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07-05-2015, 23:05

I just recently bought and installed this game.
After the download was finished i tried to launch the game. It launched but soon became obvious it wasn't going to load any further then the first loading screen. Displaying both studio's that worked on the game. I can't make a screenshot of it.
SlightlyMad studios and WorldOfMassDevelopment.

The process is running in the background using up some CPU, Avaraging around 25% alt tabbed out of the screen to roughly 50% tabbed into the screen. Seems like it its taking around 2,2 GB of ram and isn't increasing.

PC Specs:
Windows 8.1
i7 4790k
Msi GTX980
Latest drivers installed.

Perhaps someone has experienced this too and found a sulution to it? I will keep trying things and post it if i find something.

Thanks for reading,


07-05-2015, 23:15
Allright, Verified the Integrity of the cache trough steam, It said 6 files could not be validated and would be reacquired.
In hopes of it being fixed i launched the game but was now prompted with this error:
Unhandled exception trapped. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0x53c112cd. Reading from Address 0xffffffff. Thread 0x00001940
Build SMSARI.20150507.1001.BLDA000

07-05-2015, 23:18
Also just read a post with someone having the same issue.
Here is my crash file.

07-05-2015, 23:24
Just Rebooted and now it works. Hope this helps for anyone lol!


Roger Lee
08-05-2015, 02:04
glad you got it figured out!!