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  1. Can not run PC2 in VR mode with WMR
  3. Fanatec CSW V2.5 not recognized by PC2
  4. Thrustmaster tmx pro wonít work
  5. Problems with Fanatec CSP V3 when connected at the CSW V2.5 Base
  6. Windows 10 Update
  7. NVIDIA 398.82 Custom Resolution Issue
  8. Can't load settings / can't save settings **solved**
  9. Blurry cars in replay (flat screen)
  10. STEAMVR Menu/Overlay unusable - Using Wheels with Vive
  11. Speedlink Drift OZ issues
  12. Blank Screen
  13. [RESOLVED] PC2 doesn't recognise my G25 brake and clutch pedals!
  14. VR option grayed out with HTC Vive Pro in PC2
  15. Racing driver "flashing" in replay mode
  16. Online hick-ups when other players join (not just pC2)
  17. Auto Pit Mandatory Pit Auto DQ
  18. PC - Career Mode - Pitting in PRAC & QUAL affects AI times
  19. Triple Screens
  20. need help
  21. FFB Logitech G27 after pc updates
  22. (FIXED) shift flippers suddenly not working anymore CSW v2.5
  23. ForceFeedback and throtle not working when reaching a standstill or on green lights
  24. [ANSWERED] PC2 changing registry settings and messing with feedback in other games?
  25. Where is the "old" track map?
  26. [RESOLVED] Car turns off
  27. Project Cars 2 will not finsh downloading
  28. Game Stuttering only Online
  29. Need some VR help. New to forums.
  30. Project cars 2 can't see my controller
  31. occulus side pop-out
  32. AI cars stuck on the grid in replay
  33. Video freezes, GPU drops to 0%, but audio and FFB still work
  34. How to set more than one wheel profile ?
  35. Career mode races LOCKED
  36. Thrustmaster Ferrari Red Legend Edition, sound problems
  37. Oculus Rift near clip plane settings
  38. Switching from VR to Monitors
  39. A little feedback from a noob
  40. Rx lite strange tire behavior in menus
  41. Thrustmaster T300 / TMX Trouble Guide (PS4 / PC / XBOX)
  42. Graphics settings in-game vs Nvidia drivers
  43. UDP Frequency Kills My Wifi
  44. Time Trials / Server Status API
  45. [RESOLVED] G920 Throttle not recognized
  46. Account/settings reset?
  47. Control server using API and Race Director, AI settings
  48. Rain in Passenger Footwell.
  49. [PC] Patch 7.0 Discussion thread
  50. uh? starvrsettings.xml
  52. searched and found nothing with therms I used "won't save"
  53. [RESOLVED] Logitech G29-profile broken after Ferrari-update?
  54. Wind speed
  55. Logitec G29 not detected - help!
  56. Server Setup - OpponentDifficulty vs Skill & Aggression
  57. OSD messages, like brake balance are blocking my view (post patch 7)
  58. Pedals losing calibration
  59. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 steering wheel help
  60. [Resolved] on start race tires go out of car and ffb go crazy
  61. [PC] TIME TRIAL-add ghost-different car/category
  62. Canít get out of an online race
  63. [RESOLVED] Fanatec Mclaren GT3 shifting not working
  64. Load, delete and change setups
  65. thrustmaster t3pa pro pedals not recognized
  66. Will a 1060 GTX handle 3 1080 monitors?
  67. Lotus 56 "wearing down" suspension on Monza Oval.
  68. Fps dropping and lag
  69. [RESOLVED] CRC error loading file
  70. Opposite Lock Assist issues
  71. Fanatec Porsche GT3RS V2 is not working any more
  72. Moving to PC from PS4?
  73. Oculus Rift crahes when deactivating driving aids?
  74. T500RS wheel & pedals not working on PC2
  75. Button Mapping For Assists Not Working
  76. Crashing after Qualifying race online
  77. HORI Racing Wheel Apex not working
  78. TRACKIR 5
  79. G920 questions
  80. DLC content message keeps coming back.
  81. I need help
  82. Why FPS drops with the AI in VR? [Oculus Rift]
  83. top hat symbol in t300 control panel setup
  84. Career mode bug
  85. Shadow flickering
  86. 1080Ti and CPU limit
  87. PS4 to PC
  88. VR questions about graphic / resolution settings
  89. thrustmaster f430 pedals not recognized after patch
  90. Real weather problems
  91. Career mode + AI Formation laps = death
  92. Oculus Rift Visual Bug
  93. Car freezes 3s at each race start
  94. Lowered music volume during race. It is a bug or feature?
  95. Oculus Rift Problem - Any Help Greatly Appreciated
  96. [RESOLVED] Wheel not recognised in MENU
  97. Iíve Had it With These VR Freezes!
  98. [RESOLVED] Steering wheel can calibrate in PC2, but actual turning is not working.
