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  1. G29 not detected
  2. Logitech G29 problem in PCars 2
  3. Game crashes when hitting "Continue" between sessions
  4. adjust world movement in steam vr mode
  5. gt4 mustang 320r
  6. Someone will explain when bugs ?!
  7. How to delete setups?
  8. Is this normal for a G29 wheel? Bad noise
  9. Smoking tyres in Mirror
  10. Serious FPS issues during multiplayer
  11. Thrustmaster latest Drivers & Firmware
  12. Oculus update
  13. Wrong Stats (Bug?)
  14. I5 6600k bottleneck in VR!
  15. Problems G27 turn off Forcefeedback and rotation changes and direction becomes soft
  16. setup save filename question
  17. Switch off Automatic Dead Zone
  18. [Solved] Pcars2 flickering green in start screen and menues (gtx970)
  19. High pings in the last few days!
  20. warm slick tires bug
  21. [RESOLVED] PCars 2 Demo Doesn't Load
  22. G29 Wheel not working - buttons recognised though!
  23. FFB Stopped when you turn above real car degrees
  24. Rolling start bug?
  25. Does PC Support 4K HDR yet?
  26. In-Car Management box / not in HUD editor?
  27. AI in Control bug
  28. Fuel prediction bug
  29. Menu issues - constant scrolling like key stuck down
  30. [RESOLVED] Input Bug - steering and pedal inputs 'lock' temporarily for 2 seconds
  31. G29 pedals to TP3A pro upgrade?
  32. Helmet Camera flickering
  33. G27 900 degrees 1 to 1
  34. Thrustmaster Registration Issues.
  35. My game is not start !
  36. [ANSWERED] Bug? Changing to wheel from controller - has to redefine EVERYTHING.
  37. Problem with saving setups
  38. [RESOLVED] Strange GPU behavior under certain conditions
  39. Default Camera Views
  40. [Resolved] Best laptime delta widget not showing.
  41. Problems after latest Microsoft Update
  42. World Movement in VR - any way to turn off?
  43. How to script ffb custom settings txt files
  44. Xbox one to PC question
  45. Fanatec PS4 Elite wheel / Connection Issue in game
  46. CSW paddles not registering
  47. Bug: Nissan 280SX IMSA at Rouen - Starts with damage.
  48. Online graphics are choppy / things appear and disappear - offline is flawless
  49. Bug : I finished the race at 1st, but it was 2nd in the result.
  50. [KNOWN] Pit Wall Assetts on Fuji Main Straight
  51. Little or no FFB fanatec wheel
  52. [SOLVED]Heusinkvald sequential shifter problem
  53. G-force effect and World Movementi can't turn off, why?
  54. Car setups missing in Online Championships
  55. Remove the game Intro
  56. [NOT FOR PC2] DX12 worth it.
  57. Triple Screen Setup
  58. BUG: Sudden loss of FFB during multiplayer race
  59. Issue: Multiplayer race 'stutter' every time a player leaves/enters session
  60. Dualshock 4 on PC no vibrations
  61. Black screen after load race
  62. Poor performance on a few tracks
  63. Sim Commander and Vr
  64. when I tab out of the game i can`t tab in again
  65. recorded videos in med-format how to open?
  66. [BUG] AI at California raceway
  67. PC alt-tab switching using steam but not from full screen game directly run icon
  68. Finally upgraded pc Online is Unplayable
  69. FFB set up using older ( Clubsport EU) wheel
  70. Pitstop Issues In MP When People Retire
  71. Please help, unnatural counter steering
  72. Setup not saved
  73. Radical SR8 Gearing?
  74. 4 Wheel Drive cars have relatively weaker ffb?
  75. very big issue with the cars between 2 pcs!
