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  1. Invitation event (Track Special) 2nd race (rain/fog). Cars have no wet tire options.
  2. Grid Size in LeMans and Daytona
  3. The "SMS please release more DLC" thread and what we would want in it.
  4. Group 4 Trophy at San Marino Event is Unfair
  5. Chat issue
  6. Roads cars unstables and unpredictables ?
  7. Le Mans news.... No racing for the Porsche 908/03 after dark.
  8. Fastest lap indicator
  9. AMAZING VR EXPERIENCE! Leisurely solo ride in 512M on California Hwy at sunrise
  10. App or Mod to display Pit Board
  11. Maximum hybrid use/lap
  12. Rain VFX - the "clouds" that fall down...
  13. Ferrari 512M floats above the track
  14. Real life cars and liveries?
  15. Re: Cars that can go Airborne???
  16. Thrustmaster TG T in PC2
  17. LA Ferrari- what causes this - New Le Mans Vintage track video.
  18. AI teammate driver
  19. weird bug, anyone else see this? big red letter "T"
  20. Working trip meters?
  21. Re: Engine Problem with Sauber C9?
  22. AI pit strategy appears wrong
  23. Most Realistic/Immersive Sound Settings
  24. Career mode help for a beginner
  25. SMS should not add more road cars...
  26. Project cars 2 Cd key
  27. ICM Pit Strategy
  28. What in gods name is this replay?
  29. Re: Gears making loud racket and knocking sound
  30. Ahhh now it makes sense...
  31. More comprehensive analysis of the replay system
  32. Le Mans 24hr Experience advice
  33. HUD-Widget partly not working
  34. Zero power oversteer on almost all cars
  35. [UNDER INVESTIGATION] Overheating & Overrevving results in wear but no torque drop
  36. Rally-cross Dry vs Wets?
  37. 2016 Hybrid sounds
  38. Multiple Penalties At Once
  39. Editable A.I Driver Names? (just thinking out loud, don't kkill me)
  40. Lankebanen Rally Cross penalty bug taking Joker lap
  41. One thousand World Records!
  42. Handbrake flaws
  43. PC2....Best place to buy.
  44. Ideas / Suggestions for game additions (other than tracks and cars)
  45. Cars do not feel right?
  46. career question
  47. Strategy and repair
  48. Accelerated fuel consumption
  49. Great job, SMS!
  50. Where else are the Sectors incorrect?
  51. Frustration with the engineer
  52. Best way to simulate GTPro and GTAm?
  53. Someone spreading misinformation on Steam?
  54. Tyre warming tips
  55. Love vintage cars on vintage tracks
  56. Cars wont turn into corners , even after tune changes
  57. In praise of the Genius at SMS who picked the 924 Carrera GTP for inclusion
  58. Full Car Performance Leaderboard
  59. AI Career uneffected by rain
  60. Which wheel is comparable with the T500rs.
  61. Xbox one Help with tire temps
  62. What liveries do you want to see in-game?
  63. Le Mans night
  64. Race end congratulation with in lap
  65. In HUD...Which icon/s represent water temp and/or oil temp gauge?
  66. Frequent duplication of some effects
  67. Bugs and issues
  68. Automatic vs manual
  69. AI Mechanical Failures
  70. Steering Assist? Clear Advantage
  71. PC version has different tire pressure settings available to PS4 version?
  72. Table for wheel
  73. Really like the game but it has some frustrations
  74. Taming the Porsche GT1-98: How to rid that biting oversteer?
  75. Hello slightly mad studios
  76. What is a good gaming laptop for Pcars2 up to 4K/60hz and VR?
  77. Racing in the wet
  78. Career loading mode XB1.
  79. The "art" of programming physics.
  80. Does brake deadzone work?
  81. Different kind of post for once.
  82. Suggestion: Add incentives / rewards for winning constructors championships in career
  83. The best handling GT3 car with default setup? Some tests...
  84. I just cant get the speed on TSO40 toyota
  85. My full 24H experience
  86. Ye old "Current and next" frustration
  87. Lotus type 98T Renault Turbo
  88. Thanks for adding the rear passenger camera again!
  89. car speeds changed?
  90. Rumble packs on Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals?
  91. Every Car At Every Track
  92. [RESOLVED] Steering wheel always lose control after two laps. What's going on?
