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  1. Player Profile Missing
  2. Is there a graphics setting to lower tree detail?
  3. Resolution only goes up to 768p in VR (Oculus)
  4. Stuck at race start due to overlapped menu
  5. Saving Replays
  6. [RESOLVED] Problem with Track IR
  7. Clio wont fill fuel on pit stop (answered) now looking at lap times
  8. Serious LOST CONNECTION issue in multiplayer
  9. Any Chance that CSP V3 Brake and Throttle Rumble will work without a Fanatec Wheel
  10. bump view
  11. I lost stats and affinity of my profile
  12. Microsoft Controller buttons reassignments - Project Cars 2 (PC version)
  13. [ANSWERED] Fanatec & TH8RS...PCars 2 compatible?
  14. System requirements
  15. How to solve the stutter
  16. Adding 4th screen to triples arrrg!
  17. [PC] G27 returns to 900 degrees mid race
  18. G29 problem with button mapping
  19. How make my Thrustm. T-GT work on pc version of PC2?
  20. [RESOLVED] Delta Widget has disappeared
  21. Blinded by dashboard in VR during dark, rainy and foggy conditions
  22. Multicolor image in full screen
  23. AMD Vega 64 + Logitech G29 Woes, Windows 10.
  24. Fanatec CSW v 2.5 USB cuts out
  25. serious issue (bug) with potential split time hud
  26. Strategies get changed on their own
  27. Controlled rolling start causing mayhem at the Hockenheimring
  28. Thrustmaster TX - Can't hit the enter/select button in menus
  29. PC2 "Alt+Tabs" Unexpectedly During Gameplay
  30. Terrible AA & Shimmering
  31. [RESOLVED] PC2 stops responding with Vive VR when launching
  32. 30-40% weaker performance as pcars1 on nvidia cards!
  33. PC2 not activating BKG2
  34. [RESOLVED] G27 strange issue
  35. G29 Clutch help please.
  36. How can i reset my G29 wheel after i crash and restart?
  37. G29 wheel issue after patch
  38. [RESOLVED] lost view
  39. [BUG] Gears changed after Pitstop
  40. Trackside replay camera breaks when using + or - to change view?
  41. Steering wheel settings lost every time I play with controller
  42. Loading setup doesn't work
  43. New OSW Simicube, HE Pro Pedals, & Fanatec Clubsport Gearshift Setup HELP!!
  44. Joytokey for hydraulic handbrake(slide potentiometer) and button?
  45. Anyway to remap the button to select menu items?
  46. Mapping two buttons to gear up/down
  47. [RESOLVED] Game doesn't adjust the wheel rotation based on car
  48. minimising issue
  49. Settings for GTX 1070.
  50. Cars Will Not Go Into Gear And Leave Pits or Grid
  51. [ANSWERED] Cockpit blur in helmet cam
  52. Username stays a [unknown]
  53. [RESOLVED] Project Cars 2 VR Unresponsive on launch
  54. Race Online Never Completes
  55. Avatar in game
  56. Any tech support?
  57. PC2 Steam Workshop?
  58. [RESOLVED] Direct Drive wheel
  59. Same home LAN
  60. Simucube wheel settings
  61. custom livery
  62. Ford GT redline
  63. I just made a new lap record with Radical SR8-RX Monza GP Classic but it isnt there
  64. Logitech G27 setting after the patch
  65. [PC] Patch 6.0 Discussion thread
  66. Replays in VR
  67. Z fighting glitchy textures still present around most tracks.
  68. Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 Setup
  69. [RESOLVED] Ffb not working.
  70. community events availability not possible?
  71. [Resolved]Season pass owner doesn't get Le mans DLC
  73. Promblems with Steam code
  74. Thrustmaster TX base with Sparco P310 addon not recognised
  75. Hockenheim - AI loses control when entering pits
  76. Game breaking bug post patch 6
  77. Overcast weather = big fps drop
  78. [PC] New VPTA cars are in different car classes in TT
  79. activation code
  80. PC issue with VR and Sim Commander 4
  81. Brake Overheating?
  82. Ferrari 512M front wheel not touching the road
  83. Video settings for GTX950
  84. HTC Lens Swap with Gear VR
  85. [RESOLVED] Resolution issue since patch 6
  86. Help with G29: Can't adjust VIBRATION!
  87. Fanatec McLaren GT3 rim.
  88. What is "anti-jolt"?
  89. Volume for start lights and for track warnings?
  90. [ANSWERED] Can I change the AI car setups in an offline race ?
