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Rob Prange
07-05-2015, 10:51
Welcome to the official Project CARS forums!

How did you hear about Project CARS? Which platform are you playing on? :)

07-05-2015, 19:11
Hi, my name is Sebastian, a WMD community member since early 2012.
Can't wait to see the forum fill up with new and known people!

My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977090854/
Add me if you want to :)

Fernando Pedace
07-05-2015, 19:12
hi new-old guys... welcome :)

07-05-2015, 19:14
Hi all, welcome to the pCARS forums!

Joeri Blootacker
07-05-2015, 19:15
Hi all, welcome to the pCARS Forum :) !!

what can i say... i'm me, and you are you.
and we are all a big family here !

07-05-2015, 19:17
Hi, my name is Stefan and I'm a WMD member since more than three years now.

Let's get this thing rolling now!

07-05-2015, 19:18
Looks familiar. But Rob is missing the usual bright blue bar ;)

Max Kelly
07-05-2015, 19:19
re-welcome all

Loadme Tacos
07-05-2015, 19:21
Well, lets drive RIDE!

07-05-2015, 19:30
Hello world! :D

07-05-2015, 19:35
Who am I? Someone slightly mad in everything, but specially for cars. ;)

Gertjan Arlar
07-05-2015, 19:37
Hi all, welcome to the new forum. Hope you have a good time with the game. See you on track.

Edit: 1 post and a full green bar. Thanks for that Rob

Huib Reijnders
07-05-2015, 19:43
Well well well, Welcome all again :)

07-05-2015, 19:44
Hey guys I'm Jon been apart of WMD almost since the beginning. Glad our baby is finally out there and getting a great response ,any questions Just ask :D

Neil Bateman
07-05-2015, 19:45
Hi everyone, just heard about this new game so is it worth buying?:triumphant:

Peter Longley
07-05-2015, 19:45
Hey Guys and welcome all newcomers! Member since 2011 although not as vocal as some others have thoroughly enjoyed the process of seeing this game develop into the force that it has become.

Neil Bateman
07-05-2015, 19:47
I'll be back!

Oh, i already am.:rolleyes:

07-05-2015, 19:47
Hello everyone - welcome to Project Cars - if you need any help with anything in the game, feel free to ask!

07-05-2015, 19:47
Hello guys, I'm Yann, from Hardware.fr, french forum. WMD member since 2011. ;)

07-05-2015, 19:49
If this aint a reason to get fuzzy there isn't one...

Welcome new persons and old friends..!


07-05-2015, 19:49
Hi all - already known and new. :)

07-05-2015, 19:50
Hi everyone :) Welcome to the amazing world of Project CARS.

07-05-2015, 19:50
HI guys, unleash the WMD force :D

07-05-2015, 19:51
Heyho everyone :)

07-05-2015, 19:51
Let's do this! Great to have a new playground! ;)

Juan Pablo Rguez
07-05-2015, 19:52
Hi everybody, new and old ;)

07-05-2015, 19:52
Long time no see!

Lars Rosenquist
07-05-2015, 19:53
Welcome back everyone!

Jochen Rindt
07-05-2015, 19:54
Hi guys, let´s open another book of history! :)

07-05-2015, 19:55
Hi to all the new guys, there are lots and lots of WMD veterans around who will be able to get to the bottom of your problems quickly and hopefully painlessly so feel free to ask away.

07-05-2015, 19:55
Hi everyone. ....again! :)

MOV r0,r0
07-05-2015, 19:55
Hi, I'm James and my favourite three questions are; how do I change FOV, how do I 'unlock' career mode and how do I exit the game :)

Niclas Loevgreen
07-05-2015, 19:56
Hi Folks! Hope you have a great time with the game :)

07-05-2015, 19:56
Its happening ;)
Greatest community on the interwebz(Pt.2)

Alexander McKenzie
07-05-2015, 19:56
Bah Humbug. Welcome newbies!

07-05-2015, 19:58
I'm Shin. I like writing, music and racecars. :|

I've been a WMD member for since WMD was invented pretty much ^^;

Introduction achieved ^^;

x ImJakeyy
07-05-2015, 19:58
Hello everyone, new and old :)

Don't be afraid to ask questions were all here to help!

07-05-2015, 19:58
Hello again!

I wonder who'll be the first brave non-WMDer to post in here :)

07-05-2015, 19:58
Hello all! 3 years in and I am still here! Welcome to all the truly newcomers!

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
07-05-2015, 19:58
Oh yay, this is finally open. Greetings from an overly nerdy WMD Old Boy. =)

EDIT: Hmmm, this isn't working right, why am I showing up as a free user... Is it because of the whole Community Ambassador thing? I can't even view my profile. =/

EDIT2: Fixed now!

Rikki Jenkins
07-05-2015, 19:58
Hello all. Glad that the game has released. I hope you newbies really enjoy all the hard work that went into this 3 1/2 year journey. Dont be shy let the Devs know what issues you have or would like to see, they are the best group on any platform or sim out there. They have the best Moderators bar none and all the beta guys are very helpful.

Cheers and good luck on your pCARS racing career. See you on the track. AI or real.


Mad LL
07-05-2015, 19:59
Hi everybody !

Can't wait to see the community growing and to meet new cool people from around the world ! :)

07-05-2015, 20:01
Welcome, guys!!! Hope you're enjoying the game as much as we did these past years!!!

Mark Goldfinch
07-05-2015, 20:02
Hello, lot of old timers in here;).

07-05-2015, 20:04
Hi, I'm Sebastian and over three years with WMD. I'm curious to see the forums come alive and hope, we as "veterans" can always give a helping hand to the community in al concerns :)

07-05-2015, 20:05
Hello Community!

07-05-2015, 20:06
Hello, my name is Tom. New to Project Cars, looking forward to becoming part of the community.

Mark Goldfinch
07-05-2015, 20:06
Went on m/p early on bloody stacked in there didn't know where to go so many too choose from ;)

07-05-2015, 20:07
hi all from France, I've been a WMD member for about 2 years and now is the time to let the world see what we've been enjoying so much...

Jens Schmitt
07-05-2015, 20:08
Hello again to the new forum all old guys :D

Alejandro Riveiro
07-05-2015, 20:08
Welcome everyone! I've been a WMD member since 2012 (although I didn't post as much as I would have liked). It's a blast to see the game being played by everyone now! :)

Rob Prange
07-05-2015, 20:08
Hello, my name is Tom. New to Project Cars, looking forward to becoming part of the community.

