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  1. [Investigating] No Keyboard support on PS4
  2. Button assignments and in game contrast!
  3. Field of view and speed sensitivity settings
  4. Replay...
  5. Graphics (SHADOWS)
  6. UDP and wheel recognition
  7. Wheel doesn't work
  8. Logitech G29 unresponsive
  9. T300RS FFB Deadzone
  10. PS4 Pro - Fanatec GT2 Wheel - Will not show in game.
  11. Fell through the track on Lohec
  12. Where is the online lobby options to skip to next session
  13. PS4 Pro / HDR issues
  14. Fanatec CSL Elite PS4
  15. Multiple input devices are not supported
  16. penatly bug
  17. Not recognizing my T150 wheel.
  18. A car setting wish and a bug(?) report
  19. Astro A50 - Not hearing the engineer (same thing from PC1)
  20. PS4 T300 issues
  21. Thrustmaster T500rs not working after Project CARS 2 update v1.03
  22. Fanatec CSR Wheel - PS4 compatibility?
  23. [ANSWERED] Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS wheel not working
  24. Cockview View and Steering Wheel off
  25. [Fixed] ce-34878-0 crashes
  26. [Known Issue] Can't save more than one tuning setup settings slot, PS4
  27. PS4 periphery update plans
  28. Bug reporting
  29. Fanatec CSW V2 not recognised
  30. [ANSWERED] Game too hard.
  31. Can't fully Customise Controller Assignmnets
  32. Pcars2 ps4 button box & udp
  33. Preorder DLC Not Reflected on PS4
  34. Trouble joining online lobbies?
  35. Can't select car in online lobby
  36. Bug: Blank Setup Description locks out user control
  37. [BUG] Career mode bugged during online racing
  38. Ps4 pro steereng wheeel not working .
  39. time trial times are not registering.
  40. Help! Force Feedback Isn't Working
  41. Intro video jerking / stutter
  42. The best ffb settings so far for the TM t300
  43. Logitech G29 shifter not recognizing 5th and 6th gear
  44. Wheel centre goes wild
  45. Seat position issue and FFB issue.
  46. BMW M6 sounds problems
  47. Ps4 standard control issues
  48. PS4 bug - Non Party in MP extremely loud!
  49. Bugs so far
  50. Pit Crew on Finishline PS4
  51. Menu freezing for 10-15 seconds
  52. T100 not recognized
  53. Not getting correct position in race, not getting correct points post-race
  54. General Questions
  55. can't play multiplayer
  56. Pole at qualifying = last in the grid at race???
  57. [BUG] Affinity - Fav Camera
  58. Game Enter Button (x) doesn't work / Thrusmaster F430
  59. Graphical bug with sunlight
  60. Bugs so far
  61. Favorites keeps changing
  62. [KNOWN ISSUE] PS4 - Fanatec Pedals not Recognised
  63. Controller button assignments issue.
  64. [KNOWN ISSUE] Fanatec CSLE not detected properly
  65. Invisible Object Online Race
  66. G29 Wheel Settings - PS4
  67. T500rs suddenly stopped working
  68. Wheel de-sync during race
  69. No splash or mud effects? [There are]
  70. Could Use some help on initial install
  71. Lap Info doesn't work.
  72. [Not supported] ThustmasterT100
  73. Laps broken
  74. Load Cell brake pedal settings....G29 with Ricmo Tech mod, any settings recommended?
  75. [ANSWERED] No UPD on ps4
  76. Weekends Results
  77. Pit strategy problem Ps4?
  78. [Know Issue] Virtual Mirror disappearing BUG.
  79. [KNOWN] No force feedback for Hori RWA wheel
  80. Invisible wall
  81. Karts damage problem
  82. Bug in Photo Mode on PS4 ?
  83. Fanatec GT3 RS v2 wheel. Not detected. Any way to use it?
  84. [RESOLVED] If I host a multiplayer session why cant i edit rules and regulations?
