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  1. G920 Issues
  2. VR FPS decrease after time
  3. Multiplayer bug. Wrong startposition Race
  4. (BUG) In-car Mgmt Fuel mapping
  6. No track position showing - Online games where?
  7. Couldn't select certain buttons
  8. Logitech g920 problems adressing to Mr.Ian Bell
  9. PC2 VIVE VR in game Blank Screen issue.
  10. triple monitors?
  11. Custom steering wheel
  12. Bug: british classic showdown invitational event
  13. Host migration failed - 100 points lost. QUIT THIS GAME
  14. Bug? HUD: Live edit messages reverts to default position.
  15. Excessive Tire Wear
  16. Formula A night race and no light
  17. I just went from C1616 to C1566 because of a loading bug
  18. career deleted after ctd
  19. [BUG] AI Can't pit
  20. Informative FFB Min Force
  21. Rumble Strips - Red Flashing in Cockpit
  22. [REPORTED] Triple screen issue: heavy flickering on left and right screen
  23. bug? Diffs
  24. Safety rating suddendly went down randomly
  25. Fanatec CSW buttons in UI
  26. 24H Race Glitch?
  27. Career Qualifying to Racing
  28. Screen freezes but the game still runs in the background
  29. Sudden drop in VR performance
  30. Bug Splat LOLZ reboot
  31. FPS fluctuates wildly in races
  32. Axis Switched for gas and clutch? G29
  33. counter steer too fast
  34. Engines overheat and die (Bug?)
  35. Bug Report: List of important Bugs (weather, UI, Gameplay, penalties, Car Setup)
  36. VR center is jumping around
  37. problems with Thrustmaster t500rs and Fanatec CSP V2
  38. Fuel wrong in to race online....bugs?
  39. [RESOLVED] GAME FREEZES in Pirelli World Challange Race 1
  40. Game loads to Taskbar
  41. driving in the snow
  42. When you win you lose?
  43. Menu click responses problem in vehicle setup menu
  44. Looks like PCars 2 has stuffed my monitor.
  45. FFB when we shift is missing - no bump
  46. Game shows wrong license
  47. Thrustmaster 458 Italia No FFB FIX!!!
  48. [RESOLVED] Couldn't get any of the cars I was driving to load
  49. Reporting some bugs found
  50. [BUG] Multiplayer hangs in lobby after qualifying.
  51. Car is only 100% repaired after crash optical, but physics of the car changes
  52. Pitstop Visual Cue
  53. Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO
  54. Direct Drive MMOS settings
  55. How to disable recorded ghost laps?
  56. [BUG] This happened last night in a online race...
  57. California Highway time always being deleted.
  58. Remove frustration of online players...
  59. [PC] Patch 2.0 Discussion thread
  60. [It's the patch, and online works OK] Mystery 2GB+ update. Now online is broken.
  61. Game Controllers
  62. [BUG] Fast respawn on Sakitto
  63. pCars 1/2 Cannot start with steam vr (rift cv1 user)
  64. Crazy carreer AI lap times, back again after patch...
  65. [FIX IN PATCH 4.0] New Bug after 2.0 - Assists are being transfered to next car
  66. [solved] Game freeze
  67. Problem with setups not saving/loading
  68. Media buttons not working in Pcars 2
  69. Wheel calibration 900 Degree
  70. Blurred Vr (Oculus)
  71. [Patch 2.0] Recommended settings for Rift at 90fps? i5 4690K + 1080ti
  72. I cannot host sessions longer than 134 laps / 2 hours, 20 minutes
  73. VR HUD Modification (Possible?)
  74. [Investigating] Indy Car Wrecking loose at Indy after Patch 2.0 Please Help
  75. Supersampling in Steamvr now works :)
  76. VR (VIVE) performance issues mostly in corners
  77. No internet while playing pc2.
  78. Have you tried triple monitor with different size and resolution?
  79. Mouse "time out" and repeats.
  80. possible add option to disable real time tree shadows and make them static?
