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  1. Who else leaves a multiplayer race after practice by instict to hit continue?
  2. Why is the AI so inconsistent?
  3. Porsche Cayman GT4 - same setup, different track, completely different behaviour
  4. AI giving up the ghost once passed?
  5. It's time to develop a sense of perspective
  6. An idea to make the setup screens better
  7. Setup bug
  8. toyota gt one 98
  9. GT3 Lap Times Spreadsheet
  10. AI run out of fuel while 24h race
  11. Pit Lane Glitch??? (Video)
  12. Always losing time with mandatory pits
  13. Gamepad players more fast than players with wheel
  14. How do you flip your car over in race?
  15. Time Trial Sorting by Class
  16. Audi Quattro DTM - Tyre heat
  18. PC2 and G29 with shifter
  19. Pit cones @ Imola
  20. Pit Stop Bug - way more annoying than others
  21. Knockhill track cutting exploit
  22. Which Wheel? (PC)
  23. Enable only a few settings of the car online.
  24. Are you Happy with Project cars 2 Handling.?
  25. Pit Manager Option
  26. Comparison of GT-Sport/Pcars 2 - Cars feel different...
  27. Comparing the GTE Class (IMO)
  28. Rallycross Lites career mode...
  29. [ANSWERED] Patches
  30. Blue dot in the sky
  31. Older Cars (GTO/Group C/etc) Default Tire
  32. Project Cars 2 10,000 Miles Club
  33. Does SMS plan to add playmates to some of old cars?
  34. Single Player GT3 raced with few italian cars?
  35. AI , Driving Style, real life, or not...
  36. Will DLC Cars/ Tracks be available to use in the single player career?
  37. Bug - tire wear in garage during practice
  38. Can you create a race report?
  40. [ANSWERED] 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio
  41. Connectivity Issues
  42. Tire overheating occurrence & my week's worth of research on the cause...
  43. License project cars 2 for public event
  44. Some things I've noticed not as they should be - Deceptive tuning!
  45. Stability Settings
  46. Autum problem
  48. Bug - AI car stuck in COT turn
  49. can someone explain me this?
  50. Sampala Ice Circuit bug
  51. [Suggestion] I would love to be able to see tyre temps outside of telemetry mode.
  52. Another bug on xbox one .....
  53. Shameless Self Promotion Of A.I. Behavior Program
  54. [Video] Invisible Green Hell (Bug)? Anyone see this before
  55. Oval Indy needs to be a separate class
  56. I need to be better at Monza and i need you good people of this forum to help me.
  57. I am imagining this?
  58. Will ever open Steam forums?
  59. Replay sound is weird
  60. AI difficulty different from qualify to race?
  61. Watching the fallon 250 baja
  62. Job well done on sound!!!
  63. over and out...
  64. Next patch
  65. Soft Slicks Vs Hard Slicks
  66. [Feature request] Frame Advance for replay
  67. Can a Thrustmaster T Flight HOTAS 4 be used as an analogue handbrake on PS4?
  68. Looking for smoother ffb settings
  69. Cars need more volume and bass?
  70. Awesome 1 hour multi-class race at Daytona Road Course
  71. Headlight bug in replays
  72. Project Cars2 - Community Soundtrack
  73. I didn't think it was possible...
  75. TODAYS UPDATE 11/4/2017 HELP
  76. I hope karting track and vehicle don't forget in next patch
  77. Your Top 3 Cars?
  78. Fast Forward Qually!
  79. Please remove the reset car option
  80. Online race templates
  81. Community Time-Trial question.
  82. Syncing Bug?
  83. Critical graphic issue
  84. Pit Strategy & ICM
  85. AI is faster than WR at 70 % difficulty?!
  86. Bugs In pits
  87. HELP SOS
  88. Track Limits Le Mans
  89. Reverse time option
  90. LMP1 KURS control
  91. Just refunded forza 7 for $100. Throw all the DLC you got at me SMS!
  92. Countdown timer at the results screen after Qualifying session
  93. Error saving setup
  94. BUG!!! AI driver retires after leaving pits!!!
  95. Watkins Glen compliments
  96. A question about 24hrs of Le Man and Endurance Racing
  97. Broadcaster Practice
  98. G920 steering wheel going to the left problem
  99. Something for those starting out to help you enjoy this incredible sim more
  100. Player strength?
  101. Thrustmaster TX base FFB
  102. Time trials, why is there no car indication, setup, or ghost for some results.
  103. Some Pretty Annoying Bugs After Patch V2.0
  104. Adjust side mirrors
  105. Funny bug made my car INVINCIBLE
  106. To buy or not to buy, Xbox One X when only having a 1080P tv?
  107. Cherry-picking certain cars for custom races...
  108. Impossibile to play vs AI at Nurburgring+Nordschleife
  109. Rewind
  110. Very different FFB feelings from car to car
  111. Fit quickest tyres automatically
  112. The official, unofficial Nordschleife mega-thread
  113. Pcars bashing
  114. Supercar KERS problem
  115. black ghost appears in the Nürburgring
  116. Upshift tone
  117. Distorted Voice Multiplayer Online
  118. Patch in days or weeks? Please inform
  119. H-Shifter recommended for online play?
  120. Watkins Glen Exploit
  121. Patch - Cars Equality
  122. Community Event Beat Nicolas Hamilton
  123. Did the exhaust-bang sound got removed?
  124. Career length
  125. Soft Slick tires less grip than Hard Slick?
  126. Gear Ratios set up - HELP
  127. Car its leaking water (very little graphic bug)
  128. Glitch/Bug - Sportsland Sugo
  129. Ghost car help or suggestion...
  130. Is it my driving? plus 3 in 1
  131. Driver annotated lap of Daytona International Speedway Road Course in Porsche 962
  132. McLaren 720s
  133. License Progession
  135. Leagues area
  136. Ford RS 1600 street vs all weather tires (?)
  137. Post your affinity page
  138. How does Accelerated Tire Wear work?
  139. Adding artificial track surface relief on not scanned tracks
  140. Less and less players to play with
  141. Suggestion: Changing of ARB's during Driving should get safed to setup
  142. the ability to remove flag from licence?