Welcome Tom, I'm pretty sure you're our first non-WMD member! That's something to cherish :D

Hope you enjoy Project CARS as much we enjoyed making it!

Alejandro Riveiro
07-05-2015, 20:09
Welcome Tom, I'm pretty sure you're our first non-WMD member! That's something to cherish :D

Hope you enjoy Project CARS as much we enjoyed making it!

Rob, no blue bar for SMS staff here?

Welcome Tom!

x ImJakeyy
07-05-2015, 20:10
Hello, my name is Tom. New to Project Cars, looking forward to becoming part of the community.

Welcome to the Forums Tom, hopefully you enjoy Project CARS. And can see what we have enjoyed over the last 4 years!

07-05-2015, 20:12
Greetings from Germany!

Eric Rowland
07-05-2015, 20:12
Greetings! I started with the FIA GT 1997 mod that Ian and co. released some time ago and have been onboard pCARS from the start. This sim is just about all anyone could ask for! I'm happy to be part of such a great community. Onwards and upwards!

07-05-2015, 20:12
Hi Everybody, I'm Cluck from the WMD development forum for Project CARS. I joined back at the very start, in October 2011, and generally pass my non-working time hanging out on the forum trying to help where I can. I have a complete lack of understanding of car setups and physics in general, but I know what I like and I like Project CARS. A lot. Well over 3½ years later and I am proud to still be here and see the world enjoying the game that SMS have spent such loving care developing.

Welcome to all the new members who have come here from buying Project CARS in the last few days, enjoy your time here and don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how stupid you might think they are :).

David Semperger
07-05-2015, 20:13
Hi, my name is Stefan

Don't listen to him, he likes it when people call him Stephan. :)

Oh, introductions, right. Hey there peepz! I'm David and I'm here to tell bad jokes and puns and to occasionally post something relevant. Enjoy your stay! :)

07-05-2015, 20:13
As an FYI, when I try to go to edit "My Profile" I get a error message. The Join Now link also goes to a dead page.

schwartzki, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

The forum access and the Builds downloading is restricted to the Members. You may participate to the Project clicking on the banner above or by using the following link:

Join Now!

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

07-05-2015, 20:13
Hello there ! Great looking theme !

Welcome schwartzki !

07-05-2015, 20:16
Hi there, WMD member since 2012 although not that actively speaking happy to see the new public forum and willing to lead all the new folks in the right direction ;)

07-05-2015, 20:17
I think I met this poeple before, but I don't know where.... XD

Vittorio Rapa
07-05-2015, 20:20
As an FYI, when I try to go to edit "My Profile" I get a error message. The Join Now link also goes to a dead page.

schwartzki, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

The forum access and the Builds downloading is restricted to the Members. You may participate to the Project clicking on the banner above or by using the following link:

Join Now!

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

Thank you, I'm fixing this.

x ImJakeyy
07-05-2015, 20:20
As an FYI, when I try to go to edit "My Profile" I get a error message. The Join Now link also goes to a dead page.

Mentioned your issue to the dev's sure a helping hand will come soon, and some wizardry will be done to resolve this issue.

07-05-2015, 20:20
Hello guys!
Let's welcome all the new members here!

07-05-2015, 20:21
Hello Community! :)

07-05-2015, 20:22
Welcome to all new members and fellow WMDers (If there's such a term :)

07-05-2015, 20:22
Wow!.,I'm in an alternate universe.;)

Welcome newcomers. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Aldo Zampatti
07-05-2015, 20:22
Hi guys! I'm Aldo Zampatti (as you can see) and I've joined WMD early 2012. Since then, I'm a PCARS-co-holic!

Many here know that I'm the "benchmark" guy so feel free to ask whatever question you might have regarding the performance of this game with any GPU! :)

07-05-2015, 20:23
Hello, my name is Tom. New to Project Cars, looking forward to becoming part of the community.

Welcome Tom. Enjoy Project CARS and enjoy the WMD community. :)

07-05-2015, 20:24
hello people I am member WMD since 2012 and I do not regret my investment for fabulous games and still thank you has SMS ^^

07-05-2015, 20:24
Hello again, everyone.

My name is Christian, and I am a pCars-aholic... :cool:

Siberian Tiger
07-05-2015, 20:28
Hello @ all

I'm also an WMD Member since Early 2012...

I will try to help where i can...

07-05-2015, 20:28
Hi all Matt from the midlands had pCars on pre order since forever havin some teethin issues so come over

07-05-2015, 20:30
Hi all, new here and looking forward to Pcars dropping through my letterbox tomorrow! :)

Have spent many hours playing Shift 2 so I love the work by SMS, unfortunately I missed out on signing up to the WMD program and have been waiting for Pcars release for so long.

Cant wait! :)

07-05-2015, 20:30
Good day to one and all.

I'm Andy, Grey, Greybrad, GreyNight (FME) or Grey-d (PS3 golf), Bit of a split personality, well I am a Gemini after all.

07-05-2015, 20:31
Hello, RaceNut here . . . & there (WMD); glad to help out where I can.

07-05-2015, 20:31
Awww look at the bambi's ;) They're so cute.

Welcome guys ;)

Infernox CJC
07-05-2015, 20:33
Hey guys, Conor here.

Been with WMD for around three years helping make Project CARS awesome!
Race Karts out there in the real world! =P

07-05-2015, 20:35
I'm Adrie from the Netherlands and I'm a full WMD member since november 2011.
I can say I'm a pCars addict.

07-05-2015, 20:37
Hello. EmilGlockner is back. :) Where is Hugh... :p

07-05-2015, 20:41
Hi everyone,

My name is Classic and I just joined the forum from a posting on GTPlanet where I usually reside. :D

Figured I'd join in on the chatter and just monitor what all you folk are up to! :rolleyes:

07-05-2015, 20:42
Thank you, I'm fixing this.

All fixed! Now I have machine specs.

In other news now that I am using my Windows OS I need to get it a SSD, holy slow!

07-05-2015, 20:44
Hi there :) I'm still photonenbert and a member since uhm 2012.

Hope you new guys enjoy this game as much as I do!

now go racing.

07-05-2015, 20:45
Hello, name's Michael and I'm addicted to pCARS and I have no interest in seeking help.

Welcome everyone!

07-05-2015, 20:46
Hi everyone. Joined up on GTPlanet only a few months ago. Waiting to take delivery of PS4 LE Steelbook tomorrow. Total noob to Sims, unfortunately don't have funds (or room) for a wheel, and unsure about my ability for online racing, but looking forward to offline career mode anyway.