  81. Why do rain and night kill the framerate ?
  82. PC Patch 2.0 Pit Request Button Still Doesn't Work [It does work]
  83. PC Patch 2.0 Race Spotter and Engineer Still Don't Talk When Set to Always
  84. Fanatec Clubsport v3 pedals via USB not calibrating after 2.0 patch
  85. PC reboots immediately after loading a race session
  86. Automatic Rolling Start Bug on Spa
  87. [FFB] Thrustmaster T500 RS
  88. Detail pop up on cars.
  89. How do I download the new patch?
  90. Bug lag but good fps
  91. No supersampling option in VR anymore
  92. fixed 'look left/right/down/up' assignments for numpad?
  93. ABS/TC/SC on screen message still bugged?
  94. VR Camera Settings
  95. Tip for MOMO Racing owners
  96. [RESOLVED] Steering Ratio problem
  97. One skyline R32 Group A livery missing
  98. Gamepad Steering Since Latest Patch.
  99. Bug Report: Car selection in Multiplayer lobby
  100. Few problems with G29 so far
  101. Steering input? Output? Ratio??? Or just me??
  102. BUG: Rolling start gives time penalty
  103. Just Launched Steam to a PCars 2 - 21.8MB DL
  104. [FFB] How do you tweak the RAW settings? Can I copy RAW settings to ffb_custom_setti
  105. VSync buggy?
  106. Keep focus when playing windowed ?
  107. Fanatec CSW V1 - FFB so weak & loose
  108. I have NO SOUND IN-GAME [Solved]
  109. Bug Report: Default Setups in Time Trial
  110. Every car feels like its on ice..
  111. My settings are sometimes not saved?
  112. Career Mode - Nissan 280ZX IMSA GTX - Rennsport Revival Cup, nightrace with no light
  113. VR Users - Super Sampling - Check this out...
  114. 2015 CADILLAC ATS-V.R GT3 Steering Shaft Animation
  115. Hud
  116. HUD stuck in bumper
  117. VR: it keeps moving and I have to move my seat to the left....
  118. Just got my Thrustmaster T300rs GT setup and PC2 is driving me INSANE
  119. bonnet view at 120 FOV using Formula A glitch at bottom of screen
  120. Voice chat for PC users?
  121. G29 issues w/ PCars
  122. Body of car judders while sitting in cockpit of stationary car with engine off
  123. Monza - Loading frozen on 25% in career
  124. Still not possible to have my documents folder on a networkdrive with 2.0
  125. Thrustmaster FRW Red Legend Edition
  126. Too old and unskilled to move to PC platform?
  127. FPS counter Benchmark
  128. My first real bugs
  129. Help killing Windows 10 background processes.
  130. Replays and DOF
  131. Game hogging bandwidth?
  132. "Neutral" Button for gearbox
  133. Feature request - Multiplayer ping filter
  134. FPS dips at corners
  135. Bad textures on car stickers, headlighths & tailighths
  136. bug splat error, PC2 wont start. PLEASE HELP
  137. [BUG] Azure Road with rain - AUDIO
  138. Why do you lower graphics quality ?
  139. [Resolved] Wheel Pulling to the left after starting Formula Rookie Career
  140. Does SLI work ?
  141. [RESOLVED] CSL Elite PS4 not being recognized, but seen in Windows.
  142. [BUG?] Is this how the Reset function is supposed to work in Multiplayer?
  143. Sudden Bursts of Speed
  144. [VR] I find adjusting the HUD a nightmare - How do you remove Potential lap widget?
  145. Current bug list
  146. PC2 - Win 10 Gaming Mode
  147. Saved Tunes and Changing FFB
  148. Add keys for second sequential Shifter... possible?
  149. Wheel configuration speed sensitivity
  150. Any Idea what caused this?
  151. New to PC games help required with wheel
  152. Quiting from game
  153. Road A cars broken?
  154. Lost driver profile and all game progess, also online points
  155. Front wheel camber
  157. Possible bug: assigned button for pit stop
  158. Possible bug: changes to car setup do not get saved to existing car setup
  159. Possible bug: some changea to the hud layout do not get saved
  160. Audi R8 LMS bug/issue
  161. Low torque values
  162. Hood view = engine sound not enough loud
  163. [BUG] can't remove wheel for Formula A [SOLVED]
  164. Ran into more tyre bugs after patch 1.2
  165. 3 Bugs I found
  166. Supersampling setting not saved (after patch 1.2)
  167. Imola setups not available in race
  168. FPS boost that might help some
  169. Bug Report: Driving Assists Come back on if you hit the traction control button
  170. Online: car selection keeps changing in the player list when joining, indycar
  171. Issues I've been having
  172. Online lobby (Peer to Peer) Maxed at 50. Next on the patch list?
  173. [SOLVED] Fanatec shifter doe doesn’t work in sq mode
  174. T500rs does not return to center in menus
  175. Endurance racing and Hibernate/Sleep
  176. AI Ramming/Driving line/Damage
  177. Perfomance Settings
  178. [ISSUE?]2013 ORECA 03 NISSAN engine sound when in cockpit VR.
