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  1. G25 and autotune ?
  2. ALL recomendend requirements And still no ultra or 60 fps
  3. Audio Stuttering/Clipping
  4. Patch PC out 1.1.3
  5. Logitech G29 - Clutch and accelerator inverted
  6. Thrustmaster 458 Italia Lack of Support - OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM THRUSTMASTER
  7. Setup resetting in career mode.
  8. Flashes / glitches in Oculus Rift CV1
  9. Mouse pointer keeps disappearing (Oculus Rift)
  10. Helmet Cockpit Cam Low FPS in VR
  11. How well would my system run Pcars2
  12. [PC] Pre-ordered Collector edition Amazon - Steam code unreadable
  13. (Solved) Game was OK but now crashing to desktop since latest patch?
  14. Cannot see my own server
  15. Logitech G920 issue with pulling itself to the left
  16. Can't Select HUD Boxes (Oculus Rift)
  17. [KNOWN] Racing Line Aid Disappearing
  18. Crash and return to desktop
  19. Nissan skyline GTR (Group A) help
  20. Two patches today?
  21. Car flying in multiplayer game
  22. Pressure units in vehicle info
  23. Replay Bug(?) on PC
  24. [RESOLVED] T300 RS not detected (PC)
  25. Multiplayer not working
  26. is there "SOFTLOCK"
  27. Clocks not showing time correctly
  28. wheel calibration
  29. Demoted a lap for no reason
  30. is it normal i can shift without clutch ?
  31. Driving Aids in Mulitplayer and Singleplayer
  32. Edit Tuning save all whacky!
  33. Ferrari GT3/ GTE Rear View Camera Monitor Issue (Oculus Rift)
  34. [Issues and bugs!] - Some bugs that needs to be sorted out
  35. G29 Not detected - Intermittently
  36. Steam sync not working correctly
  37. cannot even play tonight
  38. GTX970M Settings
  39. Game Completely broken/Frozen after patch 1.1.3
  40. FC 3rd Race AI Tire Model not right
  41. Xbox 360 Racing wheel
  42. some one please help with FFB
  43. Audi 90 IMSA GTO bov sound
  44. Driver rating has dropped back to 'U'
  45. Fanatec CSL goes full lock, shakes, have to switch off
  46. invisible car
  47. No replay
  48. [RESOLVED] G920 not detected by pc- any fix anyone?
  49. in-car management menu doesnt work/popup
  50. Can i enjoy VR with these speqs
  51. Steering does not work in a hori RWA
  52. Replay Audio Issue? Bug?
  53. [VR]in game hud doesn't scale to the mirrored resolution
  54. [ANSWERED] Bug or as designed?
  55. Dedicated Server Wrong Track
  56. DSR + Triple Screen setup
  57. 23MB Download This Morning?
  58. no mouse cursor in vr
  59. [Fixed] Random white flashes in oculus vr
  60. Force feedback issue with Logitech G29 [Resolved]
  61. Stuttering in VR after patch
  62. Outstanding bugs as at 29 Sep
  63. Camera View Changes after Pits
  64. SuperSampling fix for triple screens
  65. [Bug report] Azure Coast stages map error
  66. Logitech G29 working, Project Cars 2 not. [Solved]
  67. AA (MSAA) glitch
  68. PC-RACER
  69. Fanatec CSR - No force feedback [Solved]
  70. FYI: Issue with RivaTuner Statistics Server v6.5.0 and Pcars 2 - fix listed
  71. puddles not showing in replay
  72. Starts on Pole, But position listed as last?
  73. Game minimizes to desktop on startup
  74. HUD issues
  75. PC2 paddle shift questions
  76. Game get stuck in quick race
  77. [PC] Thrustmaster T500RS loosing FFB
  78. Sampala
  79. Severity of ABS via FFB.
  80. Thrustmaster TMX FBB
  81. I always get disconnected from online servers
  82. My Lap Times
  83. [Reported] PhotoMode don't work in Showroom
  84. OSW Simucube Small Mige - settings? :s
  85. Rivatuner Statistic Server for Stutter fix
  86. My Game Not Save! - Meu jogo Não ta salvando as configurações!
  87. [PC] Arcade Wheel sensitivity
  88. Why is there still no fix for the saving bug? UNPLAYABLE
  89. [BUG] Odd shadow behavior around Le Mans at night.