07-05-2015, 20:47
Hi all :cool:

07-05-2015, 20:51
Hey guys, my name is Manuel and i am a member since 2012.

Hope you all enjoy Project Cars so far :) See ya in my rear-view mirror :P :D :D

07-05-2015, 20:53
Hey. :)

07-05-2015, 20:54
Hi people!

07-05-2015, 20:57
Hey there! So glad to see pCARS released.

07-05-2015, 20:59
Marc.. MdubsRacing. Waiting for the Xbox One version. Been following this game since early development but not a beta tester

07-05-2015, 21:02
Hi guys,

still here since 2012 ^^ and it'll be a few more years for sure!

Christiaan van Beilen
07-05-2015, 21:03
Hi all.

I've been a WMD member since 2011 and poored a lot of blood, sweat and coffee into this project. I've mostly kept myself busy with the physics and FFB section. So if there are any questions I'll try to answer them when I can.

07-05-2015, 21:03
Hello :)
My name is Stephen Way...I'm always the late one ;) Welcome old and new :)

Alan Dallas
07-05-2015, 21:04
WMD Members know who I am. :p
The rest is in my Sig.

07-05-2015, 21:04
Hello, Xbox player here.
Co-lead http://xboxracingassociation.com/
Waiting patiently in the States for the 12th...

Steffen Sorensen
07-05-2015, 21:06
Hi all!

Benjamin Benichou
07-05-2015, 21:16
Hello people ^^ i'm Benjamin WMD member since March 2012 and admin of french community page : Facebook.com/projectcarscommunityfrance.

07-05-2015, 21:18
Hi all ;)

07-05-2015, 21:18
hello on the other side :>

Benjamin Schroeder
07-05-2015, 21:19
Hello people

I'm Benjamin aswell. WMD Member since Feb 2012 :) TGC Driver for quite some time

07-05-2015, 21:23
Hello name is Trumpet ,been following Project Cars for years and it's finally here very exciting ,been getting to grips with Clio Cup today .
I'm on Xbox One gamertag Trumpet Trouser .

07-05-2015, 21:23

Moved from the console racers which have been my go-to game for over 10 years, to the glorious PC side of Racing, in preparation for this game.

I am very glad that I did! Looking to grow my FL quickly with avid simracing fans!

07-05-2015, 21:24
Hello everyone!

Welcome to Project Cars.


07-05-2015, 21:24
Just registered. Thanks for all the greetings from the WMD folks. Looks like a friendly place. I am an old guy. Retired teacher. Bought an Xbox One when they came out to drive some expensive sports cars I will never have in the real world. Ordered P-CARS back last October. I have it all downloaded. Now just waiting for the clock to strike May 12!

Alex Hobbs
07-05-2015, 21:24
Hey I'm Hobbs :) I do stunt driving, drifting, educational videos and I run the largest community run facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ProjectCARSUnofficial) with Sagedavid :)

07-05-2015, 21:25
Hello people, I'm Gianluca, WMD member since January 2012, welcome in the forum. :)

Kevin Brown
07-05-2015, 21:25
Hi all, I've changed channels, hello and welcome new members

John Snelling
07-05-2015, 21:27
Hi all welcome to Project Cars forums....Let's have some fun.....

07-05-2015, 21:37
I saw an advert poster in Game when I went in to buy DriveClub....I read the blurb on the poster and put DriveClub back on the shelf!
Been waiting for a decent game for years....got fed up of GranTurismo and its crap handling and sounds.

Playing on PS4 when the disc comes through my door tomorrow.....can't wait

Anyone can add me for fair racing online. gamertag is 'pinklepies'

07-05-2015, 21:39
Oh that's not a bad idea, posting gamertags and such. This is my steampage: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shin321/

Add me if you like. I'm not much of an online racer, but I do like to talk about racecars and setups and such things. ^^;

07-05-2015, 21:42
Hi there! My name's Jake and I race on Precision Racing League. We're planning to have multiple championship.
Here's a link: http://www.precisionracingleague.com/ocp/forum/index.php?page=forumview&id=project-cars

07-05-2015, 21:44
Welcome everybody, I'm Topsy and try to be a nice guy and help you out wherever I can. :p

Have a pleasant stay!

Titzon Toast
07-05-2015, 21:56
How's it going? I can't wait to get my hands on this game tomorrow. I hope the online multiplayer is gonna be something special.
Irish wheel user on the PS4.
Good luck out on track.

07-05-2015, 22:00
Hey guys,
FD here. Been involved with pcars since the beginning (October 2011), hope I can help some.
Enjoy the game!

07-05-2015, 22:07
Playing on PS4, digital edition. Irish, living in England.

It's a fantastic game and will keep getting better with the support from the developers.

07-05-2015, 22:14
Hello! Great to see this new forum!
Here to help whenever I can!

07-05-2015, 22:14
Hi all !
Console (PS) racer from Belgium here.
Thanks for all the work you put into the game. From what I have seen and heard it will be amazing !
My (LTD) copy should arrive tomorrow. Since I am 62 I should not realy be stoked, but...:triumphant:

Did some (125cc) kart racing and now the occasional track days in Zolder & Spa (with my friends GTR and Megane)


07-05-2015, 22:28
Hi all, welcome to the party :D. I've been a WMD member since 2011 (jeese has it been that long :eek:) and been playing this fine sim all the way through. Massive respect to all involved in getting us to the full release! Hope all the peeps who haven't had the chance to play till now enjoy this fine game as much as I do.

A great friendly and helpful community here so don't scared to ask any questions to maximise you gaming experience :)

07-05-2015, 22:31
Well Ive got a forum account, now I just need to get the game

07-05-2015, 22:33
hello everyone pc gamer here

07-05-2015, 22:39
Just an old bloke from www.arseforums.com

07-05-2015, 22:43
LOL quality forum name :D

07-05-2015, 22:43
Hello world. My name is Mariusz and right now I'm here (and I'd have to reset my 3,5 year old password from WDM forum:))
Have a good time with the game!

07-05-2015, 22:44
Sup, Banger here, been round since '11. Cya on the track. :cool:

Andrew Clark
07-05-2015, 22:51
Hey everyone old friends and new. Glad your here. Now let's get this Party Started.

James D
07-05-2015, 22:56
Hello! Nice to meet you!

07-05-2015, 22:58
Well Ive got a forum account, now I just need to get the game

Xbox One I take it?

07-05-2015, 23:03
Happy Birthday to baby Project CARS. Faith and patience do pay off! Congratulations to all.

