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  1. Patch 3.03
  2. Steering Wheel controller Settings
  3. Is the game fixed yet?
  4. 60% off ... Wth?
  5. How do we download tunes?
  6. Win and get place in last
  7. Tips for Road America
  8. HDR Still Broken
  9. Season Pass discounted on Playstation Store
  10. Replay Issue
  11. pcars2 vs dirt4
  12. Snow on the track
  13. Clean drivers or at least try.
  14. G29 post patch
  15. Even at low aggressiveness, AI keeps hitting me and blocking. Why??
  17. [HELP] Season Pass owner but still have to buy Fun Pack individually?
  18. Wired headset and the steering wheel
  19. Ghosts not saving or updating on my PS4
  20. T500RS not turning left
  21. ffb works better in time trial mode?
  22. Time Trial (PS4) - Wrong records displayed and filters not working
  23. PC2 Surround sound
  24. Contact disqualification bug
  25. Installation issue in ps4
  26. Smoke from tires when turning?
  27. Odd FFB sometimes on Indianapolis with indycar.
  28. bug: my car slows down to 60 MPH in front of stands while on tracing track
  29. Driving assists bug?
  30. PS4: Why the better game lost...
  31. Bug in career mode
  32. Since the new patch my car cant turn for crap anymore
  33. Multiplayer oddities with default setup, fuel load different
  34. Offline race: why is the AI pitting so much??
  35. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  36. Offline Race: Artificial Intelligence ... too much artificial ...
  37. Game dash board crash.
  38. Just Ran Pcars2 for the 1st time after GTSport
  39. Nissan Skyline r32
  40. Number of Lobbies
  41. time splits
  42. Multiplayer Lag
  43. qualifying set up versus race setup
  44. Multiplayer lobby car class set to 'identical' on host migration
  45. Time trial - car filter
  46. tire temperature bug
  47. Lobby Kick out
  48. Language isssue
  49. New numbering technique
  50. I just need 2 more things addressed to make PC2 even more perfect.....
  51. Unplayable [User Error]
  52. Online gaming - finishes after qualifying
  53. Possible bug with saving setups
  55. force feedbsack
  56. Indycar on ovals unplayable
  57. Only have I a real fuel bug? With low fuel or much fuel I do the same time?
  58. [Bug Report] Replay Race not showing real weather (light snow)
  59. Ferrari F40 LM......surprised how good it is!
  60. Ginetta Junior Crashes into Knockhill Pit Wall
  61. Getting alot better and more fun after the newest patch
  62. Please Fix Formula Rookie
  63. Wrong Results and losing points
  64. Formula A: Career vs Private Testing issue?
  65. Privat Championship - some questions
  66. Quick question about career mode
  67. game lock up
  68. Tyre heat
  69. Game crashes in fotomode
  70. WTF!!! Whats happends to me here???
  71. Can you use the motion sensor on the DS4 for steering in PC2?
  72. [ANSWERED] Pit strategy bug
  73. differeces between normal and 24h versions of the GT3 Cars?
  74. Hosting a lobby and freeze
  75. Need some help...
  76. Pit crew are Big Red T's
  77. Looking for a clean Australian or NZ race league ?
  78. Formula c
  79. Knockhill : 12 player cap instead of 16?
  80. PLEASE unlock FPS in replays on PS4Pro
  81. FFB - does not feel the contact with the track
  82. Formula Rookie at Long Beach
  83. Is There A Post 3.0 Patch Bug Reporting Thread Going For PS4?
  84. Hack Drivers!!!! (Rammers)
  85. recommended controller settings rallycross
  86. is it the base ps4 struggling/should i buy the ps4 pro
  87. [KNOWN] MP Force realistic driving aids not working at all.
  88. Fix disconnects
  89. Qualifying Grip vs Actual Race Grip (Online)
  90. Best settings to get the best sense of speed
  91. Any luck in Formula A with DS4 controller?
  92. Japanese race invite question
  93. Vote to Kick , Seems... broken on PS4
  95. Game lock up after time trials
  96. Do AI drivers have different liveries?
  97. We need patch 4 ASAP
  98. Does Project Cars 2 supports 32:9 widescreen aspect ratio?
  99. advice please
  100. Custom championship in single player mode
  101. PS4 Collectors Edition £43 Amazon UK
  102. A question about GT3 races in career mode
  103. Showing 20 lobbies online: Is this a technical limitation?
  104. Snow
  105. Helmet camera FOV setting input needed
  106. Why, Oh Why Do I Bother Playing Project CARS 2?
  107. Today - driving assists
  108. Gaming next step advice
  109. Ask about the game, and its patches.
  110. Dualshock Overrides Wheel in Menus
  111. Why no dedicated servers?
  112. Pit Stop strategy, live track 3.0, uncontrollable car.
  113. question about the new patch
  114. Any news about the near future?
  115. Pit glitch for 3 sec advantage !
  116. Pitstop AI Mayhem, fuming!
  117. CSL Elite PS4 questions....
  118. Pit lane speed limit far out from the pit lane (PC2 on PS4 Pro)
  119. How to get replays on my PC
  120. Lap down before it even starts?
  121. Training in can not be in less than 5 minutes and penalty issues
  122. Odd career and pro issue
  123. [resolved]Are all LMP1 cars broken?
