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  1. [RESOLVED] PC keeps crashing after a few laps
  2. Compared Pcars1 with Pcars2: Decreased Performance on nvidia 1080 in VR
  3. Command Line / Launch Options
  4. Annoying key mapping issue
  5. pcars2 simsteering 2 assignment issues
  6. PC analog handbrake build
  7. I can barely hear Indy car engine
  8. No raindrops on helmet on Vive?
  9. ffb_custom_settings files that mirrors raw/informative/immersive ?
  10. Can't reassign bindkeys and clutch doesn't work.
  11. Weird Problem with G27 Wheel
  12. Custom built PC's
  13. Dynamic FOV issue
  14. VR question
  15. Car Slower than others - BUG
  16. Help needed with oculus rift and my xbox windows 10 game controller
  17. Problem with VJOY
  18. Stabilty control is off during multiplayer
  19. Ginetta Manufacturer Drive Cadwell Crash
  20. still big problems with saving setups
  21. Green Cornnere Icon?
  22. In Win10 RS3, after I switch to desktop and I can't go back to "Project Car2" game
  23. I want to turn up shadow detail, but...
  24. Setup Bug - Game Loads Wrong Setup Every Race
  25. [RESOLVED] FANATEC CS Shifter SQ V1.5 - Rear gear
  26. G29 wheel and Fanatec pedals
  27. Spectating with the Oculus?
  28. Game stucks at Bandai Namco loading screen for over a minute
  29. [RESOLVED] Not getting full resolution from throttle pedal
  30. Lost Key For Original PRJCARS
  31. [ANSWERED] Quick question - Race setting menu?
  32. PC2 Steam Access Code
  33. Suddenly FPS drop / slow motion for a few seconds
  34. Trust GXT 570 Wheel
  35. Ford Mustang '68 Trouble
  36. Major Aerodynamics Physics Glitch
  37. PC Fanatec USB 3.0 port wheel not recognised but ok in game properties
  38. Z1 dashboard on 4th screen running triples
  39. [ANSWERED] Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ v1.5 Stand-alone
  40. [REPORTED] License points calculation - bug!
  41. Vr one frame flicker. Where are we at with a fix?
  42. Is my gtx 980 not good enough?
  43. PC: Constant 60FPS(locked) but screen freezing/stuttering/lag
  44. A guide to all the Symbols Needed Please
  45. G27 calibrate bug
  46. Different setup loading bug
  47. [is this a known?] Online championship bug
  48. Samsung Gear VR Oculus compatibility
  49. Can I use two simultaneous inputs for gear shift?
  50. recorded race video
  51. "Severe Damage" Bug
  52. STEAM PC - played the game 124 hours, sevewral champinships...now all gone
  53. Can I run project cars 2?
  54. Exploited rolling start
  55. Anyone experiencing hangs with Project Cars 2 after all the recent updates (Meltdown/
  56. Steam Profile which resolution to get sharp in game Avatar?
  57. Thrustmaster TX 458 not working anymore (PC)
  58. Ferrari 458 Italia
  59. TT doesn't store a time
  60. Stutter when dropping from 60 to 59 fps with vsync off
  61. Project Cars 2 minimizes itself upon launch
  62. Will they ever fix the triple screen option for gsync monitors?
  63. Profile
  64. New system
  65. Canít see my cockpit or any of my car at all on oculus rift.
  66. [RESOLVED] Headset shuts off when games paused
  67. Championship mode unplayable
  68. AI randomly takes over ?
  69. 1.1 FOV
  70. Getting automatically disconnected from Multiplayer sessions
  71. Is it not possible to reduce the 30 min. qualification?
  72. FreeTrack
  73. [RESOLVED] Cannot access saved data
  74. Tips wheel / VR / settings
  75. Since upgrading to windows 10......
  76. Steam startup parameters
  77. Pcars crashes when selecting livery
  78. Microsoft Sidewinder FF Wheel - not detected
  79. Fanatec V3 pedals not working !
  80. Can be explained so can the GAMEPAD
  81. show lap sectors??????
