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08-05-2015, 02:00
First of all I want to say this game has the potential to be the best console racer! But....

It's full of issues that are making it impossible to play on my xb1.

1. Frame rate drops and sometimes spikes this happens all the time I'm not even sure it's ever been a solid 60fps for more the a few seconds. Normally drops to its lowest in heavy traffic on the race or when taking corners but that's not all once you get back on a straight the fps rockets sending your car shooting forwards as if the game was sped up. With these issues combined I'm finding it hard to control the car in corners and then can slow it down entering the corner from a straight.

Also the weather is playing a part in these drops too heavy rain combined with night makes it even more laggy driving only setting with minimal issues added on top of issues above is clear sunny sky's.

I've tried to reduce it by turning of visual settings but it's not helping since it same to me a cpu issue.

2. Right hand turn glitch. When I'm driving along either on a corner or straight I will get a random hard full lock turn without moving my controller sticks I've checked with friends it happens to them too. This is a nasty glitch if your first in a race as I'd have to reset the race again and hope it doesn't happen.

3. Sound bugs are happening alot most are a stuttering sound that you normally get with lag and can sometimes can be very load. I've got friends having the brake sound issue but I don't with my stealth 500 headset because it's not plugged in the controller.

4. Seems to be an issue with crash physics where my car if hit will sort of speed up as if fast forwarding a movie but all the other cars seem to run fine in normal speed around me.

5. Xbox controller setup is making it impossible to control the cars and I've fiddled with the settings to get a sort of ok feel but it's still not very good

What would be helpful is a same description as to what each slider does in the configuration.

Also with the xb1 controller the rumble does not work how it should it's just a whole controller vibration instead of each of the four rumble motors corresponding to each wheel of the car.

6. Sometimes when starting a race the race doesn't start and you and all the AI sit on the starting grid so you have to reset the race.

7. The menus have white bars flash up every so often over the bottom and top again this is happening with friends too.

8. Having issues with rolling starts sometimes hen the light go green the AI boost off ahead or just hit you sending you flying across the track or it starts and you instantly get put into a wall when the game is in control of your car.

9.had a few situations on the monaco track when i hit the barriers at speed the game will think its now a tony hawks game making the car wall grid then it will suddenly stop in mid air and id have to restart the race again.

Well i believe thats most of them ill post more as i find them, i do hope this gets sorted soon so me and my mates can race online. Sadly two have already sent their copies back which is something i cant do as mines digital and now im regretting not buying the PC version which seems to be running fine from whom I spoke to on facebook.

Hope to hear from someone from tech support soon don't want this just being dismissed.

08-05-2015, 06:11
I agree with everything you just said, it's shocking how much has gone through without detection. I think they worried more about the PC version that the console ports. From reading in a few other topics in this forum, I have noticed someone claiming turning off the vibration on the controller sorts the audio issue as its a controller bug. And some have claimed re-installing the game has helped out also. Something I'm prepared to do if it helps until it's fixed. Which I do hope is sometime in the near future because I've been waiting far too long for this!

08-05-2015, 06:19
Thanks for reporting these. It's understandably frustrating when things aren't going as smoothly as expected, but rest assured SMS are noting these issues and working hard to fix them.

They have all us WMD members to answer to after all ;)

08-05-2015, 07:54
Besides the problems you mentioned I also encountered something else while playing the career. When I want to advance time when in the pit the game just gets stuck, time does not advance and I have to restart the whole thing. Anyone else had this problem ?

08-05-2015, 10:08
They have all us WMD members to answer to after all ;)

Hope they do mate I feel I've just wasted money that was hard to come by anyway :( really wanted something like Toca and I can't afford a wheel either. If the fix the fps and right turn bug to make it play able.

Qnyy I've not see that bug haven't getting that far into the game been fiddling with controller settings since it was released on the 7th

08-05-2015, 13:53
No idea why but my car as decided to go to first gear at random. GT3 manual gears (auto clutch) has ruined a few of my races :(

08-05-2015, 16:00
I've had a lot of the same issues, after spending a good few hours fettling with the controller settings it's almost playable, this wasn't helped by the lack of description of what the different options do. I can't afford a racing wheel so I'm just going to have to put the game down and hope it gets fixed soon. If there was an option to change controller settings from the pause menu in a race that would help massively to get settings dialled in.

