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  1. Mistakenly deleted my set up
  2. G29 and TH8A shifter
  3. Plz help me 2 find a good setting 4 tmx pro thrustmaster
  4. Ps4 G29 clutch pedal with shifting still not working?
  5. Ps4 Voice Chat volume slider option
  6. Graphics Downgrade
  7. Thrustmaster t300rs gt edition problem
  8. Season Pass don't work???
  9. Transferring career progress between two ps4’s
  10. Replay failing to save PS4
  11. Force Feedback problem with Project Cars 2
  12. Force Feedback problem with Project Cars 2/G29 wheel
  13. Reset to track
  14. So frustrating Project Cars 1 is better than 2!
  15. [RESOLVEd] Help, PC2 is not downloading the full game
  16. Is there a reason the game increases tire pressure's by 5 psi in Time Trial?
  17. Is LiveTrack 3.0 affecting Dry track grip levels as it does for other conditions?
  18. Bugs and missing features relating to tyres, fuel and forced setups.
  19. Using UK T300 in USA
  20. controller settings updating when resuming current session
  21. PS4 Online MP Disconnections - Cars Frozen on Track Means Disco is Imminent
  22. Incorrect finishing order
  23. Hori Apex - No vibration feedback
  24. Change between pedal and hand throttle?
  25. Disconnection Room in PS4
  26. Online drive license not updated
  27. Presets for the best day / night and weather cycle combinations
  28. "N" gear in spectator mode: and telemetry
  29. New tunes will not save
  30. [RESOLVED] G29 and project cars 2
  31. Automatic transmission/Fuel bug
  32. T150 calibration settings reset
  33. Problem saving profile
  34. Qualifying Times in Career Mode
  35. [RESUELTO] Fallo muy grave ayuda!!
  36. Bug Disconnects and competitivo racing license
  37. [answered]thrustmaster T-GT compatibility on pcars 2 ps4?
  38. Was the fact that LiveTrack3.0 is broken known before release?
  39. Driver Info doesnt do anything
  40. Offline results comparison
  41. Logitech G29 Wheel + Wireless PS4 Controller Working simultaneously, Possible?
  42. Disconnect disconnect disconnect
  43. connection problems
  44. PC2 doesn’t show my Logitech G29 wheel
  45. Why can't I pit?!
  46. trying to map DSD button box to PS4
  47. Online not work
  48. [PS4] Patch 4.0 Discussion thread
  49. exchange Project Cars 2 PS4 for PC
  50. Couple of issues I have found early
  51. Frame drop
  52. [FIXED patch 4.0.1] PS4 Patch 4.00 Error code (CE-34878-0) every time
  53. Screen freeze after update 4.00
  54. Accelerated tire wear post patch 4.0
  55. issue with selecting car set up options
  56. patch 4.0.1 - issues found
  57. Strange pedal input issues.
  58. 2 Persisting problems...
  59. Game stuck trying to load setups.
  60. Possible gear bug
  61. Bug from within replay photo mode. Slow advance button triggers race monitor.
  62. [reported]Career Progress Lost Repeatedly (GT3)
  63. IndyCar Road Course includes Oval Cars
  64. G29 pedal sticking problems
  65. PS4 Pro better graphic or high res
  66. T300 GTE pedals issue
  67. Ps4 handbrake support
  68. Weird UDP + Wifi issue
  69. [Resolved]Project CARS 2 Not Working on PS4
  70. New PS4 Player, Steering Issue on DS4
  71. When 4.0 update will come in japan?
  72. [Workaround post #33]Game crash after PS update 5.50
  73. HORI Racing Wheel Apex not recognized
  74. Auto-clutch and Auto-blip - strange behavior
  75. [Ps4] Thrustmaster T-GT soon officially recognized?
  76. Sudden swerving left: T80 wheel. Tech issue, bug, or caused by my car setups?
  77. Which PC2 Region Copy To Buy?
  78. Career Bug - 'Select Motorsport' Loop
  79. Minimap
  80. Logitech G29 throttle problem
  81. Random constantly Disconnections
  82. Can not start last
  83. Can’t get full throttle in races?
  84. Problem with Thrustmaster T80 not being recognized by PS4 for Calibration set-up.
  85. PS camera head tracking
  86. Setups Have All Disappeared for my 911 GT3 R Endurance Car
  87. Online Lobby Getting Stuck Between Qualifying and Race
  88. Game freezing in Time-Trial
  89. Tyre pressures
  90. Thrustmaster BT Led support in PC2
  91. Menu corrections
  92. (PS4) Can not save new car setups since patch 4.0
  93. Running 2 FFB Wheels in Split Screen
  94. Can't Edit Hud Anymore
  95. Stability Control problem
  96. Relative Timing and Map will not save in HUD Customization menu
  97. Project Cars 2 Crash with car but on recording doesn’t show collision. PLEASE Fix
  98. Porche 911 R GT3
  99. Fanatec CSL Elite 'triple' Upgrade
  100. Failure of audio assist in Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 7.1 (Sony)
  101. Can't Save My Chase Cam View Settings
  102. Incorrect HP Figures On Road Spec Ford GT 2017
  103. Triple screen possible with PS4?
  104. Curved monitor for ps4?
  105. Cannot save setups
  106. Help - stats blocked
  107. Illicit language error!?
  108. Broadcast mode - Mutes everyone in lobby
  109. [PS4] Patch 5?
