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  1. Sudden FPS drop
  2. Need help with pedals/wheel compatibility!?!?
  3. network interference when the game is open
  4. Looking for a new GPU
  5. Licence Exploit - But I would rather not post it here
  6. Tire Temps in Pits
  7. PSA :Oculus Rift will stop working Wednesday, ‎March ‎7, ‎2018 01:00:00 PM
  8. Saving Ghosts setups (TT) bug
  9. Problem DLC Porsche
  10. Minor time trial issues
  11. After update, game won't start anymore
  12. Oculus Certificate Patch is out
  13. Anyone Using Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE Wheel Add On?
  14. Setups with same Name on Different Tracks?
  15. VR menu vs Regular menu
  16. canīt join Multiplayer games (rare)
  17. I have been locked out of Carrer
  18. Annoyed at VR performance
  19. In game chat on PC?
  20. 40 fps, gtx1070, 1080p
  21. View problem Oculus Rift
  22. Creating online session bug with new Porsche DLC Cars
  23. Unable to get the G29 Wheel to work
  24. HORI Apex Racing Wheel issue
  25. Moving from PS4 to PC - advice required
  26. Look left, look up with numbers 4 and 8
  27. Recording when in VR
  28. VR trackside spectator view at Bathurst
  29. [RESOLVED] Pedals intermittently cutting out.
  30. G920 FFB Settings
  31. [RESOLVED] Unable to align triple screen setup
  32. Time Trial, cannot register time at Oulton Island with the A1
  33. Is there any way to roll back to a previous Patch (1.3)?
  34. FFB setup for T300 in March 2018 - to use base settings or Jack Spade FFB etc.
  35. G25 needs calibration every time I restart the game.
  36. Helmet cam - sequential upshift adds head movement - can it be disabled?
  37. Dedicated Server WebUI on Existing Web Server
  38. Thinking of taking the Jump to PC :)
  39. Multiplayer buttons disabled
  40. Clean Install
  41. [RESOLVED] FPS drops with no change in video settings or hardware
  42. How long can softs last?
  43. Steering problem...
  44. (minor issue) I do not see AI opponents pit crew
  45. Car Sound/edit replacement?
  46. VR a bit Meh.....
  47. 2017 Porsche 911 RSR, Blue (wheel-slip/skid indicators) LEDs on the dashboard
  48. steam copy of project cars 2 not launching in vr from oculus app
  49. PC2 and F1 2017 Issues (G920)
  50. No water under cars tires if i set onboard camera view, another cameras view is OK
  51. [RESOLVED] Can't get steering wheel to work when using Oculus VR
  52. Thrustmaster T150 break pedal not working properly
  53. Deadzone Removal t300rs
  54. Fps Issue broadcast
  55. Thrustmaster help
  56. Help for a friend.
  57. PitBoard occasionaly not appear
  58. RealFeel v2.0 FFB Project Cars 2 by JC Spadon
  59. [RESOLVED] Controller Vibration Disabled with TMX Pro
  60. Track always wet in testing session
  61. G27 wheel settings
  62. New to VR just looking for some advice.
  63. Logitech Momo problem
  64. Oculus Rift without sensors
  65. Connection dropped last lap of 7 I was in lead and lost 51 points ?
  66. Cant save any settings at all
  67. Avatar and name shows throough cars and other solid objects in VR
  68. [Solved] Porsche pack shows installed but none of the cars are present in the game
  69. host issues
  70. [ANSWERED] why won't my pit crew add fuel?
  71. Setups dissapeared on some cars.
  72. VR - fast moving objects are doubled
  73. [RESOLVED] Constant Bug Splat message
  74. [RESOLVED] driving force GT no force feedback at all
  75. Audio issues in VR
  76. problem with brake pedal input range
  77. G29 doesnīt works in PC2 but yes in another games. G29 no va en PC2 pero sí n otros.
  78. How do I reset all camera settings?
  79. Audio Backwards on Oculus Rift
  80. Damage in career mode
  81. Map 2 buttons to activate headlights?
  82. Thrustmaster & Fanatec FFB Project CARS 2 - v5.1.0
  83. circuit of the Americas club circuit track cutting glitch
  84. Custom camera view
  85. Hori RWA Apex Problem (Pc)
  86. [Solved]Can't drive cant see car
  87. [Solved]Move save data from one PC to another
  88. [RESOLVED] PC freeze/locks up after a few minutes of driving.
