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  1. t3pa or t3pa pro?
  2. Minimap
  3. Cayman on Redbull Ring is undrivable
  4. PS4 TO PS4 PRO
  5. How Do I reset settings?
  6. Indycar league | Wednesday’s at 8pm GMT | Sign ups!
  7. Impossible to warm up tyres on the rain
  8. 5.1headset anyone?
  9. Re: Help Needed in Adjusting Seat Height in Camera View
  10. Setups Disappeared 911 GT3 24H
  11. Traction control - off, low, high ?
  12. Mitsubishi evo X
  13. League Broadcaster Directory
  14. Project cars 2 ESPORTS
  15. PS4 T300 + TP3A Pro Settings
  16. [RESOLVED] Esperante crashing app
  17. Photomode locked options
  18. Link PC2 Profile with Steam
  19. Racing start wile you're editing setup
  20. Online Championship; AI ?
  21. Very consistent no tires bug and also another bug.
  22. Braking distance too different compared to AI
  23. Silverstone odd penalty
  24. Multiplayer problem
  25. Safety First trophy not popping up.
  26. Some tips for safety rating
  27. Replays on PS4Pro
  28. T150 rotation help needed
  29. Motion sickness
  30. GT 3 Career bug
  31. Player limit on console mulitplayer - why is it 16?
  32. Thrustmaster T150 shaking like crazy
  33. PS4 players... Are we on our own?
  34. How can I raise my competitive license?
  35. Total lack of decent Lobbies to join
  36. AI launching sluggishness.
  37. Pit stop speed warning when racing
  38. Possible bug
  39. Indy 500 with Pace Car in PC2 (video included)
  40. problem with the tires on the Touring car
  41. Weird game crashes
  42. Time trial and community events lap times not saving
  43. Tire heating bug
  44. Lobby details all wrong
  45. Formation lap
  46. Online championship thursday evening
  47. next patch
  48. mercedes amg (dtm) gear bug
  49. impossible events: british supercar invitational and carrera gt special event
  50. About the head light
  51. Looking for serious players/leagues/events in Asia Oceania (GMT +7, +8, +9, +10), PS4
  52. Fuel maps
  54. Tuning setups
  55. HUD copying
  56. FFB issue due to number of cars
  57. Basic UI prompts missing.
  58. Global Endurance Bug
  59. Switch from controller to wheel
  60. Pit Lane Parley Elite IndyCar Series
  61. Indy Cars - Career - Cars pull to the left too strongly and uncontrollable
  62. bug setup mode...
  63. somethings not quite right here...
  64. Timing glitch in the director/broadcaster mode
  65. Time Trial Ghost Selection Class is broken
  66. T300 Alcantara or Fanatec CSL elite?
  68. [answered]PORSCHE 959 S - Where is the turbo ??
  69. My Profile Stats
  70. Update 5 available
  71. Career is locked
  72. PROJECT CARS 2 PS4 feedback
  73. like the new update, but...
  74. Are you wondering about reckless driving in PS4 lobbys?
  75. This game is not fit for league racing.
  76. "New Player look here..." sticky needed?
  77. Saved tunes post Patch 5
  78. Time-Trial LB Classes
  79. Very inconsistent AI (Formula C / Brno)
  80. Missing "Opposite Lock Assist"
  81. Replays only save 40mins
  82. ESR Championships Touring Cars and Clio Cup
  83. Recent Problems on PS4
  84. Need help with handling, sorry for long post
  85. Headphone question with lobby
  86. Thrustmaster BT LED display
  87. [Report] Finished But Time remain 14.XX mins
  88. [Report] Move me out of the race
  89. Very low numbers in lobbies (54 players)
  90. Wet weather
  91. Controller or wheel
  92. Brake Inconsistencies
  93. When you drive too close the wall
  94. Incident involving car X and car Y under investigation
  95. Quick Play/Custome event
  96. Re: Looking for Keyboard to use in PC2
  97. Good controller settings for PS4?
  98. On-line gameplay issues.
  99. IA behaviour in RAIN
  100. Slight contact results in huge crashes
  101. How to work the pedals like a pro
  102. Game locking up
  103. [ANSWERED] Do not have Leipzig
  104. Audio Settings (PS4)
  105. Not able to select Pedal Type in menu
  106. Head tracking technology for PS4
  107. Time Trial Championship - Suggestions for Regulations
  108. [Answered] can we please have time trial fixed??
  109. Tips on rain pace?
  110. Track loading screen doesn't show your best lap time
  111. PC2 freezes immediately after qualification online ends
  112. Drivers Change like in Iracing
  113. Frequent Video Crash/Freeze with error code CE-34878-0
  114. Buttkicker Gamer 2
  115. gt3 brno tyre wear
  116. Custom Championships??
  117. Parc Ferme option
  118. Looking for semi-regular races
  119. help for a newbie
  120. Clubsport V3 with T300?
  121. Online Rallycross Championship PS4
  122. Advice on car setups please
  123. Should we make ALL console racing public?
  124. Need to clean off tires after running off track?
  125. Patch 6 next week ?
  126. been away for a while quesions
  127. A question concerning PS4 handling with game pad
  128. [ANSWERED] Juttering engine with assists on? Glitch?