  93. Yet another wasted career championship due to broken game mechanic: PIT STOPS
  94. Idea for new 'Community Events' discipline
  95. Guide line could do with some tweaking
  96. And SMS finally
  97. Pit stop settings!
  98. til The GT40 MrkII only raced for one year, in 66
  99. Spirit of Le Mans vintage track missing?
  100. FFB difficulties in kart race
  101. Why can't we race in karting tracks?
  102. [REPORTED] Track limits on Lydden Hill
  103. Your lap has been invalidated?
  104. What does the term "cup" mean in auto sports
  105. Has Anyone thought of this for Career Mode?
  106. Increase Number Of Competitors Offline
  107. Nascar Sim
  108. The Underdog Car!
  109. critical damage bug kart
  110. No one's on rallycross servers?
  111. Valve coughed up some game numbers...
  112. Rolling start issues
  113. Why are people so worried about RSR sound ?
  114. 2.4 hour Le Mans
  115. Scripted AI moments
  116. Cut-Track Penalty Getaround Issue
  117. Best VR experience
  118. Blue Flag issue.
  119. Playseat Evolution and gear shift holder
  120. Transparent Track Layout Images (png)
  121. Subscription
  122. Questions on LiveTrack and weather system
  123. We have both transparent and invisible drivers, why?
  124. Activity recommendation for anyone in or near Glasgow: VR Simulators Glasgow
  125. Problem installing skin
  126. Can't select Porsche 919 for global endurance trophy
  127. Wheel and pedal purchase
  128. Pit stop disobeyed?
  129. Mirrors
  130. Formule x
  131. New to project car 2 need a little help
  133. Buttkicker discount
  134. Suggestion for a way to have offline championship
  135. I'm so slow around Le Mans
  136. Is this even possible (manual car starts all the time)?
  137. wheel not turning sharp
  138. Car felt completely different after losing connection and rejoining lobby
  139. Quick AI question about aggression
  140. Nicki Thiim finally tried pC2 !
  141. How do you cancel a contract and re-start the Championship?
  142. I made Some Showcase Video's of PC2 Car's :D Enjoy
  143. cannot use driving aids on mutliplayer
  144. Wear tires
  145. Anyone have experience with base shakers and simvibe?
  146. The Experience
  147. Painful driving
  148. Project Cars 2 & Nascar Connection?
  149. Why doesn't the game have modding support?
  150. Buttkicker Question
  151. Motorsports Pack only with Season Pass?
  152. Certain AI cars with multi liveries spamming their class grids
  153. In race pit stop
  154. Why PC2 update steam workshop around 9pm GMT+8 everyday?
  155. About car's paint and sponsors
  156. New SMS website
  157. anyone else getting flickering light/shadows in cockpit view?
  158. Indy 500 Much Slower...
  159. Wet to dry track
  160. BMW M6 GT3 engine sound
  161. Buttkicker Gamer 2 and simvibe Question,
  162. Major Changes and improvements to Project cars2 ??
  163. How come PC2 doesn't have traction telemetry?
  164. Porsche GT3 class
  165. VR horizon lock mixed in options
  166. Saved replays of night races: lights are (mostly) off
  167. BMW M3 E30 Handling Problems: BMW Affinity Race 1
  168. Look into the Apex ?
  169. Group C Le Mans
  170. Next Patch?
  171. Engineer feature?
  172. GT3 cars
  173. Replay icon
  174. Any users experienced with VR??
  175. Photo from Project cars - use on webside/fb
  176. Track layouts
  177. Xbox one and PS4 game differences
  178. Director Mode - Features
  179. Done the Karting career and really enjoyed apart from a few things
  180. Touring car class fun
  181. [Bug] A previous circle is not represented on an info-display
  182. ADAC SimRacing Expo 2018
  183. Weather transition bug list
  184. Imola
  185. Oversteer on all cars ???
  186. well that was horrific, worst gaming session of my life
  187. I thought I would never complain about the penalty system...
  188. Full length Le Mans 24h, 100% AI, GTE (with Bobby)
  189. Switch account and progress from PC to PS4 is possible?
  190. DTM DLC from Project Cars
  191. Formula A AI DRS Always on??
  192. Extra boost out of nowhere
  193. Please improve stability control
  194. Endurance race with damage ON?
  195. TS-PC Racer
  196. California Highway at Sunrise
  197. Am I the one that thinks the physics in PCars 2...
  198. Custom race “demo mode” where keys can change weather
  199. Project Cars 2 Auto Clutch strange behaviour
  200. Fastest way to gain affinity with a manufacturer?
  201. Is it just me... more grip in the wet?
  202. Hard tyres
  203. Tracks and layouts that you may have missed
  204. Nvidia RTX
  205. Anyone else having trouble with the camera filters when taking screenshots?
  206. What is the best way to learn driving with the wheel? Any tips?
  207. Cherche personne possédant volant FANATEC en Belgique
  208. 24h Le Mans Experience
  209. Looking for PC2 logo sticker
  210. Corners, where AI is really slow
  211. Struggling in cold conditions
  212. McLaren 720S on Leaderboard
  213. Question about multiclass races
  214. Crazy Fast Cheaty Hacky Cars
  215. Good to Great Sounding Cars To Show Off The Game...
  216. VR changed my driving on a simulator with p cars 2
  217. [ANSWERED] When will we be able to race the karts again??..
  218. Mercedes SLS vs. AMG GT3
  219. Red Bull Ring
  220. McLaren F1 in Road C or Road A
  221. Camaro ZL1 and Mustang in the same category
  222. Please open the game to Modding.
  223. GeForce Now Beta
  224. Fanatec Load Cell pedal INOP
  225. Lotus 49 on the rain - almost impossible to drive - tyres never get enough heat
  226. Long Replays Wont Save
  227. Ferrari Essentials DLC Discussion
  228. Collisions on or off in Multiplayer-where to see?
  229. No red vintage F1 cars?
  230. Why are the tyres broken AGAIN?
  231. Career: Invitational Vintage Lotus Trophy
  232. Where are all the fans?
  233. Bug and Question
  234. Hey SMS... tell us about your StarVR partnership!
  235. First time VR and the new game...
  236. PC2 car equivalent to Peugeot 208 GTi ?
  237. Multiplayer and "Waiting": A glitch?
  238. Mercedes afinity, sampala ice
  239. Track editor in new game Project Cars 3 (or in Pcars 2) Please !!!
  240. Penalty System
  241. Race director warning
  242. Well i completed career today, my personal summary of the game upto now...
  243. Issues with patch 7 - behind car view has changed to crap
  244. End of the road....or a new dawn?
  245. [RESOLVED] Circuit of Fiorano
  246. Is the SRS type format possible for Pcars
  247. Ferrari DLC - Congrats SMS :)
  248. Thanks Project CARS 2
  249. Help! why are the road cars still so undrivable for me?
  250. Cars with more understeer or less sensitive controls in last Update?