I'm one of the old guys and don't say much, but that's just as well. Welcome to all you new folks. We're gonna have a heck of a time now. (Even though I'll be traveling when my box gets here and won't get it installed until next month.)

07-05-2015, 23:06
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Matthew Gibbs
07-05-2015, 23:08
Hey everyone

I've been around since early on in the project it's good to see everyone else enjoying the game

07-05-2015, 23:09
Xbox One I take it?

Yeah, sorry ill update my sig and stuff later to reflect that

07-05-2015, 23:14
Hi everybody! Thanks to any and all of you who helped bring us this game, it looks amazing!

07-05-2015, 23:15
Déjà Vu all over again! Welcome

07-05-2015, 23:18
Hi Everyone,

I'm the resident Slightly Mad PC Platform Lead... which means I'll be supporting any DX9 or DX11 graphics issues and also Oculus Rift :)

07-05-2015, 23:29
Hi folks,

New to pCars though am really enjoying it so far.

07-05-2015, 23:34
Hi guys, racing in playstation since '98 or so with controller and arrows

07-05-2015, 23:45
Hi folks, after 30 odd years of searching I've finally found the driving game I'd been looking for.... Project CARS. Welcome to everyone. Hope you're all enjoying the game.

Alan Dallas
07-05-2015, 23:48
Hi Everyone,

I'm the resident Slightly Mad PC Platform Lead... which means I'll be supporting any DX9 or DX11 graphics issues and also Oculus Rift :)

Hi Mr G.!!!

07-05-2015, 23:52
Hi everyone!

Luiz Boni
07-05-2015, 23:54
Nice to meet all of you, I'm Luiz, from Brazil, CONGRATS on this FANTASTIC SIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Nelly D Racer
07-05-2015, 23:57
Hey everyone I've been with this project for almost 3 years so hopefully I'll be able to answer some of your questions.

Eric Bergeret
07-05-2015, 23:57
renember to delete your profile, that gonna miss me now x).

08-05-2015, 00:05
Hello! My name is David, from France (with French capabilities in English), I'll be 40 YO just before Le Mans race with my good WMD fellows, and I've stopped playing pCARS since three days now. I have many other addictions, but this one was the most important for the past three years.

08-05-2015, 00:53
Hi all. I'm Wade from Sydney, Australia. I'm running pCars on a PS4 with a Fanatec CSR wheel w/ CSR Elite pedals (as in my signature). Finding a lot of bugginess initially in the PS4 version, but I'm finding once I work around the bugs and actually get on track, the driving, and the racing with the AI very, very fun. If the little bugs can be sorted out, I think this game has real potential.

So if you see me around the forums having a whinge, I'm not trolling, its just that I really want this game to improve, because I think the foundation for something outstanding is there, but I feel it just needs a little polish.

So, hello! :)

Alan Dallas
08-05-2015, 01:02
Hi all. I'm Wade from Sydney, Australia. I'm running pCars on a PS4 with a Fanatec CSR wheel w/ CSR Elite pedals (as in my signature). Finding a lot of bugginess initially in the PS4 version, but I'm finding once I work around the bugs and actually get on track, the driving, and the racing with the AI very, very fun. If the little bugs can be sorted out, I think this game has real potential.

So if you see me around the forums having a whinge, I'm not trolling, its just that I really want this game to improve, because I think the foundation for something outstanding is there, but I feel it just needs a little polish.

So, hello! :)

Reminder: Search WMD forums(Bug Reports section) for bugs you note, see if it's been posted, if not, you know what to do. :D Keep it professional now. :p

Wind Squid
08-05-2015, 01:14
Hello everyone, Parker here. I've been a fan of cars since I was a kid and as such Gran Turismo has been my favorite game series since the original on PlayStation. I still love GT but I'm ready for a full on sim on console and this game looks to be exactly what I've been waiting for, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

08-05-2015, 01:14
Hi everyone, my name is Zak :))))
I'm new here:rolleyes:, playing on PC, with thrustmaster rs500 wheel and th8a manual/sequential shifter.
cya soon on track)))))):cool:

08-05-2015, 01:20
Hi everyone, peasant PS4 gamer here :cool: I been following every last bit of info about this game for what seems like forever now. So happy to finally get my hands on it and to see for myself all the aspects that had me so excited for so long. Played it for so long last night my arms ache and I've a bit of a blister on my hand lol Lovin it.

08-05-2015, 01:20
Hello everyone! It's been so long since I first heard about pCARS that I don't even remember where I first heard it from. Anyways, I'm playing on PC!

Joshua Healy
08-05-2015, 01:26
Welcome all new members :) good to have you all here

08-05-2015, 01:26
Glad to finally be here. As a long time arcade and console racing fan, my interest in PC sim racing really took off a few years ago, but unfortunately I learned about pCars literally a few weeks too late to become an early WMD member. I've followed the development news from the outside looking in since then. I had hoped for a second chance to join, but thanks to the FSA that never happened after many months of waiting for news. While waiting for this release, I've really expanded my collection of sim racing games to include most of the current well known titles. I do enjoy some of the less forgiving, serious titles, but that doesn't stop me from having a good time playing racers with a wider appeal.

I look forward to many hours of enjoyment with pCars and future DLC releases.

08-05-2015, 01:32
Hey guys,

Been sim racing on and off for 20 years, and have eagerly been anticipating this one. Loved iRacing but I just couldn't dedicate the time I needed to it, and got sick of having to update the PC all the time. Hopefully this will give me my fix of realistic sim racing on the PS4 between my real world races. Look forward to seeing some of you on track :)

08-05-2015, 01:33
Welcome everyone! Good to see you all!

08-05-2015, 01:41
Hey everyone. My name is James, have been playing racing titles for at very least 25 years, and have been into sim racing at a competitive level since 2012. I'm a regular on iRacing (Indycars 90% of the time), rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa and Stock Car Extreme. I've gotta say I feel pretty lucky to live in a time where we have the kind of choices we have these days.

Pretty impressed with Project CARS so far. To me it's certainly the most complete sim package on the market at the moment - not without faults of course, but an excellent base for moving forward with development. The fact that this thing is working on consoles at all is a major feat in my eyes, although those versions are (in my opinion) trumped by the PC version at the moment. I was sent a review copy on Xbox One, but considering my PC has the sim rig, I went and bought a copy for PC on pre-release last week. Look forward to compiling my thoughts on it all over the next couple of weeks. :)

08-05-2015, 02:03
Hey all my names Sebastian and have been part of the WMD community since this time 2012 I'll be playing on the ps4 since my PC gave out a few months back I look forward to racing ageist you all.
My psn is Ltrad1um

08-05-2015, 02:29
Hi everyone, the names Andy and my PSN profile is Xelancer, playing on a PS4 and I live in the land down under. Looking forward to racing with everyone in the near future!

