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  1. Thrustmaster T500 Wheel feels off
  2. TAG name different in single player and online??
  3. Issue 2: Crashing/returning to pits tyres
  4. Issue 3: Throttle and Brake calibration T300
  5. FFB help with Accuforce and Rift
  6. Issue 4: Porsche 911 GT3 @ Zolder
  7. Performance settings not sticking
  8. Advice on GPU Temps
  9. RWA (Racing Wheel Apex) Steering Problem
  10. [RESOLVED] The game is not recognizing my CST pedals
  11. G29 Wheel Not Working in PC2
  12. No ai in online race
  13. [BUG?!] Clutch not required to shift manual h-pattern cars, Logitech G27 on PC
  14. [Bug][Graphics][Multiplayer]Complete distortion, holes in the world
  15. Project Cars 2 Running Slow
  16. Drivername is *****, personal laptimes not saved
  17. Constant crashing
  18. Not being able to navigate menus legendary BUG!
  19. Thrustmaster T300RS
  20. Car Profiles Randomly Loaded when SAVING Profiles.
  21. TH8A shifter
  22. Problems to sanction
  23. Problem when lowering gear changes
  24. Save wheel profiles
  25. Is there a seperate exe for 64 bit version?
  26. Simucube OSW settings
  27. Game crashes to desktop
  28. Multi Class Not Working Correctly
  29. Camera position save
  30. Game not Starting ....Bug report
  31. [Solved] Leo Bodnar SS V2 not detected
  32. VR Hickups
  33. ICM not working properly
  34. how do i get the shortcut to launch directly into the rift?
  35. AI-cars not collidable in signleplayer
  36. [RESOLVED] always to the right
  37. Triple Monitor - Camera really far back
  38. Problem with gearbox options with kart
  39. The game black screen crashes, PC resets everytime I'm on track.
  40. GPU fan going crazy on pcars 2. [Workaround inside - Fixed in Next Patch]
  41. A.I. Behaviour during and after rain
  42. PC: White Flash
  43. Not working vibration wheel
  44. Smoothen out the track
  45. Supersampling
  46. game hangs when saving setups.???
  47. Standalone shifter and buttonbox(g27 shifter)
  48. Game Enter Button (x) doesn't work / Thrusmaster F430
  49. Car sounds problem
  50. Out of car graphic issue using vr
  51. Advice in pc build needed
  52. Ford Fusion Nascar not posting to leaderboards
  53. Game crashes/freezes on exit and no sound
  54. Delete/Reset Driver Profile
  55. [RESOLVED] Any way of making my analog handbrake working?
  56. Oculus not working [Solved]
  57. automatic clutch won't stay OFF
  58. Lines on tracks
  59. Game constantly "crashes", drops to 1 FPS.
  60. Can't do private test
  61. [ANSWERED] How to change my profile picture in Pcars 2?
  62. Car damage = overheating *Possible Bug*
  63. CPU GPU
  64. [Possible Solution Inside post#57] Very poor graphics with htc VIVE on project cars 2
