View Full Version : has anyone else got the option to choose from 10 Tiers rather than only 8?

08-05-2015, 04:23
I ordered my copy of Project Cars digitally for the Xbox One and also got the Disc Copy as well (both limited edition of course) and I got the option to choose from 10 Tiers where as everyone else I know has 8. I have restarted my career numerous times after starting in the 125cc Go Karts and not liking it, so I restarted and did the 250cc Super Karts and didn't like that either so after the 3rd time I started in the Formula Rookie and that was my 8th Tier. So I'm asking if anyone else has this problem?

Also, I quite like the game. It's lived up to a lot of what I expected, there's plenty of room for improvement like the sound, frame rate dropping on certain tracks and some steering issues like your car forcing it's self in the opposite direction if you over correct.