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  1. Differential locked
  2. AI Cars Formation Lap, which side should pole be on? fault with pcars 2?
  3. Please..... change behavior of Car and Track selection Lists :o
  4. 2 things to improve in Project Cars 2
  5. Best lap during the race.
  6. Mic audio too loud
  7. Online braking
  8. Radio Sound
  9. Lag
  10. Car setup issue
  11. Sort TT Leaderboards by Selected Vehicle
  12. New lap records and ghosts don't appear on leaderboard until many minutes later
  13. If it ain't broke
  14. Balance of performance in gt3
  15. Save Unsuccessful: Invalid Use of profanity. !! Saving setups
  16. Are All Cars And Tracks Free??
  17. [issue /bug] On PS4 you are able to activate the 3 types of differentials at once..
  18. Finding the right force feedback settings on PS4
  19. Lag issue and formation lap
  20. Pc2 UK PS4 player wanting clean races or club to join
  21. Sound level competitors microphone
  22. Debate on this crash?
  23. Driving in wet
  24. 180 cars and all anybody drives online is GT3
  25. assistance bug
  26. Steering assistant bug
  27. The 10tenths.net Racing League presents the Formula Rookie and Lotus 25 Combo Season
  28. Multiplayer Time Penalties
  29. Le Mans without chicanes
  30. 1 random slot and it snow at the middle of the season!!!!
  31. Where are all of the FA drivers!!??
  32. Non-linear difficulty offline
  33. Default camera settings
  34. [RESOLVED] Extremely annoyed (getting kicked out of own lobby when kicking someone)
