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  1. Time Progression in MP
  2. annoying multiplayer gui bug
  3. Multiplayer kick off and lock up on PS4
  4. Online Session with friends
  5. Can I disable the race end timer?
  6. Dedicated Server BUG list (Feel free to add)
  7. Was Director / Check that start crash on a straight xD
  8. PLS PLS more info on the last screen before the racestart!!!!
  9. What's wrong ?!
  10. TrackID, VehicleClassID, VehicleModelID - Lists Location?
  11. Solution for Hosts who keep randomly kick players
  12. Multiplayer driver swaps going to happen?
  13. Multiplayer: Number of laps in the race lobby?
  14. Getting Disconnected from Lobbies and losing progress
  15. Points query
  16. Multiplayer race results wrong
  17. AI taking control of car?
  18. [PC] Fairplaysimracing.com V8 fun race
  19. traction not consistent
  20. Some strange bugs I've run into
  21. Sitting in Pits During Qualifying
  22. Kicking the leader
  23. Semper Fi Gaming Community - Recruiting PC Racers / TS3 and Discord Available
  24. Unusable Director mode
  25. [Feedback] Dedicated Server Support Feedback
  26. Vintage F1 casual races. 8pm edt
  27. Can a director join after a session started?
  28. Voice chat in project cars 2?
  29. Delete Post
  30. How can I get quicker?
  31. Unable to host sessions longer than 134 laps or 2 hours, 20 minutes long
  32. Bugs bugs bugs
  33. Opponent's name not visible
  34. Lobby Nürburgring Combined Open now ;) PC
  35. Daily/Weekly events with license requirements!!
  36. Why was I lead to believe there was matchmaking in the game?
  37. Getting kicked pre-race lobby..
  38. [xbox one] Lag/Stutter on open public lobbies
  39. Did Break the Server Browser Even More?
  40. Q: Racing Etiquette
  41. no points lost dq leaving race
  42. [TC bug] Won't turn on in recent patch
  43. [Xbox One] Rookie sessions tonight
  44. Get Push´ed off the track and losing points???
  45. Filter for rating on the multiplayer
  46. [PC | NA | Recruiting] Vintage Soul Racing
  47. How to broadcast a race if the pits are full?
  48. Track and car error
  49. Gaming as One community is recruiting
  50. Group join race/event/esports PS4
  51. Online skill rating calculation
  52. PC2 Nords track days server?
  53. Esports/events multiplayer necessities
  54. change car type in the lobby
  55. Track day type events?
  56. This is Bs [Boy Scout?,Bible Study?]
  57. How to activate diffusion on dedicated server ?
  58. Who is running the "touristenfahrten #2" dedicated server?
  59. GT3 racing on Monza, Silverstone or Brands Hatch in the dry, during the day
  60. Multiplayer HELP
  61. Weather Progression
  62. GTO @ Imola sat 14th, 9pm central time
  63. Qualifying ends prematurely
  64. Tip for those having issues with early breakers
  65. How are people getting so fast.
  66. Bathurst 1000 for Australian and New Zealand racers only
  67. How to make PC2 more like iRacing
  68. Multiplayer is a total waste of time.
  69. Matchmaking System request
  70. How long do lobby owners sit getting screen burn?
  71. Nationality shown wrong
  72. [PS4] World Endurance Championship! - Sunday Nights - GMT!
  73. Race director penalising for going past other cars that have spun off
  74. Open LFO Club server with rotating combos
  75. Project Cars 2 24 mins of daytona (PC)
  76. Troubleshooting: Project CARS 2 - Dedicated Server
  77. I'm just asking (Online Championships)
  78. Competitive Racing License Infographic - Feedback requested
  79. Why does my rating go down only ?
  80. Get Driver Rankin / Safety Rating via Dedicated Server API??
  81. Where are the high safety lobbies
  82. Dedicated server: car acts nervous, completely out of control, like being on ice
  83. Is it possible to change car class and rules in an existing lobby?
  84. Dedicated Server Flags
  85. Rules don't punish cutting almost at all during snow season
  86. Suggestion for Online Racing
  87. Formation Lap issue / desync?
  88. competitive race licence all gone
  89. Formula A racing at the Nurburgring GP! friday october 20
  90. Guidelines for online racing
  91. Race info
  92. No points in last races ( not the first time )
  93. Preset lobbies for different classes?
  94. Client crashed when finished race, and lose a lot of points. how?
  95. endurance VLN like league?
