel drive?
  162. Porsche 935/77 - Broken Physics, can we fix it?
  163. How much faster to use the h pattern
  164. How much performance does the simulation really cost?
  165. No fast start at the beginning of a race with clutch bypass
  166. What is your setup on the Logitech G29?
  167. Intro Video - am I the only one?
  168. Best Tracks for Multiplayer (i.e. avoiding 1st corner carnage)
  169. Project Cars 2 and RANDOM career weather
  170. Puddles not displayed on PS4 and Low graphics PC
  171. Ovals - best way to get out of the walls
  172. No animated wheel only option without driver arms?
  173. Manual clutch bug.
  174. Online lobby refresh bug
  175. Suggestions and Questions
  176. Modular DIY Buttonbox - INPUTS : V1b, 20/30 Buttons and 10/8 Rotary functions
  177. CSL heel/toe comfort mod
  178. I'm sorry...
  179. How best time delta works?
  180. Tyre wear ...
  181. Any way to include pCARS1 music onto pCARS2?
  182. Porsche Manufacturer Drives spelling mistake?
  183. Forum settings
  184. Is there a Le Man Invitational and an Idea for Manufacturer Drives
  185. Translation issues
  186. Can´t hold the position in race / AI is faster in race
  187. Transmission Whine
  188. Night Driving - Cockpit View
  189. Cannot Drive in Rain
  190. Brake assist in real cars?
  191. Adding Latency Cockpit camera = More Realistic?
  192. Am I the only one that has a horrible feedback with the FA ?
  193. Amount of fuel appears wrong when starting a race
  194. Leaderboards on consoles
  195. Classic/Vintage/Antique Cars
  196. Why only normal and accelerated tyre wear? Not x2, x3, x4, x5, x10
  197. Road Courses/Street Circuits
  198. Love Trait
  199. Weather Forecast in career mode
  200. Thrustmaster TMX
  201. [YES] Wheel Supported?
  202. Is the BMW M1 Procar just slow or is it me?
  203. Do adjustable ARBs work on the GT3 cars?
  204. Gaining those valuable tenths of lap time for relative amateurs like me
  205. Chase Cam goes Backwards
  206. Damage = Off but Mech Failure = On UI issue
  207. TV picture size? Awuf
  208. Happy half birthday to PCARS2! :)
  209. Project Cars' absurd physics?
  210. Ginetta Junior Knockhill Int. - Wet race troubles
  211. Global setting
  212. Lots of wrong info regarding top speed, number of gears, etc.
  213. Porsche pack confusion
  214. Getting kicked to menu after leaving a online lobby
  215. Is there a low fuel indicator warning anywhere?
  216. AI in endurence races (fuel/tire problem)
  217. Worst tyresounds ever, needs alot improvement/rework
  218. Wrong time of day for Le Mans 24hr in Career
  219. Porsche 959 S Wrong Topspeed and Wrong HP
  220. Download setups
  221. Best camera view?
  222. Second thoughts 1080ti owners
  223. Friends?
  224. Are Indy Dallara (Chevy & Honda) 100% the same?
  225. SMS. I had a dream......
  226. Are loose and stable balanced
  227. Offline Replay Camera Discovery
  228. Audi S1 Glitch?
  229. PS4 - PC ...few setup questions.
  230. pCARS OST - Driven by Stephen Baysted 2017
  231. Does it matter which team you pick in career.
  232. Question for a beginner
  233. Stability Control, how to begin to drive without it
  234. PC spec advice
  235. What does mean those icons in top-right?
  236. How are equal qualifying times handled?
  237. This game is great
  238. Tire Temperature Guide?
  239. This game is too hard.. should I stick or twist?
  240. Porsche 911 RSR in Career
  241. [YES] Is the fuel weight modelled?
  242. Does career mode affect you license points?
  243. Indy Car in career
  244. Qualifing Lap - the exactly same time for 3 times
  245. Can someone explain the Wheel Calibration in PC2
  246. t150 pro vs g29 - Same price! Wheel war time!
  247. Brake Heating Strange Behaviour
  248. Snow physics
  249. I bought GT Sport and i'm very happy... :) goodbye forever project cars 2
  250. Seem to find all the cars a little vanilla in handling and sound