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  1. Server settings not updating
  2. Project Cars 2 enduring race Le Mans
  3. PC based USA leagues, where are they?
  4. Multiplayer problems
  5. multiplayer is still a buggy POS
  6. Option/Request/Suggestion: Invite Friends only that are "License Legal"
  7. How to improve the (open) lobby system
  8. AI players in MP game with PC Logo ?
  9. Minimum connection speed
  10. No training and qulai with Karts in MP
  11. League PS4 on monday or tuesday
  12. Elo rating question for SMS: what K-factor is used in match comparisons?
  13. Share set up's (on PC) How to?
  14. "Force realistic driving aids"
  15. Dedicated Server Patch Notes
  16. Online Championship
  17. DS version 51 not joinable with -searchds
  18. Dedicated Server Maximum Session Length 2hrs?
  19. A whole Lobby crashed, -25 points ALL.
  20. Multiplayer on PS4 dead?
  21. [ES] LFO Cluib's Copa Ginetta G40 GT5
  22. Cheating? Bug? Crrreeepy mystery?
  23. Still getting random cars when entering a lobby, host migration still not working
  24. No way to "un-ready" after the patch
  25. Track change voting?
  26. Cannot determine who is host once the race has started
  27. Indicate what car is being driven
  28. Filter by safety / skill rating
  29. Mandatory Pitstop in Multiplayer
  30. Start lights issue. Online chaos!
  31. 1 lap race
  32. Penalty to give back 1 position (have no idea why)
  33. e Racing help
  34. MP : the forgotten part of the patch ?
  35. Racing in the wild storms.
  36. Yep... itís official, now feel the need to say...
  37. If I'm the host...
  38. How to become administrator in my dedicated server?
  39. New to it-How to become Administrator on a server I created?
  40. Position penalty bug
  41. Custom Liveries in the future?
  42. Looking for RX Racers
  43. Each lobby is "waiting". I can not join one of them.
  44. Caterham seven 620 R fans?
  45. Connection is disconnected, leave the session
  46. You've disconnected
  47. Dedicated Server - High ping rates??
  48. Avoiding Brutal Driver
  49. Who is a slow starter - and why?
  50. Online Championship Desync and Disconnects
  51. Opponent class "all" not available - bug or design?
  52. Roule-Improvenemt needed: Red Bull Ring GP / GT3 / Spin-Off at Pit-Entry = DQ
  53. Clio Cup Christmas League
  54. Xbox One | UAL Indycar League Sign Up
  55. AI on championship mode.
  56. Tuesday Night Online Champ PS4 looking for members
  57. ......
