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  1. What is it that i need to alter when on telemetry travel flashes red?
  2. Porsche 911 GT3 R cockpit LED Lock-Up lights
  3. Mercedes AMG GTR engine sound
  4. i find the game very very very buggy
  5. Career
  6. [KNOWN] F Rookie career mode LB race
  7. A few questions regarding fixed setup community events
  8. Mercedes full ice track unplayable
  9. How do I hide the steering wheel in cockpit?
  10. [BUG REPORTS] What I've found so far..
  11. But!, one patch, it's on working??!!
  12. What world movement/g-force settings do you use?
  13. Pit Crew is Useless!
  14. Wrong time in game
  15. I love the cool down lap
  16. Question - ICM positioning
  17. Problem - F150 start at Bannonbrarararar
  18. Maybe a problem - Cayman overheat after mild front end damage
  19. "Automatic by weather" sometimes selects wrong tires
  20. Kamakazi AI on Cooldown Lap
  21. Feature wish from Project cars 1 - Fuel consumption prognose in the vehicle setup
  22. Please add Xbox One Controller Trigger Vibration on PC
  23. Issue with AI in changing conditions in Career mode
  24. Very Lollish
  25. Request: Random seasonal weather
  26. Should be able to download setups. Future feature?
  27. Helmet Cam
  28. real world race distances?
  29. Volkswagen Golf in you next DLC
  30. Problem with tires on wet race
  31. Affinity tab stopped counting the kilometres
  32. Request: Custom ffb file guide
  33. Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Pedal Braking issuses
  34. G25/G27 setup for Pcars2
  35. I seem to have lost the "Virtual split" from the HUD
  36. Detailed Leaderboards like pcars 1 in web browser? Coming soon?
  37. HUD element for viewing sector times?
  38. Things that need fixing
  39. Who uses a Fanatec CS V2.5 on Xbox and a PS4 Fanatec licensing question
  40. Tire Temp.
  41. Please give Total Times Set or % in Time trials leaderboards
  42. Pcars2 compatible apps ?
  43. How to create a shortcut with steam to always launch it in Steam VR mode?
  44. Voice chat on PC?
  45. Dyno info for cars?
  46. Can you unlock career mode
  47. Warmup lap
  48. Real Weather in Single Player Quick Races - bugged or as intended?
  49. Online player nationality
  50. HUDs "tilted" 45 deg up to the roof when using Oculus Rift
  51. Access to Lower Tiers?
  52. Need more rain on windscreen.
  53. (Controller) Suggestion: Access to full opposite lock steering during oversteer?
  54. How to transition from clear dry to snow covered ground?
  55. Timing - Relative Time
  56. In Quick race all cars feel totally different to testing?
  57. This game has killed nearly all interest in my "hardcore" sims.
  58. AI Lap Time improvements when Skipping session to end
  59. [KNOWN] career deleted
  60. Time Trial Question
  61. Big Weather Problem
  62. All Opponents disqualified after racefinish when cooldown lap is enabled
  63. Gushy fan boy stuff
  64. Just Need A Little Help Understanding
  65. Pcars 2 literally broke my wheel
  66. Starting to get fed up with racing online
  67. Need VOLTA nvidia GPU
  68. Online shows only 50 servers, many are in race...
  69. The nose knows
  70. Tip: lights (headlights) of cars always on
  71. Donington wet tyres
  72. [BUG] FOV issue Ultrawide!
  73. Do AI have tyre wear?
  74. Rear Wheel Drive car handling
  75. Ben Collins REALLY likes Senna...
  76. Adjusting turbo boost whilst driving?
  77. Body damage effecting aero?
  78. Season pass
  79. ] I won the TC Masters Euro championship....but I didn't!
