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  1. Triple screen setup issues
  2. What's going on with the cold tires issue?
  3. How do you handle ICM with G27 wheel in VR?
  4. VR only ~30fps since 2.0 update
  5. No motion blur on tyres onboard openwheel
  6. [BUG] Alt+Tab with Oculus VR makes games unusable in dual screen
  7. Once SteamVR is available for Windows MR Headsets, will Pcars 2 support them?
  8. Thrustmaster T-GT
  9. GTR3 European Championship BRNO Failed to Load
  10. Advice on Upgrading
  12. I do not know these are bugs or implementation problems or both?
  13. [Possible Bug] Driving aids locked & disabled
  14. [known issue] wipers off but making noise
  15. Bug - Host changes track / vehicle class but mine remains stuck
  16. Zhuhai Circuit strange shapes/shadows.
  17. Fuel per lap?
  18. game breaking ai strategy bug
  19. Seat position continually reset
  20. Online Pitstop No One There?
  21. Current Issues/Feedback with PC2 Online Racing
  22. [Antivirus false positive] Steam Access Denied
  23. [BUGS] AI In Formation Lap hit me resulting in time penalty, Disable manual formation
  24. Dissapearing Hud
  25. Using a joystick in PC2
  26. Do the SteamVR SS settings make any difference?
  27. Fpscap causes stuttering
  28. Oculus showing me in the ground no car
  29. VR problems
  30. Get straight into the cockpit in VR?
  31. CSW V2 no FFB or firmware download
  32. Proximity indicator
  33. Audio / Sound stuttering, cutoffs or clippings
  34. Insufficient Progress Bug
  35. Turn off top mirror?
  36. Track Deletes itself from the game
  37. Cannot get the mini-map to show
  38. Rolling start issue with different gears when restarting
  39. [REPORTED] Car stalls
  40. default view isssue
  41. Pit stop refueling sound (sfx) while racing
  42. computer crash, settings and career lost.
  43. Game appears to freeze on qualifying simulating session
  44. Help buying an outstanding PC & VR set
  45. Logitech G27 calibration problem
  46. bug report: vehicle disappears into the ground
  47. [Reported] Bug Report: Missing road surface
  48. Anyone knows how to disable DOF in replays? It kilsl the framerate
  49. AI Consistency on Hockenheim Ring & Bathurst Career etc.
  50. [KNOWN] spotter/minor bug
  51. G29 stops resoponding mid game
  52. Has Anyone Tried Pimax 4K VR?
  53. (ATTENTION ACCUFORCE OWNERS) Since a few days game became unplayable again.
  54. Setting up a ghost car: help a noob out!
  55. Profile no longer works - All data back to zero
  56. confused ai?
  57. No input device in session
  58. Bugs with position table and live track 3.0 in multiplayer, with broadcasted
  59. Out of Range! error when starting PC2
  60. [BUG SOUND] Formula A replay
  61. UI Bugs
  62. High value for FOV makes Trees textures popping
  63. what is this "100" value ?