  143. Not enough progress.
  144. how to fully reset the game?
  145. Things PC2/PC3 should take away from Gran Turismo SPORT
  146. FFB when the car is stopped
  147. Is the T300 Alcantara Edition worth the extra cost?
  148. Manufacture Updates
  149. Race engineer disappearing bug still there , and a workaround .
  150. Split Times
  151. Can we please get a larger range of movement of the wiper on the new lmp2 cars
  152. Any way to get the game to output custom race results?
  153. erros que pecisam ser corrigidos Project Cars 2
  154. Bug splat?
  155. Bug, feature or known thing? TC, SC, ABS
  156. What do you think about roadcars in PC2?
  157. Clio Cup
  158. Japanese Pack without Pre Ordering
  159. T300 Alcantara Wheel Care and Cleaning
  160. Struggling with Xbox controller on PC
  161. Help, I am Forzafied!
  162. Patch on the Finish Line?
  163. Can the game's physics handle extremes?
  164. Any useful tips for the Mclaren P1 GTR
  165. Mixed Reality??
  166. To Tune or not to Tune, that is the question?
  167. Quality improvements needed
  168. Big thanks!
  169. Pad > steering wheel
  170. Your biggest surprise with this game?
  171. Whats happend to the Community Events?
  172. Huracan GT3 is 10-15 km/h slower in Top Speed compared to real life! (help?)
  173. Credit where credit is due to Ian and his team (X1X)
  174. Project CARS 2 can not be taken seriously for eSports
  175. Wet tires in Formula A and AI
  176. McLaren 570S has no turning radius.
  177. [ANSWERED] What tyre is "Automatic by weather"?
  178. Telemetry question.
  180. Timed race = mandatory pit stop grayed out?
  181. AI co-driver
  182. Clutch with TH8A Shifter or Flippers
  183. hosted events?
  184. WRX Driving Help
  185. Daytona - Incorrect pit lane AI path
  186. Losing forcefeed back qualifying to race
  187. [REPORTED] Dirtfish (Mill run course) has terrible glitch.
  188. What should I buy?
  189. Online tournament - comparing GT Sport
  190. Career Progression
  191. Smaller patch vs Large patch
  192. Project Cars 2 bugs
  193. Soft tires
  194. Beat the consultant
  195. The Game Awards nominates Project Cars 2 as Best Sports/Racing Game
  196. Sort of a bug/annoying thing + a request
  197. Green Hell time trial
  198. Livery error - Ferrari 365 #38
  199. mistakes that need to be corrected Project Cars 2
  200. Project Cars one
  201. Time trial
  202. Fix the bugs/Glitches and stop me buying GT Sport
  203. Question about Season Pass?
  204. Compared to Project Cars 1: Does Project Cars 2 have a good FFB feel?
  205. Icons
  206. Project Cars (2) and Steam Link with ffb wheel?
  207. Formula Renault at Zolder problem?
  208. Kudos to the karts
  209. Leagues and online play newbie question
  210. What scenery enrichment would you like?
  211. [KNOWN] Mercedes-AMG GT3 Helmet (not showing) Camera View
  212. Which one is better? GT Omega Wheel Stand or Wheel Stand Pro? (plus, a little rant)
  213. Indycar Oval at Indianapolis - weak FFB
  214. Which settings to drive the road cars the most realistic way
  215. Tires Overheating New Driver!
  216. Climate change at Monza
  217. Consistent Lapping
  218. Steering wheel: What is the optimal value of degrees for pcars 2?
  219. Wellington Straight Extremely Slick In Rain?
  220. My xmas wish.
  221. Help. How can I get a dynamic, random and realistic climatology?
  222. Which track is hardest for you and why?
  223. Who here holds a lap world record?
  224. We want that all inclusive racing sim? - from a real driver
  225. Stupid game!
  226. AI crashing me when driving slow from pit lane to track
  227. Fun accidental discovery in VR for immersion.
  228. AI overtaking on rolling start before lights turn green
  229. PC1 vs PC2
  230. LMP1 speed differential
  231. Random weather question re randomness
  232. Look Function ?
  233. Thrustmaster T300 - How to hard mount?
  234. More realistic road-car physics!
  235. 2 steps to livery
  236. GT3R @ Mazda RaceWay quirk
  237. how do you guys understand what diffulculty setting to use?
  238. Can we get brake squeal like this ! ?........Please
  239. pit stop "workflow"?
  240. Are driving styles different with different games?
  241. Project Cars 2 40% off, Humble Bundle
  242. Formula A front tyres won't warm up
  243. Community events for pcars2
  244. In game music choice?
  245. [ANSWERED] Look to apex
  246. Fanatec Mclaren Rim ! Good for pCARS 2 ?
  247. Happy Patchgiving
  248. This is shameful, no update, new DLC!
  249. My idea on rammers
  250. Different drivers (same team) in endurance races?