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  1. Please fix AI lights shining into cockpit
  2. Simulation Racing Leagues
  3. [Bug] AI Driver Takes Control Following "Severe Damage"
  4. WTF- almost at s license and been reset to u FUMING
  5. GT3 EIR Title Decider
  6. Best simulator for Xbox right now
  7. Worker badly placed
  8. Quick Qualifying Question
  9. Scared of patch 4
  10. False start on Xbox patch
  11. Time trial
  12. Patch 4
  13. Servers
  14. Disconnections
  15. I love this game.... but.
  16. [Released] How long for patch 4?
  17. [No] Patch is out?
  18. Replays
  19. Interest in GTE championship?
  20. Xbox Australian league racing new series
  21. Formula Renault Lobby - This Saturday, 24th Feb.
  22. is it me or something else?
  23. Ford F-150
  24. Daytona rush
  25. Next DLC Pack
  26. Road America wet...
  27. dedicated server for consoles
  28. could passenger cam be added to replays?
  29. Did you find any good controller settings?
  30. Patch has erased DLC
  31. Thanks SMS from a PC2 Xbox1X newbie ...
  32. Replay still failing after patch
  33. anyone else not able to catch oversteer since the wieght slider was removed?
  34. Attendance at Sonoma
  35. Online Championships
  36. AI after patch 4
  37. Using SMS Setups
  38. The game looks really good now.
  39. Thrustmaster TX Setting POST Patch 4
  40. [Reported]Developers - have a look, very repeatable and evident issue.
  41. [Reported] Audi quattro group b broken since patch 4
  42. Quickplay
  43. IA does not have a penalty
  44. Force identical car when forced to host?
  45. Speed and perception
  46. Max Grids on XB1
  47. Gt3 no assists Uk lobby
  48. Wet Tracks (Problem Solved)
  49. Game freezing after new patch!!!
  50. IA Group B,bad start in rallycross
  51. Car grip bug
  52. Stats - Focus calculation
  53. Verizon IndyCar Series Sign - Ups
  54. Just got a One X....
  55. Rookie controller question ...
  56. Porsche RSR GTE - No windows? Also possible freezing bug?
  57. Why is the Season Pass Cheaper on PS4
  58. Career mode - car horribly understeers
  59. Returning player
  60. Fanatec csl load cell joy
  61. Audi Quattro DTM texture error
  62. Are we missing helmets in 1st person view?
  63. Hole in the ground
  64. Lack of interest?
  65. Xbox one handling issue
  66. [B]Attention people experiencing multiplayer disconnects [/B]
  67. Tire pressures and pit strategy?
  68. Adjustment
  69. 4 Drivers Required for Touring Car Championship (2 Teams) - Tuesday 8pm GMT
  70. Controller plus Chatpad ...
  71. Racing Groups Recruiting UK based
  72. Multiplayer issues with friends overseas
  73. FPS question
  74. Replay limit??
  75. Porsche 935/78 severly underpowered?
  76. Fanatec v2.5 help needed
  77. Dynamic track conditions question
  78. Indy 500 full race - The Milkman achievement - A story
  79. Thrustmaster 458 Spider
  80. The Milk Man achievement - Unobtainable or semantics?
  81. Time trials and Xbox live subscription
  82. Career: What sections of what tracks do AI kick your butt?
  83. Whats needed for advancement?
  84. Stock Car controller settings at Indy and Texas ovals worse since updates 2 and 3.
  85. Live Track or Tyre model problem?
  86. So the helmet glitch?
  87. Your Chosen Wheel?
  88. Photomode
  89. Rendering of Porsche 917/10 Can-Am in Cockpit View
  90. 2 Old 4 Forza Mature Gaming community. Project Cars 2
  91. [XB1] Tuesday Night Game Crew (30+ racing league)
  92. Nissan Skyline Group A No Difference Between Liveries?
  93. Shuggish interface
  94. Ready / Not Ready
  95. Inactive activity
  96. Anybody know WHEN car handling discrepancies on Xbox 1 to be fixed ?
  97. Disconnects when playing with other Xfinity users
  99. Patch 1.5 Announcement
  100. Continuous MP Disconnects
  101. Game is locking up multiple times
  102. EIR Touring Car Championship - Dusk til' Dawn - From 8pm GMT
  103. New FFB wheel user Question
  104. G920 ffb
  105. Clipping w ginetta jr and GT5 all of the sudden
  106. Patch 5.0 Ruined my Fanatec FFB
  107. Time Trial game crash after patch 1.5
  108. Choosing AI Cars in Quick Race Mode
  109. 4 seconds faster out of nowhere after patch 5.0! But why?
