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  1. livery exchange
  2. I remember when I used to play this
  3. [YES] TrackIR support for Project Cars 2?
  4. When we get to the list of assisted steering wheel in PC2
  5. Want to go triple monitors - But which ones?
  6. Project CARS 3 Wish List
  7. Arca? (Ovals)
  8. Something happening?
  9. [KNOWN ISSUE] Skip to end of session = crazy AI lap times
  10. Project CARS 2 Shadows ?
  11. Will PC2 take advantage of GTX 10XX's cards VR features?
  12. Little Concerned - pre release reviews
  13. No Signature setting
  14. PROJECT CARS 2 who do i contact regarding getting a content creator code ?
  15. Season pass
  16. If I buy the season pass after the release date will I still get the 4 bonus cars?
  17. The Interview you shouldnt miss
  18. Steering wheel recommendations
  19. New UK Stock Buttkicker Gamer 2!
  20. [YES and YES] Do we know if the game will support SLI?
  21. New FFB widget
  22. Any info about post-release tech/track updates?
  23. Some desirable features for incoming patches
  24. Preinstall pCARS 2
  25. Car control
  26. The Safety Car Discussion Thread
  27. PCARS 2 is awesome no doubt but let's hope it wil be supported with DLC
  28. Oculus Question
  29. Mid race saves
  30. Ultimate Edition for 430 from Amazon?
  31. How high can we expect thermal temperatures to be on gaming laptops with this game?
  32. Damn you SMS
  33. [ANSWERED] Questions about the physics refresh rate on consoles and other question.
  34. AI and Headlights?
  35. season pass cost compared to deluxe edition
  36. Thank you SMS
  37. What time does the arse end of the world have access?
  38. Headlight flash
  39. T Minus One!
  41. Nvidia single-pass simultaneous multi-projection supported?
  42. documenting pc1 setups - pointless?
  43. What will be the version number for an up to date Project Cars 2 on release day?
  44. does pcars 2 have the ctrl+k driving view movement feature like the first pcars did?
  45. AI sliders
  46. PCars 2 Career mode questions...
  47. Good G29 Configurations / FFB Settings
  48. Project Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack)
  49. Templates?
  50. [KNOWN] Guiding line issues (ideal line)
  51. [Investigating] Accelerate Time Qualifying?
  52. Camera movement in VR
  53. First thoughts!
  54. how to invite friends in a online-race?
  55. Gear changing without clutch
  56. Pit in Queue - Indicator?
  57. UDP on consoles
  58. Speed vibration setting
  59. [KNOWN ISSUE] Severe Damage Already?
  60. One glaring issue I've found.
  61. AI and the Inside Sim Racing Review
  62. This is largely for backers of the title, what do you consider the worst feeling car?
  63. AI not affected by tire wear?
  64. Sampala Circuit
  65. HDR on PC
  66. Real Weather weather progression
  67. Please SMS, please let us disable downshift protection
  68. Someone help me out...driving technique
  69. Custom liveries
  70. Web leaderboard?
  71. Season pass details released!
  72. PCars 2 forum?
  73. Grid positions in online races
  74. Flawed yet unmissable title, just like the first
  75. Editing HUD Layout Doesn't Stick
  76. FFB and Physic problems
  77. No unchicaned Le Mans again?
  78. How do I remove LM Group C cars from a custom circuit race.
  79. Race Engineer and Spotter Sounds Not Working Correctly
  80. T150 FFB and wheel setting?
  81. Dear SMS, thank you!
  82. Curved HUD in VR
  83. Seat Position
  84. Extra H Shifter
  85. VR Lock to horizon
  87. The biggest downgrade I've seen from PC1 (AI amount)
  88. PC - Xbox One controller - is this right?
  89. Reset view in VR key?
  90. Nurburg Ring Short 100mtr board
  91. Track IR
  92. No white flag?
  93. Digital Manuals on Site are Password Protected
  94. Shocking in 2017 from developers
  95. [YES] Analog handbrake?
  96. Advice on a upgrade to my G27
  97. What happened to Stretched Taillights Reflections option?
  98. Controller (Invitational events)
  99. Postman
  100. Understeer Xbox 360 pad
  101. Sale on Project Cars 2
  102. Turn starring wheel off?
  103. Great job SMS!!!
  104. Would it be difficult for the developers to do this?
  105. [NO ISSUE] Front light during evening or day not visible
  106. Car flickering/flashing in pit lane
  107. Psi vs Bar
  108. Formula Renault 3.5 - Tuning options wrong
  109. Flickering shadows, a bug or engine limitation?
  111. Is the Racing Licence working ?
  112. Lap Time being invalidated
  113. No internal mirrior
  114. GT3 - Rain, Cold Slicks, No TC @ Fuji Test
  115. Shattered window after restart of session
  116. The good the bad and the ugly
  117. Visual setting ?
  118. Realistic lap times?
  119. AI problems
  120. No Smoke Generation
  121. in the lobby after joined... how to see race length
  122. Please consider bringing back the temporal anti-aliasing slider for PS4
  123. Career Mode... worth buying for?
  124. Might have Monza junior / short bug.
  125. Heavy inconsistency in Car Volume
  126. Snow driving
  127. Suggestion : (probably already made)
  128. You removed rear offset camera why?
  129. VR hints please
  130. Ps4 G29 wheel not recognizing.
  131. Project Cars 2 - Logitech G920 Xbox One
  132. Achievements thoughts?XBOX Gamers
  133. Turn off parts of replay HUD?
  134. Car not centered
  135. Weird chase cam FOV?
  136. Noob in FOV and other view settings. Please help!
  137. Has anyone tested the AI pitting logic?
  138. Saving Setups Question
  139. Formula Rookie Asia career , Ice in Rampuna ? really ?
  140. [Like In Real Life] Down-shifts are terrible.