  76. I can't save replay after finished long race at lemans.
  77. re Japanese Cars Bonus Pack
  78. Game chat with rift
  79. Online Championship problems
  80. Mi pc not detected my t300rs
  81. T500RS, Ferrari GTE add-on
  82. TH8A not recognized through Wheelbase
  83. Need help deciding whether to change from xbox one S to gaming PC
  84. Event ID 10 error
  85. windows 10 update
  86. Reanult Clio false smoke in mirrors
  87. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + CSP V3 - Pedals not functioning properly
  88. New wheel user - how to properly set it up?
  89. fanatec clubsport v1 worth it over T300?
  90. Disconnect problems please help !
  91. [RESOLVED] Career Hang After Fun PACK DLC installed
  92. Game stopped working - can't save setups
  93. SPA-francorchamps track can't loading
  94. Bunch of problems I've found
  95. PC Version - Xbox 360 controller No FFB or even Rumble ?
  96. Weather transition glitch
  97. Texture Flicker
  98. SSD free space and drive longevity
  99. Color flickering in pCars & pCars2
  100. Can't get OSW Direct drive wheel to detect.
  101. Re: Newbie Unable to Use Logitech Controller
  102. Screen Resolution and Mouse issues
  103. Camera control in VR
  104. How to reset Pcars2 to default everything
  105. Project cars for PC new install looks like 3D display(double vision)
  106. PC2 Graphics Very Jerky; What is the recommended Hardware?
  107. FFB suddenly changes strength by itself
  108. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster H Shifter not working with Project Cars 2 / PC
  109. Tracks file location
  110. Field of view
  111. Wrong Track Picture Shown In Server
  112. PCars 2 - Use Saitek H55 Joystick as a wheel?
  113. Various issues after latest Win10 update
  114. Thrustmaster Ferrari Red Legend Edition don't work with PCars 2
  115. new FFB Custom Settings v0.9 for T300/TX
  116. Hori Apex Wheel (still) does not steer
  117. HUD color customization
  118. Wheel Mis-alignment Issue
  119. Think I found a bug | KERS randomly stops working
  120. No kart tracks in practice?
  121. Driver view setting?
  122. Bug in Car selection on Server
  123. Tobii Eye Tracking 4c
  124. T80 wheel and X button
  125. Xbox Elite Controler has a "Deadzone" steering left....
  126. No more spray in rain
  127. Mazda_RX7_Spirit_R + Tuned
  128. BUG Menu hans on race finish
  129. How Do I Set The Hori RWA to PC?
  130. FacetrackNoIR
  131. General slowness after getting Rift set up
  132. Profile/Driver name confusion
  134. [RESOLVED] Save Controller Config - Logitech G29
  135. Strange problem with G29 malfunctioning on PC
  136. Throttle pedal not working properly
  137. Best settings for G29 (PC)
  138. TH8A Sequential Shifter not Working
  139. VR Bug: HUD occasionally stays on in the menu after exiting race.
  140. Pit Stops not working
  141. Problems with Project CARS 2 on a curved monitor
  142. T500 RS huge deadzone. What am I missing?
  143. Fanatec clubsport set up will not work on project cars 2
  144. Where have my different default setups gone?
  145. Question about Driver Name
  146. Game minimizes in middle of race?
  147. Edit Assignment Issue
  148. Setting up the rift and game for VR help please
  149. Failed to Save - Retry?
  150. [RESOLVED] car bug brakes during acceleration
  151. Patch
  152. Failed Tire Change Feature of Pit Crew Errors or Bug?
  153. Random car after connecting to a MP
  154. Listed setup not loaded
  155. Oculus Rift - Headtracking shaking
  156. [REPORTED] Real Weather not working?
  157. Cars jittering on large tracks
  159. Is enhanced mirrors working?
  160. Pit penalty over refueling
  161. Need help with wheel
  162. McLaren F1 instrument panel - light bleed bug
  163. Visual Quality
  164. cockpit view does not stick - always reverting back to bumper cam
  165. No Snow falling in Dedi Server using "heavysnow"
  166. cannot sort online browser for MIN. GRADE + cannot filter either
  167. Dubai bug - fence is hovering in the air at T1 left side
  168. bug - online browser - sorting for players not working
  169. Triple screen settings have no effect
  170. [ANSWERED] Lost Setups
  171. Issues with saving and recalling setups
  172. PC2 Demo won't start
  173. Disqualified for speeding in pitlane with AI controlled stop?
  174. How do you type when using a Vive and a Wheel?
  175. Frustrated: Using Project Cars 2 with 360 Wireless Racing Wheel
  176. Thrustmaster TX 458 wheel question
  177. setup bug?