  85. won't save a new setup
  86. How to get a rocket start from stand still?
  87. T300 FFB forces in the garage
  88. Indy track problem with wrong way - When it not
  89. Multiplayer Visual bugs and issues
  90. Offline AI explanation please!!!!!
  91. Thrustmaster T100
  92. Dolby Digital 5.1 - not getting sound out of my center channel?
  93. Helmet cam gone! (PS4)
  94. DriveHub - Does it work?
  95. 24 hour qualification problem on PS4
  96. the arrow light blue very hard to see.
  97. Changing setup description causes game to hang
  98. Engine goes to idle rev after downshifting
  99. [YES THEY ARE] TH8A Shifter and PC2 not compatible?
  100. Time Trial Bug PS4
  101. Issues joining a lobby
  102. Ignition?
  103. Multiplayer session with no lag
  104. Aston Martin vantage GT4. Pit marker. Pit crew.
  105. [bug] Sauber setup grip issue
  106. Formula Rookie Problem
  107. Return to Centre Spring. please please help
  108. Penalties
  109. My 1 tuning setup doesnt save???
  110. Will there be a Update for PC2 on the PS4 soon? [YES]
  111. Road cars: Problems with a controller.
  112. [Known] Online stutter/delay when someone enters
  113. [Resolved] Cant' edit HUD on PS4
  114. No racing line help online
  115. G29 huge problem, steers itself without aids active
  116. [YES] Thrusmaster Addons are compatible? TH8RS and T3PA Pedals
  117. slow centering of steering wheel with gamepad
  118. wheel issue, Slightly Mad please help !