  124. Profile Name
  125. more errors and failures
  126. PS4 Pro Freeze
  127. Winter solider
  128. Headphone recommendations?
  129. Gt cars Grip
  130. Time Trial Brands Hatch GP
  131. Drive Through penalty in three laps time.
  132. IA race and classification
  133. Ranking reset to form A to U overnight
  134. License ranking in online has been reset ?
  135. Time trial ranking...
  136. Bring back center cockpit cam during replays on PS4?
  137. AI Penaltyes
  138. Time trial Brands Hatch
  139. Time trial ghost issue - best in session
  140. KERS starting automatically on Ovals?
  141. Major broadcast bug when people join in late.
  142. Always getting kicked out from online multiplayer
  143. Feasibility of a offline championship editor
  144. Daytona glitch
  145. Tyre barrier bug in Texas Motor Speedway Road Course and Cayman GT4 gear bug
  146. Edit HUD layout option
  147. differences in graphical modes
  148. Re: Is There a Problem with AI Settings????
  149. Cars and Daytona RC
  151. Bug with Free Race configuration
  152. Why the 2 hr and 20 minute time limit?
  153. Use of a button box
  154. t150 and PS4
  155. Fanatec csl elite ps4
  156. Thrustamster F1 wheel add-on full support?
  157. Missing championships
  158. Next patch info ?
  159. Beat Ben Collins Challenge.
  160. Points have disappeared ??
  161. R/WEC League Starting (all experience levels welcome)
  162. yet another multiplayer kickout
  163. 3 Wheel virgin questions
  164. Re: Problem or Bug: Unable to Change Race Start Type???
  165. Re: Has Fun Pack been released or not?
  166. [YES] Do Ai cars race against eachother?
  167. Re: Tip for Best PS4 Controller Setup
  168. Bug: Turning "Blooming" off leads to faulty replays / external cameras
  169. Trying hard and still fell very hard to playing
  170. Improving AI._ just a suggestion .
  171. Game lock up after time trials
  172. Re: Need Tip for Vehicle Setup
  173. North American Friday Night IndyCar League Season 2 Starting Soon!
  174. The Beauty of Bathurst
  175. Gibt es alle Infos über Update 4 auf der Playstation 4?
  176. Patch 1.4 out on PC, soo...
  177. Difference PC vs PS4 Pro
  178. Re: How do you backup in reverse in PC2?
  179. Re: Can Saved Images be Downloaded???
  180. Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals aren't working properly in Project Cars 2
  181. I got Open world mode on PCARS2
  182. PS4 patch 4.0 is Out
  183. RS Dash Error Code
  184. strange tire pressure indication
  185. Rear passenger (center) cam not in Replay?
  186. [FIXED patch 4.0.1] Found a fix for update 4.0 [links in OP]
  187. Fellow critics off SMS
  188. Now if only SMS could re-introduce....
  189. FYI:Selecting the Ferrari F40 LM seems to be a big part of the problem with new patch
  190. [reported]Career mode reset after patch?
  191. I'm Freeze
  192. FFB Changes after update
  193. Suggestions for rig upgrade
  194. [RESOLVED] Disqualified without reason
  195. Potential block list fix for ce-34878 error
  196. Private testing car selection craziness
  197. [FIXED Patch 4.0.1] Ferrari F40 LM causes game crash
  198. A well deserved thanks goes to
  199. Qualifying Grip / Race Zero Grip
  200. Graphics on PS4 are awuf
  201. crew chief no sound
  202. Time trial freezing.
  203. Pit Working (pacth 4.0)
  204. Pit speed
  205. Pedal input with thrustmaster wheel and pedal
  206. PS4 voice chat volume in multiplayer
  207. Tips for Formula C
  208. Steering wheel suggestions
  209. Pls help the game is unplayable
  210. Different fuel - standard setup race
  211. Who uses a Fanatec V2.5 with this game? I have a question
  212. patch 4.01 sill FREEZE
  213. Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals on PS4
  214. How to save Private Testing Data???
  215. SMS has made the PCars franchise great again.
  216. Game crashing when loading Road amerrica
  217. The final sector that leaves me exposed
  218. A few tips for controller users
  219. Career Freezing
  220. A simple and effective tool used at trackdays
  221. G29 Guiding
  222. Beauty Live Track 3
  223. Group C Championship bug
  224. Indy road version has high oversteer during races but not during practice
  225. Number of players online
  226. UDP Stopped working?
  227. HELP: steering stock cars on Indy not working
  228. Why am I so slow with Thrustmaster t150?
  229. GAME CRASH ERROR CE-34878-0
  230. Monza Circuit BUG => Race management and replay
  231. Easy way to improve visuals (not only for PS4).
  232. T300RS FFB Settings
  233. GT3 trackside engine sounds
  234. Cooling MOD for T300
  235. Who may I add for online championships?
  236. DIY button box with mount < $20
  237. Porsche Legend Pack
  238. Brands Hatch GT3 win
  239. Is the rs01 on spa (career mode) broken or do I just suck?
  240. 30 fps replays
  241. Still no need for clutch I see
  242. Multiplayer - disconnection issues
  243. Penalties
  244. Audi S1 Quattro rally car slow
  245. What a great game !
  246. Dead Lobbies
  247. [ANSWERED] Ford Bronco no hand brake?
  248. Volume is too LOW!
  249. Force Default Setups (select loose/stable)
  250. What does the brake screeching noise mean?