  65. Lots of Crashes
  66. AI Behaviour
  67. MAJOR Multiplayer bugs that are killing the game.
  68. Grip... or super recoverable abuse
  69. No soft lock with OSW
  70. Can't disable Authentic TC ABS SC
  71. Can't calibrate SimuCUBE wheel
  72. Games Suspends at the Ready stage for a race -MP
  73. AI: Needs tweak, too fast? @ Nordschleife just before T2 (on map)
  74. Need a way to abandon career mode championships and learn about the cars beforehand
  75. Custom Race Ghost Shifting Issues
  76. Multiplayer Bugs - Loading Screen Car and Grid Position
  77. VIVE VR Graphics Problem [FIXED]
  78. whoever is having Vr performance issues try this
  79. Ruapuna Park Formula Rookie ICE Tyres BUG
  80. G27 ffb setup help
  81. Breakpower + stopping distance
  82. VR Rift - don't see car/track, only mirror and trackmap
  83. "Force feedback" ideal for the steering wheel: "ECCI 7000", thank you
  84. Best settings to get rid of aliasing of lamposts and fencing ?
  85. Create Device Failed. Windows 7 must be a least build 7601
  86. Crash to desktop
  87. stick shift animations
  88. Unlock "developer" views
  89. Static Cameras are not working.
  90. Add Ghost dose not work?
  91. Missing FFB e.g. when driving over kerbs or crashing?
  92. High usage VGA - 99% load
  93. Button mapping TCS and ABS
  94. No World Movement or G-Force settings when using Steam VR/TrackIR?
  95. 3D Vision
  96. Rain going into vehicle through front screen !
  97. Multiplayer Host Quit during race
  98. Win race get second place
  99. HUD too close doesn't save.
  100. Car shadow filcker and replay system
  101. Fanatec Turbo S looses connection
  102. Freetrack/Opentrack help required to get working if possible.
  103. Authentic Assist and Leaderboards
  104. Strange reflection on Brands Hatch with snow
  105. PC2 not working
  106. Multiplayer browser show 50 sessions max.
  107. [BUG] Multiplayer, some players do not have rain.
  108. [Solved] - Stutter problem in VR.
  109. Flickering puddles. SLI problem or universal problem?
  110. [NOT A BUG] Bug with Thrustmaster TS-PC?
  111. Black screen on Rift CV1 when removing head unit :(
  112. Please explain bug (video attached)
  113. [Bug Report] Severel Bugs listed in here
  114. My first day, and issues I had.
  115. Will 6GB RAM be enough?
  117. Track IR 5
  118. Microsoft sidewinder problem
  119. Logitech G29 wheel not recognised
  120. Locking brakes formula rookie
  121. The sky looks weird
  122. 2013 ORECA 03 NISSAN Engine
  123. Disable Force feedback with driver swap
  124. Pedal sensitivity issue
  125. HUD completely gone besides best lap in VR. Reset didn't help.
  126. Race Director Deleting Laps
  127. Menu problems
  128. Is trial version for PC coming?
  129. Hud not saving
  130. [RESOLVED] PC Version - Car stalls when I hit the gas
  131. [too much powaaah] PC continually reboots while playing PCars2 in VR
  132. Crashing every day
  133. Triple screen & Oculus Rift
  134. Online Lobby Bug Configuration - Same Vehicle Class
  135. Camera-change ...
  136. Can we disable sterring wheel in game menus?
  137. WOT issue - Investigating
  138. Anyone else having issues with their G27
  139. Lost Alot of point Due to a bug
  140. AI Pit Strategy
  141. Framerate drop in replay
  142. HUD configuration Bugs (PC)
  143. Lap times not saved
  144. Known issues list ?
  145. Formula Rookie US Champs - Qualify 1, Start Race 1.16 behind in 12th place
  146. Trackside Camera Sound in Replays very poor compared to PCars 1
  147. Game crashes back to desktop (multiplayer)
  148. problème de calibrage logitech G920 sur pc
  149. Camaro ZL1 on PC
  150. [RESOLVED] Game randomly crashing/freezing
  151. Oculus RIFT CV1 problem after auto recenter view
  152. Logitech Driving Force GT Problems
  154. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on for T300RS not working by default
  155. BUG: Split time gone and cant make it appear again on HUD
  156. Vibes Staying on causing problems.
  157. Cannot modify the menu setting regulating the speed you can change gear
  158. KeyBoards_AZERTY
  159. Triple Screen Setup
  160. Dedicated server not showing up in list (everything looks fine)
  161. T300gte wheel, soft lock too weak
  162. Online issues
  163. Replay bug in VR - invisible player car in mirror
  164. Is it possible to have multiple profiles ?
  165. Project Cars 2 Bugs & Glitches
  166. Knockhill Rallycross Bug
  167. HUD gone
  168. VR|Suggestion: Aliasing: TAA & Lumasharpen
  169. [YES] Does SMS try to fix the problem of wheel shake?