  96. Can't change date in online races, locked to "Custom date"
  97. Where is the e-sport implementation?
  98. Why i loose ranking without doing anything?
  99. [PC] Friday Night Fun Server
  100. Car set-up, I just suck, or both?
  101. Idiots. Lets hang them..
  102. Please! Do something about those idiots!!
  103. Getting safety rating by staying away from other cars?
  104. MP Server Networking - Improved MP Experience
  105. I like to find 10-15 U-F class driver for clean and fair races.
  106. Cars names
  107. DNF in pits?
  108. Cheating / Abusing bug ??
  109. Rolling Starts
  110. Clean sim racing facebook group
  111. What do the driver rating letters actually stand for
  112. Unable to turn on quali and practice when hosting - PC Version
  113. Two times I've got disqualifed for not pitting with no message what so ever.
  114. For few days i don't see any multiplayer game created list is empty
  115. Kick a player
  116. @Elmo from SMS or Ian - I need help from SMS ;)
  117. Can I see the number of laps to race when adjusting my race setup?
  118. Chevy Dallara (Road) felt totally different between quali and race
  119. Skill Rating loss when kicked by lobby owner
  120. Forcing sim-like features would improve multiplayer
  121. Slow driving
  122. VR and non VR users
  123. Any intrest in a championschip?
  124. Pit occupied?
  125. I finished 1st but the result said I finished 2nd !!!!!
  126. Racing from the Caribbean
  127. PC League Index
  128. Friday night endurance race. LMP1, LMP2, GTE. Road America, 1 hour, 9pm central US
  129. Skill Reset suggestion
  130. Automatic Random Sessions in Collaboration with Project CARS Nordic
  131. Dedicated server hitching/pauses
  132. Steam launch options - searchds
  133. [XBOX1] I am looking for people to race with
  134. Game joins me to wrong lobby
  135. Xbox one lobby empty.
  136. First big online race with mates and AI. Mix of weather / night-day , our own 24hr Le
  137. [Moron IQ improvements coming SMSoon] Fix your game
  138. Serious Issues
  139. Issue with session status.
  140. I'll vote with my wallet then
  141. Are there plans to make the Driver License profile be that of online?
  142. Dedicated Server Host Reserved Slot
  143. Looking for North American League or Club
  144. Are online races multi-platform?
  145. Get ban for modified ffb file?
  146. CanAm VRL: Looking for Broadcaster/Director
  147. Almost no higher rated servers
  148. Lamborghini Super Trofeo Double Header! 9pm US central (-6gmt)
  149. [PC] Game crashing when changing setups
  150. multiplayer lag
  151. designate individual cars for a race?
  152. Lotus 49c @ Rouen les Essarts short Mon 9pm central(-6gmt)
  153. NEW LEAGUE: SAt, 9pm BST: You vote... GTO / GT1 / Group C1 (ovals & road courses)
  154. Disconnection to the finish line
  155. Dedicated Server Install Howto?
  156. [PS4]10tenths.net Racing League:the Formula Rookie and Lotus 25 Combo -Recruiting
  157. Dedicated Server Configuration - Sample - Weather + MultiClass REALLY FIXED! -2/25/18
  158. Damage / Powerloss without any accidents?
  159. GT1 at Watkins Glen, Sat, Nov 4 9:30pm central (-6gmt)
  160. Rating System - suggested improvement
  161. Bug/Cheat?/MP-Lobbies with "no setup choice" at start / which setup is loaded?
  162. Suggestion: Prevent kicking in the pre race 2 minute window
  163. Feature request for lobby filter
  164. Feature request... return to lobby browser after exiting a lobby
  165. Suggestion: Disable "Kick-Feature" if leading/good driving
  166. lagging have increased within the the last few weeks
  167. Safety progress when kicked or removed before end of race?
  168. Championships in PCars2
  169. [Trainers] lets fight again cheaters
  170. Friday night Fun race, F150s in the rain! in the dark! $5 random attendance prize!
  171. Connection Issues
  172. pCARS ready for online simracing ?