  91. PC2 crashes in VR after few Minutes
  92. 385.69 still best driver for PC 2 ?
  93. T300 to Fanatec CSL - Settings
  94. [KNOWN] Shadows / Ghosts in the dark issue
  95. 8700k and 1080ti and Vive original - need current settings for 90fps:
  96. Once in a while the game will freeze for 1 second.
  97. How do i turn off G29 vibration?
  98. Problem with Oculus Rift
  99. Qualifying bug still not resolved!
  100. Using 7" LCD screen as HUD/dashboard
  101. Game crashes after practice race
  102. Game crashes when 20mins are left in Race
  103. Game has me sitting next to the driver
  104. AI wrecks car on formation lap. Daytona.
  105. Disconnected from qualy to race
  106. [ANSWERED] Deleted laptime; still a bug and why not fixed?
  107. [RESOLVED] Edit Assignments problem
  108. Cloud Save is resetting all settings
  109. PC2 Game Progress Lost (PC) [SOLVED]
  110. Audio Problem - Sound Works for a While and Then Stops
  111. Help with VR Settings
  112. Multiplayer problems after patch
  113. PC2 dont recognize my controller, steam does.
  114. sudden FPS & Gpu usage drop for no reason help!
  115. Pro license
  116. Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO disconnect from the games
  117. Ping multiplayer problem
  118. Pc2 steam crashed and bug report
  119. Proper FFB setup - g29.
  120. Graphics settings for geforce 970GTX
  121. SessionState switching to PostRace
  122. Issue hosting onlien races
  123. pcars2 app crashing when switching from quali to race; started with UPDATE 1.6
  124. Indianpolis AA & shimmering ?
  125. Refresh rate for custom wheel setting?
  126. game startes up but not on monitor
  127. Time progression is bugged in career mode
  128. Beginner on simulation game. Steering wheel shaking in all directions
  129. Wheel calibration
  130. Seasson Pass Bonus (Project Cars 2 Deluxe ED)
  131. Dedicated Server Disconnects After Qualifying
  132. Time set to 10x,15x or 20x seams to take some FPS
  133. Grid penalty received in Quali not applied in race
  134. Caution Flags ??
  135. Project Cars 2 doesn't hold ASW forced ON (Oculus Rift)
  136. Eyeinfinity triple screen bands down centre screen
  137. No Longer Able to Save Setups
  138. Project cars 2 SteamVR overlay not working
  139. AI Don't follow the rules of pit stop
  140. Project cars 2, wont detect my rear onboard Audio....
  141. Stabilty Control N/A on HUD
  142. PC2 recognizes G29 as a 27
  144. FFB goes crazy.
  145. Crash to desktop when trying to continue my career !!
  146. Raw input for the controller (Win10)
  147. New to PC need help getting fps figured out
  148. Video Freezing in Oculus
  149. [Solved]Fanatec Shifter SQ v1.25 only works in H-Pattern mode
  150. Sound Messed Up: My Engine Sound Way Too Low
  151. pCars64.exe error
  152. Affinity - Driving View is shown wrong (Bug)
  153. Assign Cam CTRL+K
  154. "Visual split" (or whatever it's called) not being displayed
  155. Rattly CSL elite wheel base...normal?
  156. Random frame flashing
  157. I want to active key form Collectors Edition, but I have already have activated game.
  158. Training video ?
  159. [Solved] Still investigating but getting "No Signal" when loading game and in game
  160. Let's talk resolution
  161. Project Cars 2 limited edition for PC used on Amazon
  162. PC2 Crashing
  163. Problem with Simucube
  164. PCARS 2 Black Screen When launching in Oculus Rift mode
  165. TX T150 wheel not working
  166. Any developers or game designers on this forum?
  167. [REPORTED] 'Favorite race' not working
  168. Problem with SL1 Pro.
  169. I need help building a (simple) PC for PC2
  170. Keeps updating the game with the same version
  171. GeForce Experience probably wiped my profile (career progress and settings)
  172. Game crashing to desktop after qualifying
  173. Lost Porsche 991 RSR liveries
  174. Rain on windscreen linked to wiper speed?
  175. Accuforce not working in PCars 2
  176. [PC] Thrustmaster TH8A not being detected
  177. [ANSWERED] Increase/decrease FBB Volume uses +/-5 increments?