  129. PS4 Facebook Based Racing League (Clean, Fun, UK based)
  130. Wheel/pad
  131. Tire conditions
  132. Sunday Drivers ( Mid Level Racing League ) 95% fun, 5% total seriousness...
  133. Spirit of Le Mans - exactly why we need custom grids
  134. [ANSWERED] Why do some AI use unavailable car liveries
  135. Cannot reach top speed in any car.
  136. About to buy from PSN store, quick reply needed plz
  137. Setups and replay saving not working BUG
  138. What Happened To Tyre Models?
  139. Graphics - HDR is the game changer!
  140. I hope SMS expand length of online replay time.
  141. Audio bug BMW 320 Group 5
  142. daylight to dark back to daylight
  143. 606 mb update ?
  144. Grass Colour
  145. Spirit of Le Mans - R&R needs to be patched
  146. [Resolved] Not able to qualify or practice in career mode after latest patch
  147. Host ability to kick bad drivers has stopped working
  148. Mercedes C63 - strange feeling
  149. Looking for clean drivers for season 2 start
  150. OTL Community Racing Friday Fun Night 8pm BST
  151. Project CARS 2 Indycar League
  152. Communities
  153. What’s Mine is Yours Trophy
  154. Screen still locks after making any adjustments Big Why?
  155. Le Mans Vintage Replay Glitch
  156. Clean racing here................
  157. FFB Info or Help !!!
  159. Real 24h of @Lemans on Project Cars 2 done!!!
  160. This tab in HUD. What is it called and how to get it shown?
  161. Endurance Race Questions
  162. G29 Wheel, no throttle in reverse
  163. Hori Apex for summer use?
  164. hands down the worst handeling game with a controller
  165. Issues with the Kart Traction Control & Oval IndyCars going slightly to the left
  166. [Reported]RPM limiter
  167. FFB auto-tune issue
  168. When is the next DLC
  169. All have lags in graphics on tracks in ps4?(small freezes)
  170. A alternative view
  171. car glued on curbs
  172. Button Boxes
  173. PS4 pro graphics mode
  174. Patch 1.6 saved this game for me
  175. New to PC2, some help needed thanks (Change language, font size etc )
  176. Time trial leaderboard filter
  177. T300 ps4 Quick tip
  178. Tune List Somewhere?
  179. please help me!!! Hori Apex no vibration feedback
  180. It is time for some good old criticism
  181. ps4 ffb
  182. 20m jump Trophy
  183. Are SMS planning any further DLC for Project Cars 2?
  184. Mclaren P1 and P1 GTR ester egg
  185. Pit Stop Duration
  186. Maby a Bug with Ginetta Junior with automatic clutch in Donington
  187. Upcoming patch query
  188. Plantronics RIG 800HS
  189. help with ffb and fanatec csl elite
  190. setup download apparently not working on ps4
  191. Restore licenses
  192. Thanks for patch 7.0 SMS 👍
  193. Slippery on Red Bull Ring national in career mode
  194. Wanted: friendly league for driver lacking talent
  195. issues in mugello with nasty ffb on fanatec csl elite
  196. Mugello issue with setups
  197. Spinning out
  198. Fanatec after patch 7
  199. Sound after patch 7.0
  200. in game ffb suggestion changing cars on fanatec csl elite
  201. [YES] Online version comes with all patches?
  202. Online problem
  203. Automatic clutch
  204. Cars setup
  205. Pcars 2 a year later
  206. Firmware version for CSL Elite?
  207. Back Flames So Inconsistent In PCARS 2
  208. Track limits?!
  209. Thrustmaster firmware
  210. Crossplay. Sony finally caves.
  211. [PS4] Looking for friends to race 2002 StanceWorks BMW VGTB
  212. Roval
  213. Favourite Location Bug
  214. humble question about ABS and TC
  215. tracks with no chicanes
  216. Season Pass discounts in PSN
  217. [RESOLVED] Car has no power in the rain?
  218. Setups for PS4?
  219. FXX K vs P1 GTR vs Revolucion - Ultimate Faceoff
  220. Tyre's over heating after just a few laps?
  221. Back to original seat settings
  222. PS4 (non-pro) + 32" TV graphics
  223. replays
  224. multiplayer disconnection issue
  225. Fuel Load Question
  226. Flickering shadows
  227. Wet track instantly becomes dry? With video
  228. standing start problems Nürburgring
  229. Time Trial Ghosts?
  230. DTM DLC?
  231. Where is the AI settings?
  232. crazy AI behaveur
  233. Best settings?
  234. For those who think about changing their PSN name...
  235. Screen tearing and frame rate drops
  236. Connection issue - anyone relate to this?
  237. how to turn on the engine when it stops...
  238. [RESOLVED] People who fixed their disconnection problems...how did you do it?
  239. Who turned out the lights ???
  241. (PS4) GAVRA Racing League
  242. Multi-Class Championship idea
  243. How to delete time trial times?
  244. Fanatec / PS5?
  245. Project Cars 2 on PS4 Pro
  246. Newbie to PC2 and had a couple Career questions
  247. FFB g29 ps4
  248. Fanatec Podium wheel (direct drive) for PS4 (finally) officially announced
  249. Handbrake Rallycross
  250. Fanatec wheel setting