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  1. BabyFormula Fall Championship: COMPLETE
  2. Xbox one X off to a great start!
  3. No puddles or spray in the rain Xbox one X
  4. PC2 Locking up on Xbox X with Fanatec V2
  5. Lag driving me crazy
  6. How get images from photo mode off xbox?
  7. Skin patch?
  8. Where did my saved tunes go?
  9. Can't save replays anymore
  10. Restart session does not clear "input buffers"
  11. Should I buy Dolby atmos for headphones?
  12. Any Plan to Fix the Tyre Bug?
  13. Complaints about the game
  14. Oversteer snaps - how to fix?
  15. G920 lsb rsb not working on xbox x
  16. Six Motech LEDs
  17. AI skip sector bug
  18. very disappointed
  19. Quitting current series in career mode
  20. Blocky graphics Xbox one x
  21. Any UK drivers?
  22. Simracing Benelux
  23. Now that the X is here.
  24. Practice and qualifying disabled
  25. XEIR GT3 League - Starts tonight 8pm
  26. Indy oval bonnet view
  27. GTE lights at night
  28. Sound issue.
  29. GT3 Endurance Series
  30. Simracing Benelux Clio Cup
  31. Whats this 200.8mb witchcraft
  32. Audi 90 IMSA GTO
  33. Bugs....some kind of ETA??
  34. Newbie here! Any settings tips for Fanatec ClubSport 2.5, V3 Pedals and SQ 1.5 Shifte
  35. Xbox One X issues
  36. From ps4 pro to Xbox one x
  37. Thrustmaster Tx wheel issues with Xbox one x
  38. Any US leagues on here?
  39. Formula C career at Sugo in heavy rain - undriveable?
  40. Why does the game look so good with weather effects but dry it's missing something...
  41. Ian BELL, Its all everything ok ¬¬
  42. 60FPS unlock on X?
  43. AI Tweak?
  44. Attention to detail - The Moon
  45. Clio Cup by Simracing Benelux
  46. Interested in buying a wheel for Xbox One X
  47. Thrustmaster duplicate buttons
  48. Trouble Getting Heat into Tires at Daytona Road Course
  49. Is the physics correct?
  50. Indy Car Career Mode - Inquiry
  51. Very weird bug
  52. Soooooo Patch 3....?
  53. Xbox One X Graphic settiing from Demo missing in Full Game?!
  54. Can you turn off the tire overheating?
  55. Can I pair a Logitech TH8A shifter with my Logitech G920 steering wheel?
  56. What happened to brake line only!!!!!
  57. Multiplayer replay saving did not work
  58. Please FIX screen tearing and skipping of gameplay!!!!
  59. Differences between enhanced visuals, resolution, framerates
  60. Realistic force feedback
  61. Thanks for nothing!
  62. One X graphics are brilliant but other improvements outshine them.
  63. 3.0 is out on PC...
  64. Xbox One PC2 Crashing at end of multiplayer game
  65. Large variations in grip/handling at different events?
  66. In-game pictures from my Xbox One X at LG OLED65 4K!
  67. Car Setups Patch 3.0
  68. Xbox gamers looking for a good time.
  69. TH8a issue
  70. A1251 à u1251
  71. Patch Please....
  72. Gearbox glitch
  73. Career Standings gone?
  74. Thrustmaster TX issue
  75. Ferrari GT3 like GT1
  76. Changing driving views
  77. Why?
  78. Question about rallycross
  79. Pit Crew keeps my tires in the cooler with the beer...
  80. Soooo...is the new patch coming or what? Did I miss it?
  81. Fanatec Handbrake with TX
  82. Dynamic FOV
  83. Johnny the Spotter ain't spotting s*!^
  84. Credit where it's due
  85. Patch 3.0 is not out!
  86. What is the advantage of a fresh install?
  87. Pcars2 achieved what no other title has been able to do before !!
  88. No online sessions?!
  89. Cant find patch notes anywhere for the new xbox update
  90. Patch 3.0 is Live on Xbox One
  91. Project Cars 2 Racing Team
  92. WOW.....Penalties
  93. Bravo SMS
  94. Patch 3 bug
  95. Graphics Settings on One X
  96. Indycar Ovals Undriveable
  97. Vulcan replay sound problem
  98. Anybody stiil on the fence - Pcasr sale on windows store
  99. what have you done?