  58. Inverted grid 2nd round format
  59. i keep getting disconnected from any MP game
  60. Spectating issue
  61. Question to all the S, A, B drivers
  62. Multiplayer is fundamentally broken. [or... some don't like the penalties]
  63. New communtity-event - new trouble... (penalties)
  64. Any female racers out there?
  65. Multiplayer cheat control?
  66. Who can i join in racing?
  67. Do not increase the safety rating and skill level !!!
  68. World time attack STRANGE inconsistency
  69. Project Cars 2 vs GT Sport online
  70. looking for people to join a V8 Supercar Online championship
  72. Problem with kicking
  73. Multiplayer issues
  74. Idea Suggestion - More Statistics / Driver-Records please / Beaten the WR at RedBull
  75. How to change your initiale on multiplayer
  76. [PC] Looking for group to play regularly
  77. Im new to this game and got penelty but not my fault?
  78. Show how many incidents a driver have had in current race
  79. Please fix or change racing licence.
  80. QoL improvement suggestion: MP Lobby creation settings
  81. Joining Servers Through Steam
  82. Force "Cockpit View only" in MP Lobbies not working correctly
  83. Sitting on A by ages, seems impossible to reach S
  84. Where to get a clean server cfg file?
  85. Possible to have a practice server with no race and multiple tracks?
  86. Inherited Lobby.
  87. Apex Online Racing Social Event Dubai 2 hours
  88. OTCR 2018
  89. Please sort out the penalty system!!
  90. Can't See Car and Track Change After 1st Race
  91. How do I set all cars in sms_rotate_config.json?
  92. Looking for drivers
  93. Online Championship Thoughts/Feature Requests
  94. New Dedicated Track Day Server All Cars Track Rotation
  95. Incorrect or changing info
  96. Hosted Server visible on WMD portal but not always in game?
  97. Trouble hosting DS at LAN
  98. Do I get less points if someone quits the race?
  99. Green lights "early start" with no penalty
  100. My Rank dropped for no reason?
  101. Question about XITE Autosport International Rallycross event , Joker or not Joker ???
  102. Green lights (and red ones) donít always appear at start
  103. License point drops
  104. The huge disconnection "license penalty" (absolutely unfair)
  105. [PS4] 5 spaces available to join online weekly EDC racing team
  106. Have an issue about weather slots on DS settings
  107. Antivirus crashed my game, my savegamem, and RESET my online license!?!?!?
  108. How do you know how much time left to join multiplayer session?
  109. A. Horrible. Joke.
  110. Lobby/Weather-Settings must be visible to all - completely (exploiting is too easy)
  111. Quick question
  112. Report: P2P session out of sync
  113. formula A at red bull ring
  114. Race length reported differently in main lobby compared to sever lobby
  115. DQd coming into pits - anyone know why?
  116. How to not die on Eau Rouge?
  117. Multiplayer "set by temperature" tire selection.
  118. [XBOX] Renault Clio Cup 2018
  119. PC - Online Championship - Anyone Interested?
  120. No Snow falling in Dedi Server using "heavysnow"
  121. Project CARS 2 League Directory
  122. Feature Suggestion: Scheduled Multiplayer Lobbies
  123. Le Mans 24 hours
  124. Weekend Races PS4
  125. Afraid of racing online!
  126. Project Cars 2 Racing Group GT3
  127. [SOLVED] If I create a multiplayer lobby...
  128. Visual Split HUD not updating in multiplayer
  130. Sim Racing Paddock online in PCARS2
  131. Random mechanical failures online.
  132. An S guy, that wins the same way as de F drivers
  133. Beginners guide to Multiplayer Leagues and Online Championships?
  134. No tuning setups online???
  135. Issue with multiplayer multiclass
  136. Server Control means somtetimes 14 AIs
  137. [ES] LFO GT3 Series
  138. Online championship issues
  139. [PC] Saturday Night Special | 1 hour races | Saturdays
  140. Daytona 24hrs for AUS/NZ residents
  141. Keena's Formula Rookie new online driver thread
  142. Real ghost car in online race
  143. PC 2 Double Header Saturday!
  144. The lights does notÖ
  145. Look at this crazy driver!
  146. Why other players are 3 seconds faster a lap than me at Monza with forced setup?
  147. Online Racing
  148. [solved] Dedicated Server - RaceStatFlags extraction
  149. Manual Caution
  150. [PC] DC-Simracing LMP2 Challenge (Dutch)
  151. Help with new dedicated server - BoneYard
  152. Most Fun You Can Have in PCars 2?
  153. P2P VS Dedicated Track list
  154. tires get hot and you spin
  155. Feature Suggestion : Lobby Track List
  156. Pit Lane Parley Elite IndyCar Series - EliteRacingLeagues.com
  158. Anyone in for some weeknight fun races around 7 to 10PM Eastern ( Playstation )
  159. Host exits - race never "ends"
  160. Trouble Finding Online Races
  161. NEW DEDICATED SERVER: No Track limits - WRX - Snow Rally -Track Rotation
  162. No Dedicated RallyCross Servers?
  163. [Discontinued] PCARS 2 League Directory
  164. (ALL)Sim Racers Association Endurance Championship
  165. Bathurst 2 Hour
  166. [PC] & all plateform ?? License calcultation problem
  167. Can't join private lobby
  170. Unable to set PitConrol in Dedicated server
  171. Trying to find info about broadcaster and race director in championship mode
  172. [PS4] Formula C race at Texas
  173. Inherited lobby and all cars become the the same
  174. [PC] COR PC2 LMP1/LMP2 League (English)