  99. VR confusion
  100. Steering wheel help
  101. [RESOLVED] game stops responding when VR headset is sensed
  102. Logitech Profiler g27
  103. [RESOLVED] Can't use manual gears mode only automatic gears mode?
  104. Logitech wheels are not working in Project Cars 2
  105. [RESOLVED] Trackside view in replay
  106. I'm completely FED UP! [RESOLVED]
  107. [RESOLVED] Massive problems with Fanatec CSW wheel in Pcars2 - not to hurt yourself
  108. Severe wheel lag?
  109. to buy off the shelf or build my sim PC
  110. Dont work VR HTC VIVE
  111. i7-8700 (not K) + Standard GTX 1060, 6b - Enough for 1080 / 60fps (or a bit above?)
  112. how to calibrate the g29 wheel?
  113. G29 only works in one usb port?
  114. What router do you guys use?
  115. Steam VR Motion Smoothing..Vive and Vive Pros answer to ASW?
  116. Game doesnt save competitive racing license, after restart of game unable to advance
  117. Sterring Ratios not saving:
  118. HDR switching off when I launch Project Cars 2 on PC
  119. CSL elite wheel settings and sense of speed issues
  120. PC2, Rift and Oculus Home
  121. Car always defaults to 720s in offline race
  122. [Solved - corrupt profile] Triple Screen Setup Help required
  123. Multiplayer Issue: Setup Changing at Imola
  124. Online stats reset after a LAN event
  125. is steam VR needed with oculus?
  126. Project Cars UDP Problem
  127. Audi R18 e-tron qyattri ERS stops discharging
  128. My view is angled up and i cant fix
  129. Whole Career Gone
  130. Wheel PXN-V3II
  132. Could this be a possible stutter help?
  133. VR viewpoint fixed to steering wheel
  134. Cant change HUD selection
  135. Stuttering Shared Memory on and any dashdisplay
  136. HELP - Wanting to move from PS4 to PC with VR
  137. CSL Elite PS4 version with csl elite LC pedals pedal shifter doesnt work anymore
  138. Help PLZ
  139. Mirrors FOV in VR
  140. Freezes after 2 minutes in VR with HTC pro
  141. Error Message When Trying to Set Up a Custom Wheel
  142. T-GT Menus PC
  143. Cold tyres over 30 minute race
  144. G27 turning left
  145. Screen freezes in selection screen in VR mode
  146. Logitech g920 steering wheel
  147. Performance settings and impact on GPU/CPU
  148. Project cars 2 nvidia shield game controller default configuration issues
  149. all my settings have been reset
  150. Ayuda Thrumaster TMX Pro
  151. ......Getting a gaming pc
  152. game won't start - downloaded and then downloading again 38Go on 4G .... :'''(
  153. Logitech g29. Buttons 22 and 23 (Red circle encoder)
  154. [RESOLVED] Event is locked
  155. System resource question
  156. Pit Stop Strategy not working
  157. destroyed steam key
  158. Fanatec V3 Pedals do not work
  159. [RESOLVED] Replay file not working
  160. Can't open PCARS2 in VR
  161. Broken compatibility with F.Feedback in Steam Play/Proton (Linux) with latest patch
  162. Shimmering/missing textures on cargo containers?
  163. Thrustmaster T300RS F1 Wheel
  164. vintage touring cars in quick race menu
  165. Steam Controller - gyro steering set-up
  166. My Logitech G29 makes a high pitched whining noise whenever I turn it
  167. (VR) rendering of reflections different for each eye
  168. using paddles to look side and back
  169. Real racing driver tries VR
  170. Throttle and brakes go straight to 100% when slightly pressed.
  171. Gears Re config
  172. Clutch Not Recognized - Heusnikveld Pro
  173. triple screen - nvidia perspective surround ? (impression)
