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  1. Where’s the UDP option?
  2. FFB lost when going to the dashboard
  3. No helmet visible
  4. Logitech G920 Issues
  5. (XBox) bug reporting thread
  6. Setup Share
  7. Possessed wheel
  8. Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel not recognised?
  9. [KNOWN ISSUE] Fanatec CSL Wheel (P1 Steering)
  10. Wheel DOR Soft Lock
  11. Options resetting when the game is switched off
  12. No cockpit view or camera view
  13. Turtle beach x420+ headset loss of game sound
  14. Whats the correct way to report a Xbox One bug?
  15. After selecting No in custom race for Practice and Qualification they are always grey
  16. Thrust master TMX settings Xbox one
  17. Daytona Speedway drive trough loop
  18. Changing Qualifying Session Times
  19. Formula A no sound Time Trial
  20. Thrustmaster ferrari 458 wheel problems
  21. Need help with wheel settings or tune settings for snow.
  22. G920 FFB different on private Testing and Custom Race (Ford GTLM, brands hatch)
  23. Various issues in Xbox
  24. Stuck in the pits online for a penalty for no reason
  25. Graphics quality degradation in Snow/Night racing
  26. Loss of FFB during practice
  27. Cockpit View - Wheel not moving/Pilot Hands disappeared
  28. Several issues with Pacrs 2 during 1st league race
  29. JUST GOT PC2 FOR XBOX1 - Steps for best gameplay with controller - version
  30. Delete! Reset controller settings + other settings to default values on Xbox?
  31. Different speedometer values (graphics vs car metering)
  32. Lap times/potential readout won't disappear
  33. Where is that sense of speed???
  34. Framerate and Indycars
  35. Few things I noticed on the Xbox One
  36. Track Map in HUD disappeared
  37. Registered issues during league racing
  38. Skipping/Freezing during races
  39. Force feedback TX
  40. [XB1] Patch 2.0 Discussion thread
  41. Thrustmaster TX 458 italia bug
  42. Formation lap is a mess
  43. [SOLVED!] Reset all settings i PC2 on Xbox One?
  44. First turn at indy oval with indycars
  45. *BUG?* Tyre heat/pressure change when waiting to start race!
  46. McLaren P1 and DRS
  47. Password protected lobby glitch
  48. Button box usb keyboard interface circuitboard
  49. Saving Replays in Long Races
  50. Missing sound
  51. Can't change how much fuel is in the car
  52. The game won't let me do time-trial
  53. Setup menu highlight
  54. G920 still broken! Disgraceful.
  55. Please help me!
  56. Time Trial leaderboard woes.
  57. Qualifying and Race Setup Changes
  58. Cannot even play this game offline. What is this message?
  59. Thrustmaster Firmware Update ruins force feedback
  60. Lost all FFB on Thrustmaster TX- (Info only and my Fix inside)
  61. Engine overheating issue
  62. Xbox servers
  63. Current version?
  64. Weather not loading
  65. Stuttering and glitching and still crazy Knockhill
  66. Smoking tyres
  67. XBOX ONE Time Trial Leaderboards
  68. Please read Developer Important - Different behavior of the car with screenshots
  69. random black screen for 2-3 seconds while playing PC2 on Xbox one
  70. Virtual reality on Xbox one / Xbox one X
  71. I think the Bentley Setups are flipped
  72. New bug report online Xbx One
  73. Community events and time trial greyed out.
  74. Mercedes proving event - car undrivable due to glitch, really getting over this game
  75. Tropical Blizzard
  76. Is it over yet? Qualifying session thinks its complete too early
  77. Gamebreaker
  78. Looking to Csw for Xbox one x
  79. Race series unsuccessful no trophies
  80. Factory Driver achievement not unlocking
  81. Xbox one PC2 game freezes and returns to home screen.
  82. Increasing base for buttkicker
  83. Several crashes - bug reports
  84. We're starting a race over and over leads to Tire heat up glitch
  85. Career
  86. Crashing when trying to go to xbox home
  87. issue with grip
  88. Forcefeed back linegraph
  89. Tyre pressure/temperatue in demo
  90. Grip Formula A and C
  91. [XB1] Patch 3.0 Discussion thread
  92. (RESOLVED) XboxoneX & Fanatec disconnects (NOT GAME RELATED)
  93. Thrustmaster support
  94. FFB Graph Missing
  95. Career Mode Stuck?
  96. fantec csl xbox, need help ...
  97. We all got disqualified!
  98. Logitech G920 throttle pedal sticking
  99. Thrustmaster
  100. Missing Pit stop Crew
  101. Hallelujah...the patch is out
  102. Question - Custom Position
  103. Failed to save replay
  104. Gaps in graphics
  105. Game crashes
  106. [3.0] Cursor defaults to "Restart Session" at the end of a session
  107. Fanatec CSW V2 Force Feedback
  108. Fanatec ffb issue with patch 3
  109. Visual Split HUD element won’t show
  110. Pit crew and option to turn Pit Crew on are missing
  111. It broke
  112. Fanatec CSL Elite XboxOneX Settings
  113. Can someone from SMS please help me. This is getting silly.
  114. Fanatec vibration in menus
  115. after patch fanatec csw 2.5 go horrible feedback
  116. Multiplayer Machine Gun FFB Bug still there after Patch 3.0. W/VIDEO. IAN BELL SMS
  117. Patch 3 - Fuel gauge error in motorsport presets
  118. More disconnections than before
  119. Game crashes to the dashboard
  120. Pit exit penalty Sakitto International
  121. Patch 3.0 No Sound / FFB Bug
  122. [Multiplayer] Weather bug when going from "Clear" to "Random".
  123. Career deleted post patch 3
  124. [RESOLVED] My thread was closed?
  125. Jacked up TMX
  126. Qualifying & race pace
  127. Patch 3 - HUD Car info missing
  128. Ghost cars
  129. [ANSWERED] G920 Wheel vibration and controller dampner settings disabled??
  130. [KNOWN] Missing options in car setup (career)
  131. Xbox One X crash?
  132. After 3.0 Pit Strategies
  133. GT3 Tier 1 Career mode undrivable/Broken with 32 cars on track
  134. Does Look to Apex Work
  135. Helmet cam flicker
  136. Setup save bugs
  137. Invisible wall when drifting long beach circuit
  138. Console reset
  139. Reflection on windscreen
  140. Occasional loss of FFB TX458 Wheel Online Private Multiplayer racing
  141. Are penalties not visible when not using the hud?
  142. Force feedback problem with ClubSport V3 pedals
  143. leaderbord filter
  144. Are these known issues?
  145. Online championships issues.
  146. Game won't start
  147. Crash When Inviting Party To Game
  148. Delete all pre-patch 3.0 setup saves?
  149. Carreer lost
  150. FFB LOSS
  151. Rolling start - ovals
  152. Failed to save replay
  153. Car shaking badly in pitbox
  154. Worn tires, and FFB
  155. possible career series bug; game didn't save completed series
  156. AI disqualified
  157. Is "four" out soon?
  158. Editing Championship and Lobby names (and passwords)
  159. Replay length?
  160. Broken (specific) car/ai/track combo.
  161. Xbox One X - Low FPS and other issues
  162. [XB1] Patch 4.0 Discussion thread
  163. Issue with thrustmaster tx 458
  164. Game crashing ALOT
  165. Field of View
  166. Multiplayer X Ping X P2P