08-05-2015, 03:17
JonZ, backer and movie maker in my times. Warm welcome to everyone :)

08-05-2015, 07:58
Hi Everybody. :)


Defender of the Gamepad massive.
FFB philistine.
Lover of all things BTCC.

Massive Shift series fan, looking forward to some great times with PCars, well done all on the release!

08-05-2015, 08:19
A heartly Hello to you guys.

So my name is Roland, I am from the city of Pécs in Hungary.
The old Hillclimb course of Pécs lies just some 150 meters from our house so it was no question what kind of sport will be my passion.

I began playing racing games with Colin McRae Rally (the first one), then moved to SIM Racing, my first was GTR2 I really liked that, then moved to the Race07 series and played them for years. Was really looking forward for GTR3, but realised over time, that there will be GTR3... :(

Then I heared about Project CARS.
I was really stunned by the whole idea, and I decided to be a member of those who "founded" the game, unfortunately at that moment this was not available anymore. (I still think this was unfair.)
Anyway I followed the progress of the game, and was more and more into it.

Of course I was among the first to pre-order the game back in August 2014.
Then in November lets just say *somehow* I got tha chance to try the game out, and I was totally amazed.
It had its bugs, but the immersion, the feeling was just so muh better, than anything I tried before.

So here we are today. Got my Limited Edition (for PC) shipped today, and can't wait to get home from work, and finally try it out properly.

See you guys on the racetrack (hopefully in my rearview mirror).


08-05-2015, 08:52
My name is Richard, 39 years old and from the Netherlands.
Yesterday i got my hard copy of Project Cars. Just tried it out for like an hour and allready love it! Great job devs!
I really like sim/racing games. I also have Assetto Corsa, Iracing, RR3 and so on!
Feel free to add me on steam for some nice clean driving!
Steam name: RabNL
Cheers all and happy driving! See you on track!

*proud owner of Project Cars & G27* oh, and a dog called Zorro :p

08-05-2015, 09:43
Hello all,

I am Pamellaaa (or Sam to those who know me), I am 23 from Cornwall in the UK. I pre-ordered pCars on Steam and thus far have been very impressed, totally hooked on the Clio Cup championship and loving the realism and difficulty. Most of the tracks are new to me (I know the layouts from watching BTCC on TV but have never raced on them) so the limited practice time is proving a real challenge and I am enjoying it immensely. I have the AI cranked right up to 100 - I have been able to take pole at both tracks so far but with my current setup I seem to be losing grip as the tyres drop off faster than those around me so I am struggling to hold onto positions (at least in race 1!) a little for the whole race, its excellent how one little mistake will see you tumbling down the field and fighting to maintain a points paying position.

I have come here after being quite active on GTPlanet and in years gone past ForzaMotorsport.net, I have both GT6 and Forza 5 although I have a suspicion that they will not get a lot of use for a while now!

I am looking forward to progressing my career and spending more time fettling and tuning my cars, I think I will enjoy the livery editing options as well (although I hope that we soon have a system for sharing these liveries and making them viewable online) and I hope to get involved in some online league racing in the weeks and months to come!

As I mentioned I will be playing on Steam, my username is Pamellaaa (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pamellaaa), feel free to add me!

See you on the track! :D

08-05-2015, 09:45
Hi guys, I 've been involved in the Project since 2012. I love sportscars, especially vintage ones, and use to take my car on racetracks quite often...

Warm welcome to all! :)

08-05-2015, 09:50
Hey world finally the wait is over and must say glad it's as good as I thought on xbox one feel free to add me

08-05-2015, 10:18
I've kept tabs on Project CARS since the very early builds, but I haven't introduced myself until now.

My name is Brandon, I'm 18 years old and from the United States. I love all forms of racing, but I got my start with NASCAR. Since then, I've become a follower of IndyCar and F1, as well as other motorsports that spark my fancy.

I got PCars for the PC, and I can safely say that it has surpassed my expectations. All of the cars have their own different driving technique to them and require absolute concentration on the track in front of you. I'm glad that the hardcore racing sim genre is still alive and well.

I hope to see all of you out there on the racetrack! :)

08-05-2015, 10:34
Hi to all new & old gentlemens & ladies...:)

Im Fran from Barcelona,living really close of Circuit of Catalonia,all of you are invited¡¡¡...:o

Dan Blake Racing
08-05-2015, 12:29
Hi fellow racers,

I am Dan, 27 years old. Been a sim racer for three years now. Dabbled on console titles before joining IRacing and have been racing there for the last three years. Last season purely from sim racing, I took the step up to real racing in the Track Attack Race Club's Hyundai Coupe Cup. I won the 2014 AVO Rookie Of The Year award on the way to fourth in the series. Over the course of my first season I took two wins in the season ending Autumn Trophy at Snetterton on the 300 circuit, in the Coupe Cup class. I also ran in the GT150 class of the Nippon Challenge. In 2014 I had 11 podiums and started 2015 with a third place at Rockingham. Racing next weekend at Brands Hatch ( 16th May )

Looking for some fun, clean, competitive racing

Facebook Page: Dan Blake Racing
Twitter: @DanBlakeRacing
Steam: BristolCityDan

08-05-2015, 12:36
Hi All,
My name is Dave, been a member of WMD since Oct 2011. Convinced several other mates I race with in LFS to join too. We've all enjoyed the journey, and the final result is spectacular.

Already enjoyed a Clio race at Donington, good hard racing, but clean. Keep it up.
See you on the track.

08-05-2015, 12:37
Hello, My name is Robert. I've sim raced for almost twenty years and have raced many a sim. I'm so glad that we have such a good selection of quality sims and PCars looks to be the best looking.

Anyway, I also just wanted to write my first posting on this forum and I'm sure nobody is going to read this.

08-05-2015, 13:18
Kevin here... pCARS member since 2012. Warm welcome to all, and I hope you all enjoy the game as much as we do! :D

08-05-2015, 13:28
Hai, also Pcars member since 2012, lets all have fun and you can find me most days in the steam community chat room if you need techy advise under the guise of Vonnie

08-05-2015, 13:29
Hai, also Pcars member since 2012, lets all have fun and you can find me most days in the steam community chat room if you need techy advise under the guise of Vonnie

Vonnie is da man! XD

08-05-2015, 13:38
Hi all,
Im NVI0U5,
I come from the Forza Community, played all Forza titles from FM1, I came across pcars from a Youtube vid preordered the LE version picked it up yesterday.
Enjoying the game so far had to adjust the crap out of the xbone controller.
Looking for another leaderboard to attack.