  119. lag fix
  120. Exit
  121. Breaking assistance and Driving Line - Strange behaviour/bug
  122. PS4 Stutter
  123. Driving line MP
  124. Multi-class online race issues
  125. Audi V8 dtm downshifts and upshifts are bugged
  126. loosing a wheel while busy with tuning
  127. Fanatec CSL ELITE and Thrustmaster TH8A - will that work together?
  128. MP Lobby setting - Force steering and brake assist off
  129. How to enable automatic throttle blip?
  130. T300 RS unplayable with the Rubber Brake Mod. PLS HELP
  131. T300 RS Calibration question and FFB Settings [PS4]
  132. Status on Patch for PCars 2 on PS4
  133. Glitchy FFB Problems with PS4 on G29
  134. T100???
  135. Getting booted from every online lobby
  136. Option to MUTE all players in the lobby
  137. SMS here is a list of issues
  138. T300 RS GT Edition FFB Random as hell
  139. Create Online Session, favorites don't save the proper settings
  140. Delete button maps on wheel?
  141. [PS4] Patch 2.0 Discussion thread
  142. New csl elite wheel works ok, V3 Pedals and fanatec shift not at all though!!
  143. Project cars 2 _ PS4
  144. T300/PS4 FFB settings post patch 2.0
  145. Scrolling down drivers with wheel dpad
  146. Audi V8 dtm downshifts still bugged post patch 2.0
  147. E190 DTM online downshift delay
  148. Custom PW for public lobbies
  149. Helmet view
  150. Stuttering/accelerating graphics issue.
  151. G29 Post Patch 2.0
  152. Time trials not updating
  153. Online race status
  154. Mercedes Test Bench Event unplayable!
  155. Strange setup loading issue - Identical setups perform differently
  156. Inviting people from inside race
  157. "Shared Memory" option box missing
  158. Force Feedback gets very weak after one lap
  159. T150 Over heating again
  160. Ps4 factory and suggested settings
  161. T150 settings post patch?
  162. How the lucky repairment of a blown engine will leave you as a ghost
  163. No UDP data if you are race Director
  164. Gear Shift deactivate after crash or driving outside the track on ps4
  165. Fanatec gt3 rs with pc2 on ps4
  166. backup problem among other things
  167. Time-Trial laps not registering
  168. Tech guide
  169. Give position x back bug ps4
  170. PS4 left stick controller steering seems bugged....
  171. Problems after 2.0 patch
  172. Huge controller lag during Merc Ice track invitational.
  173. Weak engine sound
  174. NumPad keys hardcoded?
  175. Online Safety Rating Problem
  176. In car management and button box problems
  177. Please add report player feature
  178. Can't access any online features
  179. Nurburgring combined - Framerate dives
  180. Time Trial now freezes whenever I attempt to exit out of the Time Trial session
  181. [Repeatable bug] Setup loading problem
  182. Flying car
  183. Very unusual lighting/conditions.
  184. Graphics.
  185. Ready Up/Keyboard bug
  186. [BUG] Unable to set Lobby to Private
  187. [Bug] Game froze in a pit stop
  188. T300 / PS4 - Wheel randomly freezes and stops responding
  189. [Answered]Thrustmaster T80 not working
  190. Replay saving bug on PS4 - smaller than 1 GB but cut off
  191. PS4 Controller Settings
  192. 5 disconnectsone hour
  193. [ANSWERED] Fanatec porsche 911 gt3 v2 steering wheel
  194. No Kerb FF
  195. Canít save a new setup at all (LMP3)
  196. Port Forwarding PS4
  197. ISSUE: High input lag while steering using motion sensor in DS4
  198. Thrustmaster T80 PS4 pedal issue
  199. Settings resting with wheel(PS4)
  200. What is the sweetspot of "speed sensitivity" for motion sensor steering method?
  201. [PS4] Patch 3.0 Discussion thread
  202. Weather Alters from the settings to what showing during race
  203. camera bug
  204. Online Only? PS4
  205. Data Upload Error message on PS4 Notification
  206. Fanatec Product Compatibility on PS4
  207. New to PC2 (and sim racing) - wheel (T300 RS) ffb setup issue
  208. How to make or save video , with HUD information displayed?
  209. PSVR support?
  210. [PS4] Cant Edit Name of Online Championship
  211. Thrustmaster T300 disconnects
  212. Patch 3.01 Multiplayer Lobby Crashes
  213. Logitech G29 wheel issues
  214. BUG [PS4] - engine revs freeze at a constant rate, can't brake or accelerate.
  215. Help plz Does someone got the same bugs? (Friends not)
  216. Need help understanding a few issues
  217. In car management - driving aids
  218. Terrible 3.01 Update (AI slow on Indianapolis)
  219. Sky Colour Banding
  220. HDR is really poor on P Cars 2
  221. RS Dash on Laptop
  222. Simultaneous Disconnections in online sessions from Brazil.
  223. Unable to play - error code and update application... please help
  224. No kerbs FF
  225. Overheating, engine damage issues
  226. Game is crashing on career mode.
  227. Unable to race at ovals.
  228. [KNOWN, NOT FIXED IN 3.02] Crash changing car in online v3.02
  229. Patch 3.02 - Now I can't get online at all.
  230. [resolved]DLC Error, V03.03.0951 PS4
  231. Load Setup Highlight Colour STIlLL not fixed????
  232. Fanatec handbrake keeps disconnecting
  233. Re-install ???
  234. Missing AI players online
  235. Car selection in Online Lobby still doesn't behave
  236. T300/PS4 settings post patch 3.x
  237. Game unplayable because saves donít work!
  238. Please help me fix my steering
  239. No cluth shifting, when?
  240. Thrustmaster stuck hard right turn and recurring shake
  241. Two Bugs In Game Since Launch
  242. Please help me find best setting for Dual Shock 4 (motion sensor).
  243. [PS4] Online Championship - PSN friends invitation
  244. Lobby lag alternative suggestions
  245. Game play
  246. Numeric Keyboard - problem
  247. PC2 download
  248. Re: Joystick Controller for PC2???
  249. Graphics artefacts-glitches
  250. Mistakenly deleted my set up