  64. Telemetry - Missing tire traction, force vectors
  65. Solved: Mapped keys not working with Logitech MOMO force feedback wheel
  66. Disqualified for returning to box?
  67. Engine Blown, bug?
  68. Gearing displays and loads values at random.
  69. Best Graphic Quality
  70. Mouse problems in menus since fall creators update
  71. 3 Views Cam
  72. Heads Up ! New Nvidia driver out .... 388.00 !
  73. Racing tag not changing, bug?
  74. Career time and weather progression
  75. Game crash after race ends from my own lobbies.
  76. Command from an iPad
  77. Crash to windows while racing together online
  78. Triple screen resolution problem
  79. Can't get FPS counters to work
  81. Optimisation FPS drops - Nordschleife VYSNC [SOLVED]
  82. Gsync and Vsync
  83. Triple Monitor, FPS drops after a few races
  84. Track Map!
  85. CSW2 USB disconnects?
  86. When exiting screen goes blank and PC locks up.
  87. Game freezing momentarily as lights go green
  88. Bug - No motionblur on tires.
  89. [To be reported] Panoz esperante GTR1 - no hands no pilot
  90. Hori Apex Steering problem
  91. View angle adjustment issue.
  92. How can I see my sector times in Practice mode?
  93. POSSIBLE BUG: pitstop crash
  94. FFB T300 comparable to RF2
  95. New Thrustmaster Firmware
  96. VR Super Sampling Permanently on 1.5 !
  97. PC Worldmovment Headmovment APEX Camera settings
  98. HUD Issues in VR. Will Not Show Real Time Delta and More..
  99. Online Multiplayer , I cant take much more of the Graphics Jittering / glitches !!!!!
  100. Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel
  101. Multiclass race with Gr. 5 wrong grid position
  102. Nvidia DSR and in game menus not playing nicely...
  103. crash to desktop when loading a session
  104. Ideal racing line question
  105. BUG - Cannot turn off HUD completely
  106. Wet Night Races (VR)
  108. 7700K not using AVX in VR or normal
  109. Logitech G25 issues * Downshifting**
  110. In-Cockpit Virtual Steering wheel rotation
  111. Rift SI 1.20 Now Available on Public Test Channel
  112. Helmet gone in VR - helmet cam
  113. bug - rear view mirror detail and missing textures
  114. Silverstone GP - AI will ALWAYS mass crash at T1 after the start and can defy physics
  115. [Resolved] Disappearing cars racing mode
  116. CSL Elite pedals switch clutch/gas
  117. Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Starter Kit
  118. Player in front and player behind times
  119. Alt+tab and does not return to full screen. (after creators update)
  120. Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS v2
  121. [Possible Problem] Soft Tires on Roadcars
  122. clubsport v3 pedals brake locks constantly
  123. Sim Vibe Sim Commander 4 question
  124. Triple Screens - Do They Have To Be The Same Size?
  125. Fanatec CSW BMW GT2 Rim Owners, Favour Please
  126. spotter, race engineer doesn't work anymore
  127. Oily Shadows In VR
  129. Problem Position Table
  130. In races, opponents stay at the starting line
  131. No FFB
  132. VR Freezing During Races
  133. PC2 crashed - PC and will not restart
  134. Can't play in ANY multiplayer server Unless .. !!
  135. Fuji graphic issue
  136. Graphics option to remove Depth Of Field during replays
  137. Ford Fusion Pit Incorrect?
  138. How my Formula Renault race went at Silverstone
  139. Career won't load past 25%
  140. white blocks on sky
  141. OSW Ioni 1x, Ioni Pro, MMos not seen by PC2
  142. Fanatec Wheel and Pedals Not working
  143. Cars That Have Been Updated?
  144. Cockpit view
  145. Kart Rear Left Brake at Massive Temperatures
  146. No kerbs with ts-pc racer
  147. G25 Pedals not being treated as linear
  148. Oculus screen door effect
  149. Big bug! Car shifts into random gears!
  150. Multiplayer disconnect(s)
  151. Change language (PC)
  152. CSP Vibration motors no longer working after 2.0 Patch
  153. Aero damage isn't repaired
  154. Constantly having to recalibrate pedals
  155. Project Cars 2 crashes while driving
  156. Performance issues on Sugo, certain parts of track still suffering stuttering
  157. Logitech G920 causing the game to crash