08-05-2015, 13:49
Hello all

Horrifically inactive member of the WMD forums since 2011 here, also a member of the steam community chat under the id of hammer249, feel free to join us for any support questions/queries you may have, also general nonsense of the racecar variety.

08-05-2015, 15:04

ctd here. WMD member since nov 2011. To be in this Project almost from the start and now seeing the result on the shelfs in gameshops and in here in this official forum is very emotional, almost like having a baby born (although I don't have Children). I hope we together with all you new players can make this game even better than the ambition we had when the Project started, to make this game the best ever seen on this planet.

Cheers to you all, new and old players. :)

08-05-2015, 15:10
Here's a big shout out to all the new members of our fantastic race community!!

08-05-2015, 16:03
Hello everybody!
I'm Martino. I'm from the Philippines.
I play Project CARS on the PC.
Heard about this game somewhere around late 2011 to 2012 as I've been following Slightly Mad Studios in their Shift games.
Been a fan of arcade racing games, particularly Need for Speed and Burnout for like ten years or so, though I've tried sim or semi-sim games like Gran Turismo. Playing Shift games and following real-life motor racing like Formula 1, V8 Supercars and DTM have made me get into sim racing more. Unfortunately, it's just a gamepad that I'm going to get stuck with for a few years until I can afford a wheel.

08-05-2015, 16:11
Wayne here my friends cll me Doc so hence the name hope to see you guys online for some clean racing ;)


08-05-2015, 16:11
Hi, it's been fun watching pCARs become what it is today. I hope from here it just keeps getting even better as the community expands.

Real name is Paul... see you on the grid!

Go get Immersed!

Matthew Gibbs
08-05-2015, 16:17
Hi Mr G.!!!

shh, you'll give him away ;)

08-05-2015, 16:23
Andy here. Hi everyone. Been waiting anxiously for months for this to be released. Downloaded last night, and cant wait to get home to test drive it a bit ! Look forward to seeing some of you on the track !

08-05-2015, 16:27
Hey :) My name is Mark, I bought the PS4 limited edition version of project cars. I have had it on pre-order for a while. First initial impression of the game is amazing and my driving skills are shocking (lol). I prefer the game with the learning curve being one where you can continuously improve.


From the video you will notice i'll need some time (maybe even substantial time) to practice before I can compete properly. Looking forward to spending a lot of time on this game. If any of you are on PS4, feel free to add me. Though don't expect me challenging just yet...

Great to meet all of you. Who ever worked on the game, great work!

08-05-2015, 16:33
Hi, I'm Mikael from Scotland. Spent the last couple hours getting to grips with the game and I have to say it's awesome. Hate karting for sure though haha.

08-05-2015, 16:55
Hi everyone (old WMD members and new Project Cars players :D).

I'm Mog, 27, female and a keen motorsport fan (mostly F1, BTCC and WRC, although mostly WRC from the 90's :D) and petrol-head (amongst other things including mountain climbing and photography!). I live right in the middle of nowhere, nestled amongst the mountains of the Lake District National Park in the UK.

I'm currently looking for a 200 Tdi Landrover Defender 90 from around 1990-1993, it is quite hard living up here without a 4x4, and even harder trying to find a good Defender at a good price that hasn't been ragged around or modified to look like garbage :P

That's a little bit about me :) You can find me on twitter @FMog (www.twitter.com/FMog)

Looking forward to picking up a new racing wheel and having some good racing battles with you!

08-05-2015, 17:01
Hey everyone! dctoe here! Found out about PCars when I was participating in clubs with Gran Turismo 6. Bought Assetto Corsa and realized that THIS was the future of driving sims. Haven't touched my PS3 in months! Look forward to meeting new people and joining new groups here.

Steam name: dctoe
Playing - PCars - Assetto Corsa - Euro Truck Sim 2. Hit me up anytime!

DC ;)

One of the Best Yet
08-05-2015, 17:03
Hello World!!

Just got Project CARS yesterday.

Fantastic game, about time we had a game on Xbox that has variable weather and an actual use for the pit lanes!

Please though sort out the 'Full Lock' steering issue, driving me insane!!

08-05-2015, 17:08
Oh harro, just checking into the public forum now that the game has released. Cool to see a lot of new faces

08-05-2015, 17:38
Hey whats up everyone my name is Keith AKA (JerseyOutlaw). I've been an avid sim racer for years. I've played them all and actually gotten a few trips and freebies from my time playing. It is now time to move on to Project Cars and from the bit i've played it is awesome. Look forward to racing with you guys. I'm JerseyOutlaw on steam also if anyone would like to add me.

See you all on the track.

Swagasaurus Rex
08-05-2015, 17:40
Welcome, everybody!

08-05-2015, 17:42
Hi ya. Gary from Huntsville, AL. Simracer, Autocross & Rallycross racer also. Project CARS is a nice addition to my race room.


08-05-2015, 17:45
Hi I'm Rod and I have the preordered edition for the PS4, work as a Tech for Aston Martin and get to work on and drive the full range of Astons, yes I have built and driven the One-77 before you ask. The Astons in the game are so true too life it hurts, well done to the team on a stunning game, the lads at PD Sony must be so demoralised at this game, they may as well give up now

-SRM- Dino
08-05-2015, 17:50
Hello all, good to be in pCars public forum and nice to see some new faces! Welcome all :)

08-05-2015, 18:02
That is soo cool!!!! I want one!!!

Pedro funk
08-05-2015, 18:03
Evening all.
I've had project cars preordered for months and picked my copy up today!

I'm on Xbox one, so far I've only had a few karting races but I'm loving it. the amount of options you get is mind blowing, I'll certainly be looking on here for advice on set ups...

08-05-2015, 18:04
Hi ya. Gary from Huntsville, AL. Simracer, Autocross & Rallycross racer also. Project CARS is a nice addition to my race room.


Wow, that's some serious devices. :)

08-05-2015, 18:09
So finally after 2 years of Preorder and waiting.... It has finally arrived!!!!
Got it for PS4 and already love it
Definitely in for discussions and car setups, and any community races!! Feel free to add me on PS4: Dan_Murph
:cool: ��

Umer Ahmad
08-05-2015, 18:09
Hi! (sorry I took so long)

08-05-2015, 18:12
The Astons in the game are so true too life it hurts, I'm very glad to hear it:)

08-05-2015, 18:26
Hi everyone,
Nice to find this forum, especially as I already have a question (already posted and hoping to see replies soon).

