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  1. Formula Renault 3.5 - No DRS on wheel?
  2. "Save over existing setup slot" still not working for anyone else?
  3. 2.4 GHz wifi and Rift
  4. BMW Z4 GT3 Sound bug? (video added)
  5. What are these settings in the file named graphicsconfigoculusdx11.xml?
  6. Switch to Windows Desktop from game
  7. Say what you see!
  8. please help the game keeps crashing my entire PC
  9. point in the right direction please....
  10. exporting datas Turbo
  11. Any way to view/save TT replays?
  12. G40 Engine Cut Out Bug?
  13. [PC] Game Will Only Run In Windows Mode
  14. [KNOWN] Bug Report: Unable to save over existing Setup
  15. Green screen flickering after Fall Creators Update?
  16. Can't run fullscreen or gsync
  17. Menu select on OSW wheel
  18. VR SLI
  19. Problems using Hama V5 Wheel and pedals
  20. When Qualif are finished, need to restart game
  21. RWD P20 engine heat
  22. Gearbox audio question.
  23. Need help using HAMA Thunder V5
  24. PC2 with HD5000 graphics
  25. Triple monitor setup: 21:9 center and 16:9 side
  26. Windows Game Mode and PC2
  27. Nvidia driver 388.31 and microstutters
  28. AWD Differential
  29. The game minimizes itself to the taskbar
  30. Help. I can't maximize PC2 once I've minimized it.
  31. Question: What should i hear at Menues / Lobby when Music = Off?
  32. Do not start the game
  33. Lotus 56 problem?
  34. Please Help. Problem with SimVibe...
  35. thrustmaster t100
  36. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 problem
  37. Can't setup wheel (DFGT+G29 Pedals/Shifter)
  38. Dual monitor support
  39. Why do I have to keep rebinding my xbox 360 controls every time I start the game?
  40. Seat position reset to default?
  41. [KNOWN] Bug: Spa Classic skies not functional
  42. Mixed Reality cockpit view off center
  43. Thrustmaster T500RS no feeling
  44. Multiplayer AI and Multiclass not working properly
  45. Quick Query Regarding Version
  46. Doing my own statistics the "old fashioned way" - Better way?
  47. Fanatec Wheel/Pedals not functioning
  48. [Resolved] No car sounds with VR
  49. Right click to exit form replay
  50. Tyre smoke in replay ??
  51. Setup issue
  52. Car randomly brakes & decelerate.
  53. PC2 Freezing
  54. Menu crashes if I try to modify graphics parameters
  55. PC visual bug
  56. Private Testing Issue
  57. Snow assets oddities
  58. Fanatec GT2 wont go into PC mode
  59. Samapla walls FFB bug
  60. any news on new patch coming?
  61. No Free Practice and Qualifying on Cadwell Club
  62. Crash to desktop, bugsplatt in pits
  63. Rift: Flickering and Ghosting
  65. [Xpadder] Assign axis to area
  66. Triple screen config - help
  67. PC2 demo doesn't launch
  68. PC2 Demo visual glitch
  69. Can't start game
  70. Great cheap Brake Mod for T3PA Pedal Set. Should work on any other pedals.
  71. is it possible to view a replay of another player ?
  72. Audio problem when Traction Control ON
  73. DFGT becomes unresponsive on race start
  74. Fast-Forward / rapid speed after fps drop
  75. pre-rendered frames performance trade-off
  76. Is it possible to only show these specific huds?
  77. To what is the safety rating bound ?
  78. When will PCars2 support Fanatec H-shfter?
  79. Question about PC2 licence and Steam
  80. Bug report, empty stands with camera flashes
  81. unexpected tires characteristics
  82. Shifting Problem. F310 Logitech.
  83. Graphics Settings
  84. Need advice after switching from PS4 to pc please
  85. GTX 1080 low usage, bad performance in VR
  86. beam of light bug?
