View Full Version : Suggest Quick Race Car + Track Combos

08-05-2015, 02:14
well, after the service i tried to provide to the community as editor of the official mumblemumble guide to the lesmos in the m1 procar, i got a bit disheartened when my writers revolted & decided to say, eff the community, im gonna race some robots.

well over 24 hrs into being an owner, i finally finished my first race...or at least my first non-kart race. after being disappointed in the formula rookie i also think ive found my weapon of choice, the caterham classic -- was looking for a car that was slow & at least a little on edge & this fits that bill pretty perfectly.

i did wrecked out, am blaming the AI, but had damage off & recovered to finish fuorth as the sun set on Donington (btw, this game is pretty).

although im pretty sure i found my race car, would still be interested in hearing others favorites as well as track suggestions if there are any. (donington (natl) + caterham i just chose bc its british & doningtons a nice track to drive a car on edge, slippery-like especially.

12-05-2015, 09:40
I agree - Donington National + Caterham Seven Classic is a great combo! :) Another good quick race is Doningion National + Clio Cup. If you love RWD (like most of us) don't let the front-wheel drive of the Clio put you off. It has massive lift-off oversteer so you can head aggressively into corners then lift and the back comes round nicely. And plenty of grip so not too much understeer on exit either. Battling AI in the Clio at a track like Donington is as close to BTCC style racing as I've found on Project Cars. Crazy and terrific fun! :)