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  1. AI overtaking
  2. So I feel like a complete idiot
  3. Bentley Gt3 Gearing Setup Problems
  4. Not a Big Deal, Fahenheit and Centigrade Mixed
  5. This game is so good i can't sleep!!
  6. I just have one request/comment to make.
  7. Pitstops
  8. Launch parameters, Companion app launching
  9. Help me understand the replay system
  10. Miscellaneous questions regarding motion blur, replays and potential texture packs
  11. Missing handbrakes in some cars
  12. Is there consideration for custom grids?
  13. Formula C tire bug?
  14. wishlist - visual details for next game
  15. Formula A - hardtime to get rear grip
  16. [Bug] Yellow flag result in full stop to avoid penalty
  17. Avoiding Race Director penalty
  18. Does Weather loop or not?
  19. Classes, Formula X and Formula A is not in same class
  20. Resign a season ?
  21. AI summarized in one video
  22. Gamebreaking bug for me :(
  23. What is my pit crew doing!?!
  24. [Fix inside] Gamebreaking bug for me - Times not registering
  25. VR performance
  26. Bug report: Long Beach lap count
  27. Massive Lag with Vehicle Crash
  28. Pitlane Exit control handover annoyance
  29. Forza 7 and GT Sport make me appreciate Project Cars 2 even more
  30. [Bug report] UI becomes unresponsive
  31. VR Does not work GTX 1070
  32. The rear view mirror in cockpit
  33. bug report : Texas Infield
  34. "No data available yet" in loading screen
  35. Confused by TC & ABS Settings
  36. quick-to-fix list
  37. PC1 vs PC2 AI
  38. Saved setups
  39. Ingame profile name
  40. Formula c struggles
  41. Road America - slick tyre bug?
  42. GT4 Cars need BOP
  43. Kudos SMS, the gamepad handling is amazing
  44. Bass shakers : Tactile FFB gone?
  45. Inconsistent AI between qualifying and race?
  46. Does this annoy anyone else? (small bug and a menu thing).
  47. Sampala Ice Circuit not available in private test session
  48. Does PC2 supports NVIDIA SLI setup with 2 x GTX 1080?
  49. Ai pace irregularities
  50. AI start to be crazy when missed 5-6 minutes in Q session
  51. Message to the mods.
  52. Turbo charged or naturally aspirated?
  53. What are representing these telemetry bars?
  54. Can anyone get motion blur to work with triple separate monitors rendering active?
  55. Few Questions relating FFB, career, etc
  56. Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo
  57. GT4 problems...
  58. Manual rolling starts
  59. In love with BMW 320 Turbo
  60. WTF Project swamp because that's how many bugs there are!!!! MAMMYY!!!!!
  61. Tyre model - Operating window
  62. A suggestion for you Mr Bell
  63. Weird vibration problem on certain cars
  64. Mclaren 570S Sound
  65. Camera Mode Bugs?
  66. 2 track complaints
  67. [RESOLVED] Cokcpit Camera keep moving even after being disabled... help?
  68. Changing setups in-car - Lack of clarity
  69. List of livery’s
  70. Bug with Sharing Setups?
  71. Let is turn off ABS and Traction Control from inside the Car Menu
  72. VR advice
  73. Rally cross experts
  74. [ANSWERED] Fanatec CSW - how to turnoff LCD displays?
  75. Factory Drive invitationals idea
  76. Sense of Speed
  77. Gear Change sound..clunk...clunk.. CLUNK...
  78. What are the requirements to progress in the career?
  79. Car dashboard Rev Counter and HUD Rev Counter out of sync
  80. Replays
  81. Bug - Split display gone
  82. Hello
  83. Kart ! Wonderful ! but too weak
  84. Bugged steering sensitivity? Missing linearity option? (PC, X1 gamepad)
  85. AI is terrible always ramming you of track
  86. Trouble with first Indy Car Race
  87. Different race start fuel levels in same class
  88. Is it just me... (street car difficulty)
  89. Private Testing and Quick-Race Issues.
  90. [Improvement Suggestion] Random weather should be more realistic
  91. KERS Indaycars
  92. New Wheel suggestions
  93. Tyre temps is a known issue?
  94. Logitech G25 racing Wheel and peddles + other input devices
  95. possible bug, pit lane visual help transparent
  96. Setup change during pitstop ?
  97. LMP2 vs GTE
  98. Bought Forza and bought wheel to xbox for 300$
  99. PCARS2 - Career stalled at the Clio Cup
  100. How the hell do I change tires?
  101. Soft vs hard slicks on wet
  102. HDR support on PC ???
  103. Real Weather Bug
  104. [Bug?] Tire selection and weather conditions
  105. Knockhill - only 12 cars per race?
  106. Let's balance this AI
  107. [bug] timetrail control release before corner
  108. Dubai Autodrome city panorama
  109. Private Testing
  110. Where is the traction circle in telemetry HUD?
  111. Oculus performance on GTX cards
  112. PS4 or PC?? (Online Future)
  113. [Suggestion] Bring back My Garage
  114. PS4 Audio output via HDMI to Amplifier Issue....
  115. DRS Help please
  116. Thank You!!!
  117. This is the game I always wanted!
  118. No Glow!
  119. Mercedes A45 AMG DSG farts
  120. So close to be a champion (bug?)
  121. Altitude of each tracks ?
  122. Garage temp?
  123. Career mode needs more selection
  124. Chase cam for spectator watching VR player???
  125. Fuel Usage
  126. Profile Image
  127. In race penlties usually completly wrong
  128. Ford Fusion and Dallara
  129. Stop shattering glass in racecars that have plastic windshields
  130. What the hell, thieving scum
  131. [ANSWERED] Photomode Am I missing something?