  87. [PC] Patch 3.0 Discussion thread
  88. [Investigating] Game doesn't start since Patc 1.3
  89. The clocks in road cars still dont work
  90. No Lap telemetry
  91. Patch Broke My VR Support
  92. Save Setup System after Patch (almost perfect)
  93. Daytona Oval/Ford Fusion/Wheel Bug
  94. max resolution only 1366x768 since patch
  95. Patch 3.0: Engine Sound cracking / sounds really bad
  96. Should my framerate be this bad? 10-12 fps [Fixed]
  97. Possible Graphics Glitch
  98. Leaderboard setup
  99. Visual split in hud still missing.
  100. Multiple input devices?
  101. Changing View Switches to Replay Views
  102. Logitech G920 wheel not working with Project Cars 2 (steering only not working)
  103. Which setting is best between MSAA or PostAA graphics settings ?
  104. Peer to Peer lobbies still maxed at 50 results after patch Intended or..?
  105. Minor GUI Bug - Post patch 3.0
  106. Oculus Juddering
  107. SimVibe CPU usage
  108. Allocated wet tyres for a dry race start / wet tyres lasting too long in dry weather
  109. Patch 3.0 AI Swap
  110. Driving in rain impossible.
  111. GPU temperature after patch 3.0 installation
  112. [KNOWN ISSUE] Shadows even worse after 3.0 !
  113. Cloudy weather bugged? Lower fps than rain or any other weather.
  114. Help With Resetting Profile
  115. Temperatura gomme GT3 Ferrari si scaldano in modo ecessivo
  116. Lobbybug - Car Change
  117. Bug Report: Limited Track Selection in Online Lobbies
  118. Possible Bug: Post Patch 3.0 - Setups not saving correctly
  119. Fix for fuel being displayed incorrectly as mass, not volume - not fixed with Patch 3
  120. Can't assign Buttons on Logitech DFGT
  121. windows 10 update
  122. Menu Buttons on Fanatec CSL Elite Xbox kind of wrong
  123. Problems with triple Display Setup and resolutions
  124. VR: Adjusting the Seat Left/Right
  125. {BUG}Brake bias GUI
  126. tire fix and ai
  127. Fanatec CSP V3 pedals, worth?
  128. Auto Race Restart Reverse Grid
  129. Thrusmaster T300 Alcantera Drivers Network Error
  130. View changed since patch
  131. Please help with advice for VR hardware specs
  132. [SOLVED] cannot see full content of Deluxe Ed. and Season Pass after last update
  133. SFX Missing from Replays in 1.3
  134. Old auto rotation wheel bug is still present
  135. CSL Elite Racing Wheel, CSL Elite Pedals LC
  136. Trackir?
  137. Changing from Console to PC
  138. Fanatec v2.5: Higher fan usage with patch 3?
  139. Limited number of available DS lobbies listed in in-game server browser
  140. Aquaplaning not realistic
  141. Replays in VR
  142. circuit of the americas gp not loading
  143. Missing Win7 Upd 2670839
  144. How do you improve aliasing at distance in non-oculus devices (like Vive and Odyssey)
  145. Replay cameras. Bug?
  146. NEED HELP! Fanatec Drivers 293 64bit.
  147. Some UI issues reports with repro procedures
  148. PC freezing and crashing, help needed
  149. PC2 Crashes at end of Replay Everytime
  150. Xbox one wireless controler cant steer while giving gas
  151. No Helmet view in AMG GT3?
  152. Post Patch 3.0 Setups Reverts to previous Save after race restart
  153. Personnel Best
  154. Vr graphics bug
  155. Issue with "MS XBox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows" Devices as steering wheel
  156. Click Game Screen goto Desktop
  157. Replay cam graphical issues
  158. FFB issues in some cars. TM 300rs
  159. Clearance in photomode
  160. D-BOX occassional heavy shaking between race sessions
  161. Mixed tires in rain for Formula Rookie/Formula X
  162. T150 / TMX users, do you feel tyre slip? (PC)
  163. Turning off the virtual mirror
  164. Possible bug ! Online steering ratio with forced default setups !
  165. Xbox ONE / 360 gamepad not vibrating correctly
  166. From Qualy to Race lost 6 sec per lap
  167. How to restart car after it dies
  168. Alt-Tab Windows 10 doesn't work
  169. Mouse cursor jumping in different menu from time to time
  170. Game becomes slower / starts glitching after a while
  171. (Solved) Have the rain effects changed?