  173. Pit Box Count??
  174. Questions
  175. The "Safing while Countdown"-Bug - With loss of Points ofcourse
  176. No flags online racine?
  177. disconnected online
  178. Why no matchmaking?
  179. Custom Championship/Tyre Wear/lag Question
  180. Online Championships - Expected date
  181. License Safety reset
  182. LAN Setup for NOOOOOOB
  183. Safety ranking is (currently) complete bs
  184. Dedicated server question: host migration?
  185. Racing advice sticky
  186. Feature Wish: Rating during race
  187. License Points: Punishment-/Success-Ratio is no way "fair" (because of Bugs /Crash)"
  188. Car handling changes from practice/quali to race
  189. Horrible connection problems
  190. Australian - Porsche Carrera Cup (4 Round Series)
  191. Bathurst rolling start bug?
  192. This is what it's all about
  193. Pit stop : auto or manual ?
  194. Let the Witch Hunt begin.
  195. Witch hunts
  196. EU Weekly races proposal or already scheduled?
  197. Xbox Nightly GT3?
  198. Double penalty
  199. create server lan without internet
  200. Feature request: Indicate if "ready up" is disabled
  201. Dedicated server sms_stats fix
  202. Can you view other racers profiles?
  203. Learned something new on Console Multiplayer
  204. classic GT cars @ hockenheim historic, sat nov 11 10pm central
  205. Multiplayer joining is a mess
  206. Losing control in MP
  207. Online racing with horrible lag. PS4.
  208. Feature suggestion: Grid randomisation for RX races and/or races without qualifying
  209. Before Starting a Race, should we pray:
  210. What is the purpose of a license validation community event?
  211. Xbox multiplayer multiple issues that are ruining the game
  212. No start lights bug - Issue solved in next Patch?
  213. Joinning session
  214. Why no car control after 1st qualif countdown ?
  215. Safety ranking
  216. How do you disable AI on a dedicated server?
  217. Why not add a wreckers filter???
  218. No Online Race
  219. Clean racer friends wanted! (PC)
  220. Track side cam at race finish. How?
  221. online laptime 10 seconds slower, despite unchanged topspeed and faster cornerspeed
  222. Racing leagues to join on PS4?
  223. DLC and people who don't have it.
  224. Simple implementation of structured online racing
  225. Auto-Retire
  226. Elite Racing League - IndyCar / Formula C / Multi-Class
  227. XEIR GT3 League - Starts tonight 8pm
  228. Dedicated Server always snowing
  229. Looking for people to race in a league!
  230. My Online diary - XBOX One
  231. Exploit?
  232. [PS4] SimRacingLeague.it for italian sim drivers
  233. Feedback Rating System after enough testing
  234. Auto Connect To DS
  235. Online championship mode
  236. Bug : you can’t pick a car when entering a lobby
  237. Time Trial Stoopid Challenges
  238. When is project cars 2 gonna be fixed
  239. Please insert a report system for stupid rammers
  240. Unfair kicks
  241. Admin console over-rights sms_rotate_config?
  242. Car behavior in an accident
  243. Thursday Night PS4 league
  244. Lan play ps4
  245. Pcars or Xbox?
  246. Positive Shoutouts
  247. Anyway to up the player count on RallyCross tracks?
  248. Meet and greet track day event for new and old racers, sat 25th 10pm central
  249. Lobby host is AFK
  250. DS: No practice possible on certain tracks