  132. Missing Frames?
  133. HELP!!! how to get this achivement!
  134. Night racing, half the cars have no headlights
  135. Wheel Calibtation not recognising my wheel
  136. Thank you SMS - Your engagement with the community is appreciated
  137. [HELP] So many cars and tracks! What are peoples' Top Tracks n Car combos
  138. Indy position tower marker works!
  139. Stable or loose?
  140. Dirty tire going in two different directions bug...
  141. Commercial Licensing
  142. SMS's consumer friendly practice should be applauded
  143. COR Project Cars 2 GT3 League (PC)
  144. FFB wheels, pedals and intolerant neighbors
  145. "Beginner" AI is HARD in qualifying and FP
  146. Racing in VR
  147. Favorite Driving View glitch
  148. Outstanding Product with one significant omission - slip angle dynamics
  149. Has anyone done the Ginetta GT5 career, and been able to win the last race?
  150. Can I change my career path?
  151. What do the bar graphs mean on the FFB Telemetry?
  152. Rallycross Multiplayer, please allow Practice sessions!?
  153. Donnington Formula Rookie In the Wet
  154. Need your opinion on monitor(s)
  155. Any place i can find car setup?
  156. Are the time trial leaderboards bugged ?
  157. Have the devs commented on the excessive amount of grip in the wet ?
  158. [Suggestion] Improved pitting controls/strategy selection
  159. Dear SMS...
  160. FOV and Cockpit Camera Angles - what do you use?
  161. why my time in rain races keeps getting worse?
  162. Group A - could it be better?
  163. Doubt about Career mode
  164. Indycar
  165. FRAPS no more working with Pcars 2 ?
  166. 2017 spec F1 cars
  167. Game is unplayable on controller!
  168. Car Select Screen: More Statistics
  169. Wow.
  170. Zero to Hero Achievement - why did it not unlock this way?
  171. Clip Cup Setup - Tune out the lift off overstreer
  172. What does SMS think of fictional tracks?
  173. Braking line not visable online..
  174. View settings when using a wheel
  175. Joining Mid-Qualifying Lobby
  176. [KNOWN ISSUE] Karting damage bug
  177. How is Stability Control implemented in the game?
  178. Where can I find communications from the developers?
  179. 'give position back' to guys spinned in the middle of the track
  180. I have a few questions about the multiplayer..
  181. Since when do GT3 cars race in the snow?
  182. The Lotus 49C 2-wheeler
  183. Civic Type R
  184. Requirements for moving up a Tier?
  185. Road Cones
  186. buttkicker 2 & simvibe?
  187. Gear Ratio Graphics
  188. Telemetry data
  189. Small issue regarding car selection
  190. Ingame track data
  191. Setup Advice
  192. The HUD Whilst in VR...
  193. Remove that pesky reticle in VR
  194. On the HUD, what do each of the FFB meters display?
  195. Character limitation on setups- why?
  196. Funiest Moment - New Dialogue
  197. Crowd-funding individual circuit licences for the more expensive ones? i.e. Suzuka
  198. VR blurry...
  199. Well done on such a great game
  200. Is there any way to see total number of players on community events / leaderboards?
  201. Race Director warning - driving standards
  202. Delete replays?
  203. Time Trial - How do I race my own ghost?
  204. What is the secret to Red Bull Ring!?
  205. Multiplayer session length can't be set to more than 2h 20 minutes or 143 laps
  206. The racing is good but certain design elements let it down
  207. VoIP on PC.
  208. EDTracker, Track IR PC2
  209. I suck! Formula Rookie @ Knockhill International. I can't keep the car on the road!
  210. Workshop Updates
  211. Anybody else terrible in qualy but then the fastest in the race?
  212. Tachometer: HUD or Dashboard?
  213. ebay R33 Style Reclinable Racing Seat?
  214. Historic and Modern stock cars
  215. Track width inaccuracies at Bathurst
  216. Collector's Edition woes.
  217. Long Beach, I hardly knew ye
  218. Can the Devs Please Show The Lotus 98T Some Love?
  219. Any possiblity to filter threads/forums
  220. VR seating position
  221. Would love to see the developers go all in on the Xbox one X.
  222. Cockpit view with World Movement set to zero doesn't work well on every track
  223. Driver survey [unofficial] now open
  224. GT3 Class & Snow
  225. [INDEED] Negative posts not moved to Project Cars 1 forum
  226. Possible issue with multiclass invitational events
  227. VR FOV(IPD) difference from car to car
  228. Why are Ai still piiting in short race even if Pitstops Disabled ?
  229. Can't get HUD settings right
  230. Unable to move Proximity Arrows
  232. HUD Wing Mirrors.
  233. New setup bug
  234. Immersive rear view
  235. [suggestion] Adjustable steering wheel height
  236. General Setup/Physics FFB question?
  237. Team and Car listings?
  238. Any Players Have EA Sports F1 2017? Are you having these same problems?
  239. I personally feel played and I understand why others do too.
  240. where do replays save on pc
  241. Profanity filter question
  242. This game looks terrible at night on oculus [Others think it's fine]
  243. How does Ai driver switching work ?
  244. How realistic is the traction loss?
  245. CTRL+I (AI control) to select another car during any session to play with friends.
  246. What view is everyone using?
  247. Fanatec users, need some advice..
  248. configuration of training sessions and classification
  249. Crew chief app for career-mods please assist
  250. Driver Survey [unofficial] RESULTS PUBLISHED