  172. [KNOWN] AI starts with wet tires on clear weather.
  173. Game control issue after win10 update
  174. Game minimizes to task bar and I cant play.
  175. Rename Career driver?
  176. Tweaking settings in Nvidia control panel make a huge difference with image in VR
  177. Model glitch, Ferrari F40 GTO
  178. Reflected headlights glitch
  179. My connection ping is not showing in the game...
  180. Zhuai International Circuit Graphic Bug
  181. Project Cars 2 how to save setup?
  182. Fanatec Firmware 3.15 on CSW1 Wheel - FFB?
  183. Sudden lag and then weird FFB bug / wheel rotation changes
  184. Race Results Bug in Career Mode - version
  185. Points not changing
  186. The rear view mirror does not disappear!
  187. AI driving when in the menus
  188. Understeer when turning on FFB with DFGT
  190. Keeps disconnecting
  191. [RESOLVED] PC 2 Will not Launch. Please Help
  192. Logitech G29 Steering not 1:1 in certain cars
  193. Controller deadzone
  194. [PC] Setup Menu not applying custom setups
  195. No Ferraris in GT3?
  196. Rift locking/freezing on startup
  197. Windows 10 Update Problems
  199. Fanatec pedals v1 didn't works
  200. Syncchronization problems?
  201. Track Ir settings
  202. Fuel load = "Unfinished Debug String"
  203. Cannot equal my pre patch lap times after patch 3.0
  204. [RESOLVED] Race Loading screen Issues
  205. How to clear/reset Potential time?????
  206. SLI - PC2 Demo
  207. Lotus 56 no Engine Sound! Bug?
  208. Radiator affecting gearing perhaps?
  209. Oculus Rift (VR) Flash Issue Question for the Devs
  210. A few bugs I have noticed (post patch 3)
  211. VR seat position
  212. Blurry graphics?
  213. Thrustmaster T-GT help
  214. head turning
  215. Different screen resolutions for triple monitor setup.
  216. Problem with G29 after patch 3.0
  217. Glitchy clouds in VR
  218. Hockenheim GP
  219. Graphics problem on Dirtfish
  220. [BUG] POLO WRX CAR - interior mirror
  221. (Bug) AI lights off in the night (replay)
  222. Game doesn't recognize wheel and pedals anymore
  223. Logitech issues and a couple of bugs
  224. Does PCars2 work well with SLI? help needed please.
  225. TSW2 wheel....Help Needed please
  226. Windows MR headset - glitchy and moves you out of program
  227. Car selection freezes the game....
  228. Steam downloading while game is running
  229. Track limit penalties need to be addressed
  230. [Fixed] Logitech G920 Not Being Detected After Windows 10 Update
  231. My Bug List
  232. Thrustmaster T300: why is FFB strength on PC so light compared to consoles?
  233. VR resolution mismatch for displaying HUD on monitor with latest 1.3 patch
  234. Lenovo mixed reality, SteamVR crashes in PC2
  235. [REPORTED] Setup Bug or something wrong with my PCars2?
  236. Fanatec pedals v3i Usb + PCars 2 = no rumble atm??
  237. Just received my Fanatec CSP V3 pedals....but....
  238. Some assistance required
  239. This game sucks.
  240. Is there a way to disable the windshield glass or its shader (possible bug/issue)
  241. Game launching minimized
  242. Fanatec CSL Elite - Pedal Shift not working
  243. Pro tip: how to entirely eliminate micro-stutter on 4K/G-Sync monitor
  244. What happens at 25% and 56% when loading an offline race
  245. [FIXED IN PATCH 5] Massive Random Weather bug - still happens after Patch 3.0
  246. Performance gain from Motherboard upgrade
  247. Tyre pressure and temp issue
  248. [RESOLVED] Graphic problem project cars 2
  249. CPU and GPU at 100% in menu
  250. Online championship - track lottery.