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  1. It's impossible to reset car when in pit lane.
  2. Mirror bug
  3. Can you make FA user friendly
  4. Tire flex
  5. Does Project Cars 2 simulate 4ws?
  6. List of Single Player Events
  7. Telemetry HUD
  8. Thanks for the demo Ian!
  9. Thrustmaster TX
  10. Any date for patch v5?
  11. Commercial license
  12. BMW proving ground not unlocking. Does yours?
  13. some things that need addressing. IMMEDIATELY!!
  14. need the racing license explained
  15. Setups have ruined the sim.
  16. Question about Ghost Setups and being Slower
  17. MP camera view
  18. This really boils my urine. ..... Will this lobby thing ever be fixed?
  19. Was excited to hear about the 488 Challenge cars, but not excited about the results
  20. Dirty tyre marks left behind
  21. PC: Just have got another small update
  22. VR through the lens video.
  23. Thrustmaster
  24. Questions and doubts
  25. Indycar Oval lack of horsepower during race
  26. Bad set of tires?
  27. [REPORTED] Lydden Hill Replay Camera Focus
  28. Are tyre temps still F in pits and C on track ?
  29. Favorite hot lap tracks?
  30. Why my license classification as reset?
  31. TT lap time anomaly
  32. Safety car ?
  33. About the change on GT car slicks behaviour
  34. The Porsche 911 RSR GTE sound?
  35. CTRL+K Camera Mode
  36. Howdy, FNG (you’ll figure it out), here
  37. [YES THERE IS] No Nordschleife?
  38. Leader board question
  39. The Silverstone Monster
  40. Trying to understand real weather
  41. Is accelerated tyre wear broken?
  42. Braking tips
  43. Re: Ghost Setup keeps blowing engine in TT
  44. [RESOLVED] Missing Porsche DLC
  45. Career Mode Questions
  46. Getting more comfy with PCars2
  47. 911 RSR 2.8 post 5.0 patch
  48. Telemetry: Worth it or skip it?
  49. WRX Cars
  50. Vehicle Select Menu What is Green Thing
  51. Formula C difficulty comparison- need your experience and thoughts
  52. Still Cant Save Chase Cam Adjustments, When Will This Be Adressed?
  53. Last lap mentality
  54. Japanese Street Trophy, All cars undrivable when the rain kicks in.
  55. Attempting a 4 hour race, i may need AI help and i have questions about using it...
  56. Very low engine damage on closed radiators
  57. Sanity check: AI rain pace at Spa
  58. Carrera GT Exhaust and other audio issues
  59. Handbreak issue - doesn´t stop the car in very low speedy or doens´t hold the car
  60. Ranking on Matchmaking Only
  61. Unofficial issue list [Post Patch 6.0]
  62. Best....game....ever!
  63. When ready for online racing ?
  64. GT3 B.O.P Testing Post Patch 5.02
  65. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  66. Need some help with losing tire heat in rain races.
  67. Big thanks for the L. Kinnunen Porsches!
  68. Why No Koenigsegg?
  69. Who's on first?
  70. Grip issues/bug? ; Super Trofeo
  71. GTLM
  72. Ghosts In TT Replay?
  73. Mechanical Failures
  74. The 2016 LMP1 cars will be faster than the 2014 LMP1 at PCars2 ?
  75. lotus 56 is busted
  76. Change Cockpit View
  77. Good buy pc
  78. Understanding the License
  79. Second Part: Make FA User friendly
  80. Tire pressure vs tire temp.
  81. Graphical bug/17 RSR
  82. Visual Split question
  83. Patches
  84. What's your workflow to set AI skill %?
  85. Central In Car Camera Position
  87. Doubt - What is those car´s tags like Road A, Road B, Road C, Legacy B
  88. Buggy - Time Trial starts the cars displaying a gear diffent from the game´s meter
  89. PC specs for PC2
  90. Rally Cross Online
  91. Are races different than Private Testing?
  92. Career, finish successfull - 3rd or better
  93. Mandatory Pit Stop's during timed session.
  94. Steering different between offline and online with forced setup
  95. TAA
  96. Engine damage server settings?
  97. i am the only STUNTMAN in project cars 2?
  98. F1 and Indycar
  99. [RESOLVED] Car Keeps Going Slower; Is there a Bug or Not?
  100. Formula X is a lot slower than F1 2017?
  101. Re: Question about Battery Regen on Cars
  102. How increase ForceFB? T-GT wheel
  103. Changing the Telementey HUD
  104. No more Abs and traction control??
  105. Fuel Default Setup - Possible change + Possible bug?
  106. Question RE: AI and those who use 120/100
  107. About the Ford GT LM (power curve, shift lights and gearbox)
  108. Any way to limit AI car number in career races?
  109. Stadium Offroad Truck Series
  110. Time to update Zhuhai?
  111. Is it safe to switch from wheel to controller without losing settings in PCars2?
  112. Licences
  113. XB1 version Refund or other gesture
  114. could someone explain what is going on and why this is happening? Dropping temps
  115. What is your 'don't miss/must try' suggestion in PC2
  116. TC car BOP
  117. What's your favorite classic Lotus single seater?
  118. [FEATURE] Bug or Feature? Brake Temps
  119. Mandatory default setups issues compilation
  120. Timed Hot Laps
  121. Lotus 25 Engine Issues
  122. Nordschleife Graffiti?
  123. What happend to the GT3 Wets?
  124. Wet times GT3
  125. Car menu top speed not consistent
  126. Would we ever see performance enhancements for cars?
  127. Fanatec v2.5 clubsport v3 pddals dsmper kit and performance brake kit
  128. How do I move up....
  129. Does Random weather adhere to season?
  130. Add "Change Tyres" to the ICM UI
  131. Two cooldown laps on Willow Springs?
  132. Basic question regarding shifting
  133. Penalty given for overtaking someone in the pits on Spa
  134. Classic Lotus spin auto correct
  135. [ANSWERED] Is there a glitch with the slipstream on Project CARS 2 ?