  100. Online Championships
  101. Well that was thrilling
  102. PCars2 is the BEST !!!! Thank you SMS for this new release 07-DEC-2017
  103. Tyre temps - Testing vs Race
  104. Having real problems with disconnects.
  105. Custom Championship
  106. Casual GT3 Racers only
  107. Any Directors or Commentators available for UK 8pm GMT Time Tuesdays...
  108. DriveHub on Project Cars 2
  109. European Le Mans GT3 and LMP1 Series Sign ups
  110. Improvement Idea
  111. AI Unforced errors
  112. Driving without assists... please assist.
  113. Post patch 3 Can't use controller and wheel.
  114. In need of help!
  115. Need help understanding tire temps
  116. loading screen info question
  117. This Game needs some serious performance tweaks (original Xbox)
  118. Simple Dumb Wiper Bug
  119. xbox one Elite
  120. Demo rating is unfair!
  121. Has anyone tried a SSD with the xbox x?
  122. GT3 EIR @ IMOLA from tomorrow evening from 8PM UK GMT
  123. Calling all mid level GT3 Drivers
  124. Poll for forza like steering
  125. Apologies to Ian Bell
  126. Lag/Freeze online
  127. New Series for the Xbox 1
  129. Change your FOV now to be faster
  130. Field of View Settings
  131. Can’t get the camera to focus on the car in photo mode
  132. I'd like to introduce myself
  133. Online race handling VS qualy
  134. Indycar tune (straight line driving)
  135. Audio Settings.
  136. Definitely not just me.
  137. Fanatec Clubsport pedals rumble.
  138. Manufacturer drives locked AGAIN
  139. Console as a DS
  140. Xbox one x smoking tyres
  141. Tire Problems
  142. Do you do Time Trials on the XBox?
  143. Lmp3 Ruapuna Park bug
  144. Project Cars 2 and Fanatec Clubsport pedals - Throttle setting
  145. Current date
  146. Project Cars 2 is not showing up in the "recently played games " section of Xbox OS
  147. My problem is I’ve reached Formula X at the same time as getting into F1 2017
  148. Single Player vs Private Testing Handling and Stability Control Inconsistency.
  149. Newbie
  150. Réglages g920 Porsche gt3 nurburgring
  151. Update Automatically?
  152. Fictional track names
  153. Cars slide at Daytona
  154. Accessing DLC with two profiles
  155. Frustrated with pj2 hour on set ups and still no grip
  156. xbox one download tabs don't work
  157. Time Trial is the key to speed
  158. Ford Mustang RTR Spec – 5D, 2017
  159. Logitech G920 issues on Xbox with project cars 2
  160. FFB Vibrator Problem
  161. Turn off or change gfx settings for smoother gameplay? =)
  162. A Wee Bit of Information Required
  163. Still a "Chain Smoker", even with lower settings!
  164. Multiplayer needs some work
  165. Easy way to select seat position?
  166. Laser scanned but not authentic?
  167. Multiplayer car settings
  168. STUCK in the "Championships Standings" AND progress lost!!
  169. Lets build the P2 community on XBOX
  170. Career Rennsport Imola - NO GRIP in the rain
  171. Xbox One World Touring Car League & 90's DTM League
  172. Some menu graphics problems with Xbox One X
  173. Online Championship
  174. [Updated What Each Does]Xbox One X owners, what's your enhancement graphical choice?
  175. Conical Brake Mod for T3PA Pro Pedals
  176. Buttkicker Gamer 2 noob here!
  177. Italia tx 458 ffb version
  178. AI
  179. Game crashes on exit A LOT on Xbox One X
  180. PC2 on XBOX One X vs. XBOX One - Better sense of speed with same settings?
  181. Friends Ghosts
  182. Career Games locked then unlocked then locked again
  183. Reset camera values and seat postition values to default (with keyboard connected?)
  184. Pedal feedback
  185. Leaderboards
  186. Thrustmaster TX shaking when centred
  187. [Xbox One] Are we out of our mind? - Handling issues?
  188. Crazy experience last night
  189. Cars not turning like they should at high speeds?
  190. Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco 310 on Xbox One
  192. Multiplayer issues
  193. Time played glitch
  194. XBOX Racing Group
  195. Choices and suggestions!
  196. Gearshifter advice sought for Fanatec wheel
  197. Online league and game play
  198. Laguna Seca AI PIT issue
  199. Audi Event 90 IMSA gto
  201. CrewChief
  202. Trophy Bug?
  203. How to solve lack of mappable buttons
  204. Xbox One Performance Issues?
  205. Looking for Xbox based Racing Leagues ? Then join us at Simulation Racing Leagues !
  206. [known]Didn't win Junior Championship
  207. 24h of Daytona
  208. AI braking on apex
  209. Online - So much fun... but so anoying
  210. Looking at making the switch but T300 user
  211. Jump starting due to glitch
  212. Mirror
  213. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel
  214. PTG Ginetta gt4 cup sign ups open
  215. Online championshhip issues
  216. Interior Alignment Issues
  217. Tuesday race leauge weekly
  218. Assists off to go faster?
  219. PCars 2 on Xbox One X article!
  220. Question about low quality crepuscular rays
  221. Does the game work properly on the OG Xbox yet?
  222. Random! Autopilot switched itself on!
  223. Random! Autopilot switched itself on!
  224. Caper stock cars return to Project 2 cars ? DLC
  225. How is this game now on xbox one since the new patch?
  226. Community liveries clarification
  227. (Various issues) - Cars still not reset when restarting session
  228. Mouse Cursor Visible in Intro Video
  229. Dirt staying on the track after doing multiple races on different tracks.
  230. Clutch & Brake on Logitech G920
  231. F-40 not rendered properly
  232. Juddering in chase cam
  233. Vintage F1: 1967 World Championship (COMPLETED)
  234. Track doesn't seem to dry up...
  235. Rolex 24 at Daytona
  236. Please help! G920,og xbox serious clipping issue
  237. Xbox Multiplayer - Ethernet Connected?
  238. [Xbox One X] Game Freezes for some seconds, but car still running
  239. Disqualification Glitch
  240. Controller set up
  241. Horsepower issue in C7R GTE
  242. Help with McLaren road cars please!
  243. Imola, black flickering bug blocking mirrors.
  244. career wont register wins
  245. Unfocused car in Replays
  246. Decide our next league!
  247. Wanted to talk about weather forecast
  248. Handling discrepancy between game modes
  249. FIA World Endurance Series
  250. tuning advice