08-05-2015, 16:30
I've had a lot of the same issues, after spending a good few hours fettling with the controller settings it's almost playable, this wasn't helped by the lack of description of what the different options do. I can't afford a racing wheel so I'm just going to have to put the game down and hope it gets fixed soon. If there was an option to change controller settings from the pause menu in a race that would help massively to get settings dialled in.

Having in the pause menu make it a hell of a lot easier to set it to the config for the controller but what I was finding was if a setting was working great with formula A but then I go to karts I have to set the controller up for that as it wasn't turning.

I was wondering if Internet connect would affect the fps in races are all the timed data going to the servers as you race cos this may affect my game having a slower connection then most and my mates with pcars that are seeing little lag have super high speed fibre connections 40+ mb. Mines 16mb boardband nothing else faster in my area yet

09-05-2015, 11:12
When you racing with other cars the screen becomes very blurry making me feel dizzy

09-05-2015, 13:24
Glad i'm not the only one Pal, every thing you mentioned is spot on.
UPDATE'S URGENTLY NEEDED! XB1 Please, fixes needed for bugs & glitches, framerate drops, screen-tearing, lagging in campain even though i'm on 78mb. Sound cuts out randomly in race. Also in party chat can't hear friends while braking, info/explanation on all the different custom setting is desperately needed, Controller/wheel settings from default should work from the get-go but are terrible, even when tweaking the controls still doesn't make much difference. Tried reinstalling twice now & no difference what so ever. That's just off the top of my head there is plenty more problems my friends and I are experiencing :/ Please Please at least let us know your intentions.

09-05-2015, 21:40
To Fix no sound in stereo headset when braking, attach controller to the xbox with USB cord. It's a wireless audio bug so this will help


Set your force feedback to 0
Sound will work while braking wireless but you will have no rumble....

LOCK to LOCK bug fix../ sensitive steering.. Set steering to the dpad. Yes it becomes a bit more tappy but is much easier to control than the stick until we get an input patch.

10-05-2015, 02:24
Made an Awesome set up for XB1 Controller, feel free to try. Control Scheme setting: 201092201093

10-05-2015, 02:46
I'm getting No. 7 during races, quick flash along the full top of the screen. Very annoying.

Im Sorry
10-05-2015, 03:00
Your not alone.The games miles away from finished!!

10-05-2015, 03:50
Your not alone.The games miles away from finished!!

It needs some work, yes, but it's not "miles" away from finished.

13-05-2015, 04:57
I'm having almost all of those problems. The worst one is that it's really hard to race with the Xbox One gamepad, but it looks like turning off some assists can help (with all of them on, I was obligated to take some turns at really really low speed, as the wheel was not turning a lot).

Waiting on a fix for it. For the FPS drop, honestly there's only one track (the second one in career with karts).

15-05-2015, 18:15
Happens to me on xbox one with every car, skips a gear when you down shift and it royally screws your race just like that

15-05-2015, 21:04
The issues with frame rates are becoming ever more prominent the more I have played and the more I have paid attention.
First time I noticed, was in the Karting around the Dubai Karting Circuit, where everything would go into pseudo-slow motion. I just thought this was a one off, and left it at that. But, now i have gone through the first season, i have noticed it more and more frequently, with it hitting a all time high with my final 2 invitational events, the 25hrs of Bathurst, and 25Hrs of Green Hell. These 2 invitational events, coupled with 100% race length, changing weather, and 30 drivers on course, the game seems to run into issues with Stability. Not only the 'Pseudo-slow motion' and then picking up pace when letting off the throttle, also as I progressed in the Bathurst event, it would altogether drop frames, where one moment, im stood still, next, im 100-250ft up the road, heading into the corners off one of the 2 long straights. I attempted to do qualifying for the Green Hell event, but I just cant with the issues that are so persistent, so I'll wait for now until a patch is live which resolves it.

Just one of the ever growing amount of issues I am learning is present, but heck, I'll be waiting. Sorry if it seems like a bit of a ramble