  82. Ben Collins community event unplayable
  83. Some questions re setting up graphics for rift
  84. Triple display setup - no effect of "Distance to screen"
  85. [RESOLVED] trackir does not work in multiplayer mode
  86. Using Fanatec Clubsport SQ Shifter (Standalone) with G920 Wheel/Pedals
  87. Lag in Multiplayer maybe - Entering and out of a going session
  88. Career freezes at 25% when loading
  89. Wheel decenters constantly. Can't fix. Game otherwise broken all of a sudden.
  90. Same car, same setup and locked
  91. Lost progress when hit Replay
  92. CSL Elite pedals vs. Clubsport V3 pedals.
  93. VR Game Focus Lost; No Longer Playable
  94. Next level motion platform pc specs
  95. demo account steam non si apre il gioco
  96. Upgrade to i7 4790k from i5 4670 worth it?
  97. Black Screen
  98. [RESOLVED] Help! PCars2 Eats my Bandwidth!
  99. Not Loading on Oculus
  100. [BUG REPORT] Online - track and player properties
  101. CSW v2.5 & Rift - menu focus changes without any intervention
  102. Sequential shifting - can't make it work
  103. OSW Direct Drive Wheel Max Rotation Hard Lock Grinding
  104. Filterig TT by friends and class/vehicle inconsistency
  105. Braking issues
  106. Hate to ask this, but...
  107. Project Cars 2 is flickering green (I need help)
  108. Which shifter
  109. Having issues with sense of speed
  110. PC2 wont start anymore
  111. FFB control shouldnt be this bad
  112. Project CARS 2 Not Working
  113. Time trials times / ghosts
  114. [ANSWERED] Edit the HUD?
  115. Crash after watching replay during practice
  116. Requesting a little help with gpu choice
  117. Adjusting FFB for Logi G29?
  118. Fastest Lap Stats?
  119. [RESOLVED] Licence Bug
  120. New to Windows 10....Periodic Freeze in PC2
  121. T500RS - Huge Deadzone before the wheel turns the car PROBLEM
  122. Worse with patch v1.3
  123. No Ferrari and Lambos in GT3 races?
  124. [PC] Patch 4.0 Discussion thread
  125. [Fixed] Patch 4.0: New metric tire pressure in BAR is useless
  126. Still Bug with Rain Tires using weather slots!!!
  127. [Reported] Patch 4: Intro video strechted
  128. [Fixed] Audio glitch with new patch4
  129. Ai slow Barcelona
  130. Running into a file error while loading a race
  131. Private Testing - Fuel Consumption Problem
  132. Camera position still resets itself from time to time
  133. After Patch 4: CRC error loading file
  134. [RESOLVED] Screenshots Not Saving
  135. FFB Widget horizontal graph
  136. [ANSWERED] Why was the Damper Saturation setting removed?
  137. Patch 4: being asked to buy Fun Pack every time I launch.
  138. HELP game froze and now it says I have to install it.....!
  139. [resolved]Charged for DLC
  140. [Resolved] HUD Customization Issues - VR
  141. Ghost pit crew
  142. Delta widget disappearing in time trial
  143. [REPORTED] Sakitto International = Exit penalties
  144. Bugs post patch 4
  145. Car is a ghost in the pits
  146. [RESOLVED] Career GameStopper after update / solved
  147. Overheating, loss of power
  148. [RESOLVED Anyone have a solution for corrupted files?
  149. Triple screen settings not saving?
  150. VR stops working online with more than ~10 cars
  151. Random car while connecting multiplayer
  152. First league race after patch 4.0 bugs sumup
  153. No Sound From Game at All
  154. [KNOWN] Windscreen wiper bug?
