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  1. Helmet Camera Flickering Glitch
  2. Having to use the "nuclear option"
  3. Wet weather puddle car physics model wrong in many ways
  4. Unplayable online due to freezing
  5. Reverse light flicker when shifting
  6. Formula x career, freezing at 56% loading before japan
  7. Formula X freezing Game
  9. Can't do anything
  10. Wheel shake when playing career mode - XBOX One S - Logitech G920
  11. Help With Fanatec V3 Pedal
  12. Visuals/Sound freezing for a second or two then resuming
  13. XBox Live
  14. Controller Disconnected
  15. The steering wheel TMX Thrustmaster does not work correctly with the game
  16. [XB1] Patch 7.0 discussion thread
  17. Random DSC in Public Lobby
  18. Best Indy World & Triple Crown Achievements not unlocking
  19. Multiplayer unplayable Xbox one
  20. Game glitching
  21. Hanging whilst creating Multiplayer Event.... hazard triangle (Xbox)
  22. Can't navigate menus
  23. Classic Le-Mans track startting blocks/grid incorrect posiition
  24. Unable to play anything on this game
  25. Logitech G920 not working at all with xbox one.
  26. Tyres not heating up
  27. Bug: Please help - Competitive racing license synch issue with multiple xbox profiles
  28. Cautions and restarts?
  29. Online Championship Problems
  30. FFB Bug
  31. Thrustmaster TS-XW not detected
  32. Switch from disc to digital
  33. Tyres
  34. Logitech G920 steering issues
  35. multiplayer freezing
  36. Second screen UDP App lagging
  37. Career racing still buggy..
  38. Car and Circuit menus jumping around
  39. I cannot select livery on Project Cars 2 xbox one.
  40. Cannot connect CSL wheel and 2.5 base to Xbox one
  42. Mini Keyboard as Button Box
  43. Techincal Problems (Project Cars Xbox One)
  44. FFB Problems Logitech G920 Project Cars 2
  45. Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2
  46. Logitech G920 for Xbox one steering set up for a novice
  47. Mclaren road car default on Race or Private Test
  48. Mugello not on Time-Trial track list
  49. A few 'issues' worth discussing
  50. [ANSWERED] Patch 7.10 ps4 April 2019
  51. Broken ghost on Nordschleife stage 2
  52. Ffb
  53. Servers down?
  54. Constant FFB clipping I believe (g920)
  55. T3PA Pedal set add on Accelerator issue
  56. No save
  57. Wheel sensitivity issue