  35. Online championship setting for Leagues
  36. How do you remove ghost and setup from time trial,
  37. Overshooting Corners
  38. Yet another Licence Trophy Question
  39. [Reported] Loosing patience... setting changes saves broken
  40. Replay Sound Issue
  41. race not loading
  42. qualifying over
  43. Headphones & Mics
  44. PC Sim USB hardware and the PS4
  45. Got $20 trade in from GameStop for PC2
  46. Private Testing vs Career Tuning
  47. Another bug - Tuning time out
  48. Another bug - pit stop drive through
  49. Thrustmaster T-GT - Depth Feedback and Rotary Dials
  50. Ghosts Not Saving in Time Trial Even When Exiting Correctly
  51. Weird Handling Bug
  52. Cannot switch drivers in career mode
  53. Forty plus licence points
  54. PS4 Pro Graphics
  55. Nobody got 1750 points!
  56. Blue sky looks like a mesh/grainy PS4 Projrct Cars 2
  57. Help - with FFB seting on ps4 Trusmaster T500RS
  58. Career lenght
  59. On-track Anti-Roll bar adjustment?
  60. Might (Have) upgrade(ed) to xbox x..(graphics)
  61. Are these massive LOD Drops really necessary on PRO?
  62. Push to talk - please.
  63. New update this month?
  64. Is this a bug, or did I just do something wrong?
  65. Z06 Vette is just nutz!!!!
  66. Frame rate stutter on nurburgring combined ps4 pro
  67. Transfer ps4 replay to youtube?
  68. Stock car doesnt turn like it should
  69. Just bought the game today. Are the graphics suppose to look this bad?(pic inside)
  70. Formula C car sound
  71. An interesting morning with AC
  72. One thing that could use some attention!!!
  73. ProjectCARS 1 vs ProjectCARS 2 / Screenshot Comparison (PS4)
  74. Problem with PS4 SONY 2.0 Headset (PS4 Pro)
  75. Elite licence already?
  76. Road cars seem pretty much undrivable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. results issues
  78. Cannot load ghost setup
  79. Racing leagues to join on PS4?
  80. Tire question..
  81. Trouble changing to different tires in pit stop
  82. Telemetry HUD Display
  83. Replay save issue
  84. I LOVE this game!!
  85. Laguna Seca: AI stuck at pit entrance, lollypop man not releasing
  86. Car question..
  87. Fastest Lap times of car
  88. Ghost
  89. Logitech G27 wheel not in controller list
  90. Prototypes
  91. Game keeps on crashing
  92. Starts from the grid
  93. European Touring Cars Master
  94. Anyone with good controller settings?
  95. Seems like top speed listed for some cars is exaggerated
  96. Personal Profil photo in-game (online PS4)
  97. Setup values from 1-2 and pit
  98. Anyone have blue spots appear when you are sitting in the pits?
  99. I have the best wife in the world...
  100. Something the spotter should warn you about!!
  101. Stuck in the pit lane
  102. [Difference PC/PS4] Menu Time record
  103. Tips for Quick Ranking
  104. I cannot stop the Audi r8 lms GT3 from sliding out!
  105. Fault - landmine
  106. Share a video, how?
  107. 2015 Formula Renault 3.5
  108. Price of Project Cars 2 in PS Store US for ppl that dont have PS+ ???
  109. Spotter penalty
  110. Fastest lap
  111. Cars don't appear in a new career mode!
  112. Got my Playstation Plus renewed!
  113. Totally unbelievable!
  114. Tyres and fuel does not fit at all
  115. TT question?
  116. HUD setting to remove current lap window
  117. Anyone race with default set up's?
  118. DS4 + Motion Sensor
  119. Can't set a session over 2:20h
  120. Tyres pressures - setup before race
  121. Set up slots ?
  122. Errors of the I.A.
  123. Braking advice anyone
  124. I love when..
  125. Wheel translation to controller
  126. Favorite tracks and fairly popular in the lobby?
  127. Is the CLK-LM really that good?
  128. Semi-slick vs Track tires
  129. DEMO - Yes, Project Cars 2 Demo!!??!?!?
  130. Who is up for........
  131. Clutch
  132. Stable cars to jump in and run
  133. Load setup from other players
  134. Which is the best steering wheel for PS4?
  135. V8 supercars dlc
  136. some question as host - rating system, penalties,
  137. How does the career mode compare to the first game?
  138. Using PSVR Headset
  139. Random weather conditions !!
  140. Dry Lane / Clean lane / different grips
  141. Reset Default Setting For DS4 Controller
  142. question - driving assists
  143. auto pitstop chaos
  144. 38 point deduction
  145. Porsche 918 Spyder oddity!!
  146. No Pit Engineer Sound
  147. Question to tyre selection and drying track
  148. [Available Now] Patch 3.0 on PS4
  149. Weather Alters from the settings to what showing during race
  150. Mandatory pot stop
  151. Doubt about gearing
  152. Elite Racing League
  153. Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 help
  154. Where is the Anti-Aliasing Update??? (Promised by Ian Bell)
  155. My thread was closed!
  156. Is Multiplayer broken?
  157. transfer DLC from Project cars 1 to Project cars 2
  158. Nurburgring Nordschleife Road Cars
  159. No AA in pCARS2 (PS4)
  160. Dynamic Resolution?
  161. [HARDWARE ISSUE] Thrustmaster T3pa pedal calibration issue
  162. PS4 DEMO- Diffuculty Level (Stars)
  163. Looking for mini enduro clean racers
  164. Cars veering to the left constantly.
  165. Question Tire Compounds
  166. Formula Renault 3.5
  167. 4K + HDR is messed up on PS4 ?!
  168. Where is the gap with the fourth car if I am the fifth car????
  169. Steering Ratio is a game changer!
  170. Bump Transmission???
  171. Soft Tire bug?
  172. G29 FF Settings - New to racing
  173. New guy and online racing
  174. Damage effects and repair time
  175. Patch 3.0 - Pit-Stops not working
  176. Demo: difficulty and aggressiveness?
  177. HELP tuning set up limit
  178. Restart Session adds extra time in Career Mode!
  179. Ce-34878-0 Is back after V3.01 patch
  180. Penalties too harsh after update 3.0 PS4
  181. Side Cam not working in monza gp+oval Tracks
  182. Custom Championship PS4?
  183. AA problems after patch 3
  184. Pit stop with driver change 24h race
  185. If you read this lobby you know who you are...
  186. Brake/Radiator opening
  187. Loading bug post 3.0 patch.
  189. arcade feel
  190. Any tips for controller users after patch?
  191. 求助:闪烁的阴影和锯齿,要等下一个版本吗?
  192. minor bug => replays and photo
  193. Patch 3 disconnects
  194. 3.0 setups and future patches
  195. [RESOLVED] arcade feel
  196. tire pressure issues
  197. worst racing game ever made...
  198. 3.01 Patch update for USA PS4?
  199. Freeze when moving between sections of game
  200. Jump free practice option???
  201. [KNOWN] Patch 3.0 - Weather Synchronisation - Livetrack 3.0 Bug - Online Mode
  202. Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 downshift
  203. Senseless AI pitting
  204. Soft tyre after patch
  205. game locking up
  206. Track details need more love
  207. Does racing line penalty effects raring licence?
  208. Steering difficult to control
  209. To all concerned in bring this game to the PS4 - Thanks Guys
  210. Graphics Bias?
  211. I lose internet connection every time I play PC2 on PS4
  212. Race director audio bug + stuck in pits bug
  213. FFB seems a lot better. Cars handle a lot better. Only thing left are the graphics.
  214. Suggestion for developers and users
  216. Great patch!
  217. First Project Cars 2 Experience - Massive Understeer, and spinning out in acceleratio
  218. G29 FFB Telemetry Not Correct
  219. AI Names
  220. tips for guys with controllers
  221. Photo mode
  222. HELP - Wheel vibrations for last 3rd of races
  223. Thustmaster T150 configuration setup and force feedback settings
  224. Menu freeze on multiplayer session
  225. Really sucking at driving in the rain!!
  226. Please PSVR Patch
  227. Evolution Racing League (OPEN)
  228. sudden acceleration coming out of pit at start
  229. Mouse look on PS4
  230. Thrustmaster t80
  231. New wheel
  232. urgent: nascar and deluxe queries
  233. Using the In Car Management menu with a controller is impossible!
  234. When to tv not controller spotter and engineer sound.
  235. Is indycar at Indianapolis super-speedway broken now?
  236. PS4 multiplayer - lap delta in hud
  237. Brake Bias GT3
  238. involuntary changing tunes.
  239. Suddently back to the menu (with video)
  240. T1 online
  241. Mclaren 650s gt3 hard tires.
  242. Patch 3.02
  243. An "Anything except" multiplayer search filter?
  244. Back after a long break, Looking for a group to race with
  245. UFO sighting in Imola!
  246. Free practice or qualifying can't be more than 2 hours 10 minutos
  247. Imperial/Metric - HUD Speedo/Incockpit Display
  248. Just getting started in online racing ( multi player ) - goal enlightenment
  249. [Solution inside] DLC problems
  250. would you get pcars2 if using a controller, currently?