  155. Faster than AI with pit limiter in pit lane
  156. [RESOLVED] TrackIR is not working for me
  157. Gpu getting hot in alt tab
  158. Query about Live Track in Community Events
  159. Stable 40 fps. Urgent help. Plaese!
  160. T300 no worky on pc after this patch update this weekend
  161. AI pitting after pit cancelled
  162. Windows mixed reality and PC2 hangs randomly
  163. FPS drop in replay mode
  164. Peripheral Vision - Loss of Objects - VR
  165. Helmet camera, show helmet in VR.
  166. Delete file
  167. Zero to Zero
  168. Problem with playing the game (doesn't start a race)
  169. Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Paddles not working since Load Cell Brake update
  170. Different launchers
  171. Wheel and pedals stop working while still in game
  172. Damage disabled, engine blows up - NOT A BUG, SOLVED
  173. updates are balls
  174. Multiplayer showing incorrect status of servers
  175. Weird "Shadows"
  176. Multiplayer - BUG in PIT
  177. Rallycross Season glitch
  178. Old bug still persist: "Retiring, Insufficient Progress" right after pit exit
  179. Two minor pit box issues
  180. HUD brake colour no longer turns red when too hot
  181. Default setup BUG
  182. Post-Patch 4.0 Issues in VR
  183. Replays - VR and otherwise
  184. Damper saturation?
  185. Rx 480 4gb OK for triple screen
  186. Grass option is not stored per display device
  187. Will these problems be addressed?
  188. [fix in post #60?]Video output freezes for 2-3 seconds and resumes normal operation
  189. Help, can't save changes in settings
  190. Thrustmaster T150 Steering input not recognised
  191. Menu Flicker in VR
  192. Clicking Mouse Minimises Game. [and how to fix it ]
  193. Can game be played with a joystick?
  194. Persistent, reproducible crashes to reboot at two tracks
  195. cant play the sim after this patch?!
  196. Game keeps crashing after last patch
  197. Fanatec Clubsport V2 wheel: control lag
  198. Logitech DFGT input signal problem
  199. [ANSWERED] Replay saving in multiplayer is very tricky
  200. During replays Ai rear wings/parts visible in own mirrors !
  201. Thrustmaster T-GT weak FFB
  202. Rift Audio slows internet big time
  203. [RESOLVED] Failed to save the data. Retry the save?
  204. Car seat position reset
  205. Race standings not correct
  206. Leaderboards down?
  207. Long load screen after race with 100% cpu utilization
  208. [RESOLVED] No sounds at all
  209. Headlights shadows - gfx glitch
  210. Track temperature in Time Trial and the Leader Board laps
  211. Best motherboard for £200 or less
  212. stuck at 59FPS, V Sync off
  213. Time trial breaking basic law of physics
  214. Severe understeer using G29
  215. ICM Fuel Load Changes
  216. G29 disconnects on load up of pc2 (pc version)
  217. No drying line
  218. Rain on visor - any way to increase it??
  219. Lap Splits Missing
  220. xbox 360 controller is bugged on windows 10
  221. more than 3 monitor problem
  222. Thomas Super Wheel calibration
  223. Loose wheel after accepting Steam online rece invitation
  224. Wrong race results
  225. Need help, No Speed After PC and Wheel Upgrades
  226. VR changes Force Feedback
  227. Steam Re-Installation
  228. Steering wheel suggestions for PC
  229. Lost career....again
  230. Only run under SteamVr not Oculus SDK
  231. [RESOLVED] Can't find the document folder
  232. Oculus CV1 sudden FPS loss and freezing
  233. G27 stops working when I go online
  234. Pit Stop Refuel Bug
  235. T300 GTE pedals issue
  236. Switch to PC from PS4 Advice
  237. Always disconnect from multiplayer game
  238. pCARS 2 on Steam won't launch in Oculus VR Mode
  239. Can't change camera with certain cars
  240. [ANSWERED] Photo and personal record
  241. PS4 PRO to PC
  242. Can you have regular sound in helmet view?
  243. [KNOWN] AI Pit Stop Bug: AI Disqualified
  244. 2 issues
  245. Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh
  246. Game crash on race completion
  247. CRC Errors while playing
  248. BUG report: AI took control of the game
  249. Why no FFB for controller?
  250. [REPORTED] Unable to UPDATE existing strategy