View Full Version : Remaming Pcars.exe for Pcars64.exe to run the game???

08-05-2015, 01:42

During development long ago, I had problems launching the game and been told to rename the pcars.exe file to pcars64.exe to work. It worked but I still have to do it. I thought that with the final release I shouldn`t been doing this, creating a shorcut through Steam and no renaming the file doesn't do anything.

Do I have to do this each time a patch is released???

I have Win 7 64 bits, I thought I have to run the original pcars64.exe. Am I losing any benefits, like performance or quality issues not using the pcars64.exe original file?????

Thanks in Advance!!!

FYI the game runs wonderfull renaming the files and congratulations for the final release!!!!

Best Regards
Ruben Eduardo Cerezo

Aldo Zampatti
08-05-2015, 01:49
Compańero de Tierra del Fuego.Welcome.

You don't need to rename anything for it to work :)

Try deleting your profile in Steam and MyDocuments first.

EDIT: No loss/difference running 64 vs 32bits. Only the obvious one. It almost doesn't have any impact on the frame rate. Just check your STEAM Launch Parameters and ensure you have NOTHING in there, you might have still something laying around there

08-05-2015, 04:25
Hola Aldo!!
Thank you very much for your quick reply!!!
I have deleted all my profile and graphic file in the Steam Directory as advised through the WMD Forum a month ago and also made a cache verification, waiting for the final release. Anyway not an urgent issue as I can run it doing the file rename for the moment.

My System: Win 7 64bits Core I7 3770 16 Ram Single Screen with AMD HD 7850 Xbox 360 controller. I also have a G27 but don`t use too often.
Thanks again and Best Regards!!
Rubčn E. Cerezo

09-05-2015, 19:39
Thanks again Aldo!!

But would be nice if you or other WMD Member more involved with the SMS people can address this issue as many people is having it and even if we can run pcars renaming the pcars.exe for pcars64.exe, would be better if we can use the real native 64bits executable file.
Best Regards