  90. Online Lobby bug for "Forced Default Setups".
  91. g920 issues
  92. HUD layout on triple screen not at all working
  93. Astra TCR rain in Cockpit
  94. VR Guide - Setup, Settings and general tip
  95. VR and triple screen freeze
  96. how do i stop the view from auto changing
  97. PCars 2 Poor VR performance...
  98. Road cars changing driving line on its own
  99. STicky mouse only in PC2
  100. Finishing Position
  101. Replays capped @ 30fps
  102. VR: bad performance at night with cars behind you
  103. [REPORTED] Race Engineer and Spotter audio disappearing?
  104. PC - No HDR support?
  105. Rain drops on hands in open-wheel cars
  106. Please add "Borderless Windowed" mode in PCars 2
  107. Wheel shake?
  108. 2 questions about the game options
  109. Technical question on Aston Martin GT3
  110. FOV Speed Sensitivity BEST settings?
  111. virtual mirror in cockpit
  112. Reinstalling game.....Question.
  113. Lotus 49 diff setup
  114. Missing break lock indicator lights 488GTe
  115. [RESOVLED] Trackir Help please.
  116. All progress lost ??
  117. Strange weather/Track bug at Nordschleife Combined
  118. Black line either side of car.
  119. Automatic by weather
  120. Basic settings advice please for Fanatec wheel on wheel and in game please
  121. I lose internet connection everytime I play PC2!
  122. Switch between Triples and Rift
  123. T500 Settings on PC
  124. Lobbies I create do not appear on the lobby list
  125. No camera views;audio but no video of track
  126. Is it just me, or is everyone else constantly crashing?
  127. H-Shifter + Manual Clutch imposed delay
  128. "No data available yet" in loading screen
  129. VR CV1 Texture Pop in at extreme edge on left side - hidden surface determination
  130. why do i have tripple screen settings with only one screen...
  131. HUD quirks in VR
  132. BUG: Motion Telemetry still active during replays...
  133. [Multiplayer Bug/Exploit] Random people get the win?
  134. Unable to save custom setups
  135. VR Settings that worked for me
  136. Not getting top speed
  137. Puddles disappearing randomly (w/ video) [Solved]
  138. Setups In Custom Race Mode
  139. Cockpit turn view to apex?
  140. AMD XFire flickering reflections, shadows, textures
  141. grip level of ai
  142. poor t300 ffb
  143. "all in one" FFB settings with DD-Wheels = dangerous
  144. Live Stream single player game to TV?
  145. HUD Layout VR Issues
  146. Dashmeter Pro working with Project Cars 2 ?
  147. [Fixed TM Wheels]Big deadzone
  148. Ginetta Jr. wipers issue (PC)
  149. Weather
  150. Bug: No Tires displayed
  151. Patches?
  152. Fps drops triple monitor.
  153. Graphics Card Maxed out in Menus
  154. VR (Rift) dont work anymore
  155. [BUG] Loaded Tune saving doesn't seem to save correct tune?
  156. Oculus Rift [only] Crashes Issues
  157. Dedicated Server Issues
  158. texture problem
  159. [VR STEAM's Tray Icon Game launch] Default to Oculus through the tray icon?
  160. [ANSWERED] Cart gear shift bug?