  178. G29 doesn't work on Project Cars
  179. G29 Force Feedback Clipping
  180. Authentic Settings
  182. Unable to calibrate wheel. App does not recognize rotation. [***PROBLEM SOLVED***]
  183. Forum Timeout
  185. [PC] Fuel Related Pit Bug/Issue
  186. Your Analysis on Proposed Build for Triples Setup
  187. Clutch in Project Cars 2
  188. Steam VR - all was good now hangs
  189. Amazon: Logitech G920 for 172.80 GBP
  190. (Logitech G29) Solution for missing driver settings in Logitech Gaming Software
  191. Logitech Driving Force GT wheel off center in Project Cars 2
  192. Making the switch from XBox.
  193. Lag(freeze) just after race start online
  194. Wheel not supported (Thrustmaster 458 Italia, PC)
  195. Fanatec CSL and CSW Pedal Issuses
  196. Problem of saving visual options
  197. Stuck with wheel settings. Can't play with the gamepad anymore.
  198. Project Cars 2 Launching Issue
  199. Time trial loaded ghosts N/A
  200. Time trial - Loading ghosts fails completely since this morning
  201. Project Cars 2 - Triple-Screen: Distance setting doesn't work?
  202. How to make TrackIR Work??
  203. Problems with Speedlink Drift O.Z.
  204. some issues with project cars 2 on pc using oculus rift
  205. I lost my FPS every time I break.
  206. Asus 1070 Strix and BugSplat
  207. How to tilt or move the HUD away or close in VR?
  208. traction control configuration messed up
  209. anyone have any experience with simvibe and bass shaker setup
  210. [RESOLVED] Direct Drive Wheel & Pedals not recognised
  212. Is it possible to get Engine rumble through a logitech G29 steering wheel in Pcars 2?
  213. Map not showing / cant activate it
  214. How do I fix god awful input lag
  215. PC 'shopping cart.'
  216. Vehicles Stuck on Grid and Pit Garage
  217. What AA settings to use?
  218. Bug, grass textures appear in road surface
  219. PC upgrade advice
  220. Any Help Appreciated - Pausing For A Few Seconds - VR
  221. Simvibe template request and shares
  222. Alternative Shifter Suggestions
  223. Thrustmaster t150 Not working
  224. What is the best 3D viewer for PC in relation to the quality price ratio?
  225. Famous FPS Drop and Slow Motion Problem
  226. vr double vision
  227. Heads up - Windows 10 Ransomware protection can block PC2 Profile from loading
  228. Event calander and name change!?!?
  229. [RESOLVED] V3 pedals gas when holding clutch and brake?
  230. cannot seem to get downloaded custom liveries to load in PC2?
  231. Menu Navigation Not Working
  232. Overlay While Racing and Overlay in Replays
  233. Playing PC2 on line
  234. Steam notification disables wheel buttons [VR]
  235. Bug report : wrong badge color and Rear Gear at startup
  236. PC Installation
  237. PS4 Dual Shock controller being ghosted by Project Cars 2
  238. Educate me - GPU temps and FPS...
  239. VR online race start problem
  240. [SOLVED] Fanatec CSW 2.5 squealing noise on some corners (Table clamp fault)
  241. No rain particle behind my car at replay
  242. T500RS and Xbox1 controller not detected and not working at all.
  243. Fanatec CSW v2.5 question
  244. VR Headset Positioning
  245. loosing license points after adsl disconnection
  246. PC2 profile totally reset after pc crash -win10 no antivirus
  247. Network lag on all servers
  248. Photo Mode works only partial
  249. Only one HDMI slot and 4k TV and VR ?
  250. Center spring bug with accuforce wheel