  80. Various levels for Stability control
  81. SMS if you want to take simracing to the more casuals fans you have to teach them
  82. AI Pitstops
  83. Hi-Res Textures - Car
  84. Should weather be persistent across sessions?
  85. Car rolling on start
  86. Wheel Rotation 900 vs 1080
  87. Time trial and loading screen record times (WR, PB and friends best) not right
  88. Car Selection Resetting
  89. How to: Develop Your Racing Skills
  90. Favourite game setups and tyre heat
  91. Japanese Cars Pack
  92. Suggestion - Engineer inform of penalties
  93. Will there ever be Alfas in the game?
  94. Snow season list
  95. [RESOLVED] game deleting my saved setups
  96. Endurance racing with driver swaps
  97. Work out fuel loads
  98. XBOX One Controller Impulse Triggers for PC
  99. Audience deactivate in VR
  100. Automatic tire choice at Algarve - always Rain tyres [Not true]
  101. Thanks for patch # 2
  102. Amazing Rally VR
  103. T300RS @ Newegg
  104. Top speed problems
  105. Monza historic oval
  106. Rally Newb Question
  107. Jaguar XJJ220 british classic showdown invitational event
  108. Formula Rookie.....
  109. Is the DQ issue at Sonoma National Fixed in 1.1.3??
  110. Sales Figures...
  111. Formula B and Formula Gulf
  112. Career Mode Indy Car Series
  113. [bug report] Graphics bug at imola
  114. Known Issues
  115. FFB Car Setup Master List?
  116. [REPORTED] New bug for the devs - AI driver takes over mid race
  117. Make default camera view
  118. Race Monitor after Swapping Driver on Offline Race
  119. Livetrack 3.0 Debug Graphics
  120. Racing School DLC [Suggestion]
  121. Please help I'm really struggling! [Solved]
  122. got a question regarding livetrack 3.0 and rain
  123. Question regarding FFB using wheel/pedals
  124. Forum settings: big icons for officials
  125. Pit stop disqualify
  126. [VR] Motec displays too bright at night
  127. Steam Workshop update...AWOL
  128. Race Director on California Highway in Time Trial Bugged.
  129. Porsche Cayman GT4 - Fuji Speedway turn 3 - setup suggestions?
  130. Real Life Road Cars steering rotation racks in pc2
  131. PCars 2 on DVD US
  132. PC2 for Rally X alone was worth it for me
  133. saving tune setups
  134. What's your favourite Car/Track combo so far on PC2?
  135. Car selection and showroom - feedback and requests
  136. when i look replays i dont see the wheel rotation, they look like straight
  137. Setups
  138. Manufactorer driver
  139. [BUG]online race don't disable tc and abs
  140. Car Setup Flowchart
  141. The lying about abusive moderators/SMS is starting again
  142. Pit Stop Question
  143. Embarrassing trivial question
  144. Records help
  145. Adding new cars (future DLC ideas)
  146. Complete Deletion of PCars 2 game folder and settings
  147. Annoying Ghost Car in TT
  148. Camera adjustment question
  149. Ferrari 333sp Audio
  150. Real Road Controls
  151. Whats up with qualifying 4 times for a rally race?
  152. [BUG] AI stuck in pit
  153. LMP1 gear ratio question
  155. Career Mode - Tier 2 - Issues
  156. Pcars 2 tunnel's bug ?
  157. Let me turn off traction control on road cars without having to go to menu.
  158. In Game Dash App for VR
  159. Monza tips - what setting should I fiddle with for better times?
  160. Rally cross tips
  161. [Resolved] Option to remove wheel and hands greyed out
  162. One of the most fun races I have ever had.... :-)
  163. License
  164. How do you all start a race?
  165. On screen keyboard
  166. Career mode, live track 3.0
  167. Damage on car
  168. McLaren 650S GT3 Wrong datas (copy and past from mp4 12-c)
  169. Downshifting "fail-safe"?
  170. How to trick people into wet races
  171. Ability to change sequential shifting scheme per car
  172. Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 vs Mercedes AMG GT3
  173. Why are the community event lap times not synced with the Time Trial leaderboard?
  174. Just discovered one of the reasons that make the AI so inconsistent
  175. GT3 car balancing
  176. 😬 Collision bug 😬 at California Highway!!!
  177. car settings - drive config
  178. For all the historic tracks we don't get Circuit de la Sarthe without the chicanes?
  179. to the highest mass annoyedx
  180. Cool Down Lap Carnage :-)
  181. Pit crew not changing tires
  182. I'm confused - Message for MODS only
  183. Low speed feel
  184. I tip my hat to you
  185. VR side mirrors vs center mirror
  186. Gotta hand it to the In-Car management system
  187. A I Penalties
  188. Is authentic assists authentic?
  189. Patch Updates Page (Steam)
  190. Copying setups in Timetrial still possible
  191. Tips for handling GT3 cars? (oversteering)
  192. Honda 2&4 concept - art imitates life
  193. Bannochbrae Road Ciruit
  194. Xbox One S User
  195. joystick help
  196. AI drivers lacks of personnality
  197. Customising HUD?
  198. default setup for the cars
  199. spa missing added pavement between turns 17 and 18
  200. [known - Investigating] Formula C Tyre Temperature - Help
  201. MAJOR TROUBLES needed to be changed FAST
  202. Grip just stays the same for 7 laps when it rains [It doesn't]
  203. Ford Sierra RS 500 overpowered ?
  204. A basic question about server icons
  205. A bug with the Community Events ranking screen?
  206. Wrong/Confusing Classes in Time Attack Mode
  207. Try my gamepad and camera setup. Share here your too.
  208. Dubai at night
  209. Changing gears manually
  210. Project Cars 2 "The Cars" Page
  211. Problem with joker lap @ Knockhill
  212. Right front tyre overheating at laguna
  213. Track consistency? Silverstone vs. Hockenheim national as an example
  214. Where the "remove skin" button in the showroom?
  215. [Feature] Replay with Free Camera
  216. How to Activate Email Alerts
  217. KTM GT4 Driver post.
  218. Rally Cross Joker Lap
  219. Spa Classic - Wow!!!
  220. Penalty system
  221. Fuel and tyre multiplier
  222. Do you find PC2 cars difficult to drive? Try this!
  223. Motorsport Presets Feature
  224. ICM proposals /Timeout/refuel & a question
  225. Piti stop bug when missing my pit
  226. Fuel Per Lap Usage (Feature Request)
  227. Weather progression
  228. super sampling
  229. [KNOWN Issue]Qualifying broken?
  230. Driving line broken?
  231. Why no voice chat again on PC???
  232. What is WMD?
  233. Rift or vive?
  234. Wet track at start?
  235. Why? Why this in Endurance Championship?
  236. RX is awesome, but the dust effects are a bit lacking
  237. Steam workshop everyday download
  238. Daytona Oval Pit Exit Penalty
  239. High beams ?
  240. [KNOWN ISSUE] Clutch bug?
  241. Rolling Start Replay Issue
  242. Possible bug? The game changed my tyre pressures.
  243. Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona, missing road alphatextures
  244. Time trial classes are broken
  245. [FEATURE REQUEST] Rewind
  246. Mouse disappearing
  247. Thank you to the whole team
  248. Need A Little Force Feedback Help
  249. CPU AI on the 1st corner is so very Scripted, blatant results from testing......
  250. Weak center spring even at high speed long straight (Accuforce + Jack Spades)