  178. Relocate the cockpit view.
  179. Sorry! I take back my critique of the setup save system.
  180. The diff function does actually works in pCars2.
  181. Gallery is full
  182. Wheel calibration screen reads zero?
  183. Helmet Cam performance drops in VR
  184. Loss of Focus With External Popup Messages
  185. Hud layout not appearing in VR
  186. Game crashes when tabbing out
  187. Reset to default of cam
  188. Game forced to task bar ?
  189. Project Cars won't start up
  190. Steelseries Arctis 5 setup help
  191. Clean install
  192. Game loads different setups during laps or pit stops
  193. No clouds?
  194. Project Cars 2 Starts initially, but won't full screen, plays in background
  195. Cannot launch Pcars2 through steamvr on windows mr headset.
  196. Pcars2 is good, but it still need fixes (online/offline speed difference, weak cars)
  197. Fanatec issues (FFB)
  198. Game crashes when minimized
  199. Fail save message
  200. Replay Question: Hide All Except Leader/Position Board
  201. Can't get FXAA to work
  202. Possible Bug Report: Caterham SP/300.R Gearing Ratio
  203. Can't play in full screen
  204. PS4 controller on PC not working
  205. Snetterton tyre marks
  206. Super Trofeo Wet Course Bug?
  207. Flickering Sponsor Boards / Tire Walls / Crowds - VR
  208. Pcars2 crashing during races on windows mixed reality headset.
  209. Online championship - missing setups
  210. Car Problem - slowmotioncar on online race - HELP
  211. Brake Bias N/A
  212. Any update about dual monitor?
  213. Messed flags in results
  214. ---SOLVED--- Setup problems: Editing car breaks the throttle, Z4 GT 3
  215. OSW Direct-Drive FFB Settings
  216. [KNOWN] Tire Smoke Problem
  217. G25 and Pcar2 probleme
  218. Missing lights reflections. Is there a fix?
  219. [VR] Hud has remained after disconnection
  220. [Solved] Project Cars 2 shuts down Network
  221. GTX 970 and 2540 x 1440 monitor
  222. Upgrade to Fanatec CSP V3 pedals - not recognize under W10
  223. Game does Not always load
  224. AMD Radeon XFX R7950 Black Screen
  225. G29 Calibration in windows 10 accelerator full on
  226. CSL Elite LC Pedals via direct USB not responding properly
  227. Tire wear and punctures
  228. Game minimize in vr Mode on the Monitor.
  229. cant get my pit strategy saved during a session
  230. Triple Monitor Setup Issues (Side Monitors not in full screen)
  231. Minor Issue Affecting Tire Pressure/Temp
  232. Seat positioning no longer responds
  233. Definitive cheap solution for Dual monitor setup
  234. Display issue
  235. G27 keeps steering to the right
  236. Frame rate
  237. [APM Wheel] problem to config
  238. Looking to purchase a commercial License for Project Cars 2.
  239. PC2 Ranked Comp Server Not Updated My Win's!
  240. Calculating triple screen FoV
  241. VR Car seems very big
  242. T300 RS GT - swapping out T3PA for Fanatec Elite Pedals with Loadcell - worth it?
  243. No Controls Online
  244. Vive looses connection with base station right after race starts.
  245. AMD RX 480 8gb +vr?
  246. No red lights at start from the grid
  247. Cant add Ghost cars into Time Trial only at Azure Coast.
  248. Career stuck, buttons greyed out
  249. VR: Button to recenter pilot's view and fps display.
  250. Default Stereo Project Cars 2 output format?