  158. Empty player profile after playing Project Cars 2 on a different PC
  159. Steering wheel settings on PC with g29 doesn't feel like they do anything
  160. [KNOWN ISSUE] Setup edits not saved
  161. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller stops working
  163. Oculus Rift issue
  164. game runs very slowly
  165. 1070 vs 1080ti
  166. Game freezes then CTD after clicking on performance in options
  167. Microsoft Mixed Reality and Project Cars 2
  168. SSD or HDD?
  169. Advise on graphics settings with triple screens at 144Hz
  170. PS4 Pad Help
  171. Pc Crash after Radeon Crimson 17.10.3
  172. Engine Temps
  173. Huge pedal deadzone issue
  174. Field of View Speed Sensitivity
  175. Wheel configuration not saved?
  176. Spray in rain
  177. Option to restart FFB in game
  178. [KNOWN] Wheel calibration messes up in the middle of the race (degrees of rotation)
  179. Seeing double graphics during gameplay
  180. Triple monitor question. Nvidia surround ON or OFF?
  181. [ANSWERED] PC2 has started to stutter and drop frames.
  182. Shadow bug
  183. [solved] When I buy the season pass now, will I still get the Panoz from Day One DLC?
  184. ASW automatically disabled
  185. Known weather issues?!
  186. Sunday Night Bugfest...
  187. Will not run
  188. Audio levels in some cars seem bugged
  189. Buggy Race: PC. Custom Race, Catalunya, GT1 class
  190. [BUG ? ] Tire pressure/temp bug with the 1991 MERCEDES-BENZ 190E 2.5-16 EVO2 DTM
  191. License Reset
  192. Gfx settings difference between VR and monitor
  193. New patch news?
  194. Green Flickering screen
  195. anything other than MSAA is just a black screen in race
  196. Suspected Bug - Altitude impact on Horsepower
  197. System specs
  198. Removal of Enviroment Map - VR Request
  199. Help! Pretty desperate with my G25 and game profiler sw by Logitech not working
  200. When launching Project Cars 2 in VR from Steam, it also uses Oculus SDK
  201. Have issue with random static and pops in the sound
  203. VR crashes on exiting game
  204. Can't navigate with my TX anymore
  205. Problème T300Rs sur PS4
  206. Big TV 4K settings
  207. Weather Sync Problem
  208. Steering Lock bug ?!
  209. Seat Position in VR. What do you all do?
  210. Fanatec Clubsport V1
  211. HUD scale on VR mirrored screen is wrong
  212. Wheel Button Assignments in VR. What do you all do?
  213. Big performance problems with 8700K and VR
  214. How to turn on the clutch?
  215. VR with Triples
  216. [ANSWERED] Gfx settings location?
  217. VR performace issues with framerate gtx 1080ti
  218. Unable to save graphics, keybind settings + FIX aka "Fall update strikes again"
  219. Project CARS 2 reboots my router
  220. Project Cars 2 PC Sound Issue
  221. Inconsistent puddles for drivers
  222. [MP] Cars randomly stop for no reason [Video included]
  223. Force Feedback too light
  224. G920 not working in-game
  225. VR and night model
  226. Graphical Glitch
  227. HUD in VR won't go away.. help please
  228. Look left & right
  229. Xbox 360 controller not working properly
  230. HUD in VR. What do you all prefer?
  231. Thrustmaster 458 Italia (not the TX458) support?
  232. Formula Renault 3.5 and Brands Hatch
  233. No engine sounds
  234. sense of stuttering when I slide
  235. Driving Aids turning off
  236. Setup menu problem
  237. Tuto How To Personnalize skins in Project Cars 2 in French
  238. Request Opinion for pedals upgrade
  239. why is there a sort of steering assist under braking
  240. Launch from Sim Commander 4 directly to Oculus Rift VR
  241. Issues with my G27 Wheel
  242. MSI Afterburner
  243. When PC2 starts, it freezes regularly on the Bandai namco screen.
  244. Dose anyone know about the slow motion bug and how I can fix it?
  245. car setup loaded / car stuck in 1st gear
  246. HUD issues with VR. If you use VR can you try this out. Reporting a bug too...
  247. Online Race Bug 100% GPU Game Freeze between sessions
  248. Manual clutch, heel-and-toe and auto blip
  249. I cant join the multiplayer
  250. Regaining game focus when not windowed?