  170. Too many tracks smoother than a mirror
  171. [PCars2] Rift suddenly unplayable
  172. REAL Weather questions
  173. excessive amount of pit stops
  174. Replay Camera (External Drive-by)
  175. Blank Screen (Using TV as Monitor)
  176. Concerns regarding DCT gear boxes
  177. Wheel will not give analogue mode
  178. Shadows flickering/clipping
  179. LaFerrari and 918 Never Regen Battery
  180. Graphic issue Daytona Road Course
  181. Game crashing on the first day!
  182. GT5/GT4 end of a timed races: AI skips a lap
  183. I noticed steam workshop files for PCars2 got downloaded
  184. Cockpit View no longer default view in VR
  185. [RESOLVED] Configuration PJC2 and T300 Alcantara Edition
  186. Oculus Rift - game doesn't switch to Rift Audio automatically
  187. Reporting MP bug server name and password not saving when setting up servers.
  188. G29 Steering Ratio Driving Me Slightly Mad....
  189. [SelfSolved] Cant get full HUD with triples
  190. BUG can't choose start position with race
  191. Issue/Bug? Oculus Rift and Nvidia surround not playing nice together
  192. [KNOWN] BUG ATH position 99/99
  193. [RESOLVED] Can not change pit settings during race.
  194. ECCI 7000 FFB Wheel on Project Cars 2
  195. No sound on tracks and game freeze on exit
  196. Automatic downshifting when in low speed/braking
  197. FFB is Clipping My Hands Off
  198. Logitech G29 not being detected almost all the time.
  199. Xbox 360 Controller no change to sensitivity when making adjustments to the settings
  200. Bug repport - Low safety ranked players able to join high ranked
  201. [Solved] Jagged shadows and strange trees
  202. HUD layout options not working right in VR
  203. Replays in triple screen config
  204. Will Nvidea Volta give clearer VR-image
  205. FFB issues
  206. Triple screen option not working
  207. turn on ABS , TC in multiplay anytime even though host set up No Assist.
  208. replay issue
  209. ATTN: Fanatec CSR users. Magical FFB settings.
  210. Camera leaning
  211. TH8 A gearstick option not available to select?
  212. Cockpit camera view FUBAR
  213. Game Stuck at Saving after qualifying online race
  214. Swapping between Wheel and Control Pad ?
  215. Bug report - Assigned key for show/hide Opponent Names still active on Z key
  216. When changing setup during pitstop or tuning setup the game crashes
  217. Graphical bug in the night!
  218. Stuttering in VR when GPU usage is low
  219. Skill Rating lost
  220. FFB BUG
  221. Wet track replays
  222. Problem with Project Cars 2 & Heusinkveld Pro pedals in PC
  223. [Reported] 2 second ish' freeze random times.
  224. can we get more blur effect on replay like beta version ?
  225. Race wont start, loading hangs at 75%
  226. Unable to log in
  227. FFB Line graph missing in VR
  228. Silverston pit speed bug
  229. Pop-ins and flashing textures in VR
  230. No sound, and often game just wont load!
  231. Ii have no yellow weight display in telemerty after leaving pits
  232. Various Bugs
  233. Windows taskbar showing while playing
  234. Leaderboards broken
  235. Chase camera extremely zommed in
  236. Need some general forum help
  237. puddles have a completely unrealistic effect in low speed
  238. Can not select in Menus
  239. Crashes and rubberbanding
  240. Steering Wheel Turning Radius Issue
  241. Loss of certain sounds after about an hour of game play
  242. Driver Swap with AI for endurance races. Broken?
  243. Game Crashes When Launching in VR
  244. Snow Driving Pointless NOT fun or realistic.
  245. logitech g29 game making wheel off center
  246. How do I adjust FFB pr car?
  247. [Resolved] Slightly Tearing with V-Sync on
  248. [KNOWN ISSUE] Brake Bias adjustment Incorrect??
  249. Competitive licence : wrong letter displayed
  250. FFB T500 RS Profile switched to T300 profile and ...