  161. PC2 error
  162. Spectator Mode Question
  163. Serveral Bugs throughout session
  164. VR/Vive frame drops issues solved
  165. Affinity not counting if you view replay
  166. Cars floating in replays
  167. [DandyHighwayman] T150/T300/T500 Force Feedback settings
  168. Winshield causing distant pixelation and Blur problems in VR.
  169. What is wrong with the Camaro?
  170. [KNOWN] BUG Different weather for Host and players
  171. Pitstop Strategy didn't work
  172. Clio Cup 3-wheeling
  173. Project Cars 2 and Sim Vibe
  174. Brake acts like clutch
  175. Fanatec Shifter SQ V1.5 does not work with Project CARS (not PC2)
  176. Night conditions and fps performance
  177. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Failing or PCars2 bug?
  178. [ANWERED] Formula C Tyres mixed up?
  179. pCARS 2 only 1/4 screen at 1080p ?
  180. minor bug: driving aids not shown correctly in menu
  181. PC/T300RS - Wheel Doesn't Respond At Session Start Menu
  182. Install Skins
  183. VR Oculus Frame Rates
  184. Brake Config - how to tweak via file
  185. Damage setting has no effect
  186. Fanatec CSWv2.5 not recognised by the sim
  187. [Reported]Potential Bug - Steam Overlay Breaks Lobby Interface?
  188. Am I expecting too much?
  189. Online - Force Pit Stop...is this working?
  190. Getting poor fps on Gtx 1080ti
  191. Visual Splitter HUD
  192. Uninstall all files PC2
  193. Saving Replays?
  194. Wheel hard to turn (Fanatec CSW 2.5)
  195. CSW V2 BMW no select button
  196. Main reason for poor VR performance, just a visualization
  197. Strange Issue with Logitech Wheel
  198. Thrustmaster 458 Spider Racing Wheel not working
  199. [Investigating] Bugs, Problems with weather system and random weather
  200. Pit Tyre Textures incorrect
  201. Is there a way to reset all settings to default?
  202. Creating MP server no one sees me?
  203. VR hud inconsistencies.
  204. Bizarre Throttle Behavior After Adding Ghost Lap
  205. Can't join servers "Kicked from Multiplayer Session"
  206. Fanatec CSL Elite Force Feedback Settings
  207. driving force gt settings
  208. Oreca Engine vs Transmission Sound
  209. Center camera based on wheel position (VR)
  210. License Reset
  211. Single player driver name
  212. VR scale in open wheels vs GT cars: too big vs too small
  213. Lotys Type 51 (1967) - Clutch problem
  214. Stuttering in VR Oculus Rift
  215. Corvette Z06 OEM Setup Error
  216. [Fixed] PC Cars 2 Not Detecting G920
  217. Feature req: Keymap for quickchange tactics
  218. PC2 HTC Vive / PSVR fix :)
  219. is PC2 on i3 processor even possible?
  220. Custom Liveries and Oscarolim Setups
  221. Soft Lock on G920
  222. MP bug
  223. Nvidia Control Panel pcars2avx.exe
  224. VR Guide - Setup, Settings and General tips
  225. [RESOLVED] Impossible to Launch game (steam or not)
  226. Game keeps freezing up my PC with loud buzzing sound
  228. Use pcars 2 files in pcars1
  229. Quick Race Freezes on load screen after loading
  230. GAME CRASHES X4 in RANKED ROOM. Can i get Rating back?
  231. Leo Bodnar SimSteering 2 System 54
  232. Wipers in VR
  233. Sequential Upshifts Randomly Miss
  234. T500RS - No soft-lock?
  235. When using VR (Rift) does the resolution setting effect more than text size?
  236. Logitech Driving Force GT steering deadzone issues
  237. Help: recommended setup i5 4690k, gtx 970
  238. assist settings
  239. G920 gas pedal issue
  240. Wrong tyre at pit stop issue
  241. G27 Center Spring Bug
  242. [REPORTED] Thrustmaster TMX no FFB
  243. Bannochbrae (e.g.) graphics issues and other remarks
  244. Has there been any sort of update that I've missed?
  245. Which car set up save, is loaded at race start??
  246. Feel bad visual depth with VR (and not VR only)
  247. Mirror HUD problem
  248. Bug: Gear ratios
  249. Camera Leaning Issue
  250. UI elements not working as intended?