  141. Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway Accuracy
  142. Congratulations WMD
  143. Two VR questions.
  144. Livery Templates?
  145. AI losing aero bits
  146. On the topic of AI
  147. R390 GT1
  148. Share Your Controller Configurations..
  149. How to start a race in the snow with the snow already settled on the track/ground?
  150. FA and Indycar
  151. Mouse no support
  152. AI seems to be stupid
  153. Ginetta G40 GT5 Career Series
  154. FFB inconsistent with DFGT
  155. Karting: How to enable Practice and Qualifying
  156. Build up of snow
  157. Yeah.....
  158. GTR at Sugo in the rain event...... With a pad
  159. How to Enable "Best In Session" Ghost car?
  160. AI - 120 / 100 using default setups possible?
  161. Hunting For Grip
  162. Monza short circuit
  163. Fuel load shows in measurement of weight instead of volume
  164. Formula E?
  166. HDR on PC?
  167. Game features
  168. [ANSWERED] Where are screenshots held?
  169. Green track and AI?
  170. Enable FFB(?) meter and a few hud element questions, bar and PSI, Porsche Cayman
  171. replay option?
  172. Setup-Sharing How does it work?
  173. Xbox One Graphics Discussion - LAME puddles effect
  174. Rallycross difficulty
  175. Multi-tasking / desktop / focus behaviour
  176. Where the hell is the ariel atom
  177. AI too aggressive even with aggression set to 0
  178. [Released PC/PS4] Any word from developers / Slightly Mad about a patch?
  179. AI pitstop on wet
  180. My 1st GT3 Setup on PCARS2 Mclaren 650s @ Redbull Ring 1:29.368
  181. Damage is always greyed out on options menu
  182. Timed endurance race finish
  183. Manual pit stops
  184. Question for Moderators/Developers
  185. AI Running into the Back at start
  186. Question: Weather time progression
  187. Where to post bugs?
  188. Going Crazy Knockhill
  189. [KNOWN] Snow is broken
  190. Cold tyres on launch event 4
  191. Formula C cars seem broken
  192. Changing rim profile file?
  193. I miss the DTM style camera in the cock pit (middle of the car)
  194. RWD P30 LMP1 was downgraded?
  195. Leaderboards
  196. Cooldown lap - I'm absolutely loving it!
  197. Telemetry bug
  198. Is there a way to see how many laps of fuel you have?
  199. Questions about G920 and another about the license.
  200. Some bugs and strange things i've found
  201. Wet Tires on Formula Rookie have way too much grip.
  202. Slick tyres on rain
  203. Authentic ABS vs High Assist ABS
  204. [ANSWERED] head movements relative to car on Norschleife
  205. Jaguar E-Type v12 - I do not have it!
  206. A few bugs / problems
  207. Soft-lock caused by Vehicle Tuning menu
  208. [KNOWN] Cold tires on Formula C
  209. A Tribute
  210. Entering pit box during practice and qualifying.
  211. Project Cars 2 HUD Dash
  212. livetrack 3.0 ?
  213. Skip to End - Online Session
  214. How do you "complete" a series?
  215. What happened to VR replays?
  216. Simple Questions
  217. Setup interface : no sliders ?
  218. Cars?
  219. Delanclip doesn't work
  220. Seriously! What is up with Ruapuna rookie formula on ice??
  221. Gamepad handling VASTLY improved
  222. Ultra Edition, Missing Stand?
  223. Add Psi and Lbs to the game
  224. Tire Temp. Sliding on Soap
  225. Practice has gone awol
  226. A small bug
  227. Cockpitview is gone?!
  228. Questions about Time Trial and gameplay settings
  229. Turning any race into a self-playing demo
  230. Gear ratio glitch? Noob needs help.
  231. Help with back end of car slipping out
  232. What would be more realistic?
  233. Dual install - PC1 and PC2
  234. Field of view settings
  235. Game Music
  236. sharing of car setups
  237. Car shuts down, and won't start
  238. Displaying some wrong shades on Audi R8 LMS GT3
  239. Slow down he said
  240. Wet track no rain?
  241. Gameplay feels WAYYYYYY different in CHASE CAM vs any other cam.
  242. Invalid and blank career image tile
  243. Liveries
  244. So much potential...
  245. Weather during sessions explanation
  246. plans to improve sounds on some cars?
  247. Expanding on the ghost car(s)
  248. Dashboard/Windshield cam
  249. Helicorsa
  250. Delta Time