08-05-2015, 18:49
Hi all, great forum by the looks of it! Might be here more often lol

08-05-2015, 18:50
Thanks Older shot. Much improved now.

08-05-2015, 19:52
Hi there,

I love the game and bought my first wheel (T500 RS) for it. Looking forward to have some nice sessions, especially online once I get a grasp of how to drive cars / tracks properly.

It is nice seeing such a helpful community around and I must admin very helpful and responsive moderators.

See you around !

08-05-2015, 20:12
So great that they made the forums for us to interact. Look forward to racing you all next week!

08-05-2015, 20:13
been waiting for that game as I enjoyed shift2 pretty much :) See you on the track.

Steve Loader
08-05-2015, 20:18
Hi everyone, good to be back!

08-05-2015, 21:00
Hi everyone, good to be back!
It sure is.

08-05-2015, 21:30
Hey everyone, I'm from GTPlanet and have already been interacting with WMD's GTP contingent for a while. I was told about Project CARS back in 2012, but didn't consider joining WMD until after it was too late, mainly because I don't have a powerful enough PC to play the game.

I'm looking forward to playing PCARS on Wii U, and meeting other players on that platform here, since GTPlanet is mostly PS4 players (naturally). :)

Yannick Van Broeck
08-05-2015, 21:55
Finally!! It's here :P Looking forward to be part of this community

08-05-2015, 22:39
Hi, Im Zebaldus, a member at GTARENA and GBRC, I never liked shift and Need for Speed but my hopes are high on this one.
Webhallen in Sweden totally failed to deliver the game to me today so.. dont now when I can have my limited edition. :frown-new:
When I finally get it Im driving on PS4

08-05-2015, 22:48
Hi everyone! I am RobVaivodiss from World Garage.
I'll be on here time to time to check out the community creations and latest news. You will find me in the video and picture forum soon.

08-05-2015, 22:55
Hey, my name on the forums is koenigscat, I've been a WMD member for more than 3 years now (Wow, April 2012, has it been THAT long already?)
Can say that the time with Project CARS has been a very interesting and also incredible time. I'm eager to know what things the team will come up with for the next (post release) years of this game.

I also really dig having my name in gold text :cool:

08-05-2015, 23:16

I'm durino69 and have been WMD member since 2012

08-05-2015, 23:30

I'm Steve from the UK. Just got PC and liking the game experience so far. Impressed by the sound, nearly on par with RRE which up to yet, is still my favourite race game. Will PC steal that honour? lol

09-05-2015, 00:49
Hey all you guys,

My name is Phil, I am from GER, studying Physics at the Moment.
I play on PC with a G27, I hope for an Update for AMD GPUs quite soon :)

Chris Arnett
09-05-2015, 01:27
Welcome all! I am from the US and been at this since 2012! See you on the track!

09-05-2015, 01:28
Hi all, Lea here. Haven't started to play yet, still waiting on my Limited Edition PC game because the warehouse in Sydney Australia got flooded out ( darn Aussie weather). But if all goes well I pick it up Monday and then my sleepless days and nights start :p

Welcome to all everyone else too :)

Jesse Fahrenkrog
09-05-2015, 02:16
Hey everyone. My name is Jesse Fahrenkrog and I joined WMD in 2011. I remember driving the sim for the first time at what is now Willow Springs. It was nothing except the track and a very rudimentary basic terrain. I think I was in the Gumpert which was at the time equally unimpressive and I remember thinking what a long ways everything had to go. There were a lot of Milestones along the way of course, but I remember voting on everything from car submittals, (mind you the Marek and RWD cars are member made cars), to skins, and other items, to absorbing massive amounts of member input on every-and I mean EVERY aspect of the game.

Let there be no doubt that the outstanding team at SMS took very much to heart the input they were given. They also deserve much credit for allowing the members of WMD to shape and mold what is now a truly fantastic racing game. (sim if you like, labels are just that) And I can say first hand that it will only get better as time goes by!

09-05-2015, 02:40
Hi all, Ed from UK on XB1. Well worth the wait, graphics, sound and game play so far great. See you out there

09-05-2015, 02:52
Hey. Beck21941 (same GT) XBOX ONE. Looking forward to contributing to the forums and getting some racing done. Enjoying the game and the forums so far.


09-05-2015, 03:34
Sure am enjoying the career mode and adjustable AI battles in Single Player. Great stuff!
PC on Steam.

Old Racer
09-05-2015, 03:50
Hello All from Canada, looking forward to getting to know the game and everyone that enjoys it. Might need some help along the way but I am sure that will not be a problem. Cheers to all ... and Let's Go Racing !!

09-05-2015, 06:12

My name is Dutch and ive played many game's.
Gran Turismo, Forza, I racing , Assetto Corsa etc etc.
I hope to play Project Cars for a long long time!!!

09-05-2015, 06:24
Hi guys!

First, I want to tell you that I've been waiting for Project Cars for such a long time. And now it's finally here! I'm loving it! The cars, the sound, the details.

However, playing on my Xbox One isn't perfect yet. I came across a lot of bugs. (I already saw multiple threads about that)

I hope to see you guys on track! Keep up the good work!

09-05-2015, 06:54
Kia Ora, Haere Mai from Aotearoa (The land of the long white cloud,) or better known as NEW ZEALAND

My name is Jim and I live on the North Island. I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can. I received my copy via STEAM yesterday and I am extremely pleased I bought it. I spent most of today reading the forums (this one and Steam) and learnt so much, as the DEVS answered so many questions.

All the best to everyone, and lets make a world team of P/Car enthusiasts. After all it's a Sim to be proud of.

Ka Kiti Ano, Kia Kaha (stay strong).


09-05-2015, 07:41
Hi everyone, Been looking forward to Project Cars for a long time. Downloaded yesterday, haven't had much time to play so far but loving it already, just need to remap the buttons on xbox one controller.

09-05-2015, 07:45
I'm Tom or 'Siddo' more commonly known on multiple forums.
I'm 22 and i'm based in the UK.

I'm an avid simulation gamer and have dabbled with race games such as rFactor, LFS, Race07 amongst others in the past but now looking to rekindle the racing bug with pCars!

I've been patiently waiting for pCars after missing out on the backing opportunity but glad I can now finally join in, I'm a novice when it comes to racing but aim for simulation realism, so really i'm looking to gain some more experience / knowledge before competing online.