  174. PC2 constantly decalibrating on Odyssey+
  175. Software is not taking advantage of 3 monitor configuration
  176. How does a GTX1060 do with VR in Pcars2?
  177. Game Freeze on Startup from Steam with VR (Rift) Connected
  178. Small Bug in Go Kart Setup - Multiplayer.
  179. Project Cars using Logitech Momo Racing Wheel not porting correctly to new PC
  180. VR settings for optimum image quality
  181. Shaking image in WMR On some tracks
  182. Sli 1080ti never used at max load with i9 9900k
  183. Large tracks cockpit camera shake - Can this be fixed ?
  184. Button config issue on CSW V2.5 on PC
  185. I do not turn the steering wheel problem
  186. Some VR confusion, advice needed
  187. please can someone post Standard Audio Settings Screenshot (PC) ?
  188. Thrustmaster 500RS + VR bug
  189. OSW Wheel configuration problem
  190. Error on a official Indycar driver in the game !
  191. When will Fanatec Elite CLS Pedals with Loadcell be supported?
  192. less DOF ?
  193. Setup for streaming project cars 2?
  194. Gearbox problems in indycar
  195. PC + G920 Steering Wheel
  196. Project Cars 2 and x360ce
  197. [solved] G27 no FFB (cant feel kurbs and only 180 rotation) after reinstall
  198. problem project car spirit ot le mans anq oculus cv1
  199. Upgrade from Rift to Samsung Odyssey + worth it?
  200. Merry Christmas, your gift, another FPS thread!!!
  201. Project Cars 2: Wondering if i could use a flight stick for extra buttons/E-Brake?
  202. Issue with brake/throttle response (controller)
  203. FPS CAP on Full Scream mode
  204. Bug - Car in track / under track
  205. Thrustmaster 500rs not recognised on Project Cars 2; gotta be a simple issue?
  206. [RESOLVED] Fanatec Handbrake Not Recognized by PCars 2
  207. [KNOWN] hands stirring all the time
  208. pc2 whith oculus cv1
  209. [Resolved] Logitech G29 - Degrees of rotation doesn't adapt to the cars
  210. Logitech G29 does not work
  211. Help needed: Buttkicker & VR audio?
  212. Very stuck, Wireless Vive Pro, seems like resolution isn't correct and changing
  213. hori racing wheel steering settings for project cars 2
  214. Black screen mid race
  215. SSD upgrade
  216. Steam will not see Pcars2 and had to reinstall....
  217. Screen freezing for 3 seconds
  218. Controllersetting - Reset to default?
  219. How to back up from a wall?
  220. Launching PCars 2 on secondary monitor
  221. Please help. Game is crashing very often
  222. I have very poor AA - What is going on?
  223. Little stutter now and then solved for me
  224. Lenovo explorer
  225. Resolution issue- Desktop vs In Game question
  226. Disqualified for not pitting despite desperately trying to.
  227. Best bang for bucks CPU etc upgrade for my VR rig
  228. [RESOLVED] Cant launch PC2 with WMR Samsung Oddysey Plus
  229. Ryzen 5 2600 // GTX 1060 OC / 16Gb / SSD = Enough for Full HD high graphics?
  230. PS4 upgrade to PC + VR question
  231. [RESOLVED] Game not loading from steam
  232. Help Please - DFGT Have to turn steeringwheel nearly 360 degrees to corner
  233. Mounting rift sensor up high, is it ok?
  234. Crashing to desktop after end of qualifying session, online and offline
  235. Game freezes on collision
  236. [bug] Formula A cars get stuck on Ruapuna pit walls
  237. Game hangs when loading a setup
  238. I have some questions about Fanatec FEI settings..
  239. [RESOLVED] My mouse does not work in PC2
  240. Prevent game making screenshot on F12
  241. How to edit controls
  242. Crash to Desktop when saving setup or race finishes
  243. Cannot save graphics settings on Project Cars 2 PC
  244. [RESOLVED] Changes in brake/tyres physics?
  245. Problem thrumaster con fanatec por ara combinar
  246. Lag, hiccups and force closes playing PC2 in VR (Lenovo Explorer)
  247. [RESOLVED] Can't get rid of "What's new" screen
  248. Pit stop times different for different models of LMP900ís at Silverstone Classic GP
  249. Is SS the only way to minimize shimmering in vr?
  250. Penalty missing on certain tracks