  136. barrier collision bug?? @ Monaco GP
  137. Testing vs Quali vs Race
  138. Single player puddle work-around/exploit/bug
  139. Dirt track Wing Sprints
  140. Is there a way to mark your favourite tracks and/or cars?
  141. What happened (Zero to Hero achievement)?
  142. Livery and updates
  143. Request: More Community Events Please!
  144. Real British GT drivers about driving in rain
  145. Still no fix, Major Bug
  146. Gaining affinity
  147. Radical SR8-RX tyres
  148. Couple of questions queries
  149. Are you able to answer this question (bandwidth question)?
  150. Cockpit view...In-game steering wheel position
  151. Wrong view
  152. Assist icon flashing once in HUD (with all assists off)
  153. Please fix the Time Trial mode
  154. What am i doing wrong in the rain
  155. Pagani Huayra BC in Pcars 2 vs Pcars 1
  156. Is it a bug? Exploit? Are transparent liveries a thing?
  157. [Bug] Nurbrugring Pit Tires didnt change
  158. Having trouble with sliding (Formula C)
  159. Re: Question about Supercars on Oval Tracks
  160. Road cars on Bannochbrae
  161. Gears settings/ratios change in-between sessions
  162. Re: Problem driving the McLaren P1 GTR
  163. Unplayable with controller (FFB), How do people play ?
  164. Accuforce FFB thread
  165. has GrpA (and all other classes not GT3) been BoP'd?
  166. New to Project Cars series... need some advice.
  167. Let's talk sidelook...
  168. Classic Monterrey Stock Car - Why was it dropped?
  169. Help adjusting to PCars2
  170. Thank you to the Forum members
  171. Should I buy ProjectCars2?
  172. Handling Help - Tried everything and running out of advice!
  173. Fastest gt3 cars after update ?
  174. I often receive a DNF result due to very short amount of times to finish a race.
  175. Karts Are Now Great!
  176. Pneu et pluie
  177. Why are the cars attracted outside on kerbs.
  178. Custom camera view not saving
  180. Cloud sync change not updating
  181. New Driver
  182. Top speed way off!!!
  183. Career Question
  184. Unfortunate circumstances led to unfair DQ
  185. 3 types of curb Curves and the legality of running by them
  186. Leaderboards
  187. Penalty System Change Request
  188. Drivable cars
  189. Extra Damage Mode?
  190. OMG Steering!
  191. GUI Bug: Display of inverted seasons on southern hemisphere - Online Championships
  192. Medium Tires (?)
  193. PCARS2 is rocking more than ever!
  194. Is rain generation too large?
  195. little advice (braking issues)
  196. Lemans dlc
  197. project cars
  198. FX topspeed
  199. Indycar power deficit?
  200. IndyCar: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval speed issue
  201. Game played time glitched
  202. Dissappointing/boring DLC's (Tracks)
  203. Tire problems
  204. Help needed - struggling with fast corners!
  205. Watching all F1 seasons since 1964 and aplying some testing with PCars2
  206. tire problème again
  207. Weird crash stuff...
  208. Out of Fuel Game Fail
  209. Best difficulty for career ?
  210. Track Cuts and Limits
  211. Safetycar??
  212. Embarrasing - cannot assign brake axis and clutch is a joke
  213. Couple of stock car questions...
  214. Stable or loose?
  215. Update!
  216. Patch 6 what changes ?
  217. [Answered] Is the clutch working in patch 6?
  218. We need a list of the correct Order of Categories/Classes
  219. Dumb question about patches/update, but just curious.
  220. Spirit of Le Mans
  221. Toyota TS050 Hybrid - in game sound
  222. LMP1 and LMP1 2016 opinion of categories
  223. 2016 LMP1 : Taking the easy way out.
  224. [Bug?] AI Line Sakitto after leaving the pits
  225. Paint Schemes for the 2016 LMP1 Cars?
  226. The post patch 6 tyre model, please let us hear it from a dev...
  227. Remove F-150 RTR from Road G ?
  228. When's The Steam Release of Spirit of LeMans?
  229. Physics of Spirit of Le Mans DLC
  230. Blast from the Past
  231. Motorsport presets (Patch 6.0 situation & suggestion for further improvement)
  232. Can the new LMP1 be used in career?
  233. Can't find where to change hybrid delivery mode.
  234. Le Mans Start: crashing into car in front of me!
  235. Vintage Le Mans - superb job SMS
  236. Le Mans Experience Glitch
  237. The LeMans vintage track is the true star of the new DLC. who's with me?
  238. LMP1 (2016) Power Curves
  239. [ANSWERED] Does this PC1 and/or PC2 have the Monaco circut?
  240. Change Driver name
  241. Group C
  242. Is there anyway to force automatic KERS on the LMP1 cars?
  243. Headlight reflections on wet roads !
  244. Man , its past midnight , Again .....
  245. Lmp1 2016 kers (AI USAGE)
  246. LMP1 2016 Pace Disadvantage to 2014 LMP1
  247. AI LeMans Setup
  248. My idea for LMP1 class
  249. What am I missing?
  250. Invitation event (Track Special) 2nd race (rain/fog). Cars have no wet tire options.