I also like to create skins / re-skins for all types of games so looking to give that a try if the racing games permit.

Anyway, hope to meet some new people on here and get some miles under my belt!


09-05-2015, 07:58
then my sleepless days and nights start :p

start? when did they stop? :D

09-05-2015, 08:01
Hi, I'm Mike (aka Smithy). Got project cars yesterday (I'm from UK). The games wikid. Best by far (and i love Driveclub too). So yeah... From that I'm on a PS4. If I get to know any of you feel free to send me your PSN ID.

09-05-2015, 08:04
Hi Tom, I'm the same as you. Concentrating on career first before going online. (had a quick go last night but it was like a destruction derby!) I'm from UK too (Shropshire!)

09-05-2015, 08:36
Bonjour,je me présente Patrice 43 ans,fan de jeux voiture j'ai connu votre forum sur la page Facebook de project cars.
A bientôt sur le bitume :)

09-05-2015, 08:53
Goodmorning All,

I'm Robin, 44, from the Netherlands. I bought PCars via Steam last Wednesday. I'm a simracer for more than a few years now(GPL, RBR, LFS, iRacing and Assetto Corsa).

i'm a regual poster @ assettocorsa supportforum, but thread is closed atm due to 'hostility'. I think both pCars & AC(& iRacing ) can pretty well live together. I als bought Dirt Rally last week.

I love the looks of pCars, physics are 'ok'(G25) , AC does that a tad better(ffb).
Real life driving experience, trackdays and drifting, currently BMW 1M.

Favourite cars: 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, GT40, M1, Capri, 320 Turbo and 1M off course.
Rainy weather is great with 1M:)
Fav tracks: Brands, Donington, Oulton, NRing/NS, Hockenheim, Brno...

McLaren F1 is also great for driving /sliding, but the interior/bumper enginesound I don't really like. But the chasecam sounds fantastic. Is there a way to get that chasecam sound for interior/bumper/dash cam?



09-05-2015, 09:43
Hi all my name is mark
i enjoy racing game still learning race craft i am married 3 kids and work sort of lol i have a basic set up which does the job
will all way be online at weekends like most
looking forward to meeting you all
pc copy at the moment ps4 coming soon

09-05-2015, 13:18
hi i am a seasoned racing game player. with over 20 years experience. in the last 12 mobths i have jumped off consoles into the pc world again. i normally can be found on iracing but project ca rs has my interest.

09-05-2015, 17:57
Hi all.My name Zoran and i'm from Serbia.I'm 42 years old (maybe to old for PC games :rolleyes: ) In real life i'm pro car painter.So let's ride ;)

09-05-2015, 17:59
Hi all.My name Zoran and i'm from Serbia.I'm 42 years old (maybe to old for PC games :rolleyes: ) In real life i'm pro car painter.So let's ride ;)
I'm 62... Some of my friends who are also into sim racing games are even older... So, no worries mate ;)

09-05-2015, 18:01
I'm 62... Some of my friends who are also into sim racing games are even older... So, no worries mate ;)

Woohhooo...i'm not alone in the club :D cheers... ;)

09-05-2015, 18:50
Reds here , on PS4 . Great game really enjoying it .

09-05-2015, 19:12
Hallo my name is Joe and I'd like to share my experiences with this wonderful game!!!

09-05-2015, 19:25
Hi there - just received my copy for Xbox One. Hopefully there aren't as many bugs as I read about. :)

My name is Daniel and I'm from Good Old Germany and hope to enjoy my stay here. :)

09-05-2015, 19:27
Hi everyone.......I'm Darren, 41 and in England attempting to bring some civility to my three kids........

Ps4 user currently. I bought my first ps1 and toca touring cars in about 1996, and I've never looked back, losing countless hours to attempting to find the perfect lap on every ps based driving game/sim ever since........the highlights have undoubtedly been the gt series and colin McRae rally, so a promising year sits ahead eh?!...........

The game looks amazing!........huge attention to detailed handling which has blown me away in the 2 hours I've had driving to date........some lovely noises from the engines too, which has always been a problem with gt.........

I'm loving the e30 m3!........I drove one for real in the late 90's and it remains my spontaneous lottery purchase wish!........I plan to spend many hours tuning it for the perfect 'ring time!.........(what the hell are 'castor angles'?........I don't need to adjust my sofa!)........

I look forward to some well meaning banter with you all!........

Hi to the project cars team too.......congratulations to you for raising the bar!.........😃😃😃

09-05-2015, 19:38
Hi everyone my Name is Toni and im new in her i just both the Project cars . I have it for the ps4 with my t500rs . Hope to see u guys on the track lol :D

09-05-2015, 19:40
Hi, I am Aris. I was waiting P-cars, long time, cause I loved Shift 1-2.

09-05-2015, 19:53
Santa :)

I've come accross from Forza on the xbox, and have to say i'm impressed (PS4) so much so i bought the game new!

but the garage is a little light compared to forza, can we have more cars please :)

Sant :)

09-05-2015, 22:33
Hello all, it's the new guy. Loving the game. I pre ordered the game along with a G27 wheeL. A twitch streamer linked this set up guide that is a MUST to anyone with a wheel.


09-05-2015, 22:39
Hi all! Just logged on to the forum for the first time since PCARS' official release. Most WMD members know me as "Mo". Been an WMD member for the past 3 1/2 years. Did my first runs in PCARS this evening and it was great to see lots of online lobbies active. Hope to see you soon on track.....and definitely on this forum.

09-05-2015, 22:41
Hi, everyone. I'm from Adelaide, Australia! I've had PCars for about 15 hours now, so if anyone wants to add me on PSN my ID is: Let-me-in98

09-05-2015, 22:50
Hi everyone,

A Peugeot-enthusiast from France. Don't have a PS4 and pCars but with all enthusiasm surrounding this game I decided to join the happiness ;)

Hope to be joining in the future gameplay wise

09-05-2015, 23:21
Hello guys, i'm Millena, from Brazil! Actually found out about this forums through a friend from Turboduck (www.turboduck.net). Haven't played PCars yet (please don't kill me), but i will, specially because i really like to create custom liveries! Lol :D

That's all, for now.

Edit: Feel free to call me Dark, or Milli (Tried this username, but wasn't available, so i've used my PSN instead)

09-05-2015, 23:39
I am 39 from Canada. I am a quadriplegic from a dirtbike accident. I play racing games with a G27 and hand controls for gas and brake.
I bought this for Pc and also Xbox one