  89. Bug Report: Missing brake pad/disc friction sound every 2nd respawn
  90. Guide for custom FFB?
  91. Tires disappearing out of telemetry HUD
  92. Permanent Connection Problems ONLY when playing with a friend
  93. Game switching to desktop on intro
  94. Problem with career
  95. BUG's - Road Surface and Starting Grid
  96. [SOLVED]Camera looking backward by default
  97. VR Frame Rate
  98. Reverse
  99. PC Setup Question - Use of existing TV
  100. green flicker
  101. Nordschleife track loading problem
  102. Logitech G27 just won't work on Project cars 2
  103. [RESOLVED] HELP!! My game keeps crashing on my PC
  104. HUD in VR
  105. New to PC and struggling (Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 FFB)
  106. Default FFC settings
  107. Game running in background
  108. Windows Mixed reality VR tips to achieve 90fps
  109. Game Not launching
  110. No access to time trial?
  111. All engines got shut off at race start
  112. Was guide line problems fully solved?
  113. Panoz starts in fourth gear in pits
  114. Car Brakes When Passing Pit Entrance Every Lap
  115. Project Cars cannot Save error
  116. Not launching via Steam
  117. Force Feed Back Issues w Accuforce and SimCommander
  118. Lost all Online race stats and history, kept Rating. Can it be recovered?
  119. Nvidia 1080 Ti + i7 8700K - triple screen 3x 1920x1080 performance less than expected
  120. Audio & Camera movement settings
  121. Frame rate drops
  122. Game crashed to grey screen while loading track...again
  123. pCars 2 running flawlessly here - system specs and what i did to get there
  124. Pit Blocked in Formula X Campaign
  125. PROFILE RESET AGAIN...and other fustrations.
  126. Possible VR Bug affecting reprojection (WindowsMR and maybe others?)
  127. Locked in windowed mode
  128. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 LEDs and sequential shifter
  129. Replay doesnt load, no error output
  130. G29 firmware issue & calibration
  131. [PC] Patch 5.0 Discussion thread
  132. [Resolved] Patch 05/04 - FFB clipping loads with standard settings?
  133. Dedi Server issue?
  134. Consistent stuttering online (was: Disappointed Fed Up)
  135. Ferarri 488 Challenge FFB
  136. Sunlight reflection issue
  137. Simhub on second screen resolution switch
  138. FIXED: Saving setups takes very long and sometimes halts completely
  139. Adjust VR for people with lazy eye
  140. [RESOLVED] shifts to neutral when accelerating at start
  141. Green/Yellow/Pink Strobe effect on game Startup on mirrored render - Oculus Rift user
  142. Are no changelogs worth early release for the patches?
  143. Lag and game freeze at end of qualifying
  144. Experience with Vive Pro
  145. Double SHift
  146. Running PCars2
  147. Shadows in VR
  148. Race starts without allowing setup
  149. Daytona USA - CRC Error *.bff file missing
  150. [REPORTED] FA car launches with damage at Silverstone classic every time
  151. Flat/weak external sound of BMW M6 GT3
  152. Settings Won't Change - Monitors, FFB, etc.
  153. [RESOLVED] Bugsplat64.dll Error
  154. Steam operations hangs the game
  155. [Solved] Buttons not recognized outside the game
  156. Project Cars 2 wont start in VR using Trinus PSVR - starts only in desktop mode
  157. 5th gear problems
  158. Did the FFB for the Logitech G920 change during patch 5.0? (Wheel feels like a brick)
  159. Incorrect lap record shown in on screen
  160. 4 screens
  161. ICM does not open...
  162. G29 Pedals arenīt working
  163. Flashing green screen
  164. [RESOLVED] Win 10 Installation problems
  165. Menu screen strechy
  166. Real Weather not correct
  167. Video Card Dilema
  168. z fighting & Camera Near Clip Plane
  169. VR super sampling not working
  170. Video settings (?) Dubai Skyline
  171. Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 Opinions
  172. carriere game crashes
  173. HTC VIVE with Project Cars2 object are displayed twice
  174. Motherboard bus speed affects laptimes
  175. How often does your game crash?
  176. Penalties given due to warp during FL
  177. Steamdb.info
  178. Softlock doesn't seem to exist
  179. Question to users who use Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0
  180. collission audio to sub for LFE for Buttkicker?