  175. Touring Car League West Europe
  176. Online racing incentive
  177. Mandatory Pit Stop on dedicated server.
  178. Lobby pre-filterning
  180. RWB Endurance racs stream tonight
  181. DS issue in Track/Class/Car info showing for other players
  182. Multiplayer Bugs - Mostly synch w/ client problems
  183. peer to peer mp session always at night
  184. [RESOLVED] Backwards txt chat in MP sessions
  185. getting alot of disconnections in MP
  186. Formula renault at monaco!!
  187. [PC] SEETHEAIR.COM - 2018 Blancpain GT Series - POSTPONED (PLZ CLOSE THREAD)
  188. Assists disappear for race
  189. Hosting European Le Mans Series on Saturday Mornings.
  190. [RESOLVED] Fill Race with AI doesn't work.
  191. Group C at spa this Saturday January 27
  192. enabling minimum safety rank on dedicated?
  193. New Dedicated server up, cool and varied rotation!
  194. Diff Levels of Rain Saturation
  195. The most savage engineer message ever
  197. Dedicated server help
  198. On-line Championship bug/problem.?
  199. Online Races mostly GT3?
  200. more than one instance of a dedicated server?
  201. Would you race in this lobby?
  202. it keeps raining in my dedicated server
  203. Looking for a Bathurst 12hr Race On Xbox.
  204. Scheduled multiplayer / Sim Racing System feasible ?
  205. Caffeine Gaming Race Series
  206. Saturday night racing 9:30 CST (gmt-6)
  207. multiplayer disconnects etc..solved
  208. AOR GT3 League S9 Sign-ups (All Platforms) Now Open - Link Inside :)
  209. Pitstop issues
  210. PS4 - who is in for some online racing
  211. Online multiplayer ps4
  212. dedicated server not present in list but is present on steam server
  213. [PC] RevolutionSimRacing - Revolution Cup S5 (FR3.5) - Official Project CARS League
  214. [PC] V8SC Triple Championship
  215. Dedicated Server Workaround
  216. How to avoid the ones that do not brake?
  218. How to change online championship's or event's name on XBOX?
  219. [PS4] R/WEC League Starting (all experience levels welcome)
  220. How to post information for your league
  221. Suggestions for a classic racing server
  222. Friday racing - Clean Sim Racing - 3 short races scheduled.
  223. [XB1] XEIR Touring Car Championship - Starting 27th February 2018
  224. Looking for clean PS4 drivers
  225. Remove real weather on DS
  226. PS4 IndyCar Friday Night League Season 2 Starting Soon!
  227. Dedicated server weather progression to slow
  228. Announced track in lobby, not the one used in race
  229. anyone recruting pc
  230. DS patch 4 Linux server unjoinable
  231. Rookie looking for racers
  232. Why are dedicated servers always at the bottom of the server browser list?
  233. Man, I can't believe we still have this bug...
  234. Online championship mode - cant add driver after championship has started??
  235. 3 Minute cut off question
  236. Monday Mixer Weekly Lobby
  237. RWB Racing International ANNOUNCEMENT!
  238. Any sunday races or leagues I can join?
  239. RWB Racing International Open Event!
  240. Migrated to new PC, hours played reset
  241. Potential "dangerous" workaround on restricted lobbies
  242. Saturday night racing 9:00 CST (gmt-6)
  243. Update seems to have hidden my Online Championship
  244. "Synchronization" - EVERY start gets ruined
  245. Does Live Track 3.0 work as it should Online?
  246. Precision Racing League Recruiting for PC Championships
  247. High Ping on dedicaced server since 1.4 update
  248. Fuel and other variables
  249. [PS4] VIPR Fun Weekly Club Events - 5 Rounds - Sign Ups are now Open - Project CARS 2
  250. [PC] GEF-GAMING.DE GT3 MASTERS #02 - Still searching some Drivers !