  179. [BUG]Selecting current date defaults to custom.
  180. What FOV settings are you using for Triple Screen?
  181. Steering wheel to buy
  182. Monza Tree's
  183. How to "fake" triple screen whit my particular setup.
  184. List of Lua API Issues
  185. ICM Pitstop Strategy Menu, Is there an easier way?
  186. Disconnected From Session
  187. What to adjust for flickering?
  188. Fanatec CSL Elite centering to wrong position after every startup
  189. FFB Wheel shakes heavy at 0 km/h.
  190. Online: Setup save screen does not contain text in 5 of 7 boxes
  191. HUD saving problem
  192. VIVE Helmet View Through the Roof
  193. Online: bugged player list, same name twice
  194. Key binding
  195. Loosing grip spinning out
  196. Self cleaning cars
  197. Fueling device flying over Imola
  198. Little suggestion about Photo in game
  199. No 5.1 sound/ bass via headphones anymore
  200. Problem with manual control for rolling starts
  201. Starting light missing sometimes (and starting audio too)
  202. Car setup saves are in error.
  203. No TV in VR-Replay
  204. Missing "Windows Standard" as Audiooption
  205. Gt cars problem
  206. Joker lap not counting
  207. Driver and pit crew missing (graphical + gameplay bug)
  208. TM500rs and Fanatec CSP V2 doesn't work accurate together in Project Cars2?
  209. Does ANYONE have no flashing track barriers in VR?
  210. [BUG] Audio in replays
  211. [Assign Request Key] No Pitstop during Online Race
  212. [RESOLVED] Aston Martin Vantage GTE Missing Custom Livery Selection
  213. Triple 1440p on GeForce 1070
  214. Competitive drivers licence: won race and finished, not one single point appointed
  215. Saving Problem Remains.
  216. Flickering & flashing reflections on the wet track (Glitch/Bug)
  217. Radeon ReLive wont work with pcars2 ?
  218. Game keeps returning to win bar, loading Bandai namco White screen at the start.
  219. Trustmaster t80 pedals works like a button in pc
  220. [BUG ? ] Possible bug with Hard Slicks on GT3/GTE cars
  221. [Fix in an Upcoming Patch] Ford Escort RS1600 racing version handling issues
  222. [BUG] [Investigation] No wet track for some people in online racing
  223. Eyes height with triple monitor. Cant make it works correctly
  224. After Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 black screen when starting pC2
  225. Bentley '15 Possible Downforce Issue
  226. Replay, issue with thunderstrorm
  227. [RESOLVED] Fanatec handbrake not recognized
  228. Clutch is still a button rather than an analog axe / clutch
  229. Logitech G25 is skewed in Project CARS 2.
  230. Pedals advice.
  231. MEGANE trophy Strange AI behavior without sun [SOLVED]
  232. 2gb texture setting is a bit disappointing.-
  233. Project Cars 2 won't start
  234. Seeking clarification on TM 458 wheel compatability
  235. Project Cars 2 rendering problems
  236. [BUG] Driver Swap Issue on Spa
  237. Odd clutch behavior?
  238. Request to Pit button.
  239. Career mode issue, can't play cart one race
  240. Decimals in triple display
  241. Graphics issues after updates
  242. no data saves visible
  243. VR Juddering on Transition to Race
  244. Pit Refuel Bug with video
  245. Abandon ship
  246. accidentally messed with cockpit view, help please.
  247. VR Juddering in Car/Livery Select Showroom
  248. Issue: FFB and controller mappings with Mercedes affinity race at Sampala
  249. Replay driver animation freak-out bug?
  250. driver network ranks / Zeitfahren, pre-release times?