  110. Little help dialing out my wheel shake... Logitech G920
  111. Hori steering wheel XBOX ONE not steering straight
  112. Fanatec V2.5 users- Post your AFTER Patch 5 settings.
  114. Add new vehicles
  115. XJ220 sliiiding to the right at Dubai Autodrome.
  116. Class filter
  117. Load cell mod for Thrustmaster T3PA pedals
  118. Game Shutting Down when going to TT
  119. Unable To Start Race If Pressing Xbox Button whilst Loading/Restarting
  121. Thrustmaster TMX shaking in rain races
  122. Time Trial first place, jumped up and down, frightened the dog, then...
  123. [Request] Dedicated Servers for Rent on consoles
  124. Bug with photo mode.
  125. G920 button config
  126. Gear ratio issue + possible tell?
  127. Game crashing as soon as I cross the finish line.
  128. Is the wheel shake here to stay? Any official word on a fix, or...something?
  129. Wheel Shake on Xbox One X at Red Bull Ring GP with Lamborghini Veneno
  130. Pitstops
  131. Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel support
  132. Loading new tracks
  133. Cannot filter by vehicle class
  134. Skip to end of session?
  135. Garage Zolder Bug
  136. Unable to Save Replay
  137. Career rain handling problems
  138. Driving 2 completely different cars in game modes
  139. When Drivethrough is not enough?
  140. [NO] Car physics differ between Thrustmaster TX and Logitech G920?
  141. Inconsistent hard tyre behaviour in full lobbies
  142. New to shifter
  143. HELP.
  144. Tracks with FPS problems
  145. Name coincidence, slight confusion.
  146. adjust brake bias
  147. Project cars 2.... without Internet connection
  148. Starting some project cars summer series leagues, anyone interested?
  149. Indycar handling issues
  150. Looking for racers for multiple series
  151. Are Loose setups useful?
  152. Peripheral "Auto Discovery"
  153. Bug with replays
  154. Are there enough people playing online?
  155. Private test vs custom race
  156. More patches on the horizon, or nah?
  157. 2.5 Hrs of Nordschleife Combined?
  158. Manual control of car in pit lane no working
  159. Bug mechanic
  160. Question for OG Xbox one players, and for Xbox one X players...and for everybody else
  161. XBOX GT3 season - US
  162. Indycars and patch 6.0
  163. Thrustmaster TH8A shifter not working for Project Cars 2
  164. Fanatic Button mapping issues
  165. New Le Mans Events on Xbox One
  166. Version 1.6
  167. No in game sound after latest update
  168. [RESOLVED] Vintage Le Mans problem
  169. A huge lover of p cars..but
  170. Controller Settings..
  171. [ANSWERED] Custom Event Physics Bug?
  172. American tracks
  173. Post patch 6, steering feels off. Winegum steering rod.
  174. DLC content on the Xbox
  175. xbox one x + TM TX doesnt feel right
  176. KERS
  177. Grip Bug
  178. Car freezing on track.
  179. OG Xbox One, new power supply
  180. Time trial change and improvement?
  181. Seeing Red !
  182. TheSimGirls's Thrustmaster TX library
  183. G29 with drive hub lacks force feedback
  184. Fanatec CSL shaking uncontrollably on the straights
  185. Erro na tabela de tempos e recordes / Error in the times table and records
  186. Time Trial Aaargh
  187. Vintage Formula 1 & 2018 IndyCar League
  188. Formula Renault 3.5 AI Weak
  189. Am I really going to haft to spend another $400 to properly experience this game?
  190. Loving this game more than ever now :D.
  191. An Idea For Upper-Management
  192. Any way to kill vibration forces for my Logitech G920?
  193. G920 with Xbox One X - best settings?
  194. Le Mans Vintage DLC only loads to 25%
  195. cars by class selection persistance
  196. Install size advice needed
  197. Formula X
  198. Setups not saving / cannot save replays etc
  199. In race pit weather tire change.
  200. Online Confusion???
  201. Forcing me to use broken formation lap.
  202. Are these known issues? (handling/tyres)
  203. Xbox one rally car time trials
  204. Repeating camera bug
  205. LeMans 6h, 100% AI, random weather
  206. Pit Strategy didn't work
  207. My first experience of Project Cars 2
  208. Bug: Championship Data Reset: Required DLC Content is not available
  209. DLC doesn't show in-game
  210. This is ridiculous, I'm so done.
  211. Is this PCARS 2 or GTR3?
  212. g29 brake pedal too stiff, what should i do?
  213. Does the handling glitch effect all cars? Or certain tracks?
  214. Lmp3 courier
  215. Reducing number of view points
  216. Calling all Avg Skilled Racers for a possible Series
  217. Didnt know the display didnt work on fanatec steering wheels on xbox
  218. Xbox Performance
  219. Logitech G920 question
  220. Delta online Racing
  221. Best gt4 car
  222. wet driving problems on the Vintage Lotus Trophy.
  223. Struggling Newb
  224. Mature (25+)Racing Group Looking For New Members
  225. I have found (sort off) what makes the game hang and stutter
  226. Group A European championship BMW Performance
  227. Delta event this Friday
  228. Formula A horrible
  229. Leaderboards
  230. Competitive racing liscense advice
  231. Thanks SMS!
  232. Vehicle physics
  233. Car spins in slow corners
  234. settings help required csl elite xbox one
  235. stuttering and one second freeze solved by deleting failed to save replays.
  236. Callibrating again,hope not,
  237. In what way would you say p cars 2 is better than 1
  238. Season Pass
  239. Speedo
  240. Cannot connect Wheel Base to PC
  242. Community Events and Time Trials gone??
  243. WMR headset support Patch 7
  244. G920 - pretty simple mod to get the brake to work how it should
  245. How to save seat position?
  246. Still weird steering with gamepad - OG Xbox One
  247. Ferrari 355 bug
  248. Tire Entering Asphalt
  249. Change final drive and gears bug
  250. Strange scenery effect - "pop in" of objects