  181. No tire sounds on the RSR 2.8?
  182. Saved Replay Fast Forwarding/Pausing/Rewinding Issue
  183. Viewing Posted Videos
  184. Finally fixed my VR performance issues with Project Cars 2 (vsync on!)
  185. [RESOLVED] Windows mixed reality VR terrible performance
  186. I am floating 6 inches from track surface....car is not there (even in my saved races
  187. Problem of unsaved cokpit views and FOV and track-ir
  188. Joinable multilayer games
  189. [answered]KTM Xbow R finally broken in Rain, thanks to patch 1.40/1.50
  190. ATH et Parking brake
  191. Modelization of external mirrors galey...
  192. Center Position - Samsung Odyssey
  193. [SOLVED] FFB Issues
  194. Some FFB help needed
  195. Caterham SP300R Steering Problem
  196. Xbox one controller not working when using Steam Client - FIXED
  197. hovering driver mesh in mirror
  198. Game crashes to desktop on main menu.
  199. Time Trial track temps vary track to track
  200. Worth upgrading CPU from from i5 6600k to i7 7700k?
  201. Is anyone successfully using Logitech G25 with Windows 10?
  202. [RESOLVED] Gamebreaking freezes since a couple of days
  203. View keeps reverting to Bumper Cam
  204. [RESOLVED] CRC Error Loading File for various files
  205. GForce Experience in VR
  206. G920 vs G29 ffb and brake calibration
  207. No Starting Lights
  208. [RESOLVED] Not able to invite friends to online game.
  209. Fanatec last update 445
  210. G29 on PC is not steering to the right
  211. The matches saved in my favorite change when I restart PC2
  212. Thrustmaster T150 help
  213. Steam Workshop Download - over 1,300 empty folders
  214. Car stopping/stalling during race
  215. Bug Report: Brake disc/pad noise sometimes still missing after patch
  216. Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel does not work with Project Cars 2
  217. Hide setup on world hot lap
  218. Advice for new PC Gamer.
  219. Driver Network Saved Replay Fast Forwarding/Pausing/Rewinding Issue
  220. DID I MAKE A MISTAKE 1600x to i7 8700
  221. Sound Cuts Out :Oculus:
  222. License after Win-Re-Install
  223. Deleting Individual Setups
  224. problem with demo
  225. [RESOLVED] Data could not be saved
  226. ABS disabled in race phase
  227. impossible to save
  228. [RESOLVED] Shockingly bad performance levels
  229. Fanatec McLaren Rim
  230. Slow Motion
  231. [PC] Random rare freezing after update 1.5?
  232. My license was reset, please help!!!
  233. [RESOLVED] Problem with Fanatec CSL Elite Load Cell
  234. Thrustmaster TMX problems
  235. [RESOLVED] Settings for wheels not showing up.
  236. Oculus Mode not starting in headset
  237. [ANSWERED] New Fanatec CSW 2.5 driver package 310 question
  238. 980Ti to 1080Ti
  239. network problems
  240. Not working with 1080TI & WMR, need help
  241. Relative time bug and FFB diagram
  242. Fanatec pedals losing input randomly
  243. Proper pedal calibration as related specifically to PC2
  244. Toggle options for certain car options
  245. Shift pit-stop option panel position?
  246. VR HUD Adjustment Issues
  247. [RESOLVED] Game crashes when trying to load Laguna Seca
  248. Steam Hours played wrong due to game running in background
  249. Online race screwed up, yesterday and today.
  250. Night race car lit up inside fps problems