  110. Ghosted cars in online Practice/Qual/Race
  111. [PS4] Patch 5.0 discussion thread
  112. Radical Sr8 setup Donington Park National
  113. [reported]Frozen screen at the end of the qualifying session in multiplayer
  114. ps4 failed to save career
  115. Re-install?
  116. HELP - Cannot play using new steering wheel
  117. Time gone missing in time trial
  118. T300 GTE Paddle Shifter Issue
  119. Can't save my setup
  120. Can’t Tune Setup - everything greyed out
  121. Dacid195
  122. T300RS Wheels setting help required
  123. Project cars 2 language issue
  124. Problem with saving the best lap times
  125. g29 setup help
  126. no longer rookie trophy glitch
  127. [BUG] Very sensitive touch on the tires - Damage On - 100% damaged
  128. [PS4] Patch 6.0 discussion thread
  129. [BUG] Sound implementation bug
  130. PS4 - Horrible steering wheel shake after update and Spirit of Le Mans pack
  131. Hard limit on number of saved setups for each car on PS4? If so what is it?
  132. Help - T300 Immersive - ffb snaps
  133. "Disconnected from multiplayer session"
  134. Audi Affinity reset bug after completion
  135. bad shifting troubles
  136. Lost safety rating bug?
  137. Will Thrustmast T-GT be supported directly?
  138. Missing community events, hopelessly frustrated
  139. Usb hub problems
  140. What happened with my player name?
  141. Japanese Car pack and Motorsport dlc missing after download
  142. Unable to start game in offline mode while updating
  143. Car reaction to water puddles needs fixed badly, especially pit road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Cant join any lobbies
  145. Submarine action at Daytona
  146. Lap Times API
  147. Game version PSN (Brazil-Latam) can I buy the DLC in the US PSN account
  148. Le Mans 24 Hour Time Progression Bug
  149. Lost cockpit view
  150. Strong FFB oscillations G29
  151. Career mode trophy issues
  152. Undriveable car while many AI
  153. Discoed Again
  154. Weird pulls on the wheel suddenly
  155. Porsche 911 RSR will not shift past 2nd gear
  156. brake vibrations on fanatec clubsport v3 pedals
  157. My car freezes
  158. Thrustmaster T150 FFB settings
  159. vr on ps4
  160. ps4 motion control input over 90 degree turns the steering wheel in opposide directio
  161. Camera reset???
  162. Graphic Problems
  163. Multplayer problems on ps4 (HELP)
  164. T3PA accelerator calibration help
  165. Can't exit game or save options
  166. [PS4] Patch 7.0 discussion thread
  167. Fanatec SQ Shifter in H pattern
  168. can't scroll down lap times during practice and qualify
  169. Just bought it and Impossible to unlock the game
  170. no pit crew in replay
  171. game changes automatically view when pressing the optuons button
  172. Update 7.10 broke UDP streaming on the PS4
  173. login
  174. Nacon Revolution Pro 2 settings
  175. [RESOLVED] Game Locks saving Ghost
  176. Screen tearing
  177. [RESOLVED] help, menu goes crazy as i'm pressing r2 or l2, i'm on fanatec csl elite
  178. game always disconnects after few seconds when im online multiplayer
  179. Having this weird issue getting my clubsport shifter to be in true neutral
  180. Online lobbies have problems
  181. Please Repair
  182. Unable to save set ups
  183. [RESOLVED] Project Cars 2 does not recognize my g29
  184. mouse look support?
  185. L1 and R1 buttons (pedals) are not recognised in menus
  186. Joining a qualifying session doesn´t work after first or second Race
  187. PC2 - Fanatec CSW2 - Drivehub ?
  188. Fanatec mc Laren rim & button assignment
  189. my go-kart seems to sink into the ground
  190. My "swap driver" teammate pits on every lap
  191. Not able to receive invite for online events from anyone but able to send an invite
  192. Disconnections and save bugs from the past
  193. Best wheel and shifter?
  194. Unable to toggle off "pit stop mistakes"
  195. G29 wheel calibration
  196. Throttle control problem
  197. Ferrari 488 (NA) lack of performance issue.
  198. Graphics glitch?
  199. Time-Trials laps are not saved / uploaded to the leader-board
  200. Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Problem !
  201. Season Pass content not appearing in game
  202. Volante Thrustmaster TGT
  203. Load Cell Brake calibration and setting tips in PS4 ?