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  1. Car is acting odd
  2. weird thing tyre pressure!!
  3. Helmet Cam spaz on downshift, Cant save replays & Time Trial Bug
  4. Keyboard Support
  5. Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake and TM Sim Hub
  6. Thrustmaster TH8A Shfiter can't be used in Project Cars 2
  7. This better be good
  8. comment mettre le jeux en francais
  9. PC2 bugs feedback
  10. Great Racing
  11. Tyre feedback change during race
  12. DIY XBOX One hacked keyboard interface, button box, custom wheels etc
  13. Query RE: Pista di Fiorano - Practice/Qualify Behaviour
  14. Xbox One X console deal for you OG guys with issues. Half price deal.
  15. Global Endurance Trophy - LMP1 Performance Issues
  16. Career bug gt3
  17. Easy to find info for graphics bias on XBX
  18. Nobody online?
  19. Project Cars 2 first refuses to install, then installs but refuses to update
  20. Wheel Understeering Bug
  21. Disconnected
  22. Logitech g920 settings for time attack
  23. CRL with Console upgrade
  24. What is the difference between PC2 and other sims?
  25. Beginner League
  26. PC2 fans.... Here's something for you
  27. 1st online race
  28. Xbox One X distortion game
  29. [RESOLVED] Stuck in menu tabs after installation
  30. HDR brightness with OLED LG B-series TV - Problem! =(
  31. Beer + pc2 live stream 2o4f
  32. Tire Options
  33. Graphics settings for origional Xbox 1 users. Audio settings for all
  34. Settings For Logitech G920 please
  35. Why this problem?
  36. Replays
  37. Wheel still feels wrong?
  38. HUD Disappeared
  39. Replay saves
  40. Is the leaderboard on xbox box plataform?
  41. G920 SETTINGS
  42. Telemetry screen question
  43. Video freezing
  44. Suggestion - Change Color/Font of Lap Delta Information
  45. Logitech G27 Clutch digital to analog
  46. North American LMP3 Cup
  47. Just got CARS2 on OG Xbox One - Disappointed beyond belief
  48. Xbox One needs proper/thorough optimisation
  49. Connection
  50. Is there an inherent issue with the physics/tire model?
  51. Normal GT3 cars vs GT3 Endurance cars
  52. Pcars 2 Xbox Bathurst 6 hours By Team 3art (French event)
  53. Online
  54. Don't have a 4K TV - Xbox One-X worth it?
  55. How does KERS and DRS work in the game? I'm confused
  56. Best way to get max audio quality from PCARS2?
  57. The One-X's internal storage
  58. One-X is heeeerree!
  59. Race online
  60. Logitech G920 Xobox Settings
  61. Fanatec Clubsport wheelbase working but not showing correct wheel
  62. Low-res shadow detail, flickering textures trees, medium LOD, texture pop in - One-X
  63. Force feed back
  64. Problem with Logitech G920 calibration
  65. Clanky vibrations with G920
  66. Tires are wearing very slowly
  67. Thrustmaster TX buttons input by themselves
  68. Xbox UDP to pc to simvibe or motion control?
  69. Damage/Fuel grayed out
  70. Online score dont move
  71. Driver aid
  72. Telemetry app
  73. AI thoughts
  74. Suspension
  75. Automatic KERS? (LMP1)
  76. Endurance Bug?
  77. Is Virtual Reality available for PC2 on XBox One S?
  78. Project Cars 1 & 2 on Xbox Project Scarlett
  79. Preferences all disappeared
  80. Screen tearing while shifting, helmet cam
  81. Ffb
  82. Race Replays
  83. Where are the "Race Settings". I want to turn off the weather
  84. Driving in Xbox1 with G27 and Drive Hub... Need help
  85. Why can't I watch 60fps replays?